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Carmen and Corey

Carmen and Corey

Hace un mes

Season 3 Ep 1. This season gets CRAZIER ! If you haven’t watch the previously episode make sure you do so to catch up with the drama starting this Season!!

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new couples turns into one couple have to leavetubehouseseason 3carmen

Carmen and Corey
Carmen and Corey Hace un mes
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Anaya’s Life
Anaya’s Life Hace 10 días
Carmen why you cant just go to the room and talk to them one by one be you really just put them out there rooms for people that just started no don’t do that that’s wrong
Nevaeh Satterwhite
Nevaeh Satterwhite Hace 19 días
How is y’all gone kick Rob and Ally our will that’s they house you can even got to they page.
LSK MELLY Hace 19 días
Couple more hours til friday 🥴❤️
xmusedTV Hace 24 días
Carmen you wrong asfk for tht
Lifewit TyTy
Lifewit TyTy Hace 24 días
Shaniya Mitchell
Shaniya Mitchell Hace 2 horas
Me when I see Tati and tyjae and qui and ken omg ik this tube house finna be lit🙈
kris2solid Hace 5 horas
Why qui soo mad 👀
Zyakia Bates
Zyakia Bates Hace 6 horas
I'm srry but Carmen you was wrong for them taking e&t gang room they my fav they chill ooh u probably did that bc they were chill
Lilced3xxx Hace 20 horas
E&T nation in the building
Samiya Beard
Samiya Beard Hace un día
Where is Corey tho?
Eria Mayes
Eria Mayes Hace un día
i’m just trying to figure out why that girl tried lex knowing she wit the bs
Hyto Hace un día
Everyone just unsub @ this point 🤣
Love Maddy
Love Maddy Hace un día
On thing I have to say that fruit and Chaz don’t play and que don’t know that fruit can fight and they need to stop playing with my girl fruit
Pretty girl lissa
Pretty girl lissa Hace un día
Drop that dirty attitude bruh
Pretty girl lissa
Pretty girl lissa Hace un día
Flame O is just chill, like he's just a mood and that's what I like🔥♥️💜💖✌🏼
Life As Ciara !!
Life As Ciara !! Hace un día
but that’s ted and ethel house anyway so y’all really can’t trip.
Ree B
Ree B Hace un día
Why keep bringing in all these ppl and the house is not big enough
Riahh Kisses
Riahh Kisses Hace 2 días
I can tell ethol don’t like Carmen she didn’t even wanna give her a hug
Riahh Kisses
Riahh Kisses Hace 2 días
Ethol did too much she could of gave Carmen a hug
TRINITY'S LIFE Tt Hace 2 días
Poppy need to sit his big gay self down
PRETTYKID SQUAD 2020 Hace 2 días
I feel like if Carmen told them it would have been better and lex came in like she owns the place tbh lex messed up the whole vibe they had going on
Laylay World
Laylay World Hace 2 días
This turnt into bed girls club reall quick 😂.
Sayede Baaby
Sayede Baaby Hace 2 días
Kennedy Porter
Kennedy Porter Hace 2 días
That was not bc them ppl been there u should have let the new people earn they spits to get a room
Mahogany T.v
Mahogany T.v Hace 2 días
I’m not bout to watch dis if e&t go home Carmen think she care but she doing thing on purpose dats Werid
Tamara Boone
Tamara Boone Hace 3 días
Simmi Pahuja
Simmi Pahuja Hace 3 días
Lex and jack I like my awww😭❤😭❤️️
deaundra benamon
deaundra benamon Hace 4 días
Lil e cussed Carmen b*tch ass out she needed that Carmen know what she was doing
deaundra benamon
deaundra benamon Hace 4 días
Lex need to chill out frl frl
pineYT5072 Hace 4 días
not on carmen corey channel
pineYT5072 Hace 4 días
yall need a channel with only the tubehouse
pineYT5072 Hace 4 días
carmen you really patty
pineYT5072 Hace 4 días
dang thats sad
pineYT5072 Hace 4 días
why are they in the house im unsubing for that thats patty why you kicking them out
You mad doggy?
You mad doggy? Hace 4 días
YASS qui and ken!!! They my favorite couple que from my hometown
Ashley Esparza
Ashley Esparza Hace 4 días
E & T needed to be out s 1 . They sour asf
Aniah Stevens
Aniah Stevens Hace 4 días
I just know jack embarrassed 😞
Ariel Tenner
Ariel Tenner Hace 5 días
Ion like the new girl at all 🤨
Chelsey White
Chelsey White Hace 5 días
Why did you have to this Carmen
Salty Kings
Salty Kings Hace 5 días
Tbh this made my head hurt
MarkellSmh Hace 6 días
carmen ass backwards, the new guest should have to earn their room.
jeronika dukes
jeronika dukes Hace 6 días
Carmen should have gave them a head up about the new couples coming into the tube house Like Carmen
lil Elo life
lil Elo life Hace 6 días
I like looking at this Bc it’s funny
Vu Doan
Vu Doan Hace 6 días
Jerrica Riley
Jerrica Riley Hace 7 días
I like the new people better🤷🏾‍♀️
Aniah Collins
Aniah Collins Hace 7 días
Wear is Corey
dee .
dee . Hace 7 días
carmen do anything for the media and money, girl they should jump yo ass too.
Miaaa&kiyah Mafia
Miaaa&kiyah Mafia Hace 7 días
Carmen u can’t do that like wtf 🤦🏾‍♀️
Vernae Shumate
Vernae Shumate Hace 7 días
Carmen... today u made me real sad . Why y’all had to do that to them like that’s . Like put yourself in their shoes and how they felt. But. I guess you got to do what you Gotta do but at the end of the day you was wrong for that. (This is not out of hate. I still love y’all and support y’all at the end of the day😘) just thought I had to get that of my chest.
Lici & William Young
Lici & William Young Hace 7 días
These new people ugly and need some help cause I know I'm not there but nobody finna come in and think they can just take over
Life with Alicia
Life with Alicia Hace 8 días
This should have been on Netflix no cap ❤️❤️❤️but still love the show
Alysia Webb-Page
Alysia Webb-Page Hace 8 días
They need to let carmen talk
Tatendaaa _
Tatendaaa _ Hace 8 días
Omddd Chazz is so funny 😂😂
Itz Kute Kaila
Itz Kute Kaila Hace 8 días
Lex and jack wrong all the way
fendi kay
fendi kay Hace 8 días
the old ppl could sm- nvmm
fendi kay
fendi kay Hace 8 días
and lex and jack 2 😘
fendi kay
fendi kay Hace 8 días
Qui and ken , Tati and Tyjae been watching them ❤️😘
That’s so Malayjah
That’s so Malayjah Hace 8 días
Carmen ruined the whole show like y in 1000 different hells did she bring all them people and not only that but she wasnt faur wit it
Malia T
Malia T Hace 9 días
that’s hella irritating she’s always bringin new people into the house & takin someone room🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Leon Hace 9 días
Lex came in wid the ammunition,ready to shoot up everybody in there
Chocolate Honey
Chocolate Honey Hace 9 días
I thought the whole point of this Tubehouse Idea was to give these youtubers a chance to gain exposure and have fun while doing it since Carmen and Corey did not when they were giving the are you supposed to do that and the house not even in check? You not even supposed to have all those people in one crib...and you know good and well you would not be going for MORE THAN HALF the stuff you threw out onto this experiment.
Geraldniya Coley
Geraldniya Coley Hace 9 días
How is the new people going to come there and take they rooms that mess up all the way and carmen that not right what you doing you suppose to be on the old tube house team like girl really you my favorit and all and like a mom to me and i love your vidoes but wow you not helping perido they cant take they rooms and then mess wit E&t Nation oh heck Nawwwwwwwww😒😐 and one Thing Carmen you Not A real Friend To Chaz like yall were close and it not Fair at All. Dont worry chaz yall coming good point blank perido poo
Who What
Who What Hace 9 días
Lex and jack gang all day or no gang ,purr 💯❤️
Admire Dae
Admire Dae Hace 9 días
this prove Carmen toxic . i’m sorry!!!!! this show go hard and all but it’s a lil too extra 🤷🏽‍♀️
Heaven staRR
Heaven staRR Hace 9 días
I fell like fruit when she mad she mad she don’t wanna take yo know one period. And Carmen is doin to much
CDream MusicTV
CDream MusicTV Hace 9 días
When Carmen curse that means shit is getting real
Queen Jeffries
Queen Jeffries Hace 9 días
That new couple ugly asf Jas would’ve gotten that ass whooped the second she touched me
kiyona harris
kiyona harris Hace 10 días
There's to much fighting
Self Made Kenni
Self Made Kenni Hace 10 días
ik im late but i feel like there needs to be a bigger house with more rooms and bathrooms ...
Jerrisa Codfried
Jerrisa Codfried Hace 10 días
Wow only 1 couple come in and boom idk but ya'll do you guys see cory like i think Carmen need some help tho🤨
Nia Clark
Nia Clark Hace 10 días
Carmen the old ppl was there first and u letting the new ppl take the old ppl rooms they were there first tho
Baby Girl
Baby Girl Hace 10 días
Fruit and slime need to go
Iceify nation
Iceify nation Hace 10 días
The new girl came in there with an attitude talking bout enough talking where my room at she made me mad
Jalacia Taylor
Jalacia Taylor Hace 10 días
E and T go hard fr. Stand yo ground I respect that ✊🏾!
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