Oliver Tree - H3 Podcast #125

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H3 Podcast

H3 Podcast

Hace 4 meses

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Oliver Tree
Oliver Tree Hace 4 meses
That was the easiest vape off I ever won!
justin email
justin email Hace 2 días
I bet Oliver would time travel to Santa Barbara to watch over his parents
Kelan breen
Kelan breen Hace 2 días
@LochBess Monsta I never even said the word hate so idk why your stating I said that lol. But in lamens terms....his clouds, weak . His fake ass pretentious attitude, WEAK. His rhymes, ehhh moderately decent lol. But the character he plays overrides any musical talent (or lack there of) . But seriously his collabs with getter is awesome, his songs under the name "tree" , awesome. But if modesty, chord progression, and humbleness was a currency he'd be bankrupt. Period 💯😂✌️
Rice Is Nice
Rice Is Nice Hace 3 días
This man has become to strong for the human race not even a nuke could kill him
LochBess Monsta
LochBess Monsta Hace 16 días
@Kelan breen you hate him cause his clouds are weak?
Kelan breen
Kelan breen Hace 16 días
Not sure what's weaker your clouds or your cringy 10 year old attitude. Lil brat. This made me delete all his songs off my library. I Kno it's a fake ass persona/character but it's annoying and obnoxious. I'm out.
BREAD MEAT Hace un hora
Melanie martinez plzzz
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Hace 6 horas
27:40 When I hear then talk about SC, I can only think about my own city. San Diego is exactly the same, people come from all over the world (literally military bases all over SD) party too hard and get a taste of some bad shit and get stuck here. It even worse for the locals.
Shit Lister
Shit Lister Hace 15 horas
Hey Oliver your Bald Cap is Wrinkling.. ya weirdo
Bradly TheRadly
Bradly TheRadly Hace 21 un hora
I wanna see this dude collab with post lmao
Kianna Reyes
Kianna Reyes Hace un día
I love how much natural chemistry these three have.
Another Adventure
Another Adventure Hace un día
Businessman with a bowl cut and little sunglasses.
Lyfii Hace un día
Oliver is the cutest artist i know
Dellenoc Codellen
Dellenoc Codellen Hace 2 días
Am I tripping?
Cynthia Jordan
Cynthia Jordan Hace 2 días
oliver tree is on some mohr vodka
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark Hace 2 días
I just got here from cash machine my boy is back
Everett Von Lichenbaum IV
Everett Von Lichenbaum IV Hace 3 días
Kinda looks like vector from despicable me
Limply David
Limply David Hace 5 días
Justin Graves
Justin Graves Hace 5 días
Wait, which one is Ethan?
Justin Graves
Justin Graves Hace 2 días
@Clementine most def. Hila (oliver) and Oliver (ethan) look like twins. I'm not convinced they're not related.
Clementine Hace 2 días
@Justin Graves Yeah definitely! They all seem like such splendid people!
Justin Graves
Justin Graves Hace 2 días
@Clementine makes sense. And the other dude who seems like hes running the show is really just the guest. This "oliver tree" fella.
Clementine Hace 2 días
@Justin Graves no that's his wife hila
Justin Graves
Justin Graves Hace 2 días
@Clementine so not the one with the bowl cut?
Mario LEGO
Mario LEGO Hace 6 días
Bring him back!! I watch this one too many times
B Ber
B Ber Hace 4 días
Mario LEGO He broke his leg so now would be a good time Lmao
literally what
literally what Hace 7 días
william osman is fuming
Semiotichazey Hace 7 días
8:25 skullcap - FAKE BOWL CUT (not that it fucking matters...)
Lauren Astro
Lauren Astro Hace 8 días
A personal fav of all the H3 podcasts \m/
tgdrums91 Hace 8 días
14:24 🤢💨 😂😂😂
chocolatewheelchair Hace 11 días
He don’t always need to wear same outfit
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia Hace 12 días
He really got serious quick over that beanie lol
Drill Truck Brother
Drill Truck Brother Hace 12 días
His last name is Nickell
chris bis
chris bis Hace 13 días
I didn’t know an American could be this sarcastic
John Redcorn
John Redcorn Hace 14 días
1:00:53 Knocking 1:00:57 intense panic
Bobby V Live !
Bobby V Live ! Hace 14 días
Oliver’s wrinkly skin
Jeremy pearce
Jeremy pearce Hace 14 días
That was my first OT video also and i was hooked instantly. This guy has so much character and heart and its such a relief seeing the love for production in both music and videos be rewarded with a career. Theres so much bullshit out there that's not even music, im just happy to see it not completely dying off. Thank you oliver tree! And of course h3. Love all you like crazy!!
Framed Hace 14 días
I like how oliver kinda interviews them at the same time
Jesse Bennett
Jesse Bennett Hace 14 días
This guy reminds me of a Tim Heidecker character.
Bandon Wilterbeast
Bandon Wilterbeast Hace 14 días
Ethan turns into Author Fleck at 2:39.
DadOfTheYear.mp4 Hace 14 días
Oliver was smoking pure weed, that's why his clouds were smaller.
Tyler Crowder
Tyler Crowder Hace 7 días
DadOfTheYear.mp4 he used ethans vape and still blew fuck all lmao
frenly Neybur
frenly Neybur Hace 15 días
Oliver sounds like a young Ethan, I feel like that's how Theadore will act when he's a teenager.
vichaya ouearrepan
vichaya ouearrepan Hace 15 días
You're gonna throw the beanie that William made for you out????? Are you fucking kidding me???
Clementine Hace 3 días
This was In July, and they still have it so no they didn't throw it out
The MechanIQ
The MechanIQ Hace 15 días
Oral herpes.... Sheesh.
PSVitaGmer Hace 16 días
Ethan: "I'm a comedian" Also Ethan: I'm not a comedian I'm an entertainer"
Nature Nanny
Nature Nanny Hace 16 días
Never heard of this man until now . Love his music
why have a life if you can have memes
why have a life if you can have memes Hace 16 días
The music video is delayed
Fili Hace 18 días
6:17 biblical
Alex Cross
Alex Cross Hace 18 días
Tree is the biggest troll love your music brother can't wait til you create your own cartoon
Top Feed Coco
Top Feed Coco Hace 18 días
6 Million watts huh?? I think he might be inflating that number a bit, look into it.
Clementine Hace 3 días
It was a joke..
Jakov Doljani
Jakov Doljani Hace 19 días
whats wrong with his head?
Toby Batty
Toby Batty Hace 20 días
is it me or does Oliver look like a dispicable me villain
Ktea Temple
Ktea Temple Hace 20 días
best one yet
The Goner
The Goner Hace 20 días
dude,his sarcasm is the same as someone TYPING fuck you
AnnMarie Davis
AnnMarie Davis Hace 21 un día
He is wearing a bald cap, look at the wrinkles when he grabs the Baby shirt
Emma Ritchie
Emma Ritchie Hace 21 un día
"when leonardo da vinci painted the sixteenth chapel"
Berik Chin
Berik Chin Hace 21 un día
Pacific thai the best restaurant in santa cruz
Cayidien Jounthous¡
Cayidien Jounthous¡ Hace 21 un día
Not trying to be rude, but the back of his head looks like the melted cheese from school.
Clementine Hace 3 días
TheLogeTrain Hace 19 días
Cayidien Jounthous¡ it’s a skin cap lol but yea, definite teste vibes
ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神 Hace 22 días
19:22 *Really Migga??* Who else thinks they should've edited a *WTF BOOM* moment?
Willow Hace 23 días
Am I the only one who thinks Oliver looks like Grew from Despicable Me?? lmaoo
Gabby Jones
Gabby Jones Hace 23 días
Glad to see vector is doing better and staying away from trying to steal the moon
Con Fidential
Con Fidential Hace 24 días
34:35 Just a taste of censorship slowly suffocating its population's freedoms
Landon Beaudry
Landon Beaudry Hace 24 días
we love oliver boyz
Fat nigga Robert
Fat nigga Robert Hace 25 días
Love teddy fresh bro my girlfriend even stole my most expensive favorite hoodie😢😁 Edit:now ex
Eoin Crehan
Eoin Crehan Hace 24 días
Fat nigga Robert did u get it back? Love the name btw
maile keech
maile keech Hace 25 días
Bruuuuuhhhhh why does Oliver break everything? 😂
High Prodigy
High Prodigy Hace 26 días
Oliver is the man, gotta catch a concert sometime.
okay dude
okay dude Hace 27 días
Just saw Oliver live last weekend had a great time. dope show. But he got me fucked up rn. Like yo I get it he's got a character to play and all but goddamn every time that beanie fell off his head my heart fell to the floor... Fuuck sorry h3 didn't show you the love they should have and Oliver broke the beanie man damn wtfff
Sakine Hace 27 días
Honestly, he looks like your kid from the future.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Hace 27 días
Yo, I haven't listened to him in forever!
im not here anymore
im not here anymore Hace 28 días
Oliver is hilarious 😂😭
nigelcarren Hace 28 días
I wouldst even question Oliver Tree if he started to wear one white Swarovski glove on his left hand!
3J Hace 29 días
3J Hace 29 días
Clementine Hace 3 días
What are all these random timestamps? Nothing happens
3J Hace 29 días
3J Hace 29 días
3J Hace un mes
Leigh Kristine
Leigh Kristine Hace un mes
This is how I imagine Theodore to look like
kevin Johnson
kevin Johnson Hace un mes
Was at his last concert in the US last night in Chicago, has the time of my life. Best concert and best crowd in the world.
kevin Johnson
kevin Johnson Hace un mes
nathaniel hunter lmaooooo yes, it was crazy how he was still able to put on a crazy show
nathaniel hunter
nathaniel hunter Hace un mes
was he still in the wheelchair? saw him in Cleveland on Halloween
viktorya psychedelic.souljam
viktorya psychedelic.souljam Hace un mes
Can we have Melanie Martinez with Oliver Tree on next??? ❤❤❤😈😇😈😇😈
bashpr0mpt Hace un mes
37:52 - bald cap and wig? Wtf kind of el goblino Americano is this anyway? Your country is so fucking weird.
Clementine Hace 3 días
You know,it's not a common thing Americans go around doing if that's your impression lmao. Oliver just does this for this character he's playing
bashpr0mpt Hace un mes
1% of the population. 98% of h3h3 guests. Subversive.
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