Our First Ever Playoff Game... And THIS Happened... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #6

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Hace 6 meses

playoffs in Madden are always NOT lit, but hopefully my immense peen and gigantic muscles can push through this intense game...
thank you for watching my video you absolute stud, simply by clicking this video you have become 4x more handsome and have increased at least 2 inches in height
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mikeybanks420 Hace 9 días
Xbox sucks dickhole PlayStation is so much better
Miller Simms
Miller Simms Hace 12 días
I have an Xbox
Nyree Wade
Nyree Wade Hace 13 días
What Is This Outro Beat 😩?
Brody Ownes
Brody Ownes Hace 14 días
What is papa's Xbox account
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Hace 14 días
The only place James white is appreciated
Cole Tran
Cole Tran Hace 21 un día
When Denver says 81 and 8 for Kobe and now he’s dead... RIP
EXT DeMoN Hace 22 días
Can u do to me I have a 79 overall defense and only one 90
Coolnerd 22
Coolnerd 22 Hace 29 días
Shortsssssssssssxfdfcrbcgfchhfdxfdh huff. Gif jugfcfhdxfgh gf gjfcjjtfcjtfcgfj gf f. Tf tf tf gf gym jgg jgg gf fivygv gy
Joaquin Soliz
Joaquin Soliz Hace un mes
Instead of saying six you said ass
Mango Man
Mango Man Hace un mes
Why does the avengers theme start playing at 10:40 lol
lucas is my dad
lucas is my dad Hace un mes
them shorts
hang losse boy 2
hang losse boy 2 Hace un mes
Damn he thiccccccc
Johnny J Espinoza
Johnny J Espinoza Hace un mes
It was 16
Dillon Ward
Dillon Ward Hace un mes
Hey my I know you won’t see this I want you to do a pack opening for me Can everyone like this so he can see this
Jack Worcester
Jack Worcester Hace un mes
Nice shorts
Jevin Olsen
Jevin Olsen Hace un mes
0:15 shorts be a lil short 😂
Meaghan Hait
Meaghan Hait Hace un mes
Your shorts are as short as the browns season last year
Max Berger
Max Berger Hace un mes
I like your shorts and no I’m not gay
Fighter Boi
Fighter Boi Hace un mes
Yo I’ll give you my account for pack opening HMU at JalenRamsey I texted you there’s some numbers after it
Laura Brilz
Laura Brilz Hace un mes
Your shorts are so short that you look like your switched genders
Declan Damgaard
Declan Damgaard Hace un mes
Stop fu***** swearing
Maverick Webb
Maverick Webb Hace 2 meses
🐺You are Amazing
E Beniflah
E Beniflah Hace 2 meses
Imagine wearing booty shorts
Carla lansford
Carla lansford Hace 2 meses
I'm a chargers fan
Mr. Madden Mobile
Mr. Madden Mobile Hace 2 meses
Can someone tell me Bella’s insta
Aidan Crowley
Aidan Crowley Hace 2 meses
“I wrap it around my tummy” what are you 3 and a half
azhae brown
azhae brown Hace 2 meses
I do
itz_ay_d en
itz_ay_d en Hace 2 meses
Papa those shorts make me feel embarrassed
KTG_Teo Hace 2 meses
You can spend money on my account after christmas
Bryant Wulu
Bryant Wulu Hace 2 meses
Seth Lambert
Seth Lambert Hace 2 meses
your shorts are shorter then a feminists temper about abortion
Green bay Packers
Green bay Packers Hace 2 meses
Who wheres short shorts mmg wheres short shorts
Angelo Lombardi
Angelo Lombardi Hace 2 meses
Those shorts are big
Thesolobeast 1738
Thesolobeast 1738 Hace 2 meses
What’s Bella’s insta?
Naturalbear54 1
Naturalbear54 1 Hace 2 meses
What is Bella’s Instagram
PurplePasgetthi Ur Mom
PurplePasgetthi Ur Mom Hace 2 meses
You sound like a ghost Tooory Hoolt
John May
John May Hace 3 meses
MMG i am doing a pack and play. My user name is HugeNinjaFan69 and my password is ........
Sicknigga Hace 3 meses
Why your shorts so short
Brandon Placak
Brandon Placak Hace 3 meses
You had travis kelce at the end wide open
Mack Moore
Mack Moore Hace 3 meses
It’s ok I had a game on the line earlier and my same baker mayfield overthrough a wide open reciever on 4th
Cole Tabacco
Cole Tabacco Hace 3 meses
Short shorts
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald Hace 3 meses
Did you break up with kaylee?
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald Hace 3 meses
Anybody gunna talk about how his team went from a 68 to a 80 in like 30 sec?
trman24 mdock
trman24 mdock Hace 3 meses
When is the no nut November vids coming out
Kermit De Dank Fwog
Kermit De Dank Fwog Hace 3 meses
Delta001 Hace 3 meses
Plz pack and play on my account :(((
Yung Pickle
Yung Pickle Hace 3 meses
You can give mmg a team of all golds and one tyreek hill and he will go undefeated 😂
OG Mudbone
OG Mudbone Hace 3 meses
U went to a tall and big store and bought booty shorts
Joshua Hamm
Joshua Hamm Hace 3 meses
im gonaa buy a pack tonight wanna do it papa
Sznxxy _
Sznxxy _ Hace 4 meses
Oh no no no I thought I was on private no
Fortnite _clipz93
Fortnite _clipz93 Hace 4 meses
Eyan Pearson
Eyan Pearson Hace 4 meses
You picked 7 not 8
Brady Dolgner
Brady Dolgner Hace 4 meses
boy u made this vid on my birthday
Noah Valdez
Noah Valdez Hace 4 meses
You look like a girl🐶🐶👧🏼
Enyjah Pinson
Enyjah Pinson Hace 4 meses
0:36 shorty little
Caden Barrientos
Caden Barrientos Hace 4 meses
can u do a pack and play for me
Carter Walsh
Carter Walsh Hace 4 meses
do a pack and play on my account
Joshua Parsons
Joshua Parsons Hace 4 meses
They don’t call Tom Brady the comeback kid for nothing💪🏻
allday Hace 4 meses
mmg shorts shorter than my self confidence
Zippy Squad
Zippy Squad Hace 4 meses
I need MMG merch!!!!!
Breed Crosike
Breed Crosike Hace 4 meses
He is a vsco skskskskskskskskskskskksksk
ClxpzNC9487 Hace 5 meses
4:28 “I haven’t nut” lol
Cameron Hughes-Williams
Cameron Hughes-Williams Hace 5 meses
Papa’s got a tan
Lil Subaru
Lil Subaru Hace 5 meses
Dude u look like u are a tennis player
Imdaddy Mschertz
Imdaddy Mschertz Hace 5 meses
Jaylen Young
Jaylen Young Hace 5 meses
You look gay😂😂
xtysonx Hace 5 meses
Dude I like those shorts I would where them
Javaughn Dove
Javaughn Dove Hace 5 meses
bruh dats how i wear my shortsssss
Respawn Hace 5 meses
I’m surprised that no one has talked about how short his shorts are
Respawn Hace 5 meses
By the way I’m joking
Mathew Crawford
Mathew Crawford Hace 5 meses
Bro i actually watched ep 7 on accident before this so my bad 😂
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