New Christian Worship Songs 2019 With Lyrics - Best Christian Gospel Songs Lyrics Playlist

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Christian Worship Lyrics

Christian Worship Lyrics

Hace 8 meses

New Christian Worship Songs 2019 With Lyrics - Best Christian Gospel Songs Lyrics Playlist
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a blue dog
a blue dog Hace 2 horas
God is so wonderful he is worthy of all the praise
Mauricio Linares
Mauricio Linares Hace 11 horas
I like hearing these songs when i feel like I am not enough for anyone and like I am not important and I remember god is with me in the good and the bad times in my life
Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall Hace 18 horas
I used to not really rely on God because I did alot of bad things and now I'm a beleiver
DULCE Moreno
DULCE Moreno Hace 19 horas
I have passed through a lot as a child AND sometimes l feel like god Is not holding me but l know that he would always be there even when we feel he is not there
Princess Verra
Princess Verra Hace un día
I like the music it will make me cry and miss my friends
Livi Loves
Livi Loves Hace un día
Thank you Jesus!!
Agnes Galia
Agnes Galia Hace 2 días
May God give us the strength we need through this pandemic crisis🙏
Rubén García
Rubén García Hace 3 días
this is K love playlist , I love it!
207 Hippy
207 Hippy Hace 3 días
This is just what we need to hear in such a dark dark time. We need to pray. We need to pray over each other. Pray for the ill pray for the hurt and pray for you and your fam. God is with us. So lets pray and stay safe.
karen collins
karen collins Hace 3 días
i love this song so much Lauren
Stacy Zakster
Stacy Zakster Hace 3 días
It was amazing loved it
Gabriella Shuttlewood
Gabriella Shuttlewood Hace 3 días
i totes love this!!(pray for everyone with corona virus!!)
Alisha Rivera
Alisha Rivera Hace 3 días
I love thos song because it got me therow a hard things
Ashley Finnman
Ashley Finnman Hace 4 días
isaac ojambo
isaac ojambo Hace 4 días
love u jesus
Floyd N Montero Lino
Floyd N Montero Lino Hace 4 días
God is the healer and saver
kꪖꪗᦔꫀꪀ ρꪖρi
kꪖꪗᦔꫀꪀ ρꪖρi Hace 4 días
God, is my shield and armour, he’s the only one that can save us
Princess Hace 4 días
God is all
Light Hace 4 días
In the book of Revelations He quotes "I jesus, am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the first and the last". The Alpha is the 1st letter of the greek Alphabet, and Omega is the 24th. 2+4=6. so 1+6=7. holiest number of the bible, he just shown me hes all about numerology. JESUS=74 in English numerology (J is the 10th letter of the alphabet, E is the 5th letter of the alphabet, S is the 19th, U is the 21st, and S is the 19th) all add up to 74. Lucifer adds up to 74. Messiah adds up to 74. The definition of Lucifer is the the morning star, Jesus in revelations calls himself the morning star. all three words =74. 74+74+74=222. 222x3=666. It is written in the bible that God is not a liar, nor does he contradict himself nor is he an author of confusion. Jesus in the new testament told Peter to put away his sword and told him if he lives by the sword he dies by the sword, he also taught, what good is it to love those who only love you, be like your heavenly father who gives rain on the just and the unjust, yet In revelations he says if we do not love him and put him first he will make out own household enemies by throwing a sword.....that's hypocrisy, contradictions. He says if you hate your brother without a cuase your in danger of hellfire, yet in revelations just because we dont put him first hell make us hate each other? lol.....You guys seriously need to fight back, its sad alot of you will lay your life down willing to be persecuted in the name of Jesus but cry liek bitches when demons come attacking you and ur willing to do anything they tell you to, beat you into oppression and slavery. "STUDY TO SHOW THY SELVES APPROVED LEST THOU BE ASHAMED"
Kelsey Ramsey
Kelsey Ramsey Hace 5 días
Chahukura Esperance
Chahukura Esperance Hace 5 días
Amen God is everything in world
that victoria girl
that victoria girl Hace 5 días
good music
Kylah Thompson
Kylah Thompson Hace 5 días
I am still getting to know God. I was stuck in these worldly ways, since getting to know our Heavenly Farther I feel more peaceful. I haven't listened to christian music until today. It's so beautiful and it brings tears to my eyes. May God bless you all ❤
Alyssa Pena
Alyssa Pena Hace 6 días
Thank You King Jesus.!!!.🥰✨🕊✨🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋‍♀️
Dyanha Fields
Dyanha Fields Hace 6 días
hello ......
Flanesha Williams
Flanesha Williams Hace 6 días
I love you
Alexia Wolever
Alexia Wolever Hace 6 días
I love this song it’s so amazing
Emma Barth
Emma Barth Hace 6 días
i am young and i sing my heart out when ever i hear christian songs that are strong and all the songs are so touching and i love it.
Angel Hathcock
Angel Hathcock Hace 6 días
Private Angel Hathcock
SAI KHAM TIM Hace 7 días
I will declare my victory in the name of Jesus
Cherly Osorio
Cherly Osorio Hace 8 días
❤ I love to worship jesus
Bella Korolchuk
Bella Korolchuk Hace 8 días
GamerDude302 Hace 8 días
Fear God (in the good way)
Stabby Cat
Stabby Cat Hace 8 días
I'm not even Christian, I just think some of the songs are pretty
Natalie Navarro
Natalie Navarro Hace 3 días
God is amazing, LET HIM COME INTO UR LIFE ITS THE BEST THING THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN! I am going thru so many tough time rn and he is guiding me to the right path and he has a plan for me. He has a plan for u. He is an amazing God. he died on the cross for all of our sins. He sees u when u cry at night and he sees ur pain u just have to have faith in him and trust him and let him do the work. Let him make u happy. He is a blessing. Trust me, he knows what it feels like to be broken and to suffer. Just pray to him and never give up on him bc no matter what u do, he will never give up on u. He is a forgiving father and a loving one too. (:
galaxyfrappacino 123
galaxyfrappacino 123 Hace 4 días
@corrie holt Thats true
corrie holt
corrie holt Hace 6 días
Dont be afraid to let God come into your life!! It was the best thing I have ever done!!🙏🙏
Lauryn ODonnell
Lauryn ODonnell Hace 9 días
I love god
AD Missão Canadá
AD Missão Canadá Hace 9 días
Love this song
John Gubbels
John Gubbels Hace 9 días
Ik ben door God uitgekozen, heilig en zeer geliefd (Kol. 3:12, 1 Tess. 1:4) Ik ben een burger van een rijk in de hemelen (Fil. 3:20) Ik ben een deel van Christus’ lichaam (1 Kor. 12:27) Ik ben een erfgenaam van God, omdat ik zijn zoon/dochter ben (Gal. 4:6,7) Ik ben een heilige (1 Kor. 1:2, Ef. 1:1) Ik ben een heilige deelnemer aan de hemelse roeping (Hebr. 3:1) Ik ben een kanaal van Christus’ leven (Joh. 15:5) Ik ben een kind van God (Joh. 1:12) Ik ben een medebewoner met de rest van Gods gezin (Ef. 2:19) Ik ben een mede-erfgenaam met Christus en deel met Hem in zijn erfenis. (Rom. 8:17) Ik ben een nieuwe schepping (2 Kor. 5:17) Ik ben een tempel/woonplaats van God, Zijn Geest en Zijn leven verblijven in mij (1 Kor. 3:16) Ik ben één van Gods levende stenen, opgebouwd tot een geestelijk huis in Christus (1 Petr. 2:5) Ik ben een vijand van de duivel (1 Petr. 5:8) Ik ben een vreemdeling en een bijwoner van deze wereld waarin ik slechts tijdelijk leef (1 Petr. 2:11) Ik ben een vriend van Jezus (Joh. 15:15) Ik ben een zoon/dochter van God en één met Christus (Gal. 3:26,28) Ik ben een zoon/dochter van God; God is mijn geestelijke Vader (Rom. 8:14,15) Ik ben een zoon/dochter van het licht en niet van de duisternis (1 Tess. 5:5) Ik ben gekocht en betaald (1 Kor. 6:20) Ik ben gerechtvaardigd uit het geloof (Rom. 5:1) Ik ben geschapen om goede werken te doen (Ef. 2:10) Ik ben Gods kind (1 Joh. 3:1) Ik ben Gods maaksel -Zijn handwerk- opnieuw geboren in Christus om Zijn werk te doen (Ef. 2:10) Ik ben het zout van de aarde (Matt. 5:13) Ik ben het licht van de wereld (Matt. 5:14) Ik ben lid van een uitgekozen geslacht, een koninklijk priesterschap, een heilige natie, een volk dat Gods eigendom is (1 Petr. 2:9) Ik ben meer dan overwinnaar (Rom. 8:37) Ik ben niet de grote ‘Ik ben’, maar door de genade van God, ben ik wat ik ben (1 Kor. 15:10) Ik ben uit God geboren en de boze, de duivel, kan mij niet raken (1 Joh. 5:18) Ik ben uitgekozen om vrucht te dragen (Joh. 15:16) Ik ben verborgen met Christus in God (Kol. 3:3) Ik ben verzoend met God (2 Kor. 5:18) Ik ben vrijgemaakt van de wet van de zonde (Rom. 8:2) Ik heb deel aan Christus; ik heb deel aan Zijn leven (Hebr. 3:14) Ik heb toegang tot de Vader (Ef. 2:18) Ik vermag alle dingen in Hem Die mij kracht geeft (Fil. 4:13)
Byleth Ashen
Byleth Ashen Hace 9 días
I pray for God, to help me get real friends, and also let go, of those bad words that go against me(People who say to me) Of the Corona virus to go away soon. I love how Jesus puts Glory in our lives, I also pray that Karina and Ronald from Sis vs Bro get, their cats back(Gourge and Chibi) And I want their cats, to stay alive and have food and water, also to not get the Corona Virus and come, to their new house scratching at their door, and they just open up their door, and have them back. Other people pray about this too, In Jesus name I pray Amen.
Anil Gajree
Anil Gajree Hace 7 días
Jesus will work this all out.Pray for a positive response. Stay focused and faithful. Love in Christ Jesus.
Evelyn Calvario
Evelyn Calvario Hace 9 días
We all knew this was going to happen it says in the bible that when the time comes when comes and gets us many things are going to happen as a sign.
moriah villamor
moriah villamor Hace 9 días
I love this song
eli Jim
eli Jim Hace 10 días
Jesus is the way , the truth and the life.We need to pray for the world 🌎
Gina G.
Gina G. Hace 10 días
It's amazing to me how fast fear can creep in. A simple thought can quickly go from my mind to my emotions in just seconds, causing me to buckle under the weight of it's heaviness. Knowing this, I try to be really intentional with casting down thoughts and making them obedient to Christ. I've let my guard down and allowed in some thoughts that have given way to fear and this is when I turn to Christ. Therefore I focus on who God is how precious is your unfailing love, O God ! all humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings . Thank You Jesus ! Amen to Christ.
Bernard Collins
Bernard Collins Hace 10 días
Getn better and lie you say I'm in love and I can't fill a thing Lauren that way god son. Jesus can keep you strong 🙏🙏
John McGovern
John McGovern Hace 10 días
Go Loren Dagle!!!!
Praise & Worship Songs
Praise & Worship Songs Hace 10 días
God Bless All People See This Comment
Haitian To Nice
Haitian To Nice Hace 10 días
The God of my forefathers are coming soon. He is the God of Abraham, Isaiah, and Jacob. Jesus is coming now. Amen 🙏
Haitian To Nice
Haitian To Nice Hace 5 días
Anil Gajree Amen! Brother.
Anil Gajree
Anil Gajree Hace 7 días
We are all related to our forefathers, Jesus Christ is close to comming.. pray , only the believer's will have life. Love to you all 🌞🌞🌞
Haitian To Nice
Haitian To Nice Hace 10 días
The beast in revelations, already here. Those who love Jesus. Well, will always taking refuge on him. Because he is the way and the truth.
Haitian To Nice
Haitian To Nice Hace 10 días
I have been telling you guys Jesus is coming. No joke in that.🙏💯🙏💯
Marianne Orishchin
Marianne Orishchin Hace 11 días
U r the BEST singer! I LOVE the song "You Say"!
Marianne Orishchin
Marianne Orishchin Hace 11 días
Marianne Orishchin
Marianne Orishchin Hace 11 días
And all the others
Josephine Adebayo
Josephine Adebayo Hace 11 días
it helps through day to day struggles
Marianne Orishchin
Marianne Orishchin Hace 11 días
Chiico k
Chiico k Hace 11 días please check.this song out
Breanna Roe
Breanna Roe Hace 11 días
God has changed my life completely .i used to not believe in him and then one morning i woke up and i felt he talk to me and said go to church today and rejoice my name in your praise .i love him so much and he is the best person in the universe .he has helped me though the hardest times in my life .thank you god for being your amassed self.amen
John Sveld
John Sveld Hace 11 días
"You will never leave nor forsake us You said and we believe You Lord
meme young
meme young Hace 11 días
Christians always talking about themselves. ... Sounds a little conceited to me! !! I thought Christianity teaches to be humble and to not think highly of yourself? ? What a Mind trip huh? (TRICKY)"
Kevin Green
Kevin Green Hace 9 días
Christianity does not teach you to think highly of yourself but it does teach you to seek the truth. What ive learned being a christian is that its not easy by no means. I've been through struggles and trials but every time i can say without a doubt god has picked me back up and been there every time. No i dont think highly of myself but i do believe i am a little light for god, and what i mean by that is everytime you look up at night and see the stars those help you see a little bit right, well what if we are the stars to help people see a little farther but then the sun comes up and you can see everywhere because its bright and clear. so what if god uses the stars(aka his children) to shine a little light so when the sun (aka god) comes up you wont be stuck and alone in the shadows. now you can read this with a grain of salt thats up to you, but if youd like to chat somemore feel free to get ahold of me and id be willing to listen and chat, whatever i can do. God bless you
David Murphy
David Murphy Hace 12 días
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Tabatha Lopez
Tabatha Lopez Hace 2 días
I love you tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Angela Benilan
Angela Benilan Hace 13 días
God is Great
Marianne Orishchin
Marianne Orishchin Hace 11 días
He is!
Khaleel McAuley
Khaleel McAuley Hace 13 días
God is so so so GOOD!!!!!! PRAISE GOD EVERY DAY
Dilke Udeshika
Dilke Udeshika Hace 13 días
my prayer request is to pray for everyone in the world who's suffering from Corona virus. And plz pray for safely for all of us... Have a blessed day got bless u🙏🏼❤
Akos P
Akos P Hace 2 días
In Jesus name 🙏 Amen
dorinda Rodriguez
dorinda Rodriguez Hace 5 días
thank you Dilke be well. God bless
Yenny Jung
Yenny Jung Hace 13 días
Hi can anyone make a list of all the songs in this compilation? Thank you 💕
Isabel Mendoza
Isabel Mendoza Hace 13 días
I Like You Much 🥰
Isabel Mendoza
Isabel Mendoza Hace 13 días
janice finch
janice finch Hace 14 días
Even in these times of panic.... I raise a Hallelujah!!!! Gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Thresa Kabamba
Thresa Kabamba Hace 14 días
I have never listened to a playlists containing all the songs this nice. Thanks for this complication. God bless you.
Jean Rone
Jean Rone Hace 14 días
I Believe ! 💜 🙌 🙌 🙌 💜
DAV V Hace 14 días
I have been listening to this whole playlist for the past 3 days in a row. These are my new favorite songs.
Alyssa Maddox
Alyssa Maddox Hace 15 días
God gave me a mom a dad and shelter and food I’m so happy for what god gave me he is the best he is the ONLY god and he is the best and the most blessing is having him I love him and worship him and I’m a Christian I’m blessed with all this stuff you don’t need to be rich with money you are already rich because this life you can’t buy All these blessings you can’t buy you are already rich and all these songs I listen on the radio in the car to this is just a amazing super duper I’m so curious to learn more about god
John Stanley
John Stanley Hace 5 días
SistaSunshine Smith
SistaSunshine Smith Hace 15 días
WE survived 'the end of the world several times already'...March Madness 2020...Faith Love Kindness can't be cancelled. God's healing and blessings for us all! Romans 12
Lucas Pierre
Lucas Pierre Hace 16 días
Part of the lyrics says ‘you have every failure God, you have every victory..’ I hope the songwriter means that God takes our failures in exchange for victory. For God never fails. If we are in God, we live in victory even in suffering and tribulations.
Kelly Deas
Kelly Deas Hace 16 días
I love this song.
Serena Faith
Serena Faith Hace 16 días
worship music has changed my life. I'm a 16-year-old songwriter. I don't do it to perform or record, music is my favorite form of prayer. I feel closer to God when I am singing what is on my heart. Music brings me back. It takes me to a safe place in my head where I can ponder heavenly things. It is a reminder that God is constant, God is good, God is love.
ElWin Kyi
ElWin Kyi Hace 17 días
god is coming
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