NBA 2K League Finals Game 1: Knicks Gaming Edges Heat Check Gaming in Thriller

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Knicks Gaming was able to hold off Heat Check Gaming's 4th quarter run with timely basket and stops. Iamadamthe1st led Knicks Gaming with 34 points and 8 assists.
The best players in 2K gaming go pro with the launch of the inaugural NBA 2K League. Watch live all season long at Twitch.TV/NBA2KLeague.
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Cat Noodles
Cat Noodles Hace un mes
I don't know but this is sad
Doron Bond
Doron Bond Hace 3 meses
Man these kats will roast the nba players 2k tournament
Doron Bond
Doron Bond Hace 3 meses
So how are they recording this set up?
Tyler Binder
Tyler Binder Hace 3 meses
What happens if one of them foul out?
Harold Tan
Harold Tan Hace 6 meses
Why does competitive 2k look so strange?
YOUNG BUCKS Hace 7 meses
Knicks winning ?😱😱somebody check the game sliders
Yigit Can Arin
Yigit Can Arin Hace 8 meses
Came to see if e-sports were taking over. Apparently not yet..
Cream PiE
Cream PiE Hace 8 meses
I legit thought this was a real league with some rule changes making it a diffrent sport or a variation of a sport lol.
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Hace un año
This is so funny how hotshot is dunking on everyone in 2k but he can’t touch the net in real life
Peanut Assasin
Peanut Assasin Hace un año
ThatKiddKuda is carrying the Knicks lmao
YellaYetti The Mythical
YellaYetti The Mythical Hace un año
Sharpshooterlos did fuck all for MHCG 😄😄😄
Schane Massey
Schane Massey Hace un año
How the hell did humanity arrive to this point in time? 200 people sitting around watching grown ass men in jersey's sweating from nerves because they are playing a video game? wow.
Hugo Navas
Hugo Navas Hace un año
Wtf am I watching. I bet these mf cant even play ball in rl😂
kailu '
kailu ' Hace un año
Sheluvshugo their gameplay looks rough too 😂💀
Cesar Barajas
Cesar Barajas Hace un año
Would love to see these dudes ACTUALLY go out and play 5v5
BAMGEdits Hace 8 meses
@Miggy Alfaro Nope, it doesn't really mean anything because of the fact that there are only 5 players on the court. There are no bench players so it makes sense to disable the fatigue. Edit: Didn't realize your comment was 4 months old! 😂
Miggy Alfaro
Miggy Alfaro Hace un año
Are the players the same 5 in the court all throughout a game? If so, is fatigue and stamina of the virtual players a factor in the game?
4 0
4 0 Hace un año
Young precise and his squad would eat these teams ass
Kabir G
Kabir G Hace un año
Knicks gaming is better than the knicks
RT NBA Hace un año
Lmaoooo but none of them can hoop in real life😂
JuanZ_ 06
JuanZ_ 06 Hace 17 días
Mest Bruh you got a crush on a twitch streamer goofy ass
Mest Hace 5 meses
Jay D you don’t even show your face bruh
Jay D
Jay D Hace un año
4kPeez Snipa lmaooooo neither can yo weak ass. 😂🤣
david juarez
david juarez Hace un año
This Shit better than the nba playoffs
Eyd Life
Eyd Life Hace un año
Thats all what you've got boys???? I literally can beat yall Hahahahaha lol
Ryan yip
Ryan yip Hace un año
The only thing the Knicks will be good at Other than tanking
Terrill414 Hace un año
Knicks n 3
Saint L. Kadar
Saint L. Kadar Hace un año
@NBALIVE 🤦🏾‍♂️
Luke Himes
Luke Himes Hace un año
Is it me or are these 2k logos kinda more fire than the regular ones?
Consuela Gaming
Consuela Gaming Hace un año
It's because the logos got that video game logo look
Henrique Bruno Thomasson
Henrique Bruno Thomasson Hace un año
Why when i play online i have problems with shooting??
Jake Miller
Jake Miller Hace un año
My god this gameplay is horrid
Cal Schmidt
Cal Schmidt Hace 11 meses
@109 The best in a buggy af game how illustrious
109 Hace 11 meses
No argument lolo
Cal Schmidt
Cal Schmidt Hace 11 meses
@109 Lolol
Cal Schmidt
Cal Schmidt Hace 11 meses
@Trevor D Best in a buggy mess of a game lmaoo
109 Hace un año
Money talks. If anyone was putting in the time to be better they'd definitely be trying to get paid to do it. The best players are all here.
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz Hace un año
Song name pls
Kevin P
Kevin P Hace un año
When you and your boys get run off the courts in real life so you go over to Mikey’s home and just play 2K.
sniperaaron Hace un año
This shit looks more broken than the actual game lmao
Ralph Gaspar
Ralph Gaspar Hace un año
is the dribble moves or pull up jumper is not available? are there no other moves available to execute? besides zig zaging? hmmmmmm..................................
nowand beyond
nowand beyond Hace un año
Even from Miami, I'm glad the heatcheck lost. Awful cheese to watch. Very annoying. Go NY!
Kingwild_yt Hace un año
Who ever reading this will have a good year🙏🏽💜subscribe to me show love for some better 2k videos
Kingwild_yt Hace un año
Everybody zig zagging lmao bum😭
Kingwild_yt Hace un año
Deh Beast facts bruh😂niggas got no type of moved but ay go check out my yt rq and subscribe🙏🏽
Julien Hace un año
Video game competitions with actual real life commentators are fucking pathetic
Basketball Player
Basketball Player Hace un año
The sliders in the 2k league literally took no skill lol...2k19 is a much more difficult game
Wilson Pena
Wilson Pena Hace un año
Lol imagine
Atticus Belcher
Atticus Belcher Hace un año
It’s sad that the knicks e sports team has better basketball iq than the real team
Phill Phillips
Phill Phillips Hace un año
Ha! the knicks winning at something😂. Finally.
Uthman Yt
Uthman Yt Hace un año
Commentating virtual basketball could u get more gay
Anthony byrdman
Anthony byrdman Hace un año
Hamburg 🤣🤣🤣🤣
OMG ItsPeak
OMG ItsPeak Hace un año
I mean shid they getting paid for that
Hamburg Hace un año
Lmao would you rather sweat your ass in a minimum salary pizza shop or something?
SuperRip7 Hace un año
Soon it will be over. I am talking about the video game. 08-27-18.
Hamburg Hace un año
The fuck are you talking about
Billy Miller
Billy Miller Hace un año
Are there really live announcers for a video game?
The Talking Green Box
The Talking Green Box Hace un año
Ultra Sur lmao why so salty?
H J Hace un año
Shut ur white ass up
Ivan Jones
Ivan Jones Hace un año
The zig zag cheese is everywhere😶
NBA LegendZ
NBA LegendZ Hace un año
Ivan Jones Hey! Hope you’re doing good! I upload great nba content! Can you subscribe to me and stay active? I will appreciate your support and feedback! Thanks! Enjoy💯
the Dude
the Dude Hace un año
Isaias Rivas
Isaias Rivas Hace un año
Please let everyone know ITS JUST A VIDEO GAME!! What the heck is this world coming to, when you have to die because you beat someone AT A VIDEO GAME. Be safe people (or at least try to with all this craziness in the USA!)
Consuela Gaming
Consuela Gaming Hace un año
Dude there are teams everywhere with players that make more than your parents do in a year combined. So let's not just say things about the U.S.
HitmanStark Hace un año
Y’all be safe at these tournaments, Madden just got shot up last night in Jax
Sharif Brown
Sharif Brown Hace 7 meses
Aaaaay, let's get it.
Iced Up
Iced Up Hace un año
Rip Trueboy
Xzavier Pamphile
Xzavier Pamphile Hace un año
Reminds me of Ninja😂but make sure that security is high quality mannn💯
NBA LegendZ
NBA LegendZ Hace un año
Young_Boy X Hey! Hope you’re doing good! I upload great nba content! Can you subscribe to me and stay active? I will appreciate your support and feedback! Thanks! God bless you💯
Bogar Hace un año
We’re doing it! The Knicks are finally winning something!
Taytay goat
Taytay goat Hace un año
Horek Rokom Tv
Horek Rokom Tv Hace un año
nice game active + friend
SUPAMAN20021 Hace un año
5 out bullshit... garbage ass
thebull Devoe
thebull Devoe Hace un año
Nobody cares about this league
Sukmeet Samra
Sukmeet Samra Hace un año
thebull Devoe then why are you here if you don’t care?
Tom Erdenebat
Tom Erdenebat Hace un año
10th comment
NBA LegendZ
NBA LegendZ Hace un año
Tom Erdenebat Hey! Hope you’re doing good! I upload great nba content! Can you subscribe to me and stay active? I will appreciate your support and feedback! Thanks!😀
Fat Mamba
Fat Mamba Hace un año
Make sure u have no white ragers in 2k and security cause we know what happend in madden
D21Exclusive Hace un año
Please make sure your security is top notch. God bless
Dion Soto
Dion Soto Hace un año
TheGonchuago Fs1-channel.Ds1-18wheeler.
Dion Soto
Dion Soto Hace un año
D21Exclusive top flight.
ChiTown Fam
ChiTown Fam Hace un año
TheGonchuago right out all these comments.
TheGonchuago Hace un año
I don't think this is the best comment to reply promoting your channel
Sha Hace un año
hey man sorry to be a bother but could you check the music on my channel if you have time, id really appreciate it :)
OGMillyMillz Hace un año
The only championship the Knicks are going to win.
Aljamir Burks
Aljamir Burks Hace 2 meses
My dumbass took a few seconds to realize you spoiled the video
Lyle Webster
Lyle Webster Hace 2 meses
Well I shouldn’t have read this comment
I don't Know
I don't Know Hace un año
OGMillyMillz lmaooooo sad but true
Brent Ian Montaril
Brent Ian Montaril Hace un año
La-nutt & Le-frafago
La-nutt & Le-frafago Hace un año
NBA LegendZ
NBA LegendZ Hace un año
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SuperExclusive Hace un año
Haru ll
Haru ll Hace un año
NBA LegendZ
NBA LegendZ Hace un año
ll xXEmanZkieXx ll Hey! Hope you’re doing good! I upload great nba content! Can you subscribe to me and stay active? I will appreciate your support and feedback! Thanks!👍🏼
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