One Zoom to Rule Them All | Reunited Apart LORD OF THE RINGS Edition

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Josh Gad

Josh Gad

Hace un mes

It's the Return of the KINGS - Josh gathers the Fellowship and then some, to go on a very important mission.... quest.... thing.

Directed by James Merryman
Produced by Meghan Monaco
Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
Edited by Will Newell

Sean Astin
Elijah Wood
Dominic Monaghan
Billy Boyd
Orlando Bloom
Ian McKellan
and many more!

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Mile83 Hace 10 horas
This is so awesome! I'm a big LOTR fan. (Altough I think the books are a bit too slow for my taste. ;) ) Thanks for doing this! It must have been pretty difficult to get everyone online at once. :)
Balázs Rieder
Balázs Rieder Hace 10 horas
It's so sad that Sir Ian Holm died not long ago but I'm happy that life gave him the chance that at least send a last message to the cast! R.I.P.
Toby Sawyer
Toby Sawyer Hace 11 horas
RIP Ian Holm
The Wrong Melon Farmer
The Wrong Melon Farmer Hace 11 horas
I may my not prefer Gad’s comic style..but this was genius
Jo Kah
Jo Kah Hace 11 horas
Liv has such a sweet voice. I would marry her even if she's 50 now. And Pippin's song made me cry.
Temp Step
Temp Step Hace 11 horas
They all look great, Especially Eowyn, Eomer and Arwen.
Angel Blue
Angel Blue Hace 12 horas
Why doesn't this have more views!!?? I don't get it.
Kennie Miranda
Kennie Miranda Hace 12 horas
ive been crying for 4hrs and the extended versison
Vasanta Hace 12 horas
Giak Q
Giak Q Hace 12 horas
A genuinely good movie with genuinely good people. No surprise is wasn't produced by the scumbags in Hollywood.
Micha Kilian
Micha Kilian Hace 12 horas
Chills all over the place. LOTR is my childhood and one of the best Film Series ever made.
hija de Maria
hija de Maria Hace 12 horas
Lastima que no esta en Español ojala lo traduzcan
Mystic Deadpool
Mystic Deadpool Hace 13 horas
Imagine you miss you zoom classroom code and arrive there
graffic13 Hace 13 horas
I really want to see josh gad portray youtuber Jakeyonce on snl🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
alessio_7_7_7_ sanchez
alessio_7_7_7_ sanchez Hace 13 horas
Rip ian holm, I wish he would join too :(
LiveYourMyth InGreece
LiveYourMyth InGreece Hace 14 horas
The best movie series this world has ever witnessed. Thank you everyone from peter jackson to the last unknown orc guy that made this happen.
Dave Hace 14 horas
That's so haunting the message read from Ian Holm - this video was posted a month ago, and Ian passed just over 3 weeks ago. Even with editing time before posting, that note must have been just a couple weeks before he died. 😢 Such a wonderful video in so many ways!
Silver Garcia
Silver Garcia Hace 14 horas
I would pay money to see the movies once again without no prior knowledge just to be amazed.
Arno Truyens
Arno Truyens Hace 14 horas
The only thing that i don't like about this is that it's way to short
Elestirnë Hace 15 horas
40:39 Peter Jackson is sitting in Denethor's chair! *yelps*
OutofBody Hace 15 horas
Andy serkis never skips a beat
Elestirnë Hace 15 horas
The Rohirrim theme ❤❤❤
NIRZHOR MAHMUD Hace 16 horas
Q: How Much emotional torturous this video is for an LOTR fan? Ans: you have no idea...... 😞
Bipasha Anam
Bipasha Anam Hace 16 horas
This is soo beautiful 😭
Kayaker Dude
Kayaker Dude Hace 17 horas
The sight of the stunning Miranda Otto still makes me melt
Casey H
Casey H Hace 20 horas
Pip being like "omg there's Ian!" ♥
Nathaniel Johnson
Nathaniel Johnson Hace 21 un hora
Don Solo
Don Solo Hace 21 un hora
Mannnnnnn hearing what those movies meant to those actors got me good. Such a shame it took covid 19 for this to happen. Tron legacy and LoTR are the only movie soundtracks worth listening to and they both happen to of been made before the movies, how freaking cool.
Mr.Cansino Hace 22 horas
no. I'm not crying, it's raining very hard on my bed right now. I miss you😭
Krabman Hace 22 horas
I'd love to see a LOTR themed D&D session with these guys. Run by Mr Mercer of course!
Muhammad Raheel Khan
Muhammad Raheel Khan Hace 22 horas
samwise my favourite character
Duck Mint
Duck Mint Hace 22 horas
Thanks for making this dude, these movies were a big part of my life and seeing these guys all together in 2020 talking over the same feelings I felt watching their performance is mind blowing. You've really done something special for me and everybody else like me...
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell Hace 23 horas
"The video freezes when someone gets boring"
Critic 7
Critic 7 Hace 23 horas
LOTR - The complete package in a movie. It'll remain a masterpiece in the hall of fame.
Mars Hace un día
I just watched the Hobbit and LOTR yesterday, and after seeing this, im gonna watch them again
Shawn McLaughlin
Shawn McLaughlin Hace un día
It is July 11 and that last part with Ian Holm was especially moving.
Shawn McLaughlin
Shawn McLaughlin Hace un día
"This movie and the trilogy that followed" So, there were 4 movies?
Aaron Frechen
Aaron Frechen Hace un día
This was a really awesome reunion, but I really wish Ian Holm could have been there for it... RIP Ian.
Rumple Gold
Rumple Gold Hace un día
So Josh I gotta ask,how do you get the connections to get these folks on zoom
Rinna Wang
Rinna Wang Hace un día
Those people who dislikes this video must have a problem...
Michael Simplez
Michael Simplez Hace un día
Sean should have done "One does not simply walk into Mordor" !!!
SyrupyBrandy Hace un día
If only Fran Drescher instead of Fran Walsh did the ringwraith screams, we would hate them even more and imagine ducks being slaughtered..
Alexandra Szuromi
Alexandra Szuromi Hace un día
This was priceless!
The Elven Jedi
The Elven Jedi Hace un día
Bernard Hill's Cameo at the end was so random. Made me crack up. Guess he couldn't make it for the whole thing, so he sent in a quick cameo? So funny.
Tercy Sakura
Tercy Sakura Hace un día
A Wizard is never late Bilbo Bagg~Frodo Bagginhdfjewjdfjndsfnjsldv
TheSkyWhale Hace un día
Rest In Peace Ian Holm and Christopher Lee, made more of an impact on my childhood than any other film cast and crew ever could.
kickbackin 91
kickbackin 91 Hace un día
I wish viggo, Orlando and Sean did the forming of the fellowship scene. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this is stilll one of the best things that happened this month tho
kickbackin 91
kickbackin 91 Hace un día
My heeeeeaaaarrrettttt!
OutofBody Hace un día
This is so dope
Daniel Vasquez
Daniel Vasquez Hace un día
Peruvian guy sayin hi!! Thanks for everythin you do is remarkable.
Curnel Millette
Curnel Millette Hace un día
Please do silmarillion
Christian Savage
Christian Savage Hace un día
Did he say Gandolf the gay lmao
FirstmateRouge Hace un día
Watching this in July and the note from Ian Holm at the end is making me cry
quietastronaut Hace un día
The fact that Viggo was so considerate and nervous he wouldn't be able to contribute enough to the role and then ended up being one of the very best castings in film history (in my opinion anyway)
Laikaycoco Hace un día
Como vas a ser de san lorenzo, no seas trolo man
guitarkoala5 Hace un día
Just watched all 50 minutes and seriously it felt like 5. This was amazing and I’m so grateful it happened.
Imy Bird
Imy Bird Hace un día
This video makes me want to have a LOTR marathon and Lost marathon. Who’s going to do the same thing?
muhammad rezaie
muhammad rezaie Hace un día
I've been watching lord of rings and I raised with lord of rings. I love every one of these guys.
Carl de la Paz
Carl de la Paz Hace un día
Liv Tyler obviously knows elvish. It is her native language
InTheLifeOf AnnaCarmela
InTheLifeOf AnnaCarmela Hace un día
Love this fellowship, this family. LOTR described in one word is Magic for me. I'm gonna do a LOTR marathon again!
Sannive Hace un día
Is it just me that finds it a bit eerie that just a few weeks after this was aired, Bilbo (Ian Holm) did go for that final adventure ..
Ethan Inman
Ethan Inman Hace un día
Might have to rewatch all the lotr films... again
Elijah Gollan3978
Elijah Gollan3978 Hace un día
My name is Elijah, My brother is Orlando lol why match the names!
Elijah Gollan3978
Elijah Gollan3978 Hace un día
My name is Elijah too lol
Anne Lieve van Beuzekom
Anne Lieve van Beuzekom Hace un día
I think that Elijah still has that ring cause that man hasn’t aged a day
Zenko Hace un día
D: what about Lord Elrond xD
Evan Rowe
Evan Rowe Hace un día
I am so glad to see nearly twenty years later my favourite movies my favourite behind the scenes movie ever I’m no super fan but I am in a sense and I actually just watched all the bonus features last year even the ones that are theatrical versions and the extended and to see this warmed my heart the best cast ever assembled my hat is always off to you all
Christian Candelaria
Christian Candelaria Hace un día
@6:43 I lost it and started balling 😭😭
Tye rose Williams
Tye rose Williams Hace un día
Long live the Men of the west and the fate of the one ring🤔😊💞💞💖💖😊
MonsieurRen Hace un día
24:57 What did Peter say here?
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