New video shows Minneapolis police arrest of George Floyd before death

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CBS Evening News

CBS Evening News

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Four white officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department, but Mayor Jacob Frey is saying that one of the officers should be arrested for pressing his knee on Floyd's neck. Jeff Pegues reports.
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Johni manoli
Johni manoli Hace 9 horas
I am so sorry but this officer killed somebody and the only punishment that fits the crime is the capital punishment no other way around it
Josh Oh
Josh Oh Hace 9 horas
No not some turned violent they all Did they acted like animals stealing rioting and looting
Paul St Pierre
Paul St Pierre Hace 9 horas
When will African Americans riot in white rich areas? If they figured that out then they would see real change.! Stop burning down your own neighborhoods..!
YADANIFN Hace 9 horas
Wtf racist white cops
David Bechtold
David Bechtold Hace 9 horas
How do the officers not get arrested tf
SkygotDrip Hace 9 horas
I know it sounds like all cap but I feel like I would have pushed the cops instead of just videoing no matter the charges but maybe I’m just over my head🤷🏾‍♂️
Mario Fedele
Mario Fedele Hace 9 horas
He’ll be found guilty of man slaughter and other charges. Probably get 10 years, and released in 4.
Edwardson PW
Edwardson PW Hace 9 horas
Man I’m for the boys in blue, but this is not acceptable. He deserves a severe punishment for killing Floyd. The man did nothing wrong...
Trevor Barnes
Trevor Barnes Hace 9 horas
Why this “officer” isn’t rotting in a prison cell baffles me...
Liam Hace 9 horas
Floyd was a criminal and shouldn’t have resisted..... if you don’t resist he wouldn’t have been on floor
Hojin Hace 9 horas
Not a cop but a murderer.
BONES Hace 9 horas
Another attempt to blame the cops for doing there job. When he resisted arrest this is what happened. Now you have again hundreds of black people breaking the law by burning,looting stores and they think its right? They need they to be held accountable too.🧐
Dusty Beaver
Dusty Beaver Hace 9 horas
Does the police got arrested?
Romel Salazar
Romel Salazar Hace 9 horas
Where are the black panthers. We need you now
Mr B
Mr B Hace 9 horas
Having a cop put his knee on your neck while asking for the right to breathe, that is what having your rights taken away really looks like. Not being told you can't work out or get a haircut because public officials are looking out for right to be healthy and live.
Dr. Edward Richtofen
Dr. Edward Richtofen Hace 9 horas
If we truly are a nation of cHrIsTiAn fAmIlY vAlUeS™️©️ that truly believes in the idea of aLl lIfE iS sAcReD©️, this police officer should get the electric chair. An eye for an eye. And if the justice system fails once more, well,don't be surprised when further riots break out. At this point peaceful protests have shown that NOTHING changes. So logically the next course of action? Use violence to respond to violence. Simple concept really. Remember, the US was literally born in the aftermath of the destruction of private British property and goods.
kiki tia
kiki tia Hace 9 horas
this is so wrong. absolutely disgusting. these men deserve prison for life.
yUh yUh
yUh yUh Hace 9 horas
Black people is not even doing nothing their just living their life like why can’t police understand that? like straight up this made me cry😭😭😭
Ritton Welle
Ritton Welle Hace 9 horas
Imagine if this hadn't been caught on tape.
hex warp
hex warp Hace 9 horas
They need to use the death penalty on the knee cop.
MrZACATECANO100 Hace 9 horas
Some cops take advantage of having a badge. Maybe some are racist and get in being a cop to execute their target .FK ALL CORRUPTED PIGS 🐖
Samuel Greemuel
Samuel Greemuel Hace 9 horas
When you can't call the cops for protection, who do you call?
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter Hace 9 horas
Since when do you wait to check a pulse after loading him. Stabilize him, check the pulse, then do CPR. The reason you do CPR is to bring a dead man to life. Did they even check his heart rhythm and attempt to defibrillate?
Anthony A.
Anthony A. Hace 9 horas
We need Jesus in our society man's heart are cold
Firby V
Firby V Hace 9 horas
Y'know, if only that man would get justice not much of the protest would be destruction
Chad Warden
Chad Warden Hace 9 horas
Put those pigs in a blanket
J L Hace 9 horas
All 4 need the chair. No excuses.
Daelan Chi
Daelan Chi Hace 9 horas
onedream Sniper
onedream Sniper Hace 9 horas
Why’s the cop still walking around
wes Hace 9 horas
He definitely knew what he was doing. The man was already completely subdued from behind and he stood there anyway DESPITE HIM YELLING FOR HELP. Life in prison for you man
Courtneyjade King
Courtneyjade King Hace 9 horas
The fact shes called Courtney runs chills all the way down my spine.
HousingWharf48 Hace 9 horas
Carrot Boy
Carrot Boy Hace 9 horas
Scott Kinasewitz
Scott Kinasewitz Hace 9 horas
how is this 1 on trending
latrice james
latrice james Hace 9 horas
He said he cant breathe and the cop leans forward to apply more pressure.
ardi irwansyah7
ardi irwansyah7 Hace 9 horas
Polisi tolol
kiki tia
kiki tia Hace 9 horas
this makes me cry so hard😭 this stuff needs to end and it wont without everybody’s effort! spread the word, put it on ur story, tell a friend, protest with these people. wutever it takes to bring justice for this young man and everyone else this has happened to or anyone that goes through something similar.
Pheanuk S.
Pheanuk S. Hace 9 horas
Please let those cops rot in a jail cell for life.
Alexis Ashley
Alexis Ashley Hace 9 horas
My heart hurts so bad, he didn’t deserve this.
Josué Saron
Josué Saron Hace 9 horas
Respect fot police
kiki tia
kiki tia Hace 9 horas
wut is wrong with you?!? this man got MURDERED for NO reason!
Non Profit Music Central
Non Profit Music Central Hace 9 horas
"Four white officers" One was actually Asian
Josh Rivers
Josh Rivers Hace 9 horas
But that doesn't change anything or does it...?😕
khalid AL Qahtani
khalid AL Qahtani Hace 9 horas
You have the right to not breathe. 2020
staceyklj Hace 9 horas
Black lives matter, this is disgusting. I'll do everything I can, as an ally.
sherzod Hace 9 horas
People should not be breaking and blaming the whole police department. These 3 guys don’t represent the whole place. Them breaking cars can lead to the police not being able to help the once in need right now. More peaple are losing lives bc of protest. Geaorge wouldn’t want that
Lisa Hace 9 horas
Just sadness! Poor man was killed and pleaded. They could clearly see he was going to die.
John Lock
John Lock Hace 9 horas
Well at least now the cop will learn what it’s like to not be able to breathe when he’s getting a 9” black mambo shoved down his throat in prison
Eno Hace 9 horas
Devon Scope
Devon Scope Hace 9 horas
Hang those pigs. Or let them rot in solitary confinement till their last day
Loli Loli
Loli Loli Hace 9 horas
Watching this makes me so sad it’s crazy how disgusting America is
Purple Top Turnip
Purple Top Turnip Hace 9 horas
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones Hace 9 horas
He was resisting arrest when they were trying to get him out of the car. Then, he is resisting them escorting him to the vehicle. Then, it looks like (just my opinion) he dropped to the ground, a common tactic, as they were taking him around the rear of the vehicle. He is a big guy, and was obviously not complying with the officers, or else it wouldn't have taken three of them to hold him down. Nevertheless, the officer should not have been pressing onto his neck, or continue to do so when the guy was saying he couldn't breathe. I'm sorry this man is dead. Completely unneccessary loss of life. The officer should be held responsible for the over application of force and negligence. That being said; don't freaking resist arrest, and don't make officers feel threatened. If the gentleman had not been resisting at all, then he would have gotten in the vehicle, and been processed, and we would not even be aware of his name. This is all my opinion, based on my own observation of the footage. Still, I expect people will be upset by my views. That's fine, it's only one fella's opinions. My condolences to the family and friends.
Echidna Hace 9 horas
Guy who kneeled on his neck was definitely racially motivated because I doubt he’s done that on any other person they’ve arrested
Treye Parker
Treye Parker Hace 9 horas
Wait a second hold up the mayor said they want the officer that committed that tragic thing to that man to be prosecuted? There's literally a freaking police officer that pretty much told the truth on why all these cops are doing all this crap .it's because the mayor or the Governor or the higher up me in their Department told them to do something like that. Also told them to go against people's constitutional rights. That mayor might be trying to cover his or back. The police officer that told the truth he lost his job because of it. They even threatened him to take the video down from ESwomen.
Maya Rajei
Maya Rajei Hace 9 horas
From a simple arrest which can be done smoothly, to an endless protest/ riot the whole police force have to face. How stupid is it now
DarkWinter8 Hace 9 horas
The violent rioters aren't any better and are just making the matter worst.
Dennis Mitchell
Dennis Mitchell Hace 9 horas
If this doesn't prove African Americans need to be policed by African American officers NOTHING WILL ! ! ! DOING SO TAKES THE RACE CARD OUT OF THE INCIDENTS ! !
Serenity love
Serenity love Hace 9 horas
All I see is four pieces of 💩💩💩💩 in uniform killing a man who was not putting any resistance or causing any harm therefore put them in a cell watching this video 24hrs a day and since they don't have no remorse they still wouldn't care 😠
CCtrixxonperc Hace 9 horas
As being someone who loves in Minneapolis I want to apologize in behalf of the cops but duck them they killed a black man for what bc he black makes me sick
李吉华 Hace 9 horas
icedoutchriss Hace 9 horas
IISkullzyII Hace 9 horas
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
02108 Hace 9 horas
The Minneapolis police union needs to be reorganized
RMG Legacy
RMG Legacy Hace 9 horas
Sub to me please
Semi Junior Afa Pupi
Semi Junior Afa Pupi Hace 9 horas
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson Hace 9 horas
That cops day in court is coming but rioting, stealing and calling for white genocide definitely doesn't help
RMG Legacy
RMG Legacy Hace 9 horas
Jeff Novak
Jeff Novak Hace 9 horas
I think I'm going to throw up. This is so sickening. >_
Chopped Red Onions
Chopped Red Onions Hace 9 horas
If you can’t breathe you can’t talk
Missy Mayes
Missy Mayes Hace 9 horas
Sorry but that gf don't help a thing.
Andrew Ray
Andrew Ray Hace 9 horas
TRUMP is having a good look at this and i feel heartfelt sorrow for the floyd family, all we can hope for is we never see such police brutality on american soil again.
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