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Hace 10 meses

It's the 2 Truths 1 Lie Challenge! Our Smosh daddy, Ian, and Damien from Smosh Games face off and things get a bit *nerdy* this time around!
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2 truths 1 lie smosh2 truths 1 lie2 truths and 1 lie2 truths 1 lie challenge

UnicornGirl Hace 8 días
*just in case*
idk that's why
idk that's why Hace 15 días
Tree town was a Canadian puppet show.
Kjersti Catherine
Kjersti Catherine Hace 15 días
Frog town is just a nickname for Angel’s Camp. I grew up there.
Gabby Lundy
Gabby Lundy Hace 16 días
*tell someone that you do any martial arts* Them: "What would you do if I punched you right now?" Me/You: "Dodge?"
Gabby Lundy
Gabby Lundy Hace 16 días
*Starts video* Hey, I own the same shirt as Ian. ... Awesome!
Adinson Montes
Adinson Montes Hace 16 días
So this turned me on..... XD
Carson Hunter
Carson Hunter Hace 17 días
Get Ian and Anthony 2 truths 1 lie, Anthony as a guest star
Tasha Anderson
Tasha Anderson Hace 19 días
LOL, I live in a place called Tree town Utah
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar Hace 20 días
You see ian played it wrong since before the one with his ex
Tay Bro
Tay Bro Hace 22 días
Tree town is tremonton
Artzy Fartzy
Artzy Fartzy Hace 22 días
Ian: I guess we don’t know each other that well Damien(sassily): WELL WHOS FAULT IS THAT I KEEP INVITING YOU TO BRUNCH 😂😂
Addy Lols
Addy Lols Hace 23 días
Serina & Mikayla Vlogs
Serina & Mikayla Vlogs Hace 24 días
Ah yes Damien, the pretty little liar
Joyce_ Cedeno
Joyce_ Cedeno Hace 28 días
Can we appreciate how handsome Damien looks at 9:22,or actually let me correct myself 0:00-13:12
Julia Deane
Julia Deane Hace un mes
When Ian said he had Ethiopian food i immediately thought of lunchtime with smosh
Mrs. ll
Mrs. ll Hace un mes
Damien makes me really happy
Mrs. ll
Mrs. ll Hace un mes
Anything that has Damien
Mrs. ll
Mrs. ll Hace un mes
I want more Damien Videos.
Oliver Allover
Oliver Allover Hace un mes
I really don’t like Ian’s truths/lies because they have nothing to do with him while Damien does... and then to make it worse Ian is the one complaining
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown Hace un mes
4:40 Tree Town is a country music festival over memorial day weekend in Forrest City, Iowa
Brix Hace un mes
I want anthony and ian to do this
EmArgent Hace un mes
How many times has ian messed this up lol
Butter Cheese
Butter Cheese Hace un mes
Hang town is probably a Logan Paul video
Ryan Fonoimoana
Ryan Fonoimoana Hace un mes
6:13 "i have no pressure" i thought he said depression, i was like, boi same
Wolf Dude
Wolf Dude Hace un mes
Ian is an Irish name
Turveiro Hace un mes
Ian's were so boring...
Logan Thompson
Logan Thompson Hace un mes
I used to live in hang town. Small world.
Bekah McCarter
Bekah McCarter Hace un mes
I wish I could have a Damien clone to date, and I know that's creepy, but he's bf goals.
Gold Distance
Gold Distance Hace un mes
Ian is the counter pick for Damien
Jakob Sprague
Jakob Sprague Hace un mes
Bruh. I have like 800 hours on all souls games encluding bloodborne
Kimani Beaubrun
Kimani Beaubrun Hace un mes
Wait so ian real name is shawn hecox
Tyler Pummell
Tyler Pummell Hace un mes
Forest, Ohio is nicknamed Tree Town
lrl Gacha
lrl Gacha Hace un mes
My 2 favorite boys
BichrrAziz Hace un mes
1:20 + This is literally what happened with pam XD
BichrrAziz Hace un mes
This is literally what happened with pam XD
Montana T Kerr
Montana T Kerr Hace un mes
Please play more of this!! I miss it!!
Truman Sharp
Truman Sharp Hace un mes
Damien has the definition of a shit eating grin
zombie1047 Hace un mes
I was raised in Placerville
Biggest Chungus
Biggest Chungus Hace un mes
2069 anyone
Manasa Nandigama
Manasa Nandigama Hace un mes
Shayne showing off that he knows damien how.....shayne
Drew Brown
Drew Brown Hace un mes
They do not have redwoods in Sacramento. 😂 red woods are like maybe an hour east and two hours west.
Alexandra Huston
Alexandra Huston Hace un mes
You guys should get Damien to try karate again for a video!
Loydds Me
Loydds Me Hace un mes
Do Ian and Anthony ... Oh wait
Katie R
Katie R Hace 2 meses
Did this man really just say “Ian is Scottish for John”?
Katie R
Katie R Hace un mes
@AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco although both are v common in scotland, i just googled it and apparently they are actually related 🤔 The More You Know
AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco Hace un mes
Yeah and Idk what to believe
STICKINATOR Hace 2 meses
DAMIEN KNOWS ABOUT MONGOLIAN thats cool im 70 % mongolia
FelixEA Hace 2 meses
Damian looks so mad
Joseph Gates
Joseph Gates Hace 2 meses
I live near frog town. Mark Twain lived there.
Sweggy Duk
Sweggy Duk Hace 2 meses
Ian isn't scottish for john the way he's spelled it, its 'Iain' if you want it to be scots
Sapphire Hace 3 meses
Chi_5 Hace 4 meses
Do Anthony and Oliva
Cameron Kerr
Cameron Kerr Hace 5 meses
I love in Scotland but I have never eaten haggas also my dad's name is Iain it's just spelt differently from smosh ian
Cameron Kerr
Cameron Kerr Hace 5 meses
KatesInapropriateComments Lol
KatesInapropriateComments Lol Hace 5 meses
How did I never see this video
RAS Shaw
RAS Shaw Hace 5 meses
So surely I'm not the only one who completly missed this video given its four months old yet only around 450 comments?
RAS Shaw
RAS Shaw Hace 5 meses
So surely I'm not the only one who completly missed this video given its four months old yet only around 450 comments?
Maya McPhaul
Maya McPhaul Hace 5 meses
Everyone is talking about Damien, meanwhile I’m just happy Sacramento is getting referenced in anything
J Cap
J Cap Hace 6 meses
Damien kind of remembers me Joey 🤔
EC2Gaming 101
EC2Gaming 101 Hace 6 meses
Leila Shea
Leila Shea Hace 6 meses
I live near a place called Woodland so almost Tree Town
Alicia Ang
Alicia Ang Hace 6 meses
Damien isn't wrong- he *is* very pretty.
Max Hace 7 meses
Get some of the smosh games members on this!! Like Boze vs Keith or something lmao
Ali Paloba
Ali Paloba Hace 7 meses
Ian and new Ian... nice.
maddy Hace 7 meses
tree town is actually what they're renaming oregon as
李佳祁 Hace 8 meses
imagine if it's Ian and Anthony play this game and how juicy it would be
Kalee Non ya
Kalee Non ya Hace 8 meses
Yes pretty little liars
Elevator hunter
Elevator hunter Hace 8 meses
morado lorena
morado lorena Hace 8 meses
why damien and ian? a legit question
Kiernan Maher
Kiernan Maher Hace 8 meses
hey i didn’t know Ian was from Sacramento!! 916 represent!!
Katherine Poole
Katherine Poole Hace 8 meses
“I have eaten. NO” ~Ian Hecox, 2018
Darknight blue 1234
Darknight blue 1234 Hace 8 meses
DUDE!, nerds are so HOT!
nutella waffles
nutella waffles Hace 9 meses
Shayne voiced the into right?
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