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This is a PREVIEW of Canon's EOS R5 and R6 Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras. These cameras are jam-packed with solid specs on paper and I look forward to trying them in the real world to see if they stack up to those specs.
These two cameras challenge the Sony a7 III, Sony a7R IV and Nikon's Z6 and Z7. What makes the Canon's so dangerous, is the RF lens lineup. Canon went Lens First followed by solid bodies. AKA the lead with the EOS R which was a start, but now follow through two years later with these two.
00:00 - Introduction
01:09 - EOS R5 Body Design
02:13 - EOS R5 Photo Specs
08:33 - EOS R5 Video Specs
11:14 - EOS R5 Pricing
12:30 - EOS R6 Introduction
13:06 - EOS R6 Body Design
17:31 - EOS R6 Video Specs
18:38 - EOS R6 Pricing
20:31 - New RF Lenses
21:47 - Final Thoughts
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Jared Polin
Jared Polin Hace un mes
Which do you want? The R5 or R6 and why???
Michael Zetlitz
Michael Zetlitz Hace 15 días
@77dris Then don't sell it! You can still take great photos with that camera as well as almost any other camera in the world, if you know what you are doing. Or you can take terrible photos with the best and newest cameras, if you have no clue.
alan kirby
alan kirby Hace 23 días
Please compare the r6 with the Sony a9. Spec for spec on paper they seem comparable.
alan kirby
alan kirby Hace 23 días
Please!!!! Please compare the R6 to the Sony a9. Spec for spec on paper they seem very comparable.
Trey Keys
Trey Keys Hace 23 días
Neither, actually!
Jon G
Jon G Hace 26 días
Neither sadly... Happy to wait for a 30MP with reduced video features but still with the updated digit x and tracking.
Kostas kouros
Kostas kouros Hace 15 horas
Mr Jared, greetings from United Arab Emirates. I thing the R5 is the ungluest Camera in the World. So ungly without disk drive. Everything electronics?. This camera is the most discussed Camera. 100 0/0 plastics and looks like the FISHES WOODEN CASES no to say like COFIN
Ryan Secord
Ryan Secord Hace 10 días
No All-I in the R6 is a major cripple hammer by Canon.
Alex Jay
Alex Jay Hace 12 días
"no, X is gonna give it to you. That's why i like to say that" lol I love it Jared.
Norman Mailerr
Norman Mailerr Hace 16 días
Buddy, your image is being used to gain views. The same image you are using for this video. I clicked it thinking it was you and it wasn't. Some click bait company called "Navid Tech". I reported them as misleading.
sproesser1 Hace 17 días
Hey Jared, can you tell me how you were able to edit the R5 raw files? I downloaded your sample, as well as some from dpreview. I can't get Canon Digital photo pro or Photoshop to recognize the R5 .CR3 files. Thanks!!
parth mache
parth mache Hace 21 un día
Most useless camera channel
Melissa Jackson Johnson
Melissa Jackson Johnson Hace 22 días
Amazing! I'd love either one actually. I have the R and it's a love/hate relationship. The issues I have with the R seemed to have been fixed with these two. I shoot real estate property interiors, art pieces and landscapes so I have a couple of issues like the autofocusing was troublesome. I want one now! I wonder what I could get for trade in.....? Lol!
alan kirby
alan kirby Hace 23 días
Please compare the r6 with the Sony a9. Spec for spec on paper they seem comparable.
Matías Garabedian
Matías Garabedian Hace 24 días
Don't scream! We can hear you :)
Desert Gecko
Desert Gecko Hace 24 días
0:01 "Who's been saying Canon is the sleeper of the bunch?" You, Jared. You called it. And the R5 is still sleeping, too busy overheating to wake up! Canon R5: The Domino's camera. Video delivered in 30 minutes or less. Much less. Why does Canon still have a 30-minute video limit while its competitors are removing it? Because with the overheating problem it can't record 30 minutes of video anyway, so why bother.
Alessandro Cernuzzi - Light & Music
Alessandro Cernuzzi - Light & Music Hace 17 días
What do you have to shoot with the R5, a freakin' Hollywood blockbuster? 8k raw from PHOTOcamera that fits in your pocket, doesn't seem anything to complain about, particularly since no one has even bought it yet.
okow tina
okow tina Hace 24 días
All too expensive. I need a new hobby
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 25 días
All too expensive. I need a new hobby
NewWalls98 Hace 25 días
Wish there is GPS version of R6.
okow tina
okow tina Hace 24 días
disappoint me
Kenneth Chung
Kenneth Chung Hace 25 días
Did canon replied you about the Dynamic range of R5 yet?, Thanks Jared
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 25 días
This is actually brilliant
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace 25 días
Too bad you couldn't get one of these cameras early for review.
James Jin
James Jin Hace 26 días
For the entire duration of the video, the out of focus skull like figure face was behind him and haunting all viewers. Have fun watching at night people.
David Deitering
David Deitering Hace 26 días
Question: if the R6 is mirror less; no mirror moving up when photo is made, and just the curtain moving vertically, then why would a EFS lenses not work? Though that was the big difference between EFS And regular lens was due to the mirror... work you please help and explain why and how. If you have time please.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace 25 días
sony a9/a92 and rx10iv do 1/32000s
Trauma 2000
Trauma 2000 Hace 26 días
Can you turn the WiFi OFF ? - As in completely OFF - Don't want ANY 5G WiFi crap burning my hands or face.
Vanilla Gomez
Vanilla Gomez Hace 26 días
Still a sleeper canon, piece of crap overheating units. Can't even record 4k without overheating.
Sandstormi1 Hace 26 días
Love your content Jared! Would love to see more in-depth video about the compatibility of R5/R6 with EF-S lenses. I know EF-S lenses can be used with an adapter but will there be limitations when using crop sensor lenses? Meaning, will the photo resolutions be a lot lower? How about all the different video modes, how does it affect those if using EF-S? Currently working with 7D2 with F1.8 Sigma Art lenses, so it would be great if I could still use those great lenses with R6 until slow transition to full frame RF-lenses over the years. ..Or maybe there will be APS-C sensor EOS R7 soon, that might be better option for me, time will tell :)
l liu
l liu Hace 26 días
both of them are h.265 ?
Alessandro Cernuzzi - Light & Music
Alessandro Cernuzzi - Light & Music Hace 26 días
Dear Jared, the day you release the real world rev. I'll put kids in bed, open a cold beer, sit back and watch it on tv. I'm not tired of saying it, this is the best photography channel online, hands down. You guys rock!
Chester Veloso Photography
Chester Veloso Photography Hace 26 días
Nikon. Cmone. Do something.
Mariano Linari
Mariano Linari Hace 27 días
Cuando subtitules al español veo tus videos. Saludos desde Argentina.
Montrenco Perez
Montrenco Perez Hace 27 días
Eric Gibaud:
Alex G
Alex G Hace 27 días
X gon give it to ya
Alfredo Irizarry
Alfredo Irizarry Hace 27 días
Please when you review the R5 and R6 have in mind using it with an EF 500mm f4 or EF 600mm f4 attaching it to the externder EF 1.4x plus the EOS adapter. I do bird photography and I want to make sure that the AF system works perfectly with this combination, the Ef 1.4x is a most to have since 500mm in a full frame camera dosen't give me the reach I need. Thanks a lot Jared!
Mike Z Jones
Mike Z Jones Hace 27 días
How does the canon c200 not have in body stabilization but this small overheating camera does... I hate it here... and they want 4 thousand buck for this... smh canon y’all disappoint me
Maya Media 360
Maya Media 360 Hace 27 días
Will the EOS R grip fit the R5 or R6?
Rob Svm
Rob Svm Hace 27 días
For Still photos This Canon R5 is better than a 1DX or any Nikon, But a lousy video camera, because Canon always sucks in video codecs for that important aspect (regardless of price range) Canon needs to learn a lot from Panasonic. Seriously. Panasonic never puts an overheating, or time restricted camera in your hand, that issue is now history. What good is FF, DR if your camera stops and you look like a fool in the middle of a wedding, or a concert. But I can see from a few vloggers who actually went out and took plenty of model shoots and demonstrated that the R5 and RF lenses are great for still images.
Stuart James Photography
Stuart James Photography Hace 27 días
sony a9/a92 and rx10iv do 1/32000s
02337755 Hace 27 días
WHOA is right Stephen.
Simon Hace 27 días
What ! 2500 Bucks for only 20 MegaPixels...that's 125 $/MPix...I think the R6 won't be a bestseller... But we have to see...
miko foin
miko foin Hace 27 días
Too bad you couldn't get one of these cameras early for review.
Miss Domble
Miss Domble Hace 27 días
I'm going with R6 because price is less than R5
miko foin
miko foin Hace 27 días
So basically the 1DX Mark III makes zero sense for $2500 more than EOS R5.
All Cars United
All Cars United Hace 27 días
The sleeping giant is..... Overheating
Peter Kallos
Peter Kallos Hace 27 días
Not sure if someone already mentioned, but DXO revised their assessment on the sensor in the 1DXMk3, they screwed up. It doesn't stink
Naveen Selvam
Naveen Selvam Hace 27 días
can you make a video about dry cabinet and how to store camera and lens properly ??
Robert Magnussen
Robert Magnussen Hace 27 días
i like to see it in use ...
Anton Karlsson
Anton Karlsson Hace 27 días
Jared is the only one i've seen who mentions that the 120 fps in 1080p is missing. Anyone else that thinks that this little feature should be included in the R5? Anyone who can confirm that Canon really is considering to add this in the future to the R5?
Dexter Raymond
Dexter Raymond Hace 27 días
Anyone else looking for the douche bag comment that got a whole video done on him? Asking for a friend...
Nochaser Guitar Channel
Nochaser Guitar Channel Hace 28 días
The real useable improvement here seems to be the two card slots and IBIS. Everything else seems to be marketing or TBD. 8K is not real. Overheating with 4K 120/60fps.
Fabeaux Hace 28 días
Is anyone else in here hunting for the comment from the ignorant fool complaining?
Dancing Monkeys Photography
Dancing Monkeys Photography Hace 28 días
Here you go:
monika laosi
monika laosi Hace 28 días
Please contact your canon Contacts and express concern over lack of All-i Compression in 4k60 and 1080 120fps,4k 24 , and 1080 24
Nochaser Guitar Channel
Nochaser Guitar Channel Hace 28 días
9:12...R5 & R6 overheating test...a full shutdown after ~30 min on 4K 60fps. 8K overheating is forgivable, but 4K 120/60fps overheating is disappointing for videographers.
justin buettner
justin buettner Hace 28 días
As a Sony shooter I am over here scratching my head. What is so special or groundbreaking about this Canon camera? The resolution is the same as the Sony A7RIII which came out 3 years ago. The camera body has only 5.5 stops of IBIS and when combined with a lens they say can reach up to 8 stops. But does combining the two really add to more or do they overlap? The 8K video recording is done in a way that makes it unusable for most. The costs of cards (not to mention computing power) to use that capability makes it cost prohibitive. Not to mention the other considerations of over heating, time restrictions, and the inevitable rolling shutter issues that will likely happen on a readout of a sensor that is packing that amount of info. Honestly this is Canon's version of the Sony A7rIII but $2K more expensive and 3 years later. I am sure it is a nice camera and will take great photos but don't pretty much all the cameras released these days. Just looking at the sheer cost of the camera body and the super high cost of the RF lenses, who the heck is buying this stuff. As a professional, this year has been incredibly difficult. A lot of jobs have dried up with the virus. So even if I had wanted this super expensive gear, who can justify paying for it in this climate. Honestly I can get the same spec camera and lenses in Sony for less than half the cost. I don't understand why people are acting like Canon has come out with something revolutionary here.
monika laosi
monika laosi Hace 28 días
light needs and FPS performance.
randy floresca
randy floresca Hace 28 días
Always 💯. Thank you. Wonder if my EOS R will get more software upgrades. I feel silly spending $2500 and now the R6 will be so much better for a similar release price 😩. I’m considering the R6 but might have to get the R5.
Europa Chronicles
Europa Chronicles Hace 28 días
Uff, 2020 is gonna be painful on the wallet!
neovirtuality Hace 28 días
I don't know why ESwomen reviewers keep telling us the ISO range of a camera when we all know that is totally meaningless. By the way, 20 MP on FF sucks. Seems we move forward 3 steps and backwards 2 steps. I guess Canon cannot giggle more than 3 balls :( They keep building Cameras with old key components. At least they seem to be out of the crippling business, I give them that.
frostybe3r Hace 28 días
So basically the 1DX Mark III makes zero sense for $2500 more than EOS R5.
samiebuka Hace 28 días
We need you to take a look at this camera!
Virat Sharma
Virat Sharma Hace 28 días
I would love to see a WILD LIFE Test from you......
balepo opeyemi
balepo opeyemi Hace 28 días
Are you ready to review the Canon imageprograph pro-300 can't wait to see the video it's coming out soon
Fabio Aneto
Fabio Aneto Hace 28 días
If goddamn coronavirus didn’t destroy my incomes, in July I’d bought immediately the R5. But no. Thank you coronavirus. Thank you. You goddamn bastard.
Samuel Cuevas
Samuel Cuevas Hace 28 días
Imagine the 1rx next year! Whoa
Real World Vape
Real World Vape Hace 28 días
You said “I don’t care about nerds”. You’re wearing an “I shoot raw” shirt and look like a tutor from 1973 crossed with a serial killer. Nobody ever saw you or listened to you talk and said. Ooo. You know that guy is the opposite of a nerd.
Will Lee
Will Lee Hace 28 días
Wow, you took that to heart eh?...nerd ;-p
jeez0r Hace 28 días
Canon online in belgium lists the r6 at € 2.739,99 , that's roughly 3095 USD . Do I live in a high tax country or something ?
Thought Loop
Thought Loop Hace 28 días
Santarpan Roy
Santarpan Roy Hace 28 días
Waiting for Nikon
Glynn Henderson Photography
Glynn Henderson Photography Hace 28 días
Hi Jared. Hey I'm interested to know, is the American pricing of $3,899 including tax or do you add tax on at checkout. Here in New Zealand the R5 is priced at almost $8,000 and that is body only. Even if we take the conversion rate which works out to be around the $6,000, so it seems canon NZ have really pumped the price here by an extra $2000. What was once hope and excitement, has now just become a very distant dream.
Anthony Benavides
Anthony Benavides Hace 28 días
Can’t wait for the Canon Mirrorless Shoot Out comparison video with the RP, R, R6, and R5. I have an R which I actually love but am looking to add an R6 to round out my low light needs and FPS performance.
Marutirtha Roy
Marutirtha Roy Hace 28 días
I dont have budget for R5...can you guide if R6 or R
FightGuy Photography
FightGuy Photography Hace 28 días
Really looking forward to a hands on review. Seriously considering upgrading to one of these fine cameras.
Real World Vape
Real World Vape Hace 28 días
Now all they need is fair pricing outside the USA and some non L lenses that aren’t just ... weird. Obviously they’re going for professionals and don’t much care about anyone else. Which is weird as hobbyists spend more money - ask Sony. The teleconverrers work with three lenses. Two of them are f11 primes. Nobody chooses f11 Becuase they have high iso that is great. That’s just a weak excuse to say it’s “ok” to have f11 primes. Nobody wants a variable aperture 24-105 that loses f4 almost Instantly and to be left with f7.1 at the long end for portraits or whatever. The L lenses seem mostly good, also some weird, but they are £3k. They also don’t give a flying ... about people outside of the USA. Setting a profit margin in the richest country in the world and then imposing a $ per whatever stronger currency despite the populace earning 65% of the USA salaries is absurd. So the sleeping giant may have awoken. But they’re late to the party with a weird present that you have to pay way too much for. Bring on the “use ef lenses” comments. Ok fine. Fair. But why bother with a rf camera that doesn’t save weight and costs twice as much. If I’m buying used ef lenses I’ll buy a used ef body since I get no benefits. May as welL save money. Non of this is helping canon stay in business. I think they greatly overestimate their ability to matter at this point and despite some cool features everything about this release is arrogance and bad business imo. Guess we will see in five years. Maybe I’m wrong.
kalem Arnold photography
kalem Arnold photography Hace 29 días
Am i the only ine who can't believe Jared is 38
alida flus
alida flus Hace 29 días
Don't tell me not to touch my shutter. Touching my shutter. Oh crap, why did I just touch my shutter?
Michael Gardner
Michael Gardner Hace 29 días
The R6 is what the Eos R should have been, though at $4500 in Australia, it is overpriced. Now it would be a bonus if Canon could release some reasonably priced lenses.
Longrider Hace 29 días
he woke up because his feet are on fire 🙄
alida flus
alida flus Hace 29 días
r5 is out of my price range 🌚
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