On My Block Cast Test Their Knowledge of the Show

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On My Block season three is officially out on Netflix, so join Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, Brett Gray, Jessica Marie Garcia, and Jason Genao and take our quiz to see just how well you know the series!

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Jas Fagan
Jas Fagan Hace un día
Ziyanda Ndyoko
Ziyanda Ndyoko Hace 4 días
I'm on season 2 and I'm loving it!
Abriel Hace 4 días
Jessixa reminds me of Selena Quintanilla's sister Suzette.
Ana Laura Nava Hernández
Ana Laura Nava Hernández Hace 4 días
Yo, Mardukas it's not Mexican at all.
Junior Gonzalez
Junior Gonzalez Hace 4 días
Where’s olivia
Shantha Nevills
Shantha Nevills Hace 5 días
Shantha Nevills
Shantha Nevills Hace 5 días
OH MY GOD is really down on my block people :) I would love to see them Yeah
Miranda Beltran - Tarango
Miranda Beltran - Tarango Hace 7 días
Diego is so cute
Prahvz FN
Prahvz FN Hace 9 días
Finally a bond who’s not awkward n connected.
Thatgirl Lite
Thatgirl Lite Hace 9 días
I love brett &jamal ❤
x franzhine
x franzhine Hace 9 días
I love how really funny is Jamal/Brett 😂❤️
lashana Gobin
lashana Gobin Hace 9 días
Hey i love u guys so much
Putri Puspita Bestari
Putri Puspita Bestari Hace 9 días
There just like the characters on the series exept sierra
Jamya Dubose
Jamya Dubose Hace 10 días
ruby is so cute i want to have $ex
Kristine Rath
Kristine Rath Hace 10 días
omg i cracked up with ruby and jamal w the white forks in brentwood 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bingo Bongo
Bingo Bongo Hace 11 días
The audio clips sound horrible 😬
Lucilene Lucilene Palhano
Lucilene Lucilene Palhano Hace 11 días
Amo eles , só qria legenda em português😢
Abajjaakakk Koko
Abajjaakakk Koko Hace 13 días
Jessicas hair looks like a wig 😂
alexis hernandez
alexis hernandez Hace 13 días
2:36 to be fair if I had an ex who looked like Cesar I would undoubtably get back with him😌
Heidi Harman
Heidi Harman Hace 14 días
1:40 can we just talk about how sierra Capri is looking at Diego Tinoco
Jeremiah Sauvao
Jeremiah Sauvao Hace 15 días
Make a season 4 and 5 please because it is very sad😦☹️😞😟😩😣😖🥺😥😢🤧😭
Hishaam Jassiem
Hishaam Jassiem Hace 15 días
Wheres S4
NBA ruby
NBA ruby Hace 16 días
Season 4
Jonathan Perla
Jonathan Perla Hace 16 días
“Being Jasmine at 5 o’ clock in the morning is a lot” 😭
Mike GZO
Mike GZO Hace 17 días
-Acting Is Horrible -Writing is wack -Directing is Bad -Cinematography/Camera Work is cheap and low budget -Ruby and Jamal be looking Fruity -Diego tries to hard -Spooky dude tries to hard -Story Line doesn’t really happen in the hood -Only Teenage Girls like this show The only good thing about this show is the music and Jasmine, she kinda sexy!
Noꪜᴀシ Hace 18 días
I fucking hate Cesar with “Olivia”
Sylvia Martinez
Sylvia Martinez Hace 18 días
I’m the 1000th comment
Rebecca Snyder
Rebecca Snyder Hace 18 días
1000th comment
Annie Kost
Annie Kost Hace 18 días
I love this show I hope Netflix makes another seiries
Aria Grier
Aria Grier Hace 20 días
Karine Benson
Karine Benson Hace 21 un día
My favorite quote was bitc*es be bonkers
Revive Hace 22 días
Honestly the only one that looks like they can be older than 18 is Diego
zzgirl04 Hace 22 días
brett looks like my cousin
3 Foundation
3 Foundation Hace 23 días
I love them. That show give me really good feelings and it kinda makes me feel young. The vibe I get when watching is awesome
mtmta2009 Hace 23 días
Ok binged watch this show! Nuff said! In love with all these characters and cast members!
Trinity Fluellen
Trinity Fluellen Hace 23 días
Can wait for season 4 already
TRUCKY Hace 23 días
Jason looks sad
シMahala Hace 24 días
No one: Absolutely no one: Jessica: my favorite line was I master bate
Wanda Mtshali
Wanda Mtshali Hace 24 días
My favorite line is from Abuelita: “ I don’t need this shit!”
DSKYEZ WSAYCH Hace 25 días
idk why I was angry when Olivia died 😖🤣
Bryden Blan
Bryden Blan Hace 27 días
Bro honestly Monse is a bitch in the show
dragomxsoldier Hace 27 días
Latinos that can't speak Spanish decently what a shame
Hennessy Cardell
Hennessy Cardell Hace 27 días
Yall need to make a number 2 like on my block 2 and I love it the movie and all and I literally cried whacking the movie and it my favorite movie love you guys bye❤💖💕😭😥
Amaya Taylor
Amaya Taylor Hace 27 días
My favorite episode was when Diego said "You know what side your on? This is our block, they call me lil spooky I'll blast on your ass." lol xD
Jeff Shackleford
Jeff Shackleford Hace 28 días
Is ruby actually gay
Typ1calBeast Hace 23 días
Queen Nzingha Mat'aire
Queen Nzingha Mat'aire Hace un mes
what the hell is in sierra's armpit????
Typ1calBeast Hace 23 días
💀 Lmaoo probably deodorant
Ynw_clapzyt Hace un mes
Don’t you think brett gray looks like jamal
Fhsshbs Behebbd
Fhsshbs Behebbd Hace un mes
0:21 Diego gets left hanging by Brett
Aniyah Price
Aniyah Price Hace un mes
Awww Diego likes Billie Eilish too 😊😊😊😊😊😘
Maria Lupercio
Maria Lupercio Hace un mes
Frantic Carnival
Frantic Carnival Hace un mes
My daughter introduced me to this show and I immediately became a fan. I could go on and on about why but that's boring. The one thing that stuck out for me was the difference between this and real life. Yes is a dramatization about growing up with friends who care but in real life, at least for me, none od my friends ever confided in each other. So when I watch this, a part of me wishes we had been closer. Maybe things have changed in the last 30 years and teens are more connected. I hope so.
Swayze Prod.
Swayze Prod. Hace un mes
When does season 4 come out
X ANG31 Hace un mes
Where Olivia??
Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez Hace un mes
Diego is so serious 🥴
Skylar Antoniades
Skylar Antoniades Hace un mes
Why is Olivia not in anybody’s these
B F Hace un mes
i fucks with this show its positive and funny and real .
Beatriz Solorio
Beatriz Solorio Hace un mes
Ayy he mentioned Billie eilish😂
Scrappy Hace un mes
Best show of all time
Mia Cordova
Mia Cordova Hace un mes
Diego and jessica are so cute together (sorry but i really find them cute even though jasmine and ruby in omb are my ship too)
Jack Zeller
Jack Zeller Hace un mes
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Campbell Hace un mes
Brett is honestly the most real actor out there he's true to himself and he not out there tryna be all cool and stuff but I love him so much and I need a friend like him
that girl shy shy
that girl shy shy Hace un mes
Monsay was so cute with braces......
Deveron Williams
Deveron Williams Hace un mes
Omar Lopez
Omar Lopez Hace un mes
Yooo it’s not Julio! it’s Hector we’re at maximum capacity!!! Like if you caught it also haha..
AddictedToTikTok Hace un mes
when is season 4 comin out
Kylie Willis
Kylie Willis Hace un mes
Diego (Cesar) Is so fine and nice 😳 I want to date him......
sara x
sara x Hace un mes
just realised how alike jessica and lizzo were
Pegasus Entertainment
Pegasus Entertainment Hace un mes
Jamal is still fun in Real life. I thought he will be different
Valeria Lozano-Arriaga
Valeria Lozano-Arriaga Hace un mes
Diego: por jamal because he found the rollerworld money" Brett: SNAKE.
Replay Archive
Replay Archive Hace un mes
i keep forgetting that these are grown ass 23 year old adults lmaooo
I am proud of you!
Dad, how do I?
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