Never Too Old For Dolls / 7 DIY Barbie Furniture Out Of School Supplies

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What can be used to make furniture for your favorite doll? Any available materials! And today we'll craft it from regular school supplies! Are you interested in? Then watch our new video on how to make cute Barbie furniture out of ordinary stationery!
Supplies and tools:
• Wooden ruler
• Utility knife
• Acrylic paints
• Sparkly hot glue stick
• Hot glue gun
• Empty glue tube
• Scissors
• Fabric
• Double-sided tape
• Broken pencils
• Paint sponge
• Empty modeling clay pot
• Decorative tape
• Broken compasses
• Flat pliers
• Screwdriver
• Candle
• Paper clips
• Pushpins
• Thin wire
• Paper tape
• Plastic blade case
• Plastic pencil case
• Hole puncher
• Plastic counting sticks
• Ring binder
• Wrapping paper
• Light clay
• Awl
• Cocktail straw
• Binder clip
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Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hace 2 horas
I love that😛😋
Olayinka Rebecca
Olayinka Rebecca Hace 3 días
Denise McDonald
Denise McDonald Hace 4 días
rainbow love love
rainbow love love Hace 4 días
Wow too easy things I like it mostly my Barbie $save
Rica Tan
Rica Tan Hace 5 días
Wow its sow
Jaedan James
Jaedan James Hace 5 días
great so of course ill carry blades in my school bag how conevnient
Sahid Akther
Sahid Akther Hace 6 días
nets Qun
Arin Gupta
Arin Gupta Hace 7 días
I love your idea 🦄
Mariah Auryca Bugtong
Mariah Auryca Bugtong Hace 8 días
Can you make more Barbies need
Eunice Silva
Eunice Silva Hace 8 días
I love borbe´s but love borbe´s betr then you tob
Diana Carraco
Diana Carraco Hace 9 días
You guys made the best stuff I wish my mom can do that
Cadys Corner
Cadys Corner Hace 11 días
I still love Barbie’s and playing with toys when I’m not watching ESwomen lol
The way of religion
The way of religion Hace 11 días
Hello my dear friend Yeana
Kailee Hernaman
Kailee Hernaman Hace 12 días
Wow you are good at that
Let'sPlay AudreyAkesha
Let'sPlay AudreyAkesha Hace 12 días
I love the chair!! I want to make it with my sister!!! Can I??💞💞😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖
Yuvraj Gurna
Yuvraj Gurna Hace 13 días
Hard work of this video good
Maxidalyne Nonglyer
Maxidalyne Nonglyer Hace 13 días
I m 9 years but I still playing with my doll I n free time I do may December because I will get holidays till february than have to go school again now than I m not free I have to study
Thûxîkîtâêmmâ G.A
Thûxîkîtâêmmâ G.A Hace 13 días
Lunar Moon
Lunar Moon Hace 13 días
S.M.SALIM ALAM Hace 14 días
Guess What Now a days They are making FAKE THINGS
Catiane Pereira da silva
Catiane Pereira da silva Hace 14 días
Eu odiei
lorwyn clement
lorwyn clement Hace 15 días
I made a barbie house with lights and electricity now I made these things my house is beautiful
Angelina Luong
Angelina Luong Hace 16 días
I just a person whose just watching and not going the hacks
Rajiv Bansal
Rajiv Bansal Hace 16 días
I made the candles
Rajiv Bansal
Rajiv Bansal Hace 16 días
Good ideas 💡 you have 😍🤩
Agusono Agusono
Agusono Agusono Hace 16 días
I Like This
Umer Umerjan
Umer Umerjan Hace 17 días
i very like it 👍👍👍👍👍
Lily Ella
Lily Ella Hace 17 días
Have a hat
jkusai TV
jkusai TV Hace 17 días
My Little and Big Pony, please watch!!!
Nicki Hace 17 días
No way the second one is a big no-no for me they are trying to make a plant pot with a planting it with a razor know thank you
Leia C
Leia C Hace 17 días
I love your videos and your dolls I am a youtuber to!😻
Yousra Khan
Yousra Khan Hace 17 días
me bst doll
ASLYN_225 Doote
ASLYN_225 Doote Hace 18 días
Oeww boring
Julie Valdez
Julie Valdez Hace 18 días
I love youre videos
April Vazquez
April Vazquez Hace 18 días
Those stuff are not even school supplies
akter hossain
akter hossain Hace 18 días
I want to be your friend
Pmahesh Pmahesh
Pmahesh Pmahesh Hace 18 días
Erika Fregoso
Erika Fregoso Hace 18 días
She got me when she said that she can build a whole house
Hari Lamsal
Hari Lamsal Hace 18 días
People are kind of being rude of the comments
Chronic Backpain
Chronic Backpain Hace 18 días
I reccomend 5 min crafts
Lily Ella
Lily Ella Hace 17 días
I have a hat
ABC 123 TOYs
ABC 123 TOYs Hace 18 días
💖🌺💖 okay..good ideas..Thanks 💖🌺💖
Jessica Ramos
Jessica Ramos Hace 18 días
I love
Jessica Ramos
Jessica Ramos Hace 18 días
I love your videos and I love Ella else LLC owls LOL
Jessica Ramos
Jessica Ramos Hace 18 días
Porsha Williams
Porsha Williams Hace 18 días
Discord Awsome
Discord Awsome Hace 19 días
Every body who has barbies And doesn’t use them anymore Should have a naked Barbie some where
princess of love
princess of love Hace 19 días
You are having good hacks but the voice is annoying i am not hating
Chronic Backpain
Chronic Backpain Hace 18 días
Maddox Garbee
Maddox Garbee Hace 19 días
Poor on Maddox ESwomen dideos
Jane G
Jane G Hace 19 días
Once I got cut by a razor in the bath
Biju Wilson
Biju Wilson Hace 17 días
me too jane
Yoniavila Avila
Yoniavila Avila Hace 19 días
I love troom troom
EVERLEAD Hace 19 días
woo hoho
Brothers & Sister Gaming
Brothers & Sister Gaming Hace 19 días
Love your videos and you
Reaper_Shadow Hace 20 días
i can`t
Marchella Alessandrs Waleson
Marchella Alessandrs Waleson Hace 20 días
Afara Thapa
Afara Thapa Hace 20 días
Ur voice sounds different today
AngelPlayz :3
AngelPlayz :3 Hace 17 días
Maybe because they are grow in older?...
Devilgamers Angels
Devilgamers Angels Hace 20 días
This is how boring Troom Troom sound I I I I I V
Panashe Ritah
Panashe Ritah Hace 16 días
That doesn't look fake
Panashe Ritah
Panashe Ritah Hace 16 días
You are making fake staff
Key Toon
Key Toon Hace 16 días
AngelLove Playz And Animatez :3 She has a opinion you know and i agree littrly they make videos that are fake you cant doo thease crafts
AngelPlayz :3
AngelPlayz :3 Hace 17 días
@Panashe Ritah I agree. People/haters are not helpful. They need to learn more kindness. I have more to add on, but i dont really wanna waste my time.
Panashe Ritah
Panashe Ritah Hace 17 días
Stop it
destiny Delgado
destiny Delgado Hace 20 días
Look im 7 yeres #dontknow DONT DOOOO TIHS
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan Hace 20 días
Youpop troom troom and woo hoo
Velu Raje
Velu Raje Hace 21 un día
I. Like. Your.
Manish Mahajan
Manish Mahajan Hace 21 un día
Useless channel
Bobby Jo Williams
Bobby Jo Williams Hace 21 un día
Cool video 👍😎
Ella O'Sullivan
Ella O'Sullivan Hace 21 un día
or donate it to those who nned it instead of making furniture for barbie dolls
Sujit.kumar Pradhan
Sujit.kumar Pradhan Hace 21 un día
l wil make
Jim Gordon
Jim Gordon Hace 21 un día
You don't teach kids to cut toward themselves, especially with a razor.
TECH WITH PS Hace 22 días
Hey so nice Buy barbie now } 🤗
Миха Класс
Миха Класс Hace 22 días
хватит пародировать трум трум
Evelyn Martinez
Evelyn Martinez Hace 22 días
Rasa Valiulytecvjko
Rasa Valiulytecvjko Hace 22 días
Barbi shower is so cool but hard to make 😧😧😧
Rasa Valiulytecvjko
Rasa Valiulytecvjko Hace 22 días
I love barbies is so cute barbie suplies 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 I 'love them
Toy Sweets
Toy Sweets Hace 22 días
🌺💖🌺 Great ideas, Thanks for sharing. 🌺💖🌺 I love dolls and make videos 😀
princess Franz
princess Franz Hace 22 días
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princess Franz
princess Franz Hace 22 días
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