Never Doing This Again.

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Please watch this entire video and hear what I have to say about this entire situation. It's time for a change and it starts NOW.

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blinkky X
blinkky X Hace un hora
What I dont understand is why people are hating on James and not ...
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown Hace 4 horas
I have not seen a single truly positive comment in this entire thread. Shame. Jeffree actually took accountability, unlike the others.
Marilyn mc
Marilyn mc Hace 6 horas
I'm happy that I don't have friends like this mg.
Kyle Gdowik
Kyle Gdowik Hace 9 horas
Florence Akui
Florence Akui Hace 17 horas
Pray for your enemies people will always be jealous don't worry about that just keep doing good
Florence Akui
Florence Akui Hace 17 horas
I love your makeup I think it is beautiful keep on smiling and never give up God loves you from the 808
the music qeen
the music qeen Hace 17 horas
Me:watches a bunch of videos on this topic just to find out its over vitamins Also me: ..... why.....just why... I have wasted my time trying to figure out why my lil sister is over here having her jaw come unhinged from surprise. My sister: *jaw comes unhinged again* Me: MOM HER JAW AGAIN GET THE KEYS!!!
Belén Capdevila
Belén Capdevila Hace 23 horas
I just learned about all this sh*t, I’m not even into the beauty community because... well, I like watching makeup videos once in a while.. but I did see you in that “dark place” sometime in the past.. and I just wanted to say that I’m ver happy you took a step back and decided not to go back to that place that in the end, hurts you as much as the others. IMO You are a great artist, and have a lot of influence and I think it’s very mature that you decided to look, not only for you and your feelings, but that you thought of the good or bad you can do with your actions to your audience. Many ESwomenrs should take that responsibility too. Keep up the good work, keep the good vibes and the love and don’t let dark words trigger you. I think I can relate to that.. I’ve been in the situation I was the “barking bitch” on a subject that didn’t even concern me... and age and experience in the end show you where your energy really has to go directed to. Good luck!
Sarah Kreller
Sarah Kreller Hace un día
I’ve watched all 3 of their videos now I have come to the conclusion that James was telling the truth.
Honey Comb
Honey Comb Hace un día
watching these videos months later is so embarrassing 😭😭 publicly fighting with a 19 year old at your big age. sad.
Allyson Teague
Allyson Teague Hace un día
I still like Jeffree more than James Charles. James just annoys me and I've never been a fan.
A Jo
A Jo Hace un día
So proud of Jeffrey Star in this video, way to be self aware. Grow on girl!
Jess DrinkinTea
Jess DrinkinTea Hace un día
So many people in these comments hating on Jeffree Damn
Crystal Johnson
Crystal Johnson Hace un día
Lol he can apologize to ian but not james. Like I still bought his new pallete but like??? James deserves the apology more than Ian.
Jim Goins
Jim Goins Hace un día
Um no I'm ready to hear a public apology seeing as all the accusations were very public. I do mean a " James I am sorry" apology not a video that says everything but that..... I came here from watching Shane's videos and actually been jumping around different channels. I really want to see that collab work but I don't see it happening, I feel like as soon as it starts making money you will stab Shane in the back too.
jake thomas
jake thomas Hace un día
you guys are useless, there are so many important things happening in the world like people starving and here you are you immature piece of shits fighting over damm makeup shit wtf dude fucking idiots
xxxpiration 666
xxxpiration 666 Hace un día
*This is literally the worst fucking apology I’ve ever seen*
Heather Duran
Heather Duran Hace un día
Power! You are awesome.
Kookie Chan
Kookie Chan Hace un día
Guys he’s literally here accepting his wrong actions and reflected on it.
Renliaino Hace 2 días
tyjo_is_ _sicc
tyjo_is_ _sicc Hace 2 días
je suis confusion
Avila R.C
Avila R.C Hace 2 días
8:20 8:20 8:20 8:20
bluesky Hace 2 días
can't yall just stfu and do tutorials make up tutorials
Mischief Managed
Mischief Managed Hace 2 días
it's their channel they'll upload whatever the fuck they want
Ozdogzgo Hace 2 días
Why is she so scary
Maker Shaker Waker
Maker Shaker Waker Hace 2 días
They are always in a Dark place when they backstab their friends haha
Mr.masky Hace 2 días
M0th3r Ru551a
M0th3r Ru551a Hace 2 días
Jefree I truly appreciate how you took this whole situation in video. You are very mature and even though I myself knew little about the situation I am very proud of you and I wish other people could grow as a person such as you have.
Juanita McGregor
Juanita McGregor Hace 2 días
Half of you guys thats defending james most was just bashing him months ago so stop ✋🏽
James Charles has a better PR team.
Sheryl S.
Sheryl S. Hace 3 días
I'm sorry for any of my mean comments you may have ever read from me. I'm over this and I just wanted to say sorry and let this continue to keep this in the past. I've never stopped watching your videos and always supported your art in makeup.
i am exposing
i am exposing Hace 3 días
i swear jefferie can act i mean you can fool the your viewer but u cant fool me i mean who are you fooling you bullied charles i dont watch him but i normally watch you but why should i seriously bringing up your past wont make everyone feel sorry for you i dont belive in hate or rasisom
Ki Ki
Ki Ki Hace 3 días
Stop talking and go for a rehab, perhaps your double personalities are really a disturbance
Cupcake Girl
Cupcake Girl Hace 3 días
Aren’t u ashamed of urself for cyber bullying a 20 year old?
Liam Alford
Liam Alford Hace 3 días
So... here the deal. I was a huge Jeffree fan. Now not so much. This video was so self centred and somehow he made someone elses trauma, that btw he and another tarty bitch ( tati) put them through. James responds with an extremely mature video and basically cancels the hate towards him made through these clowns. Jeffree, keep doing you, dont get involved in others drama. Tati, get a fucking life, get some class and stop using people half your age to get publicity because NO ONE knew who you were before the video you made about James. You’re a joke.
Diamond David Lee Roth
Diamond David Lee Roth Hace 3 días
Leviticus 20:13
Lydia Soto
Lydia Soto Hace 3 días
Skye Navarro
Skye Navarro Hace 3 días
soo, why tf are people still talking about this when it was literally a couple months ago...
Steph K
Steph K Hace 3 días
Holy f this person has 16 mil subscribers how have I never heard of them until yt recommended me a dog video by them
pepper ford
pepper ford Hace 4 días
Jeffree in this video:Hating on james about straight boys Also jeffree:saying that he has sucked famous STRAIGHT guys dick and having them pay him so he doesnt tell anyone
michelle lewis
michelle lewis Hace 4 días
Wow this would have been hard for me to say. I am proud of you. Saying you are wrong in so many ways I'm sure was hard. You handled the end as a mature man/woman should. I would hope anyone would speak as you did but seldom will or do. You handled this very well.very well said.
Nicole Fernandez
Nicole Fernandez Hace 5 días
The sad thing about this entire drama (Jefree's side I mean) is that even though he went and made this video for whatever reason (apology, explanation, justification, clarification, etc), it doesn't matter. Not trying to throw shade here, just speaking facts. It doesn't matter what he says anymore because it's too late. He already fucked up royally, inserted himself, yet again, in drama that did not involve him personally, said awful things, was not professional and overall made himself look like the person everyone thought he was already. His apology to James and everyone is appreciated, (cuz at least we know he cares about what we think and how we feel towards him at the very least), but It personally made me feel nothing for him, not even sympathy. He admitted to his mistake (ok), did not pretend he didn't do it (ok) and said that he will no longer be that person, and will not do it again. (ok Cool). But it's too late!! Seriously! His words have no meaning or value in this video, because he already didn't hold back, and rationalized like a grown-up. He said he felt like the old Jeffree, sooo you're telling me you went back to your childish ways?? You're what, 33? and forgot everything you learned, and the oh so claimed "New You" "Personal Growth"? didn't show just did not show. Just like he pointed out, he took a shit ton of steps back from a ten-year walk. Even if everything he said was true to the core, and he officially proves to have changed and be a better person, in this year, it will not mean anything. A few years need to pass for him to prove himself again in my opinion. It was genuinely disappointing. I had been watching him for a while and had learned to like him and enjoy his personality and videos, but now I feel like he lost some of my respect. He might or might no care. Why would he? I'm just one of the millions of fans he has. But that's irrelevant. Point is, Thanks for the Vid Mr. Star! But your words are empty and are way overdue. Waayy too late, you can't change the past. Go work on your future, and REALLY stick to your beliefs, you were doing decent till now. I hope we can all see actual change and more growth. Good Luck, cuz tbh, for a minute, I had started to believe that all that shit people said about you being awful, was real.
Jessica Revelo
Jessica Revelo Hace 5 días
Like he said he was going to pull text messages, voice memos, etc aka pulling out receipts too so there is more we dont know about but Jeffree wont make this worse so we cant judge him he is just trying to be a better person and not continue this madness. He did apologized and admitted he shouldnt have posted those tweets etc
Grasica Rana
Grasica Rana Hace 5 días
I used to look up to you but now I feel like you’re the worst person to look up to
Doro Z.
Doro Z. Hace 5 días
min joon
min joon Hace 5 días
me remembering that this whole fucking issue started over fucking SLEEP VITAMINS : ........why........just why
min joon
min joon Hace 5 días
4:51 "i kNow WhAt PeoPle wAnT. They wAnT mE TO ExPoSe JaMes. ThEy wAnT mE tO spIlL ThE TeA" just want you to learn how to mind your own fucking business.
min joon
min joon Hace 5 días
tati and jeffree : he is a bad person! predator! predator! predator! james charles : *shows proof that he is NOT a bad person* tati and jeffree immediately after watching the video : omg guys we're so sorry we were in a dark place!
Alexis Ladendorf
Alexis Ladendorf Hace 5 días
and as a matter of fact he just said that he shouldnt have butted his way into it 9:56
Alexis Ladendorf
Alexis Ladendorf Hace 5 días
maybe the reason why he "butted his way into it" is bc he got angry with james and he didnt agree so he said somthing on twitter and regret it and said sorry to us for that reason and thats how he 'butted" his way into it its adult life
Raven Owens
Raven Owens Hace 5 días
I loved you Jeffree. You were my number one and now I’m pretty sick as to who I’ve seen you truly are. You literally are a drama queen aren’t you. I can’t stand you whatsoever now. How can you make anyone feel like you made James and his brother feel? That’s what dogs do. You are a shitty friend and person. To step into some drama that didn’t even have anything to do with you though?? You’re an attention seeker and that only made u looks stupid. Wear that for a while....
ZoeyAnn Conrad
ZoeyAnn Conrad Hace 6 días
Jeffree is owning up to his mistakes, and that right there makes him 100x better then everyone else ❤️ I love you Jeffree, and know that this is behind you and that you are a better person because of your growth through challenging times 🥰🥰🥰
Sofie Mai
Sofie Mai Hace 6 días
You guys had one job.. To do makeup. And now you're calling children out over hair vitamins, lol where's my popcorn? Can't wait for the series to go further.
Ariel Munoz
Ariel Munoz Hace 6 días
I stan jeffree every drama circulating by him but damn! he really fucked up this time 😶 BUT STILL IM NOT SUBSCRIBING EITHER JAMES OR TATI 😂 ILL JUST WAIT FOR SHANE DOCU SERIES TO END TO SEEK ANSWER WHY JSTAR DID THIS 😂😂😂!!!!!
Brianna Evans
Brianna Evans Hace 6 días
We need to remember that James is a 19 year old boy being attcked by 40 year olds
Luke Evans
Luke Evans Hace 20 horas
Spacecadet 124 except James never engaged in anything remotely violating anyones consent sexually
Ritz Garcia
Ritz Garcia Hace 2 días
he's 20
Spacecadet 124
Spacecadet 124 Hace 2 días
Brianna Evans I think we need to remember that James is an adult and should be called out for his sexual aggression and all his shit
Autumn Geer
Autumn Geer Hace 2 días
And I think people need to be reminded that sexual aggression doesn’t care what age you are. Get called out for being a predator
Peach Jam
Peach Jam Hace 3 días
He's a grown man regardless.
Nick Villanueva
Nick Villanueva Hace 7 días
I'm interested to see how this played out on the other side in Shane's documentary ... much respect, Jeffree!
vermilion Hace 7 días
I do not believe you. And I do not know you for being real. Everything is a little bit over the top.
Chel la
Chel la Hace 7 días
s1mulus Hace 7 días
I think he really just wanted to defend someone he cares about. Look back that whole drama was ridiculous. (I thought so at the time.) I believe it was honorable what he did afterward.
Rajat Chaurasia
Rajat Chaurasia Hace 7 días
Lilli Chan
Lilli Chan Hace 7 días
Don’t make fun of what people are going through, that is very immature and selfish of people that laugh at the jokes, but mainly YOU Also well said Jeffree 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Xxlvserrxsexx Hace 8 días
They THOUGHT they was gonna win😏 for all em subscribers😂
Julie O
Julie O Hace 8 días
We've all said shit we don't mean out of anger. I'm not even sure what you said, and I don't really care cuz we still love you no matter what Jeffree!
Ben Katz
Ben Katz Hace 8 días
i love u
Earth’s Vlog
Earth’s Vlog Hace 8 días
Idk bout you guys but I believe in proofs. And James got proofs
immy Hace 9 días
y'all only the people who were in seattle really know what went down and newsflash fake messages exist. now im not saying the messages that james showed were fake because i love both him and jeffree, but if jeffree knew something was wrong when james was supposedly being a sexual predator then when everyone is talking about it obviously he's gonna input his opinion. he has said at many points in this video that he is aware that he should have never said any of those things. he has said a clear sorry to james. he has acknowledged his mistakes. y'all really need to watch the video before you try to hate on him.
Hype Hipnosis
Hype Hipnosis Hace 9 días
*why is more than half of the comments section hate?*
Where Are The Avocados
Where Are The Avocados Hace 9 días
All I’m going to say is Tati is a joke. You can tell in her interview she’s just lying or fabricating shit. I’m proud of Jeffree for at least saying he’s sorry and being a man about it and owning up to his mistakes That takes a lot for someone to do that. I ain’t got none for Tati though.
Hope Rachel
Hope Rachel Hace 9 días
My sister plays the same game as you 🙄 I don’t know how to explain it fully but I feel like you knew people would be like “oh Jeffree has proof James is a piece of shit he’s just to good a person to expose him” Ngl this feels planned and manipulative, this and the story you posted.
LaurenTiare Hace 9 días
After this video. I am 100% behind Jeffree. Even though I thought he was full of himself, but after hearing him out and sitting here and thinking about it, and he’s sitting here owning up to his shit. Why doesn’t anyone else be as ethical as this?
Sarah Denyer
Sarah Denyer Hace 9 días
I didn’t watch this video at the time because I was kinda mad at JS for getting involved. Having watched the Shane series, I decided to watch it all again and my word, you have seriously grown. I have seen the horrendous array of apology videos out there from various youtubers and this is by far the most real one I have ever watched. You didn’t go for any sympathy vote, I love that you didn’t go without make up and away from your normal backdrop and lights - surely that would be more fake than anything else! I am so impressed with the self-reflection; there needs to be more of this on the internet. As a teacher, I see children who are watching influencers far more than anything else and they behave in the way their heroes do (which in many cases it pretty badly...) That should never be forgotten.
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