New COVERGIRL DRUGSTORE Makeup ...What's the Scoop?

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Milky foundation from Covergirl… full-day wear test of all the new Covergirl makeup.
xo’s ~ Tati
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✔​ V I D E O M E N T I O N E D
New $6 DRUGSTORE Foundation…Worth the Hype?

✔​ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk // $11.99
Covergirl Clean Fresh Blush // $10.99
Covergirl Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick // $10.99
Covergirl Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil // $10.49

✔​ M A K E U P W O R N
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
Tarte Timeless Pore Smoothing Primer
Wet N Wild Mega Cushion Foundation // Buff Beige
Hynt Beauty DUET Perfecting Concealer // Light
Covergirl Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder // 110
RCMA Vincent Kehoe Pro Palette
Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Palette
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat // Bond Girl

✔ S N A P C H A T
✔ I N S T A G R A M
✔ T W I T T E R!/glamlifeguru
✔ F A C E B O O K
✔ E M A I L

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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.


Kristin b
Kristin b Hace 18 horas
Why don't you like coconut in your face products? Is it bad? I'm sure you won't answer, but hopefully someone does! I'm genuinely curious lol.
Lisa Marie Lund
Lisa Marie Lund Hace 2 días
Please wipe off the back of that mirror. It’s full of smudges!
Maddie Dolan
Maddie Dolan Hace 3 días
This line is all just glossier dupes
Em Kay
Em Kay Hace 3 días
I rlly want her to try glossier makeup
Marie Roman
Marie Roman Hace 5 días
I am now just seeing this and I have a question. Is it bad that this foundation has coconut milk ??? I am a Caribbean girl and for me coconut it’s like the fountain of youth lol and I thought it was a good thing it had coconut milk but now makes me wonder what effects it has on the skin as far as make up
Kawaii Squish
Kawaii Squish Hace 7 días
NAYTURAl! Why did she say it like that
Hannah Newkirk
Hannah Newkirk Hace 10 días
I know this trend is like dead but Tati really needs to upload an ASMR video of her applying makeup. Like, she is soothing enough making a normal video, but can you imagine.. she would be so good at it.
Daisy Cuevas
Daisy Cuevas Hace 10 días
I bought the skin milk and it's great. I don't wear foundation and this is a great start.
danɪelle Hace 11 días
2:36 I think the distribution between light/medium and deep is equal. Btw I'm counting the last shade at the end of row one as a deep shade. If this is not correct pls let me know since idk what is considered deep/dark.
Elizabeth Epp
Elizabeth Epp Hace 13 días
It was VERY satisfying when at 15:26 she tapped along with the music.
Alacransilla Musical
Alacransilla Musical Hace 13 días
Love this foundation, is my favorite 😍 I have como skin and still works for me, looks so natural ❤️
Jenna Sicard
Jenna Sicard Hace 14 días
Is that enough lol love you Tati 😍
Malka Shulamit Kalish
Malka Shulamit Kalish Hace 14 días
This reminds me of a remake of the nature lux line covergirl has about 10 years ago. Taylor Swift was the spokesperson
Beaumee Hahn
Beaumee Hahn Hace 15 días
my guess is that the cooling effect is just the aloe
Karyanne Robledo
Karyanne Robledo Hace 16 días
But did you set the foundation with powder ???
Tatum Mannor
Tatum Mannor Hace 18 días
Omg! I do that thing where you put bronzer on your eyelid! Idk lol I was just excited that you do that too!
Mary Elizalde
Mary Elizalde Hace 18 días
One suggestion/request.....could you not cover your face with those huge mirrors?? 🙂
Sabah Metcalf
Sabah Metcalf Hace 18 días
Janet Whiddon
Janet Whiddon Hace 18 días
Tati, those glasses are way too big for your face.
Monique Lopes
Monique Lopes Hace 19 días
😍What color lip did you use?
kristin shelby
kristin shelby Hace 19 días
Ever since covergirl was bought by coty they've been thriving and I've been loving a lot of the new products
Audrey Sikes-Dorman
Audrey Sikes-Dorman Hace 19 días
I have a video idea: hot and not chapsticks/lip skin care
Jess Powell
Jess Powell Hace 21 un día
She is such a cutie, I can't stand it!
Courtney Richwine
Courtney Richwine Hace 22 días
I’ve been debating on trying this out, SOLD. I always watch your reviews, because I trust them. Thank you, and you look gorgeous!
Jilly Smith
Jilly Smith Hace 22 días
Um I'm just wondering. Nothing against Tati but why doesn't she like coconut in her makeup products?? Im just wondering
Bxxby Brïsä
Bxxby Brïsä Hace 22 días
Its our queen tati, I wanted to see the review and I found yours and obviously I'm looking at yours 😂
Maria Hace 22 días
I wish the products didn’t have coconut in it because my skin is allergic 😭
jher6969 Hace 23 días
4:00 yw
Wendy Alvarado
Wendy Alvarado Hace 24 días
I was thinking of getting this foundation but I want sure but I’m so glad Tati did a review on it! Can always look to her for getting the best reviews 🥰
Laur L
Laur L Hace 26 días
Ur hair is so beautiful! Omg 😍
Hanna Lipman
Hanna Lipman Hace 26 días
So sad to hear this has coconut. I really wanted to try it, but coconut clogs my pores so terribly.
Nida Hace 27 días
Did Tati get her lips done?
Shelby Fedyk
Shelby Fedyk Hace 28 días
i have the clear glow stick and its great around the eyes in the morning when you want a no makeup day and you want to glow up dull morning skin , it de puffs a little since its so cooling.
Maddy Z.
Maddy Z. Hace 28 días
when are you going to declutter again? I love declutters and you should film them all, especially the completion products.
Jelissa Jaynes
Jelissa Jaynes Hace 28 días
Can you ZOOM in a little
Dana Helm
Dana Helm Hace 29 días
Camera closer and hair back please.
Beauties & Foodies
Beauties & Foodies Hace 29 días
I wonder how it would wear with a more full coverage foundation????????? Tati would you test that please???????? Not that I really think she's going to read my comment lol.
Ashley Knowles
Ashley Knowles Hace un mes
I wish I could agree with this video. I bought it and while the coverage is nice - there's these weird chunks in the foundation. I even made sure to mix it before using. I've tried mine 3 or 4 times now and still have weird chunks. It's like dried pieces of foundation.
Ashley Caraballo
Ashley Caraballo Hace un mes
Can we get an UPDATED “How to get these curls” 😍??? PLEASEEEE 🙏🏻
Michelle Huff
Michelle Huff Hace un mes
I wasn't a fan of the cream blush either!
Cassi Daigle
Cassi Daigle Hace un mes
Your hair is FABULOUS 😍
Heather Jeans
Heather Jeans Hace un mes
Thank you for doing these!!! I always need help walking up to the makeup aisle and I trust your reviews!!!
Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor Hace un mes
New to your channel. I watched another ESwomenr who does Doll repaints and she did you as a doll. Her name is poppen Atelier. She did a beautiful job and thought you should know😊
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Hace un mes
Well. I really only watch you because well. Nom nom nom girl..
Gina H.
Gina H. Hace un mes
Could you use a bigger mirror to block your face?
B J Hace un mes
I bought this foundation a while back and I didn’t like it. Maybe it was my skin and how I wasn’t taking care of it, but it looked bad on my skin. I didn’t like how it looked. Maybe it was my skin but idk
Dayonna Render
Dayonna Render Hace un mes
I want to go to Walmart to buy the foundation all of the medium dark shades were in the clearance section I went to three different stores and I still cannot find my shade what is going on
rabia shahid
rabia shahid Hace un mes
I don’t know what you do what you say in this video because my eyes 👀 was just looking your hairs wowwwwwww yours hairs girl your hairs 😭😭🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
Olivia Shepherd
Olivia Shepherd Hace un mes
Just bought the foundation today!
Jin Tv
Jin Tv Hace un mes
Texas Beauty Gal TaylorBs
Texas Beauty Gal TaylorBs Hace un mes
Waiting for a bloodlust review
Jewely Holladay
Jewely Holladay Hace un mes
I love you soooo much! Just bought this foundation today!! So excited to use it! I don’t even want to critique you because your like perfect and I love you so much! But can you please zoom the camera in! It’s hard to actually see how the makeup looks on your skin with how far back your camera is zoomed out! Like at least some close ups after you apply something
Gav Ingram
Gav Ingram Hace un mes
Thanks for this review. I love how BB like and such few ingredients. Many of the colors are sold out here. Thanks so much for awesome videos and info!
Mary Martin
Mary Martin Hace un mes
This is a great example of how things work different for people because that foundation made my skin itch so so so so so bad and when I put it on my face there were little chunks in it I hatedddd it and it looked really heavy on me but she looks so gorgeous in it
Amanda Weaver
Amanda Weaver Hace un mes
Did anyone else noticed the little sand-like chunks in the skin milk? I love the formula but it’s annoying and kind of freaks me out. Just making sure I’m not the only one? Thanks
Sheryl Linard
Sheryl Linard Hace un mes
Tati, really distracting to watch when your hair keeps falling in your face, you have great hair but I felt like pulling your hair off your face for you! LOL
Noooooooope Hace un mes
My cover girl skin milk had clumps all in it! I noticed from the reviews a lot of others had the same problem!!!!
Erin Casto
Erin Casto Hace un mes
How does she still have an iPhone 8+ in 2020? Tati girlfriend you ever ganna get an update on your phone
Aoife Otoole
Aoife Otoole Hace un mes
3:15 I am loving this reading of the description 😂😂😂😂
kaitlynd sauriol
kaitlynd sauriol Hace un mes
Couple goals they are the Cutest !!!!!!!!!💖
Eden :3
Eden :3 Hace un mes
I really want to try covergirl makeups, but i live in europe soooo
Salena Trann
Salena Trann Hace un mes
i laughed when tati realized there was coconut in the first product haha
Lisa B
Lisa B Hace un mes
I was so excited to try the foundation, went out last night and got it! I didn’t do anything different in my routine of prepping my skin, etc. and the foundation pilled over my entire face!!! At first I thought something was on my blender so I went for a brush...same thing happened. I took it all off and started over, same thing!! I loved the way it looked after I got the little balls off as best as I could but any advice Tati??? Maybe the tube was bad? I have no idea. Any help would be appreciated!
J Lum
J Lum Hace un mes
Missed opportunity!!! Rihanna where you at?
lipglossbabyXO Hace un mes
Wtf does juicing up the skin even mean 😂
Amy Mifsud
Amy Mifsud Hace un mes
What do you mean you love your fur babies Saying that you love your fur baby Puka
E Hace un mes
Fur baby is her dog
Samara Charles
Samara Charles Hace un mes
Girl I love you but clip your hair back ❤️
the late bloomer 910
the late bloomer 910 Hace un mes
Picked this up Tuesday because of you. Really agree with what you said about the finish and the staying power. I picked my perfect match (med tan) the first time around too!😊
Sway N Wonderland
Sway N Wonderland Hace un mes
Oh my gosh could ya try the new hyper easy maybelline liquid eyeliner?!? All pics shows it's dried down shiny would really like to know if it's matte at all. And there was something else new I was hoping ya would try and talk about but I'm totally having a brain fart ugh... Also LA girl has some new glitter pots called glitterholic I think very curious how well they last as well or does glitter get everywhere?!? Oh... The things we want to know as makeup lovers, sooo important lol!!! Have a wonderful day and week tati🤗
Bella Beauty
Bella Beauty Hace un mes
i love your Videos , Check me for Goodbye black circles & Under eye bags in 2 Minutes Routine
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