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A Wolfychu story time / dog vlog about the new little member of our family, Mochi!!
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Wolfychu Hace 6 meses
I can finally show you guys our new puppy, Mochi!! I loved making this video so much, so I hope you guys will enjoy watching it too ^__^
galactic akita
galactic akita Hace 18 días
Als Arm
Als Arm Hace 19 días
Is Mochi a girl or a boy?
Minty butch Wife and gf
Minty butch Wife and gf Hace 23 días
Wolfychu I have a puppy to bed she’s DEF she can hear but she still cute with Henry and Crystal she looks fire for rabbit
Gaby martinez
Gaby martinez Hace un mes
Did she ever get fles
Kamel Zediri
Kamel Zediri Hace un mes
You're puppy is so cute !
Mark Bellew
Mark Bellew Hace un hora
The way she said “She’s a little hunter” I felt weided
Madi likes potatoes
Madi likes potatoes Hace un hora
Lakyla Slowtalker
Lakyla Slowtalker Hace 3 horas
I love your puppy it so cute 🐶❤️
The c a s p e r Army
The c a s p e r Army Hace 4 horas
4:53 *its luni* *HeS eVeRyWhErE
josh martin
josh martin Hace 5 horas
Hi I love your videos I’m Charlotte and this is my sister MaddieI I like your videos they’re really cute I hope someday I’ll get to see you.
星の kirby music
星の kirby music Hace 7 horas
Just like my dog
ani MAISH ions
ani MAISH ions Hace 10 horas
Mochi is the cutest doggo I have ever seen
Missy Gin
Missy Gin Hace 12 horas
No I much more like laugh lol your CUTE I LOVE YOU WOLFYCHU
jennie and jesslyn :3
jennie and jesslyn :3 Hace 16 horas
Who saw luni in 4:52? If you see luni make this blue | | | |
lowell narvadez
lowell narvadez Hace 20 horas
i have 1 dog his name is andy and its like your dog like mochi
XxChristmasWoFiExX X
XxChristmasWoFiExX X Hace 21 un hora
MOCHIiiii I WovE yOu
The Devil Number 6
The Devil Number 6 Hace un día
The dog is so cute! XD and so funny!
The Devil Number 6
The Devil Number 6 Hace un día
Wow, that's a very energetic dog... Wait... Gutting toys...? That sounds like a dog I'd like! XD
Hue Chibn
Hue Chibn Hace un día
Make Legends in Portuguese
Hypnotic Skull
Hypnotic Skull Hace un día
That dog is adorable
Sophie and Ethan animations
Sophie and Ethan animations Hace un día
Twos Junk
Twos Junk Hace un día
Chris gacha 4life
Chris gacha 4life Hace un día
I just need an 10 hour compilation of pure mochi moments
*-Tatsuki Yomura-*
*-Tatsuki Yomura-* Hace 2 días
O.M.G I'm going die on cuteness if I touch that little smol pup!! And if I see that puppy in the personal... I'm going to die....
Mister Shibstet
Mister Shibstet Hace 2 días
Милота 🥰
Corrie Bettles
Corrie Bettles Hace 2 días
When you gonna be show your face wolfie chu ?
Ming Ren
Ming Ren Hace 2 días
I want dogs!
Yummy PIPOCA Hace 2 días
pause in 7:44 ... OWWW MY HEART!!! >.<
CMC PH Hace 2 días
пика пикачу
пика пикачу Hace 2 días
What street
Anthea Neilsen
Anthea Neilsen Hace 2 días
She look so cute 😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙
Revan UwU
Revan UwU Hace 2 días
Woah, mochi is my friend pet name and my dead pet
CoolTrainer: VaultBoy-39
CoolTrainer: VaultBoy-39 Hace 2 días
I want a tiny dog best friend!!!
Gacha Rosy
Gacha Rosy Hace 2 días
The way you said “she crazy” was hilarious 😂
baka ne-chan
baka ne-chan Hace 3 días
He's so cute ☺️🤩
xXgacha SXx
xXgacha SXx Hace 3 días
Your dog's personality is like mines (dog)
Kitty Girl
Kitty Girl Hace 3 días
Omg mochi is soooooo cute just like ur voice wolfy
Athena Miles Saquilayan
Athena Miles Saquilayan Hace 3 días
Ivory she is white and black fur and her breed is tonkinese and have big pupils soo cute!!!!
Athena Miles Saquilayan
Athena Miles Saquilayan Hace 3 días
Meet my kitty
Mikaella Aubrey Bautista
Mikaella Aubrey Bautista Hace 3 días
She's Cute
Azucena Zirate
Azucena Zirate Hace 3 días
Did I just see luni??
Keyblade32 Hace 3 días
My dog barks at her water bowl when it's empty and expects us to refill it
Salacia Latin
Salacia Latin Hace 4 días
Is ur dog a hybrid?
Salacia Latin
Salacia Latin Hace 2 días
I hate myself ;^;
chaton 008
chaton 008 Hace 4 días
Mochi Mochi
RaptimbaGame B.J.
RaptimbaGame B.J. Hace 4 días
Dog like of ladradores Dog of Inglaterra of xl like Dog 4 mes
moon and bella
moon and bella Hace 4 días
One day can you do a face reveal
Testsubject276 Hace 4 días
Reminds me of my dog's puppy days, he used to be so small he'd get under the couch. When he got bigger hed try to stuff himself underneath but could only fit his snoot. Hope he's happy in lil puppy heaven.
XxSunny DaysxX
XxSunny DaysxX Hace 4 días
You sound like Fluttershy from my little pony! (not trying to be rude)
Kelly Jelly
Kelly Jelly Hace 4 días
When will you show your face? I really wanna see it,I promise I won’t make fun of you😊❤️
Gacha Devil
Gacha Devil Hace 4 días
Awh meh gawd! Your voice is so kawaiiiii!!!! I love it
Gacha Devil
Gacha Devil Hace 4 días
4:29 wait- do i know this hoodie?? 4:54 ack- luni what are you doing in wolfychus video?! 5:37 gryffindor pillow 5:43 pikachu and yoshiiiii Okay wolfychu or sweetotoons, be honest. Are you a harry potter fan qwp cause if u are. Meh ish too
Syvarnh Riddell-Walters
Syvarnh Riddell-Walters Hace 4 días
I’m a huflepuff
Texting story dude
Texting story dude Hace 4 días
That’s my same dog -~-
Nikorek_pl Hace 4 días
It's been a while since this wideo..... So how's da dog?
Encoded Hace 4 días
I'm just thinking that at 7:36 *_I can hear that Roku_*
Lily Kuntz
Lily Kuntz Hace 4 días
Kaylee Powell
Kaylee Powell Hace 4 días
Wait after the food MOCHI :o ~eats wolfies dog~ wait this doesn't tase like mochi..
Froggy Roblox
Froggy Roblox Hace 5 días
When I got my puppy two years ago she would bark all night to the point I had to lay on the floor next to her cage with my fingers in it until she slept.
Tox1c Hace 5 días
Her voice is more higher than my grades
Klee .-.
Klee .-. Hace 5 días
FIREBRINE 404 Hace 5 días
I just saw this video but i just got a dog he is so cute
Ivy Lea
Ivy Lea Hace 5 días
Awwww my heart this dog this dog... is soooooooo cute!!!!!!
/Pink lemonade\
/Pink lemonade\ Hace 5 días
So cute >o
Samiaden1 plays games
Samiaden1 plays games Hace 5 días
4:53 is that luni
benjamin thomas
benjamin thomas Hace 5 días
Lol my dog's name is also Mochi and he tears around his bed.... :D
Arthur Delgadillo
Arthur Delgadillo Hace 5 días
"Enjoy your last night to sleep" Love your vids
• aestheticallykawaii •
• aestheticallykawaii • Hace 5 días
did anyone else see Luni during the video?
your best friend Hikari Chan
your best friend Hikari Chan Hace 5 días
My dog died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱
LonelyCrow Hace 6 días
I had it I have a crush on your boyfriend he’s really cute I like his hair🥴🥴🥴
That Geek Out Girl
That Geek Out Girl Hace 3 días
just natsuki
just natsuki Hace 6 días
My kitten knows how to open doors
Jesse DeBois
Jesse DeBois Hace 6 días
Mizore Snow Bunny
Mizore Snow Bunny Hace 6 días
She is such a cutie
Emery Isaac
Emery Isaac Hace 6 días
I like dogs and cat but my dad doesn’t want us to get a dog because we have a bunch of like Gordon stuff laying around yeah so my dad says if you clean up your room and stuff that we could get a dog yeah but I so far I got three cats and I am a guinea pig guinea pig name his name is Captain pig but for a short read this: pig and what is my cats name is the only boy is named comet the girl that we got before the other girl so the one of the oldest her name is Luna and the last one is the last one is named Nambe
annabell Michael
annabell Michael Hace 6 días
Why are u hiding ur face 😐 we won't hate you!! And I'm a big fan
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