Nicki Minaj - MEGATRON

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Music video by Nicki Minaj performing “MEGATRON”
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Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams Hace 15 horas
Leggo the views youtube... BRA TA TA TA
super seven
super seven Hace 15 horas
Cardi will never reach this level. The Queen will always be
craig the kyrie fan
craig the kyrie fan Hace 15 horas
This shit go! Better when I'm drinking! My shit
Nasa Bella
Nasa Bella Hace 16 horas
Anaconda part two
Kalisha Seeram
Kalisha Seeram Hace 16 horas
Where my trini girls at show some love yoww 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹
ALEX BM99 Hace 16 horas
Aca esta el comentario en español
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Hace 16 horas
ESwomen is freezing Taylor Swift's ( u need to calm down ) video and Nicki Minaj's one wtfff is going on with ESwomen
Jay Xtreme
Jay Xtreme Hace 16 horas
Who came here from Family Guy
cansel canpel
cansel canpel Hace 16 horas
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I ❤ you nicki. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Fitness Queen
Fitness Queen Hace 16 horas
Hey gorgeous!
Onixi Rosario
Onixi Rosario Hace 16 horas
She is so fine
Yandere Lover
Yandere Lover Hace 16 horas
I you barbie
Sabryna Germanotta
Sabryna Germanotta Hace 16 horas
Até boazinha
eh canadian
eh canadian Hace 16 horas
Who wanna get lit?
Ahmad ART
Ahmad ART Hace 16 horas
Keep watching 🔥🔥🔥🔥
SALOME Hair journey
SALOME Hair journey Hace 16 horas
Why they holding on to her views ?
sheloo louissaint
sheloo louissaint Hace 16 horas
I’m addicted
Viviana Gulotta
Viviana Gulotta Hace 16 horas
girl wtf is this
ylco Hace 16 horas
A budget worth your entire life.
Anyra Lake
Anyra Lake Hace 16 horas
39 mil views EXCUSE ME
iMmA pOtAtO Skksksskskkss
iMmA pOtAtO Skksksskskkss Hace 17 horas
Every dislike is Cardi B on over 100 thousand different accounts because she's Jelly 😂
Gabriele Lima
Gabriele Lima Hace 17 horas
Me lembrou os megatrons que a minha vó ouvia na tv da sala.
Jaazi owo
Jaazi owo Hace 17 horas
Maria Helena
Maria Helena Hace 17 horas
Maria Helena
Maria Helena Hace 17 horas
Nicki is so beautiful
Maria Helena
Maria Helena Hace 17 horas
Maria Helena
Maria Helena Hace 17 horas
Love you Queen
Thomas oc
Thomas oc Hace 17 horas
Come for the song stay for nicki
Gaming Montages
Gaming Montages Hace 17 horas
Cardi could never
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda Hace 17 horas
Muito calor ozuna FT Anita
Sassy. _Gemini
Sassy. _Gemini Hace 17 horas
The original QUEEN is back
Sadia Hassan-adde
Sadia Hassan-adde Hace 17 horas
Niki is way better than cardi ily niki❤️
Andrew Famador
Andrew Famador Hace 17 horas
They call me Optimus Prime
LUCKY DREAM Hace 17 horas
When u have no ideas. what will the kids like..Sex drugs nikky always grabbing the low-hanging fruit. And u wonder y you can't stay on top
ylco Hace 16 horas
@micki Osei right like tf-
micki Osei
micki Osei Hace 16 horas
LUCKY DREAM is that shade or what?
LET’S VIBE Hace 17 horas
Khalid Ahmed
Khalid Ahmed Hace 17 horas
Chada Chamberlain
Chada Chamberlain Hace 17 horas
BANGER status
BlackIceCup Hace 17 horas
Does anyone else think this has a Jamaican Beat🤔
da gingerbread boi
da gingerbread boi Hace 17 horas
Not gonna lie, this song was Ight at best but after a while it’s just been getting stuck in my head and here I am listening to it all over again 😭😭
YungZ Psycho
YungZ Psycho Hace 17 horas
Song is trashhh
CheckOutBTSgroup Hace 17 horas
The Megatron challenge is SO amazing. I love how she is always giving money to less fortunate people and giving them chances to prove they have talent as well. She's one of the only artist that still care about actual talent in the world.
Guitar Anime
Guitar Anime Hace 17 horas
'Cause I'm a millionaire, this pussy pricey Lol.
CheckOutBTSgroup Hace 17 horas
CheckOutBTSgroup Hace 17 horas
This song better win some awards or I'm fighting someone.
Jessica Leon
Jessica Leon Hace 18 horas
Cardi b gang 🤪🤪
Darrien pennington
Darrien pennington Hace 18 horas
Why is there always something wrong, beloved?????
Little Big
Little Big Hace 18 horas
Feel free to watch this porn
WashNat888 Hace 18 horas
“I own my own myscoto we gettin’ drunk drunk” Nicki Is So Boss
Dhruv Srivastava
Dhruv Srivastava Hace 18 horas
This is such a bop! Barbs stream this so we can get it to 100M soon!
Dhruv Srivastava
Dhruv Srivastava Hace 18 horas
The Queen!
Kardash bj
Kardash bj Hace 18 horas
Cherie Panui
Cherie Panui Hace 18 horas
Almost at 40 million 👏👏👏 Great job barbs ❤️🎵🎶🔊🎧
Kazimily Voice
Kazimily Voice Hace 18 horas
Ash Mezz
Ash Mezz Hace 18 horas
Snazzylicious Hace 18 horas
Anjesh nair
Anjesh nair Hace 18 horas
How can anyone hate her?
Ispeak English
Ispeak English Hace 18 horas
Currently #97 on billboards. Not a good look
Akbar Khalil
Akbar Khalil Hace 18 horas
Luan Henrique
Luan Henrique Hace 18 horas
Muito Calor Anitta feat Nick Minaj /😊😊 Ozuna
Sassy Symone
Sassy Symone Hace 18 horas
I don’t like this song
ylco Hace 16 horas
ight bye
BTS army925
BTS army925 Hace 18 horas
Sucks to be you
Ahmad ART
Ahmad ART Hace 18 horas
Any #Arabian barb here ?? Like 🖒 Comment: BRATATATA 😌🔥
Juliette Rose
Juliette Rose Hace 19 horas
Would sound better with cardi b
ylco Hace 16 horas
girl I know you fucking lying lool
Marwa Hakim
Marwa Hakim Hace 19 horas
anshika sis
anshika sis Hace 18 horas
Marwa Hakim right
Whitney Moige
Whitney Moige Hace 19 horas
iMmA pOtAtO Skksksskskkss
iMmA pOtAtO Skksksskskkss Hace 19 horas
Exactly why Nicki will always be better than Cardi. Y'all know its true 💁‍♀️
Paris King
Paris King Hace 19 horas
Love you more nicky M
tatyana jackson
tatyana jackson Hace 19 horas
BILLY Hace 19 horas
0% : nudity 100% : good music and talent
Em Parker
Em Parker Hace 19 horas
I thought this was a botposting friendly song :'3 You know? Because Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons
Wagner Vinicius
Wagner Vinicius Hace 19 horas
Wagner Vinicius
Wagner Vinicius Hace 19 horas
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