Never Doing This Again.

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Hace un año

Please watch this entire video and hear what I have to say about this entire situation. It's time for a change and it starts NOW.

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Elena K
Elena K Hace 3 horas
Isaiah Wright
Isaiah Wright Hace 8 horas
story telle
story telle Hace 9 horas
bruh lmaooooo i'm watching this again to remind myself what clownery looks like up close
that random queer
that random queer Hace 19 horas
i still dislike jeffree. he seems like such a toxic person
that random queer
that random queer Hace 19 horas
hey, do you guys remember when two adults in their thirties accused a nineteen year old of being a sexual predator without producing any proof?
Pema Choedon
Pema Choedon Hace un día
Biggles Boggles
Biggles Boggles Hace un día
I’ve always said that it’s actually Jeffrey Star that is the true danger to society. He’s is truly a terrible monster of a human being.
TAG- LIFE Hace un día
Halle Joanne
Halle Joanne Hace un día
Jeffery just loves to say what people wanna hear. Does he really mean it, NO. clearly
Erikah Woods
Erikah Woods Hace un día
I just realized Jeffree star has no eyebrows LMAOOOOOO
Ms DarkstaR
Ms DarkstaR Hace un día
Still cannot believe this was all started over Vitamins! My God the kid was 19 years old and literally didn't do ANYTHING wrong.
Anjela Singh
Anjela Singh Hace un día
"I aM IN A AmAZINg rElAtIOnShIP" You got served by Karma sir. now go run like a mad witch in your castle.You almost made a teenager to contemplate suicide.You will be served royally much more.
Anderson Benitez
Anderson Benitez Hace 2 días
I used to be inspired by you but Jeffree right now you are just really untrustworthy, I watch you and I feel manipulated.
Pritika Magima
Pritika Magima Hace 2 días
God you are so so so full of shit. Get a grip.
maggie lehto
maggie lehto Hace 2 días
just stop getting involved it's not your business at all
MusicFlame HD
MusicFlame HD Hace 2 días
ئای ھاڤ ئە کرەش ئۆن یو
Bro man
Bro man Hace 2 días
I used to look up to you, but now I hate you
Krth Brtl
Krth Brtl Hace 2 días
Let's not forget that this shit drama starts because of fucking gummy bears.
Josh Drabble
Josh Drabble Hace 2 días
Why did he need to get himself involved 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ It literally had nothing to do with him until he tweeted that thing about the banning James from his house 😬
T O X I C B U B B L E S Hace 2 días
👁 👁 👃🏻 👄
T O X I C B U B B L E S Hace 2 días
👱🏽‍♂️this is Jerry 👕he’s really hated 👖he could use a like 🧦or a comment 👞and he says please?
Krabby Man
Krabby Man Hace 3 días
James through a reverse card
Saman Raza
Saman Raza Hace 3 días
Okay buddy
Sophie Hayden
Sophie Hayden Hace 3 días
Just thought I would remind you all …this is all over vitamin gummy bears 😁
kawaii cookie
kawaii cookie Hace 3 días
I do not think you are a terrible person. I'm glad you know what you did wrong but you did say very bad things. Thank you for apologizing
damian Ø
damian Ø Hace 4 días
Jeffre: here da tea :U
Lime Husky
Lime Husky Hace 4 días
Jefree... you were cancelled.
Blnksz SZN
Blnksz SZN Hace 4 días
U mad because James is better than u and will always be
Blnksz SZN
Blnksz SZN Hace 4 días
Jeffery your mean and lose your friends constantly
amber Winter
amber Winter Hace 4 días
fuck you jeffree
choie po
choie po Hace 4 días
You added fuel to the fire. You get away with everything and tried to ruin James’s life. I don’t get how Jeffree gets away with everything. You are not honest with everything like how you lied about the alcohol. There are pics of you drinking alcohol and passed out in the past. You are shady. You blocked me for talking about a website you made called “lipstick n*zi” on Twitter.
No Hace 4 días
*atleast he apologized to Ian*
No Hace 4 días
*I'm not posting receipts or exposing anyone anymore* BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE *ANYTHING* your receipts are all LIES AND YOURE A LIAR SIR - You're just not admitting you were wrong lmfao
Sam Bencashin
Sam Bencashin Hace 5 días
you have always been full of shit.
elson jake
elson jake Hace 5 días
the fact that they are fighting over a gummy😂
Kirsten Hoyle
Kirsten Hoyle Hace 5 días
If you want an update on James, and live in the dark under a rock....he actually made a successful ESwomen series called instant influencer. I'm glad he came back from this. Young people make mistakes, but so do all other people. This whole situation,like everyone said...should have been behind closed doors. They all were wrong, but James was WRONGED.
Shadow Hacked
Shadow Hacked Hace 5 días
Jeffery sweetie stop faking it wont get anyone better and it will not fix your mistakes umm srsly your to toxic for james he don't even deserve this i am mad about how you didn't lose followers cause that's fascinating and say that james losed followers over a dumb act when you should be the one who loses the account not only the followers who knows? Maybe your paying people to follow you or your followers are fake let's just get done with drama cause james is the victim here and he has my fully support that's why i'm going to get the fuck out of this channel and hope other people do too so you do you and leave james out of this and don't get in his life he dont need yiu and never will just get over that
Riselle Amante
Riselle Amante Hace 5 días
I’m watching this during quarantine, and I wonder why he still has 18M subs??? Wtf? Unsubscribe already!
Tasimba Mafukidze
Tasimba Mafukidze Hace 5 días
Jefrre stop lying
Isabellasings Hace 5 días
I'm watching this in 2020. I don't agree at all with what he did and that he pit himself into that situation but I'm impressed that he is admitting to his mistakes because it takes a lot to admit that you made a mistake. I just wish that he explained why he chose those words to say to James.
Tarushi Mahajan
Tarushi Mahajan Hace 5 días
dude these youtubers need to stop pulling the “i was in a dark place” card every time they mess up. your mental health is NOT a trump card.
Big homie Dax
Big homie Dax Hace 6 días
How do you people think this is beautiful, this nigga ugly as shit
Everything is here
Everything is here Hace 6 días
You were right about one thing karma did his thing and you broke up with nate and deserved it
Queen Killuminati
Queen Killuminati Hace 6 días
Lost a sub dude. You dont truly care about your fans&viewers. You involved yourself in a situation you had 0 buisness in, then use this "we" as if WE THE VIEWERS&FANS were any part of this drama. You're a master manipulator, & you've been exposed time&time again, but have always been forgiven. I dont think you'll be forgiven this time around. Your apology means absolutely nothing. Sorry, not sorry.
amy d i x o n
amy d i x o n Hace 6 días
“I’m in a beautiful relationship” karma must sister sting huh ?
Decia Simms
Decia Simms Hace 6 días
I watched you for a while, but after the bs you said about James (and using this video to act like you dont want to show proof bec you're above this conflict all of the sudden, convenient..also, people got in your head? You love being on top of the drama, probably got views, among other reasons) ..and your on and off again relationship with Dahvie are so pathetic. You're definitely in great need of a spiritual awakening.
Alanna Carroll
Alanna Carroll Hace 6 días
You are an amazing person.I didn’t realise to today. I’ve just watched you.
tephie159 Hace 6 días
Guys Cancel Myka Stauffer for what she and her husband did to there "son"
Waddles Da Pig
Waddles Da Pig Hace 6 días
He is skinny he bites the bullet. This lil piggy eats the bullet
s1gmaYT Hace 6 días
you re gay
Posie Miller
Posie Miller Hace 7 días
am i only one who is binge watching all the youtube drama videos ?
Olivia Haken
Olivia Haken Hace 7 días
I respect Jeffree for doing this tho and staying very calm. I love Jeffree I just don’t support the things he said. But James did get kinda heated in the time of his voice in his video
Olivia Haken
Olivia Haken Hace 7 días
Who else believes James cuz he actually showed screenshots and explained it SO MUCH. I think if anyone James knows what he did and was telling the truth.
abby king
abby king Hace 7 días
Yeah watching this almost a year later still sickens me...
Noleen Cassar
Noleen Cassar Hace 7 días
I useed to you but now you messed up you almost ruined james cerreere like what did he ever do to you?
Olivia Is cool
Olivia Is cool Hace 7 días
damn. i can’t believe i used to stan you
Sara Hoffman
Sara Hoffman Hace 7 días
You need to be cancelled
Ava Hace 7 días
HAHHAHA James got cancelled
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez Hace 5 días
Not really, he has more subs than Jeffree now
Mallika Woodi
Mallika Woodi Hace 7 días
Such a clever strategy. Do everything that you want to and then say sorry, I'm no longer involved.
Lawrence Hace 8 días
I think Jeffree's picture turning to dust in his cremated palette is him disintegrating because James just snapped back at them. Lol
Chelsea Hwang
Chelsea Hwang Hace 8 días
this cowardass bitch gotta shut up cuz he was the one attacked an 18 year old. and no matter what he says, he is a bitch lmao. and he has the nerve to say ‘im not a biTch !!!!’
Combies Hace 8 días
Aaliyah Dukes
Aaliyah Dukes Hace 8 días
Nigga, all people wanted was proof🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ï håvĕ piE
ï håvĕ piE Hace 8 días
2:56 *BRUH* All the world wants is you to stop inserting yourself and LYING Tf?
xissygoesonroblox Hace 8 días
Victoria Vasquez
Victoria Vasquez Hace 8 días
why THE FUCK are you part of this!! this has NOTHING... NOTHING to do with you! I am a supporter but this is... wow i believe that you are a good persone and in know you are a supportive amazing friend i have no voice in this but please you need to back off
Ngoidrup Cessy
Ngoidrup Cessy Hace 8 días
I thought you were a good bitch.....but girl....m not ur fan anymore.....
kobe juntilla
kobe juntilla Hace 8 días
Whose here in quarantine😂
SistergirlyzombeahoneybunchSAM Hace 8 días
James only advertises some vitamins, bro calm down.
Romey Gaskill
Romey Gaskill Hace 9 días
I’m happy that he admits his actions are wrong because that’s hard to do I have made mistakes and I’m sure all of you have too and it’s hard to say they were wrong and it’s stressful to live with guilt and admitting it is really stressful so thank you so much for admitting you have made mistakes and I would hug you if I could and I’m glad this whole thing is over so everyone should chill it’s been a year.
Aaliyah Dukes
Aaliyah Dukes Hace 8 días
He's still talking about it though. Go listen to him on mom's basement
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