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Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link

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Today, we're giving you a tour of our new house and creative space! RL #005
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rhett and linkrhettandlinkrhett & linkrhett&link

Mr Awesome
Mr Awesome Hace un hora
1:38 that's where cotton candy randy lives
Angelcraft Souljah
Angelcraft Souljah Hace 12 horas
The start of the GMM revival era
Johnny Jakobsen
Johnny Jakobsen Hace un día
Can we take a moment to appreciate Links’s creative prank dance at 3:48
Parker Walter
Parker Walter Hace un día
just in time for quarantine
Mackenzie Bircher
Mackenzie Bircher Hace 2 días
So echoey!
DrDoot Hace 2 días
I'd listen to that intro song any day of the week
Zoe May
Zoe May Hace 2 días
The Shruti box songs are highkey slappin
RememberTheTrees Hace 2 días
Love the colour of Link's hair.
Dianna Jeanne
Dianna Jeanne Hace 2 días
I've been watching Rhett and Link since I was 8. I'm 15 now. Watchin gmm every day for years. My favorite childhood memories are them. Never in my life have I seen them look and sound like dads. They are both such dads now. They just embrace the dad. I love it a lot
Krunchy The Clown
Krunchy The Clown Hace 3 días
Who said these children could own a house by themselves?
Noor A.
Noor A. Hace 3 días
Who is Jennifer?
Julia R
Julia R Hace 3 días
Either that house is very tiny or Rhett is very very tall....or a combination of both lol
Stephanie Waite
Stephanie Waite Hace 3 días
I like these new Vlogs haha
Ecce Jönsson
Ecce Jönsson Hace 3 días
Shout out to the best swedish backpack in the world!
Catherine S
Catherine S Hace 3 días
And here I thought I’d forget the reminder I need to do my pre-1600 music history homework... but the mimicking of Gregorian chant lingers everywhere
g0reypigs3 Hace 4 días
Does Rhett have a bulged disc or something?
Tabitha Fox
Tabitha Fox Hace 4 días
Okay imagine you are Jessie or Christie. And your husband says okay so I know we have an office/studio, but I also need to rent a house for just me and my bff/business partner as well, for stuff that isn’t the stuff we do at our office. And also that this wasn’t even close to the weirdest thing they had done
Kezzie K Griff
Kezzie K Griff Hace 4 días
Rhett literally looks like a giant in a dolls house.
Bob Squirrel
Bob Squirrel Hace 4 días
11:28 when the house tour turns into a cult
Sarvesh Agarwal
Sarvesh Agarwal Hace 4 días
When you have toooooooo much money
Jazzie Red
Jazzie Red Hace 4 días
They got the two proper things from Wienerschnitzel, a corn dog and a chili dog.
Katandali Tom
Katandali Tom Hace 5 días
You guys are icons. Omm.
Justin In
Justin In Hace 5 días
Peyuko Hace 5 días
The neighbours are gonna think a cult just moved in!
djtomoy Hace 5 días
Help me I’m in the closet
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster Hace 5 días
The landlord provably saw this and was like "great, day 1 and they're whacking balls on my walls and calling it a game"
Bri7498 Hace 5 días
What cameras are you using?
Jminnie x
Jminnie x Hace 5 días
Is this a small house or are they just giant??
mikeysrose Hace 5 días
I freaking love Rhett's shirt. Holy BUTTS I love it.
CupOfJoe 2302
CupOfJoe 2302 Hace 5 días
*Casually asks bedroom if it accepts me* Tiny room voice says “.............”
A dirty rag
A dirty rag Hace 5 días
link: Why is there a little slot here... Rhett: thats where we hide the dead bodys
Soulfull Ginger
Soulfull Ginger Hace 5 días
I need more of the "get lunch" song in my life. I felt that in my soul.
Raiyan Pal
Raiyan Pal Hace 6 días
Yunakura Hace 6 días
that harmony is so satisfying, folk music fits ya'll well.
יערה שפרן
יערה שפרן Hace 6 días
can the sorry girls decorate it plzzz
Renate de Vreede
Renate de Vreede Hace 6 días
I'm sorry but rhett has lost it
Maia Papaya
Maia Papaya Hace 7 días
someone please turn 11:39 into a pop punk song
Lukas_97 Hace 7 días
I wonder what happened to Chonk
Marc Petrovij
Marc Petrovij Hace 7 días
Comes out of closet Rhett:"You got me man" 😂😂😂👍
Kristin Stenson
Kristin Stenson Hace 8 días
Imagine the neighbors listening to them 😂🤪
Whitney Shara
Whitney Shara Hace 8 días
wow it’s so echoyyyy
btv Hace 8 días
Why is this nicer than my actual house
TheLalalalani Hace 8 días
My goal is to be able to own a house, studio, and second creative house
lang lang
lang lang Hace 8 días
What a great club house.
Bacca Lover
Bacca Lover Hace 8 días
It’s Very Echoey
MetalRock Entertainment
MetalRock Entertainment Hace 8 días
Rhett’s officially a hippie.
inarb nergdnul
inarb nergdnul Hace 9 días
Nice house, kitchen’s kinda echoey
Kane Mane
Kane Mane Hace 9 días
i like this channel almost more than the original
J Hace 8 días
This is the original. Check the year when they made. GMM just got really popular.
lisa hard
lisa hard Hace 9 días
The room songs remind me of the music from Swiss Army Man. Sounds awesome.
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson Hace 9 días
I love Rhett's outfits man
Vincent Manalo
Vincent Manalo Hace 9 días
this vlog gave 2012 vibes
Sunny Eas
Sunny Eas Hace 10 días
Doing my eyeliner while link starts singing fresh prince was a bad idea
Courtney M
Courtney M Hace 10 días
It's currently 2:30 in the morning, and I just watched 2 grown men play pickle ball in an empty house, before singing to an empty room in said empty house, then proceed to buy corn dogs which they ate in the empty house, and now I want a corn dog.
Derek Martz
Derek Martz Hace 10 días
So. Many. Dad grunts.
SinriWoah LIVE!
SinriWoah LIVE! Hace 10 días
rhett and link fanfik is about to get so much nastier with a house of there own
Daisy Munoz
Daisy Munoz Hace 10 días
10:30- great alt-J performance
A1Productionzz Hace 10 días
11:25 my last 2 brain cells just vibin
Fairous. Witness
Fairous. Witness Hace 10 días
It gets wired before u even know it
Joy C
Joy C Hace 10 días
So...what stage are we in in Rhett's transformation to "Wild Man of the Angeles Wilds" because I was feeling it around 10:21
danielle Hace 10 días
the songs reminded me heavy of Swiss Army Man lmaoooo
tashzombie Hace 10 días
It's just that it's so echo-ey in that kitchen...
Jack Draws
Jack Draws Hace 11 días
40 year old frat boys rent a house
Erika Whitfield
Erika Whitfield Hace 11 días
This reminds me of alt j
Mike Bouchard
Mike Bouchard Hace 11 días
Rhett and Link: Social distancing before it was cool
Clay Mango
Clay Mango Hace 11 días
thank you for introducing me to that instrument that I didn't know until know that I needed in my life.
Grace Marie
Grace Marie Hace 11 días
Okay but.... fresh prince of the room iS a BoP
Grace Marie
Grace Marie Hace 11 días
Honestly no comedian is funnier than you guys IN MY OPINION... but im still speechless of how much awesomeness in in these channels
Grace Marie
Grace Marie Hace 11 días
NOBODY: Nobody in the universe: Link: 3:47
natrocks 03
natrocks 03 Hace 11 días
Rhett is literally a hippie with money
J Hace 10 días
Lol funny you should say that look up their clown shark song
unique_jess Hace 11 días
This video brings so much happiness
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