NBA 2K League Playoffs - Round 1

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NBA 2K League Playoffs - Round 1 Presented by SlayIsland
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Jo En
Jo En Hace un mes
This game is much better with only 2 or less players involved
dadrian morgan
dadrian morgan Hace un mes
This show sucks.
ajacobs Hace un mes
These guys get more hyped for every score than any real nba team does it’s so cringeworthy
Omar Q
Omar Q Hace 3 meses
That Washington team is straight dogshit. 3 guys that do nothing at all for you and shitty iso ball with no team work. And you wonder why you get smacked lol
Adrian Hace 4 meses
The gameplay is so garbage nba2k12 will forever be the best simulation nba video game
fjvideo Hace 4 meses
Good Lord. Take advice from me, the Father of Competitive Video Games and creator of the Madden Challenge. Stand the players up. Seeing them sitting there makes this lame x 1000.
pipolo muhain
pipolo muhain Hace 4 meses
that was boring.. no defense? they don't know how to defend?
Energy807 YT
Energy807 YT Hace 5 meses
I'm so glad the underdogs (Knicks) won vs the Blazers
Deez Dubs
Deez Dubs Hace 6 meses
These niggas trash af
YourPlug Hace 6 meses
Lmao I wish one of them nerds would talk like that and actually be in the same room as me.
Mr. How To
Mr. How To Hace 7 meses
Lol some players suck
Xzavyon Powell
Xzavyon Powell Hace 7 meses
Hotspot is a ball hog
Savage Hippie
Savage Hippie Hace 7 meses
10:40 LMFAOOOOOOOOO nigga said it with passion
Randy BoBandy1234
Randy BoBandy1234 Hace 8 meses
Wow first time I watched 2k league and the defense play against hot shot was cheeks bro. And is hotshot a PF or C at point guard? Really? This is basketball? This is fun to them. All they do is take advantage of flaws in the game. No running plays just using glitches. And to think they get payed LMAO. 2k you could get people that actually want to play a hi IQ game of BASKETBALL not just use glitches would be better to watch anyway.
Christopher Gaston
Christopher Gaston Hace 9 meses
These niggas trash
Manny Mares
Manny Mares Hace 9 meses
What jump shot are they using? looks like they all have the same one
J Howard
J Howard Hace 9 meses
OK I'm not an expert by any means but that just sucks doing the 5 out crap. Boring and no fun.
htaeD who knew
htaeD who knew Hace 9 meses
This game is dog shit for competitive lmao
Damein Cobb
Damein Cobb Hace 9 meses
This shit about to blow tf up 🔥
Piper Hace 9 meses
These competition is trash and the players are not that great.. NBA 2k league is not that amusing to watch. I'll just choose MOBA esport tournaments than this trash.
Therealtay 614
Therealtay 614 Hace 10 meses
I need someone to do this for 2k19
F. G.
F. G. Hace 10 meses
cringe af
nah junxi
nah junxi Hace 10 meses
why are they so hight lol just a game lmao
Insert name here
Insert name here Hace 10 meses
Get that shiiiiiiiiiiiiii shot outta here
Kyoeki Hace 10 meses
Ive always found in funny in a video game to stand up and yell at the other person lol
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Hace 10 meses
Lol at finding 4-5 other guys that have the time and drive to play these games all the time to get so good to get this far...geez
KingClasick Hace 10 meses
These bums only pass to the corner on bail outs. A bunch of iso scrubs. Where is the passing and ball movement? 2k leauge a joke.
David Almaraz
David Almaraz Hace 11 meses
That looked so boring. My friend has been telling me to get this game, and I have been telling him to get Rocket league so he can play with me. The difference in the competitive scene is huge.
The big W
The big W Hace 7 meses
David Almaraz rocket league is better I love rl I’ve played both 2k and rl and I can confidently say rocket league is a much better game I hope you convinced your friend to get rocket league
Simon McQuinn
Simon McQuinn Hace 11 meses
Shit love watching virgins act like this a real game
brian green
brian green Hace 11 meses
So there is no 2 k league?
jonathan carson
jonathan carson Hace 11 meses
This is horrible. Might as well be arcade mode. No basketball. Just straight boring garbage. No real sets or anything
Nicholas Curry
Nicholas Curry Hace un año
My pro am team would whip everybody here we play fundamental basketball and don’t need to cheese. Can’t stand it
psycho white
psycho white Hace 11 meses
Right lol
Clip That Shit
Clip That Shit Hace un año
4 out blow by zig zag cheese is all I see.
tank Williamson
tank Williamson Hace un año
Everybody complain about the zig zag then they complain about the good d just shut up.
Andre Sutton
Andre Sutton Hace un año
That sounds like Smequle
Ronnelle Juan Enriquez
Ronnelle Juan Enriquez Hace un año
Hotshot won't be good in 2k19 bcoz of no zigzag cheese
Andre Wafford
Andre Wafford Hace 7 meses
Ronnelle Juan Enriquez still a top player in the league 🤨
The Master
The Master Hace un año
2k is far from balanced comp
TenWith CornyWrestling.
TenWith CornyWrestling. Hace un año
Go to my channel
Parker Smith
Parker Smith Hace un año
These dudes are so bad!!! Lol
packers fan
packers fan Hace un año
What if someone lags out@😂😂
Michael Hace 11 meses
Stephen A Smith they have good internet unlike people who lag out
Jarriel Hyde
Jarriel Hyde Hace un año
Good point smith
Real Slim Bobby
Real Slim Bobby Hace un año
This is cool and nerdy as hell at the same time.
G.T Breezy
G.T Breezy Hace un año
All the teams did was play iso ball at the free throw line lmao
malik griffin
malik griffin Hace un año
Bro how dude that’s getting exposed by hotspot even in the league 😂😭😂 worst defense I’ve ever seen
Jac.quezzz !
Jac.quezzz ! Hace 4 meses
Do you not understand you can't defend zigzag ?
MonkaS MonkaS
MonkaS MonkaS Hace un año
Why is this a thing and why is it so god damn boring even a 12 year old can join. This game doesnt need skills like damn man.
Eddie Gamble
Eddie Gamble Hace un año
This is the only proof u need to say that 2k is TRASH!!! Look at this FAKE ASS Basketball. 2k11 the GOAT
NFI Hace un año
These guys are so fucking lame - talking shit meanwhile they can’t even dribble in real life. That dude who kept standing up needs to shut his pilsbury ass up
Stoner GamingTv
Stoner GamingTv Hace un año
People say kobe was a ballhog. That second game was 5 vs 1😂😂 was that the gameplay or did he just say fuck my teammate I need that money.
카이리내쉬 Hace un año
ㅈㄴ 병신같네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
hafabricknoface tso
hafabricknoface tso Hace un año
Im from Madagascar and a die hard 2k player. Can someone tell me the steps i need to take to play in the 2k league
Broken Glass
Broken Glass Hace un año
Honore where at?
Honore Hace un año
I believe they have qualifiers after the league is over, for the upcoming draft. If i remember correctly they had 75,000 players last time that tried out
Raiders7528 Hace un año
Federico Nisi
Federico Nisi Hace un año
There are no plays that made me think "wow this guy is amazing at the game" like in other games
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson Hace 4 meses
2k is sluggish been saying it for years it's so over hyped ALL HAIL LIVE 20🙌
Ganjetero Hace un año
Wheres the Defense?
MrG4meW1nner Hace un año
Lol these dudes get hype and talk shit when they know they are cheesing the game. Stand at the free throw line and ziz zag then walk back and shoot the mid range. Lol. Shot Slasher broke the league.
MrG4meW1nner Hace un año
The one on one zig zag 5 out is so boring and doesnt take skill. Smh this is horrible to watch. You cant even play defense on somebody just moving the stick back and forth.
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson Hace 4 meses
This is way I don't play 2k at all the defense really the whole game is sluggish
YoungsterChris Hace 6 meses
king james anyone with a high ass overall can make it. 2k is just how good your ovr is and if you can cheese the game with badges.
king james
king james Hace un año
MrG4meW1nner i bet u wouldnt score 20 points in 2k league oh shot u cant even get pick..
unknown trapper 23
unknown trapper 23 Hace un año
Niggas actually watch this trash. 5 out iso ball. Blow by and snatchbacks. Boring. Id hate to be one of the guys on the team dat just stands in corner smh
Sergio Jara
Sergio Jara Hace un año
U know that center from the PGT is getting kicked of the team cuz he got 49 points on his head so you know it
Thewriteway2fail Hace un año
Kenny looks like Chrismoove's evil twin
Balllikeimdwade Hace un año
Lol all hot shot do is zig zag no skill at all imo
KingShocks9 Hace un año
Fuck the Knicks
Micheal Upton
Micheal Upton Hace un año
What build is hotshot?
Daniel Rangel
Daniel Rangel Hace un año
This clowns can't play
Geans2Cold Hace un año
That knicks blazers game was lit. I thinks it’s either gonna be he knicks or heat who win it all
Therealtay 614
Therealtay 614 Hace un año
Who won mvp
Behlauski Hace un año
Therealtay 614 i think Walnut did
Faith Rosenberry
Faith Rosenberry Hace un año
J D Hace un año
Cinderella story part 2 go knicks and heat
Juan Diego
Juan Diego Hace un año
Knicks only I feel could beat blazer5 they play like they season line every time they play 💯
StayTuned MOET
StayTuned MOET Hace un año
The Knicks Too Lit , I love It 😂
Tyree Collins
Tyree Collins Hace un año
Wizards 2 bigs gotta do better job boxing out & get more defensive rebounds if they wanna win. That boy feast was beasting on the glass.
L3t Me
L3t Me Hace un año
Sigh. Raptor need to shoot 3. All them great shooters. Kenny can do it all. Steal. Blocking. Scoring. But the defense let them down. Going to be good playoff . I'm not surprised blazers lost. Knicks got drivers. I like how heat chek matured at the right time. Put they ego to the side and share the ball to win games. Going to be tough to beat my them. Cavs still have defense issue there offense is pushing them. 76er are scary . I don't who win the title
Juuknevics Hace un año
Noone expected that the Knicks would win? I commented on your playoff prediction vid that Knicks are pulling the upset
Energy807 YT
Energy807 YT Hace 5 meses
xI_CAVEMAN_Ix Hace un año
I commented "That Would be Wild" on yo comment.......yo definitely called it 😎🙏
Jeff Sikala
Jeff Sikala Hace un año
Can you add in transition points and more defense in your videos please. I would of liked to of seen a few of the 10 turnover pistons had and transition buckets. Creates more of a variety to the vid
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