*NEW* Chapter 2 SEASON 2 FIRST LOOK in Fortnite!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 - FIRST LOOK NEW EVENT!
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ChristinaRFarr Hace un día
I used your code my name is Christianf2013
Gareth Lofthouse
Gareth Lofthouse Hace 8 días
Great vid
Solo Hace 9 días
l really enjoyed your video want to be friends?
MattTheMoshpitMaggot Hace 14 días
Robbie Behrmann
Robbie Behrmann Hace 18 días
PLEase gift me I don't have any skins CrimTfue555
Mani Biant
Mani Biant Hace 20 días
Official_KingofGames Hace 26 días
ive always wished for alia to love my comment
kellie may oqd
kellie may oqd Hace un mes
The gold one
kellie may oqd
kellie may oqd Hace un mes
I got the undreller
Rayzah Gaming
Rayzah Gaming Hace un mes
BoBro Hace un mes
Ali-A is the morgz of fortnite
Samurai Hace un mes
Im from AbuDhabi Like
lunaticxxd 10
lunaticxxd 10 Hace un mes
Bro check 7:52 it was the worst moment while study’ my dad step in the room
lunaticxxd 10
lunaticxxd 10 Hace un mes
5:34 nothing just happened
KC Lopez
KC Lopez Hace un mes
They should’ve put da golden skeleton as da tier one battle pass skin
JayB Gaming
JayB Gaming Hace un mes
I’m in UK and there is a massive fornite logo in Meadowhall
Syko useless
Syko useless Hace un mes
kuRUpt-GhOSts _
kuRUpt-GhOSts _ Hace un mes
So many teasers ahve cmae
Dishita Kothari
Dishita Kothari Hace un mes
Can you please gift me battle pass I sub and liked my Id is BlodMinotaur845 I also use your code
Gamerboi 1
Gamerboi 1 Hace un mes
7:57-8:00 that is just metal on a light I think
Alithia Edmond
Alithia Edmond Hace un mes
Man HAmes
Man HAmes Hace un mes
Ali I saw one in derby uk today but I diddnt know anything about it so I diddnt post it
P Bailey
P Bailey Hace un mes
Ali its midas
BusyGamerz [ Tamil ]
BusyGamerz [ Tamil ] Hace un mes
8:01 that thing will happen if we build something and we are in the way middle so that the build is incomplete
Carracer42 Jsbsisv
Carracer42 Jsbsisv Hace 21 un día
Someone is even poking through
Pengue L
Pengue L Hace un mes
Music is so loud and crazy it is annoying stooooop
Sonic fast Talk
Sonic fast Talk Hace un mes
Code AliA or no season 2
Ronte Love
Ronte Love Hace un mes
I'm happy for chapter 2 season. 2 but f*** you. Do do do.
Finley Morris
Finley Morris Hace un mes
Gold 8 boll
Ramanathan Sabesh
Ramanathan Sabesh Hace un mes
What happened to the chaos physics engine
Comp Hydes
Comp Hydes Hace un mes
I’m underrated
Ricardo v-f
Ricardo v-f Hace un mes
Fartnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Episode 2 Edition 2 Volume 2 haha
Megan Hui Ping Kho
Megan Hui Ping Kho Hace un mes
deathtitan 62
deathtitan 62 Hace un mes
What about South Africa?
Reykillaking6 MS
Reykillaking6 MS Hace un mes
Bro that gold skin is not real there is another one but it's not the one that you showed
Justin aron
Justin aron Hace un mes
It is out now
Klutch Hace un mes
do any one knwo what is happening when i free build in a creative and i go up a atair it just stops up
Panther Sensei
Panther Sensei Hace un mes
UFM b00
UFM b00 Hace un mes
What happened to the gold skeleton skin in the battle pass looks like it isn't ther
Kylo ax 48
Kylo ax 48 Hace un mes
There’s gonna be a new season?!?!
Copper The Dog
Copper The Dog Hace un mes
It is like the Star Wars clone wars when all the clones turn on the ones they are fighting for like what is happening here
Abdulrehman Majid
Abdulrehman Majid Hace un mes
The gold umbrella was the reward the winner of the tournament in season four I don’t remember what the name of the tournament was but it was only one person who got it and that was the winner. I am quite surprised no one remember
Kendra Syndram
Kendra Syndram Hace un mes
Something is going on
Bette Hansen
Bette Hansen Hace un mes
Oil = Gold
Sean’s Vlogs
Sean’s Vlogs Hace un mes
Angela Aloneftou
Angela Aloneftou Hace un mes
fortnite is back boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
N1tr0 Ducky
N1tr0 Ducky Hace un mes
we are getting an oil rig with the new update, it will be off the coast inbetween holly and slurpy
N1tr0 Ducky
N1tr0 Ducky Hace un mes
if i saw that advert i would think the screen was being hacked and run away screaming
Oscar’s Animations
Oscar’s Animations Hace un mes
Oro is awakening in the middle island he is king Midas and the alters Main base is middle island and the”awakening ” is Midas coming back to life as he comes back stuff starts turning gold
ollie bayliss
ollie bayliss Hace un mes
Y did u swear at little kids
Xavier Gaming
Xavier Gaming Hace un mes
Who is watching and doesnt play fortnite anymore but watches to see if the old fortnite map comes back
athar qureshi
athar qureshi Hace un mes
Nothing in India :/
Danny james
Danny james Hace un mes
I think the gold hand print will b the unlock for the bases
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Hace un mes
Ori probably touched 8 ball
Mickey McIntyre
Mickey McIntyre Hace un mes
You sure the boat was gold? I swear it's the sunlight bouncing off the metal, catching it at the perfect angle
Lucario 24
Lucario 24 Hace un mes
It could be the next secret skin
Angel Lara
Angel Lara Hace un mes
Welcome Tuyizere
Welcome Tuyizere Hace un mes
his game is so laggy
Travis Flaherty
Travis Flaherty Hace un mes
i'm travis flaherty and my son told me to come check you out
Patricia Pedraza Casas
Patricia Pedraza Casas Hace un mes
Level up Maybe
Level up Maybe Hace un mes
I found gold
Fortnite Mobile Leaks & News
Fortnite Mobile Leaks & News Hace un mes
Oil rig operation confirmed [Melbourne]
salvasin boi
salvasin boi Hace un mes
heros vs villans now spys
Naomi Naranjo
Naomi Naranjo Hace un mes
When is the event
jensen scoots
jensen scoots Hace un mes
Daddy Man
Daddy Man Hace un mes
Or big chugus
Daddy Man
Daddy Man Hace un mes
Thé gold head is thanos
Mello Plays11
Mello Plays11 Hace un mes
Maybe lynx was one of the agents and zenith
Ethan Garza
Ethan Garza Hace un mes
I found one
Dbz Spike
Dbz Spike Hace un mes
I heard very few people are getting friended by "TheAgency9297" even u might be friended..... who knows!
Darth Fett234
Darth Fett234 Hace un mes
Mythic Fish?
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