Our First Ever Playoff Game... And THIS Happened... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #6

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Hace 29 días

playoffs in Madden are always NOT lit, but hopefully my immense peen and gigantic muscles can push through this intense game...
thank you for watching my video you absolute stud, simply by clicking this video you have become 4x more handsome and have increased at least 2 inches in height
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Lil Subaru
Lil Subaru Hace 8 horas
Dude u look like u are a tennis player
Imdaddy Mschertz
Imdaddy Mschertz Hace 2 días
Jaylen Young
Jaylen Young Hace 3 días
You look gay😂😂
HOTanimeGIRL726 Hace 6 días
Dude I like those shorts I would where them
Javaughn Dove
Javaughn Dove Hace 6 días
bruh dats how i wear my shortsssss
Respawn Hace 7 días
I’m surprised that no one has talked about how short his shorts are
Respawn Hace 7 días
By the way I’m joking
Mathew Crawford
Mathew Crawford Hace 7 días
Bro i actually watched ep 7 on accident before this so my bad 😂
Isaac Mckendree
Isaac Mckendree Hace 7 días
The god damn smooch is heat seeking
Reggie Chadwick
Reggie Chadwick Hace 7 días
Christian Pantoja
Christian Pantoja Hace 7 días
Joey Meadows
Joey Meadows Hace 8 días
can som1 tell me the name of the shorts tho cause like i can’t find them
LJG wav
LJG wav Hace 5 días
Joey Meadows probably just go to Nike and look up running shorts
gaming goblin 2007
gaming goblin 2007 Hace 8 días
I haven't be watching bc school and practice RIP
JACOB GRIMM Hace 9 días
I actually like his shorts
PMM Productions
PMM Productions Hace 11 días
how did you lose this game...
Sam Alparone
Sam Alparone Hace 12 días
The shorts are tuff 😴😴😴😴
Michael Wheaton
Michael Wheaton Hace 15 días
Love the shorts bro there great
Hunter Haywood
Hunter Haywood Hace 16 días
Didn’t you and your girlfriend break/kaylie
Fork Spoon
Fork Spoon Hace 16 días
5:56 you’ll thank me later
Gavin Roberts
Gavin Roberts Hace 16 días
You can do it on em I play Xbox
Seth MARTIN Hace 16 días
Idiot bro 15:55 you could’ve thrown to Kelce no one was covering him LOVE UR VIDS THOO
A Hungry African
A Hungry African Hace 19 días
6:23 you should’ve done 0 to 7 so he wouldn’t know that you’re doing an 80-87.
NBK Hace 20 días
3:41 am I the only one wondering what that instrumental is?
Rafi Hace 20 días
u shorts are short
Bryan Cortez
Bryan Cortez Hace 21 un día
Is it just me or did MMG pop an addy before this episode?
Roman Williams
Roman Williams Hace 21 un día
Yes please
xXJaybirdX x
xXJaybirdX x Hace 21 un día
I just use PA drive to Kittle and X drag Trail to kittle and slants to Odell and i will score within 30 seconds
Bee Movie: The last Buzz
Bee Movie: The last Buzz Hace 21 un día
Zzlight14 123
Zzlight14 123 Hace 21 un día
You have no balls
Mikey LaFave
Mikey LaFave Hace 21 un día
What part of Michigan is this dude from ? Hello Onaway Michigan
G.O.A.T_TEZ Hace 22 días
MMG no cap thicc lol
Raptors Nation
Raptors Nation Hace 23 días
Lions Bitch
Lions Bitch Hace 23 días
I’ll do the pack n play papa. Use my account if u r 6’5 250 and have 69 inch brat.
codysniper17 Hace 24 días
14:29 A was so wide opennnn
Nick M
Nick M Hace 24 días
You can use my xbox
Tony Orrick
Tony Orrick Hace 24 días
When kylee wears longer shorts bc u broke up
Gucci Condom
Gucci Condom Hace 24 días
Torryyy holttttttttttt
Philip C
Philip C Hace 24 días
short shorts are a look dont @ me
Macaroni Hace 24 días
WhTs bellas insta
NoSleep Hace 24 días
I will get u a 12000 pt legen bundle on my account
Dane May
Dane May Hace 24 días
4:54 Khalil Mack originally plays a lot of 5-2 and a lot of Defensive end.. more of pass rush Backer.. like Clowney.. or Watt
Colin Ryan
Colin Ryan Hace 24 días
Will forever love his series. And this channel. One Love Brother
Carter Powers
Carter Powers Hace 25 días
Woah lions in the playoffs never thought that would happen
Ky-Mani McLeish
Ky-Mani McLeish Hace 25 días
What does MMG stand for?
Jared Surloff
Jared Surloff Hace 25 días
how do you taunt before the amazing td
SmoaksTV X
SmoaksTV X Hace 25 días
How do you taunt when your running for a TD?
Ryan Hasson
Ryan Hasson Hace 25 días
Do a pack and play on my account 🤩
CapoJays Hace 26 días
thedosier209 Hace 26 días
Go get bronze JJ Nelson for WR 86 or 87 speed!!
Hunter Ducharme
Hunter Ducharme Hace 26 días
Honestly tho wheel of MUT is the best series idea from a ESwomen I’ve seen yet
Cayden Romfo
Cayden Romfo Hace 26 días
Can you do a pack and play on my account
Cayden Broome
Cayden Broome Hace 26 días
Funny because when you said smooch I put my ass the the screen
Shea DeGruy
Shea DeGruy Hace 26 días
What’s the song in the background of 1:27?
Sue Wertman
Sue Wertman Hace 26 días
Last play tight end was wide open
gzim ademi
gzim ademi Hace 26 días
Match starts at 8:46
soKRAFTY Hace 26 días
That’s why I got rid of Baker
Jonthefork Hace 26 días
12:58 look how wide open Allen isss
Darin Pirkey
Darin Pirkey Hace 26 días
Those shorts are shorter than my ESwomen career
FelloeYellow89 Hace 26 días
My team is pretty average, if you want to use it u can
Dominic Mulka
Dominic Mulka Hace 26 días
1 like equals normal shorts for papa meages
Ethan Moulesong
Ethan Moulesong Hace 26 días
5:50 im dead 😂 never gets old
footballcard HQ
footballcard HQ Hace 26 días
Yay James white is my favorite player!
footballcard HQ
footballcard HQ Hace 26 días
Nevermind F in the chat for James white.
D1 Chub
D1 Chub Hace 26 días
i love them on you papa
Tiler Grimm
Tiler Grimm Hace 26 días
I’m mean like I’m down I have no pack luck my best pull so far has been 86 Julio Jones😢
kevin born
kevin born Hace 26 días
U can use mine email me for the info
green bay packer
green bay packer Hace 27 días
this may be hard believe but your shorts are shorter than you
Mojo Batey
Mojo Batey Hace 27 días
calls his editor because he has no friends
uLxss Hace 27 días
definitely a 12 year old girl wearing short shorts even though she is flat
William Joseph St. Pierre
William Joseph St. Pierre Hace 27 días
You should Sim 20 years in the franchise mode and play wheel of franchise and rebuild a relocated team. For an example, say you spin the wheel and it lands on 1 99 stat, you would give any player a 99 stat like 99 speed or catch. Like if it's a good idea 😉
MattyIce1785 Hace 27 días
As a chargers fan my emotions were fucked w quite a lot by papa
Favored Underdog
Favored Underdog Hace 27 días
Like for fantasy football series
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