NHL Highlights | Maple Leafs @ Sabres 2/16/20

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Extended highlights of the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Buffalo Sabres

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Evan Kelly
Evan Kelly Hace 14 días
Love the 3 Sabres fans after the 4th goal 😂😂😂 let’s go buffalo
Max Felwick
Max Felwick Hace 17 días
It’s like the teams that used to suck keep getting better each year and they learn how to prevent chocking in games.
WOOD BUTCHER Hace 27 días
Jeff Rivard
Jeff Rivard Hace un mes
And this leafs team is why you don't pay 4 guys big money like that. They're all making money now, wtf they have to play for? Besides the first line..
Not The Technician
Not The Technician Hace un mes
Buffalo did a thing and the Leafs looked pathetic.
Lord Buzzard
Lord Buzzard Hace un mes
Pajama boy
asd123 Hace un mes
Leafs deserve to loose.All leafs are watching & waiting for a puck.you guys have a talent but you have to skate. Watching is not defense. “Go leafs go “ means move ,skating.
Deedra Czuryj
Deedra Czuryj Hace un mes
Toronto sucks they are 1000000000000% sure to get beat by Boston yet again except this time they will be swept in the playoffs that is not a prediction it’s a spoiler
RebelforAll Hace un mes
He’s not in the game n not worth the money or risk get rid of this clown
Mathieu FortGay
Mathieu FortGay Hace un mes
They have too many floaters who think waving a stick at a guy is defense. There for check is pathetic. Look at leafs 88 on buf 4th goal. Pathetic.
]-[ike Hace un mes
I will be incredibly surprised if Leafs will make it to the playoffs. Their doings on the ice really looks like that they just dont care to put 110% to every game. Watched the same happen against Dallas
Mulph Mullesson
Mulph Mullesson Hace un mes
WTF is Kerfoot doing on Okposo goal! Stop skating totally. Leafs need a pro in goal
I really, really miss the fighting.
Scottie guru
Scottie guru Hace un mes
For a player to be paid 11million $ per year, that player should be able to play solid defensively. The leafs have 3 players on that payroll level and neither of them can muster up grit and tenacity. Perhaps, keep the golden boys but trade Nylander, kerfoot, kapanen, and try and get a hard nosed, top 4 athletic defenceman and another Zack Hyman type.
Jason Long
Jason Long Hace un mes
What a joke of a franchise
shwayne cox
shwayne cox Hace un mes
This inconsistency is becoming really ridiculous. This teams really knows how to get on people last nerves they just can't play full 60 minutes every night. They really cant stop the other team from every night because their defense is sloppy.
Tom Calvin
Tom Calvin Hace un mes
Would you trade Eichel for Matthews?
shawty Hace un mes
Clorox Bleach -
Clorox Bleach - Hace un mes
If the sabers kept playing like this very game they would be unstoppable
Not The Technician
Not The Technician Hace un mes
Leafs fans: pass the b l e a c h.
Gero Nimo
Gero Nimo Hace un mes
Leaf's are lucky that playoff contenders are inconsistent too, so they are not out of it yet.
Joseph F
Joseph F Hace un mes
Love beating the Leafs
Louis Buss
Louis Buss Hace un mes
Welcome back Freddy. Must be nice to play without any defence to get back in shape. Auch
Noahdingdong Hace un mes
Louis Buss auch?
Daniel Sanford
Daniel Sanford Hace un mes
7:19 music to my ears
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Hace un mes
Keep playing Anderson there gonna keep loosin.
neonwired Hace un mes
Hands down the most biased refereeing I've ever seen. Refs won 4 pp to 0
Jeffrey Burton
Jeffrey Burton Hace un mes
neonwired a) count again B) 1 pp goal, and C) one goal that didn’t get counted for the Sabres that was in the net. LOL
ben binner
ben binner Hace un mes
Send them crying back to Toronto. Make sure to declare that loss at the border crossing
WOOD BUTCHER Hace un mes
Mathews misses MOMMY...cant wait to get home...lol
KodyKaneMark C.
KodyKaneMark C. Hace un mes
I hear people talking nearly every day about the Leafs being a Stanley cup contender? Really? 5 or 6 years from now maybe. I have a better chance being a backup goalie for the Leafs at 50 years old than the Leafs do winning the cup this year
poopslap poopslap
poopslap poopslap Hace un mes
Common Toronto... get your sh%% together games aren't gonna ge tougher Rom here
MikeTheKoopaWarrior Hace un mes
I thought Leaf fans 2 years ago said that Andersen was their "saviour." Now they want him traded. I also heard they were blaming the refs, yet it's not like the refs HANDED them the win against the Coyotes a few nights ago. Give me more excuses Leaf fans. The rest of the league shows no sympathy for your plight. #LeafsSuck #Bandwagons
Kyle Luettschwager
Kyle Luettschwager Hace un mes
Make Campbell the new starting goalie plz
brad alan
brad alan Hace un mes
That was really enjoyable
NYVET Hace un mes
Go Leafs go...go Leafs go...BACK HOME! HA! Great game, was nice to shut the Canadian invasion the hell up! Well, the Leafs did go...home...and before the end of the game. Loved it.
northern wolf
northern wolf Hace un mes
I don't know why they don't practice skating.It is tough to watch how slow this team become.Also, cleaning the puck in neutral zone.House legaue basic 1/1.
Kevin B
Kevin B Hace un mes
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
Best announcer in any sport! ........From a Leafs fan!
Terrance WK
Terrance WK Hace un mes
Let me get this straight, Toronto fans traveled to Buffalo to see the Leafs lose? Do these fans know that the Leafs haven't touched the Stabley Cup in over 50 years? Christ, some people have no standards!
northern wolf
northern wolf Hace un mes
And paying those inflated tickets price for mediocre performance...
PooseUnpoose Hace un mes
Toronto sure is an elite squad
Swindy Hace un mes
Matthews playing d on the pp is so ironic
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
Gotta admit, Buffalo's goal song is original.
Arvida Hace un mes
At 6:38 you can see Eichel tell the Leafs fans in the front row to sit down! Absolutely savage!
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
Gotta admit, that was pretty funny!
Hare Brahs
Hare Brahs Hace un mes
"haha buffalo so terrible omg can beliavle leafs lost to them blabla".. buffalo has been a good hockey team when healthy, their problem has been depth when they are banged up, with olofsson back that will help a lot.
Crynzd Hace un mes
*The Sabres played great in there 3 straight wins please tell me this is a joke!*
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
Enjoy 9 straight seasons without a playoff spot, Buffalo.
thomas falzone
thomas falzone Hace un mes
@Marco D in all seriousness playoffs would be nice lol
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
@thomas falzone Now that's what I call originality! I love it!
Conall Ross
Conall Ross Hace un mes
nothing like the unparalleled success of consistent first round exits, right?
thomas falzone
thomas falzone Hace un mes
If you're into chemistry its NaCI
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
I was just stating a fact.... What's so salty about that?
TrashBoat53 Hace un mes
Wow another maple leaf loss. And I luv it..
kopakai 10
kopakai 10 Hace un mes
Someone was wearing a ducks shirt
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
I also noticed that!
Soupy Hace un mes
We should trade our whole team for Arizonas full team and restart ahhaha
kiloechocharlie Hace un mes
Andersen should demand to be traded from this dysfunctional "team"...
WOOD BUTCHER Hace 27 días
RebelforAll Hace un mes
He sucks
WOOD BUTCHER Hace un mes
yes he deserves more!
iM3 Phirebird
iM3 Phirebird Hace un mes
The buffalo sabres is a team with a beautiful jersey, a captain that must be Steven Stamkos brother with a secret identity and an announcer that always keeps a frog in his throat just in case ^^
Greg Lecuyer
Greg Lecuyer Hace un mes
That frog goes all the way back to The French Connection.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian Hace un mes
500th comment 🎽🏆🕴🎗
Jaxon Malcomson
Jaxon Malcomson Hace un mes
Auston matthews is better than all yall players
Cameron Durham
Cameron Durham Hace un mes
@Crosby At being worse than Matthews
Crosby Hace un mes
Jaxon Malcomson Eichel is 50x better
Hockey Honduras
Hockey Honduras Hace un mes
Still waiting for the" GRIT" Clifford was supposed to bring. The only "GRIT" I see is when I grit my teeth at Torontos pathetic defense.
calebs Silk
calebs Silk Hace un mes
The leafs need to win some games or no chance in the playoffs
Nathan Robinson
Nathan Robinson Hace un mes
Playing game #60 the exact same way they played #1. If nothing else the Leafs are consistent in their play...
PrincessFlora42 Hace un mes
As a Leafs fan, I have 3 things to say about this game. 1. Buffalo dominated the 3rd period. 2. Frederick Anderson doesn't seem like himself, and needs more time to practice again. 3. Toronto needs to work on their defence. Toronto lost this game, and that's ok.
Anuj N
Anuj N Hace un mes
Don’t get the salty Habs and senator fans...they say we are salty, when we are doing better than them this season. Sens are one of the worst this season, yet they say we are trash
Crynzd Hace un mes
*I agree with all them the Sabres played good all game though I'll have to say Hutton had 20 saves on 22 shots which is actually pretty good!*
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Hace un mes
Love it when the Laffs lose
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Hace un mes
@Joe C. Laffs
Joe C.
Joe C. Hace un mes
Nicholas Callahan
Nicholas Callahan Hace un mes
Leafs need to focus on there defense. And there goaltending. The forwards and fore checking are fine they don't need the work . They already know how to Play on there own. Fucus on defense and the goalies. Or there is gonna be another year of disappointed fans. You have to want it, to own it ! Speaking for the Stanley Cup.
Art Bach
Art Bach Hace un mes
what is the difference between all those maple leaf teams that were the first out on the golf course all those years is these guys are getting paid way more money. it is sad to watch such a poor effort fromso called pros
Nicholas Callahan
Nicholas Callahan Hace un mes
Well I'd have to say for the Leafs . I'd put Campbell in net for a while. And put Anderson on the bench until he's ready to save some pucks.
Eduardo Mexico
Eduardo Mexico Hace un mes
You have no clue buddy ! Freddy was left to fend for himself. .you obviously werent a player
Robin Rashidi
Robin Rashidi Hace un mes
So the 1st buffalo goal was not goaltender interference 🖕
Crynzd Hace un mes
*nowhere close my friend!*
Donus P
Donus P Hace un mes
I think all Toronto fans should stay home and let Toronto management pay for the players salaries. You clowns that support this over paid joke of a team are worse than the players.....
Dane Johnson
Dane Johnson Hace un mes
Matthews is American. That’s a fact! 🇺🇸
Stu W.
Stu W. Hace un mes
Nothing better than watching Leafs fans disappointed, haha Nice job Buffalo!
Mynamesbob8 Hace un mes
Suck it maple loleafs
Essene Gnostic
Essene Gnostic Hace un mes
The Laughs
dannyboy24 butler
dannyboy24 butler Hace un mes
Go Buffalo Sabres !😃🏆
brad alan
brad alan Hace un mes
Go anybody but the leaves
Rob C
Rob C Hace un mes
I dont care what year... but the leafs gotta win cup before i die, or else im coming back as ghost and will not passover until they win a cup! Mark my words!
kyle marquis
kyle marquis Hace un mes
Yikes imagine being the leafs at this point in the season 😳
Chris0210 Hace un mes
There were way to many leads fans, savers fans gotta represent there team at home
WOOD BUTCHER Hace un mes
who are the leads?
WOOD BUTCHER Hace un mes
who are the savers?
Ryan Friesen
Ryan Friesen Hace un mes
lol when a team loses as soundly as the laffs did against one of the worst teams in the league, the refs are the least of the laffs worries, hell my Jets just lost to the sad joke sharks do you see us blaming the refs? if you dotn put in the effort any team can beat you. stop blaming the refs salty leafs fans and just realize your team isnt all that.
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
@Ryan Friesen You hit the nail on the head, bro! It's also a lack of depth (especially defence)
Ryan Friesen
Ryan Friesen Hace un mes
@Marco D your team has talent but they just dont go full out.
Marco D
Marco D Hace un mes
Agreed!.......Leafs fan, here.
Sharks17 Hace un mes
Leafs shouldn’t have traded Kadri
Cameron Durham
Cameron Durham Hace un mes
*ya think*
jan munce
jan munce Hace un mes
Will I ever get to watch Toronto lift the Stanley Cup? Games like this make me question why I continue to watch?
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