New York Guardians vs DC Defenders Highlights | Week 2 | 2020 XFL Football Highlights

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Victors Valiant

Victors Valiant

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2020 XFL Football New York Guardians vs DC Defenders Highlights
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Taylor Clouse
Taylor Clouse Hace un mes
Can you upload this game but with the radio calls
maxrx7 Hace un mes
Cardale Jones > Dwayne Haskins
Gustavo Felix
Gustavo Felix Hace un mes
defenders got some good defenders lol
Igor Duarte Almeida
Igor Duarte Almeida Hace un mes
I,m a new football fan from Brazil , has the Defenders level no play an nfl League ??. They made 2 nice game
Shintashi Kato-Yotomoto
Shintashi Kato-Yotomoto Hace un mes
DC is Fucking Fly 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joshua Lippmann
Joshua Lippmann Hace un mes
Boy oh boy You thought it was dehop No no no It’s detomp
Grifon Hace un mes
Never seen a QB misthrowing so much in my life as defenders backup.
CTB SPLASH Hace un mes
Madden 21 needs the xfl on it
Jacob Flores
Jacob Flores Hace un mes
who saw the Full Send banner?
MW Schwartz
MW Schwartz Hace un mes
Looks like real football to me. Go XFL!
achutha pai
achutha pai Hace un mes
The guardians couldn't even guard themselves from the defenders. One could only wonder how they'll guard themselves against the attackers😂😂 yah that was a bad joke
帥帥 Hace un mes
The match attracted a capacity crowd of 2M, like ur subscribers , lol
David Veytia
David Veytia Hace un mes
The talent is just not there. Ok to watch if nothing else is on.
Paul Jimenez
Paul Jimenez Hace un mes
Woow the commentators are so fun! 😅👏🏻
al last
al last Hace un mes
I get Matt McGloins frustration but he really needs to keep it together & go balls to the wall for week 3! It was a tough game for NY but I believe NY Guardians are a solid team...
No Half Sends
No Half Sends Hace un mes
some team in the XFL should sign damon guiseppi (butchered the spelling i think)
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Hace un mes
All that bright red and them playing good makes the Defenders look like the Chiefs of the XFL 😂
The Point
The Point Hace un mes
Check us out
JENDALL714 Hace un mes
If there is no coin toss, how do they know who kicks off?
2 slikk
2 slikk Hace un mes
Was happy to see mcgloin still playing. Then I remembered why he is on the raiders anymore yikes. Hope he does better the rest of the year
C Aguilar
C Aguilar Hace un mes
It would be so interesting if this was the NFL B League. The champion gets promoted, while the worst team over the past 3 NFL seasons (no SB champs) is demoted to this league. Maybe in a video game!
C Aguilar
C Aguilar Hace un mes
I wanted to see cities with no NFL team get franchises. Cities like San Antonio, Austin, or El Paso. Oakland, San Diego, Sacramento, or Fresno. Columbus, Memphis, OKC or Tulsa. Salt Lake City, Tucson, Portland, Milwaukee, Louisville, Birmingham. They should lease MLS stadiums if possible, which are usually around 20K to 35K capacity.
MoistandDelicious Hace un mes
This hurts as a new yorker, I'm getting giants ptsd
113089Drummerboy Hace un mes
I guess NY is going to roll with Williams at QB
Angel Badillo
Angel Badillo Hace un mes
This some good football nfl starting to turn into a girls game lol
Hammer Ology
Hammer Ology Hace un mes
Too many shutouts like this could destroy the league. Let's hope this shit never happens again.
Charles Page
Charles Page Hace un mes
I'm really loving the extra point options with no kick offered. Makes for a lot of strategy and interesting scores. I also really love how the kickoffs work with the defenders and blockers lined up and cannot move until the returner has the ball, that is very very interesting. Hope this iteration of the XFL succeeds. Would love to see the NFL given some competition, and football in the Spring is just awesome!
SashasGuitar Covers
SashasGuitar Covers Hace un mes
This is awesome, we need to expand this league to Canada
Randy Rhoads
Randy Rhoads Hace un mes
This league won't last, mega empty seats in a small stadium all across the board
Darren Marrero
Darren Marrero Hace un mes
that Head Coach of DC Defnders better not get use of the the XFL because he will be the NFL Next Year
Speedy Pete
Speedy Pete Hace un mes
was the ny qb throwing the game ? What kind of throws were those
JoBros Hace un mes
This XFL reminds me of japanese football manga Eyeshield 21. The trick play, team names, etc. Looks interesting than NFL
Rich Daguerre
Rich Daguerre Hace un mes
The NFL is in trouble
Bill Ba
Bill Ba Hace un mes
Rich Daguerre how?
Claes Engström
Claes Engström Hace un mes
What's the point with the dorky names?
politechnology Hace un mes
I’m leaving New York ASAP
pree man
pree man Hace un mes
Once everyone start getting film on each other and able to gameplan better the games will be more competitive and faster the nfl ganna b in trouble
jackassindabox Hace un mes
Trix Hace un mes
As a Bills fan, I’m glad to see Jones doing well.
Farouqi Amin
Farouqi Amin Hace un mes
My god is this our team representing the Tri-State area. As a NJ resident I feel embarrassed
Gary Greco
Gary Greco Hace un mes
Oh no!!!! the NY Guardians look as bad as the Giants!!! Not gonna watch their games,got aggrevated enough with the Giants!!!
AwShuqs Hace un mes
even if it wasn’t entertaining, these XFL jerseys are sweet
Camden Keefer
Camden Keefer Hace un mes
I hate how conservative teams are with the extra points like damn I'd be lining up for 2 everytime
Trey Gotti
Trey Gotti Hace un mes
This is just a lil crazy idea I came up with that I think it would be kinda cool , but say if you were to get down 21 pts, at the start of the next drive, you could elect to sacrifice the drive & attempt a game tying play from the 20 yd line... If ya get it, it automatically ties the game & if ya dont get it, it turns the ball over on downs & the team with the lead continues with the ball... & so it wont get wore out, limit each team to just one attempt per game but only if you’re down by 21 pts..
DeathBYmonkies Hace un mes
New Yorks uniforms are fire
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Hace un mes
DC and Houston seem like the two best teams
Jim Chironna
Jim Chironna Hace un mes
Matt McGoin ..Played like ASS...Then Threw his coaches and team under the bus in postgame interview...What a DOUCHE !!
mike powers
mike powers Hace un mes
I bet theres some NFL teams kicking themselves for not drafting Cardalle Jones!
Dennis Wilson
Dennis Wilson Hace un mes
After watching first game I got my team...DC the my XFL team now..great to see them do it hopefully correct this time
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley Hace un mes
The Defenders are a decent team for what this league is. Im enjoying them im told they represent us in PA so ill be a fan
Billy Williams
Billy Williams Hace un mes
Hail to the Defenders! Liking Jones and a number of players on the team. Enjoying the games and hope DC keeps winning
LightningInvoker Hace un mes
DC made NY look baaad, yikes. First time watching xfl, pretty interesting game.
Ikarius Hace un mes
Son, knowing how bad the Guardians did them Vipers like we did the Guardians, week 4 gonna become hell for the Vipers vs Defenders.
Eric George
Eric George Hace un mes
38 got a RECEIPT for that cheap shot he took!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Hace un mes
mcgloin was terrible, perez needs to start next game
Raymond Huke
Raymond Huke Hace un mes
Better than the skins for sure
Robert Jr
Robert Jr Hace un mes
I like a lot of the rules the xfl has vs the nfl. Makes so much sense!!!!!
ElitePizza311 Hace un mes
I subbed for the XFL highlights! Thank you!
So when that XFL game commin out??? 🤣 I’m itching to play
Mason P
Mason P Hace un mes
NY guardians make their NFL counterparts look good
sir scurrbop
sir scurrbop Hace un mes
Defenders will represent in championship game
bigbodyrover Hace un mes
Who else thought that was carson wentz on the thumbnail lol
JMarz Hace un mes
Clown Shoes MMA
Clown Shoes MMA Hace un mes
NY have Qb problems. They’re both like Jamis Winston without the periodical balling out moments.
trolololmfao Hace un mes
lets gooooo defenders!!!!!!
Walter Shan
Walter Shan Hace un mes
This DC team can probably beat the Redskins!
Veronica Moody
Veronica Moody Hace un mes
its nice to watch something other then the Nfl
BaronBoar Hace un mes
They should get some Canadian cities in on this. It would be the first football league like the NHL.
Stal Zemsty
Stal Zemsty Hace un mes
I hope the XFL sticks around. This is a pretty damned good game.
lalo castillo
lalo castillo Hace un mes
Does Chicago have a team.
Los Vaowl
Los Vaowl Hace un mes
Wow this is really entertaining I thought I was gonna be let down lol
Space1TV .!.
Space1TV .!. Hace un mes
This is some quality football almost like a full speed all star game all these names I used to here on Saturdays. The fellas are competing and that’s all people wanna see .
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