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Legitdebades t
Legitdebades t Hace un mes
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez Hace 7 días
Xan Saibot
Xan Saibot Hace 8 días
My appreciation for this video in that moment
killer sharkskin
killer sharkskin Hace 9 días
Cheeki breeki!
n o
n o Hace 10 días
@Antdude247 no
TheRevanchist Hace 12 días
Tristan Salyer
Tristan Salyer Hace 30 minutos
Ace is just the Equivalent of a dad that spends too much time in his tool shed
Kylie Thiel
Kylie Thiel Hace 43 minutos
Gamer Supps: Less chance of lead poisoning than competition
john 0
john 0 Hace un hora
This guy looks like a toned down ace ventura
CashMambo Hace 3 horas
Gamer Supps: go ahead, try to pin it on us.
Luis Prado
Luis Prado Hace 3 horas
Ironic because Slugs leave holes in you the size of a toaster. Much more dangerous than buckshot if they hit you lol.
Purge Heretics
Purge Heretics Hace 10 horas
does gamer supps ahve a FaZe flavor tho
Pajen 03
Pajen 03 Hace 12 horas
3:22 yo you get a condom for free
The red Carpet556
The red Carpet556 Hace 19 horas
And she is the most baned op on ranked
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename Hace 23 horas
i like to imagine people using honey on the gamersupps website and seeing "chungass" on the list of codes
Behind the Mask
Behind the Mask Hace un día
The bootleg g fuel if pewdiepie played siege
Kyle Kern
Kyle Kern Hace un día
rip iceycat25
eccentric-toad Hace un día
the editing in his videos is god like and the humour is on point.
Arcade gannon
Arcade gannon Hace un día
14:25 what’s that meme?
Savagewolf 12323
Savagewolf 12323 Hace un día
When the aa12 does 20 damage for one shot from one side to the other side of the map on house and up close it does 60 to u
Damon Kirchner
Damon Kirchner Hace un día
Pause at 3:59 and look at badgers elbow lmao
What is up my fellow Americans
What is up my fellow Americans Hace un día
Gamer Supps: Your dad is never coming back
DrineMan Hace un día
Badger makes sponsorship funny, and want me to buy the product
Stalin's Moustache
Stalin's Moustache Hace un día
New defender is Ela 2
Bossnick1111 Hace un día
Try Arizona tea
Michael Weems
Michael Weems Hace un día
dude. he said jif. not gif
mikeAnike Hace un día
Polite of the doc at 7:07 to boost him before his death :)
F4T4LITY0 R Hace un día
WHY DID I FORGET ABOUT YOUR VIDEOS FOR TWO MONTHS IM DYING. I love how you describe your sponsors products at the end
gottarunmemeboi lolz
gottarunmemeboi lolz Hace 2 días
*how come ace gets the better ak-12 acog*
Unhappy Bacon
Unhappy Bacon Hace 2 días
6:31 No, Thermite is a heart throb. Get it right.
Jocelynn Demott
Jocelynn Demott Hace 2 días
Ace is Thermite and Hibanna combined
mark s
mark s Hace 2 días
Cheeki breeki iv damke
Robert Fuhrman
Robert Fuhrman Hace 2 días
Hearing about gamer shops isn’t gonna stop the fact from snorting preworkout then maining chanka pistol only
Boog Jason
Boog Jason Hace 2 días
Kandy is gamer sups for kids
Kairyuu Cruz
Kairyuu Cruz Hace 2 días
NO SUGAR NO FILLER NO BULLSHIT. *ive seen that on a different website before*
Let’s Dankly Do This
Let’s Dankly Do This Hace 3 días
How much redbull/monster/boomber juice/coffee/g fuel/gamer supps do I have to inject into my bloodstream for it to kill
Let’s Dankly Do This
Let’s Dankly Do This Hace 3 días
The answer is yes
worldjem Hace 3 días
The sound of Melusi's gadget kind of reminds me of "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO TOAD".
Gabe Argenti
Gabe Argenti Hace 3 días
My friends literally try to embody this group with our whole hearts, we haven’t met irl yet. But we all started playing siege cause of y’all, if y’all see this, just know that your fans look up to all of you!
Jake Shaw
Jake Shaw Hace 3 días
Wtf is these bots you play with? Everyone I fight just peaks instant headshots me.
Owlytsr Hace 3 días
Where the hell do you find R6's 3d models to make those animations in your videos? :o
Jaxon Rice
Jaxon Rice Hace 3 días
8:58 as a titans fan I can confirm
Big Boi
Big Boi Hace 3 días
Peanit budder
John Stoner For Life
John Stoner For Life Hace 4 días
WTF 😂😂😂😂 is he on drugs? 🤔 This might be most incoherent ADHD stuff ever made by a meth head, who just found out, bunch of news stuff he can do with his editing software... and because of drug use, didn't have any good game play and filled entire video with animations etc .. and not funny at all ... Not even remotely 🤔🤔 95% of is content has been good high quality high production value And he is usually pretty funny.. But this is something else.. 🤣🤣🤣🤔
da man
da man Hace 4 días
He using gamer sups I just chug Powerade till I have headache
PokeTale Poketale13t
PokeTale Poketale13t Hace 4 días
you know i didnt even mean to but the first time i had to go against Melusi i literally said "damn these fucking suck" just before smacking the banshee
Dakota Thompson
Dakota Thompson Hace 4 días
"Oh yeah, 'what's fuckin' granny gonna be buyin' in the afterlife', bro give me that 50 dollars!" -Grouse (I think)
Your Mum
Your Mum Hace 4 días
Gamer supps: she was 18 in dog years
TheSarcasticCatfish Hace 4 días
200lbs? Okay but how about people that are 7ft tall and 330lbs?
Teddly Hace 4 días
I’m actually bout to buy some supps so thanks for letting me know about this
SCP-2598 Hace 5 días
more that 10 percent of the video is sponsored
echofoxtrot3058 Hace 5 días
i got a snap notification the scond they whipped out the c4
tired Listener
tired Listener Hace 5 días
Gamer supps Gulp down victory
Mike Oxsmall
Mike Oxsmall Hace 5 días
Nah gfuel is better
Mike Oxsmall
Mike Oxsmall Hace 5 días
Gamer supps is a Chinese knockoff of gfuel
brain dead brain lit
brain dead brain lit Hace 5 días
Melusi forgot to turn of her vibe alarm
Scumbag Gaming
Scumbag Gaming Hace 5 días
"Gamer Supps" "Emperor-Approved"
Andrew Zell
Andrew Zell Hace 5 días
Am I the only one that thinks the gamer supps free sample looks like a condom gamer supps no more children
Sean Julian Halvorsen
Sean Julian Halvorsen Hace 5 días
When he Said Norwigan i liked and subscribed😂😂
Cookiesnmemes Hace 5 días
Gamer supps: criminally addictive
Wyatt Smith
Wyatt Smith Hace 5 días
I want to put 10 scoops of Gamer Supps into a cup, force a toddler to chug it, throw them into the Caribbean, and tell them to swim to Antarctica.
Ace Shakkaka
Ace Shakkaka Hace 5 días
I am tempted to buy that just to pour all powder into a huge jar drink it
gav1n Hace 6 días
this video is just a gamer supps sponsor
Compie Hace 6 días
Gamer supps “I thought she was 18”
KVNG SHADOW Hace 6 días
God dude I miss badger battlefield 1 days that shit was amazing
the flying rock
the flying rock Hace 6 días
me when i find out spiders can swim *show gif of guy shooting himself in the back of the head*
Galvin Fox
Galvin Fox Hace 6 días
Gamer Supps "Life is a lie"
RedWarrior Ghearing
RedWarrior Ghearing Hace 6 días
Ace: non sadistic, yes, ego maniac who will drop his team mates in a heartbeat for some attention from the media, also yes
RedWarrior Ghearing
RedWarrior Ghearing Hace 6 días
I loved the joke about five finger death punch, one of my favorite bands
Midnight Rouge
Midnight Rouge Hace 6 días
Gamer Supps, Civil Wars are just the beginning
Wait. Thats Church.
Wait. Thats Church. Hace 6 días
Go spider man!
Some Idiot
Some Idiot Hace 7 días
Does Gamer Supps come with the cup?
scoobyCrac Hace 7 días
Me:clicks on Russianbadger’s new R6 video happily First 15 seconds listening to ghost jokes:😯😦😧😮😐
hiro hito
hiro hito Hace 7 días
I've been looking for this for ages, can someone help me out? The gif at 14:24, please chief I need it
Alex Doggett
Alex Doggett Hace 7 días
Every time I watch badger, the people he plays against suck and they can’t hit shit, but when I play I get deleted .00000000000009 seconds after someone sees me.
Farid Hdey
Farid Hdey Hace 7 días
Poor Badger
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace 7 días
I main Monty );
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