Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down More Combat Scenes From Movies Part 2 | GQ

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Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink breaks down even more combat scenes from movies, including 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'Apocalypse Now,' 'G.I. Jane' and 'Navy Seals.'

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Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down More Combat Scenes From Movies Part 2 | GQ

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Challenger 1
Challenger 1 Hace un minuto
Jocko doesn’t fear the dark. The dark fears Jocko.
Jake Cole
Jake Cole Hace 3 horas
I wish he would have covered the movie "brothers" with Toby McGwire and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Seeker-K8 Hace 5 horas
Jocko infected corona virus
Swedish patriot
Swedish patriot Hace 5 horas
Someone: tries to rob Jocko Jocko: *that's pretty unrealistic*
João Pereira
João Pereira Hace 7 horas
Jocko is the man who discovered fire...
SlxmCity Hace 8 horas
Cop: Jocko your under arrest. Jocko: no your under arrest
SlxmCity Hace 8 horas
I remember that mission that mission is so hard
SlxmCity Hace 8 horas
Wait the first movie he broke down was I the call of duty ww2 campaign
Mr. Colton
Mr. Colton Hace 9 horas
Forgot about spaceforce!!!!!!
Michael G. Scott
Michael G. Scott Hace 11 horas
*Jocko is the type of guy who walks off being shot*
Ghoul Hace 2 horas
When a white guy tries to be funny -_-
Jalen Ellzy
Jalen Ellzy Hace 14 horas
Chuck norris checks under his bed for Jocko
Based Janus
Based Janus Hace 18 horas
Jocko wakes his alarm clock up
TheErixxPlays Hace 19 horas
Jocko can see John Cena
Nick Lamart
Nick Lamart Hace 20 horas
These comments are top notch... have fun
bacon Bliss
bacon Bliss Hace 21 un hora
1:30 Jocko is spot on if you check your history the soldiers that participated in d-day were fed a big meal before the landing which made their stomachs easily upset so people who had to much to eat would puke easily
Yours Truly
Yours Truly Hace 21 un hora
Jocko doesn't call air support. Air support calls him
Markos Kaiser
Markos Kaiser Hace 22 horas
Jocko can slam a revolving door.
VJ Rei
VJ Rei Hace 23 horas
When Jocko prays he prays to Chuck Norris.
オビエドエリック Hace un día
When Jocko gets interrogated he ask the questions
オビエドエリック Hace un día
When Jocko goes hunting the animals shoot themselves
omar rojo
omar rojo Hace un día
Can’t talk about ww2 movies if u never fought in it
awq Hace 21 un hora
omar rojo that literally makes 0 sense. War is war, regardless of what war it is. He gave great information and was 100% right in everything he said. He wouldn’t have said anything if he didn’t know anything about it. What he gave was simple facts any military personnel should know.
Florin Bodnariuc
Florin Bodnariuc Hace un día
They actually all thrown up because of what they were feed the evening before
Literal_Human_Waste Hace un día
he sounds like a chill guy, but he scares me
green street
green street Hace un día
What i dont get is why would they make the boats open facing the machine guns for all the soldiers to get mowed down. Seems like a poorly thought out design.
Drew Venegas
Drew Venegas Hace un día
I’m pretty sure the dark is afraid of Jocko..
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Hace un día
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jayson aguirre
jayson aguirre Hace un día
Jocko doesn’t need to reload his gun his gun does it for him
Mr T
Mr T Hace un día
Superman wears Jocko pajamas to bed.
When Jocko goes outside, covid puts a mask on
Zach Henderson
Zach Henderson Hace 2 días
Best comment section on ESwomen
aidan_gundy _
aidan_gundy _ Hace 2 días
My mans forgot about the coast guard
awq Hace 21 un hora
aidan_gundy _ those are the main branches of the military. There is also the coast guard, and national guard.
Bull Shat
Bull Shat Hace 2 días
Jocko no catch coronavirus Coronavirus catch Jocko
Felix Den
Felix Den Hace 2 días
what I learnt: waterboarding is... unpleasant xD
eyeAmMe Hace 2 días
Nightmares have Jocko in their nightmares
eyeAmMe Hace 2 días
Jocko uses his palms to hammer nails.
eyeAmMe Hace 2 días
When Jocko goes on Americas Got Talent he gets the judges kicked out.
monkish musician
monkish musician Hace 2 días
He is the real William J. Blaskovitz and since I'm mostly Scottish I'll be the young hippie version of Fergus lmao. This is badass. Hes the tactical military guru. Perfection.
THADZ Hace 2 días
Jocko is the guy to not get a jojos reference and get away with it
THADZ Hace 2 días
Jocko is the guy that plays the cheese loadout on every Fps game and gets away with it.
James Quinn
James Quinn Hace 2 días
I bet he has a 50 Cal in his shorts.
yolo da bolo
yolo da bolo Hace 2 días
War is stupid, it's not good for anyone in the long term and a huge waste of resources and life, if our leaders focused on the long term, we and our environment would be much better.
Zakapholiac Hace 2 días
Jocko vs Requis vs Chuck Norris
CoDeNaMe CM Hace 2 días
When I see Jocko Willink on the thumbnail, I don't watch the video, I read the comment to see how underrated the comment made him look like.
PATRICK McShane Hace 2 días
One must keep in mind that the boys who didn't make it didn't become grandfathers so we could be Americans.
Saint Michael’s Arch Angel
Saint Michael’s Arch Angel Hace 2 días
To add to what Jocko said about sea sickness, the landing barges they used at Omaha were flat bottomed
Patrick Bakuniak
Patrick Bakuniak Hace 2 días
Viet cong used green tracers
Henry H
Henry H Hace 2 días
Jocko is a branch of the military
THADZ Hace 2 días
Haha has a own branch named after him Hey were you Oxford? No, Jocko
Brooke Liptak
Brooke Liptak Hace 2 días
I want him to breakdown Seal Team tv series!
El BonitiilloO
El BonitiilloO Hace 2 días
why they didnt use smoke grenade back then?
mako88sb Hace un día
They tried using smoke during the dress rehearsal landing at Slapton Sands in April/44 which had much better weather conditions but it was quickly found to be impractical to keep up for long because of the offshore winds. The allies landed in the aftermath of a large storm with wind conditions even worse.
Chickent_Nug Hace 3 días
Jocko doesnt even acknowledge the coast guard
awq Hace 21 un hora
Chickent_Nug those are the main branches of the military. There is also the coast guard and the national guard
Arthur Rees
Arthur Rees Hace 3 días
I love how Jocko is the center of all jokes here.
Kn Aadhan
Kn Aadhan Hace 3 días
When jocko plays pubg ,enimes grenade themselves
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Hace 3 días
If Jocko was wanted he would arrest the police
sVEnZikO bOmBArdO
sVEnZikO bOmBArdO Hace 3 días
When jocko says "freeze that frame" the world stops spinning and the moon and satelites go out for a walk 'cause they're not looking for trouble
Rebellions Hace 3 días
There are two types of land Jocko's land... And land Jocko hasn't gotten around to repossessing yet.
RaVe Eclipse
RaVe Eclipse Hace 3 días
Jocko probably sat his parents down and told them they’re adopted
TsukoKorea Hace 4 días
When Jocko got married, he was his own best man
Elijah B
Elijah B Hace 4 días
Jocko uses pepper spray as cologne
dredhead117 Hace 4 días
jocko was born in a log cabin he build alone with his bare hands
Fishing Fool
Fishing Fool Hace 4 días
Jocko brings fear upon all, even those keyboard warriors!
MasterRydus136 Hace 4 días
actually the reason those soldiers were throwing up during the d-day, was because prior to the invasions, their NCO's had the brightest idea of giving all those soldiers bacon, ice cream and many other foods that will literally make you throw up if you go on a boat trip. they gave them all those foods because they wanted those soldiers to be well fed before the invasion but i don't think they did it on purpose otherwise if it was on purpose then the d-day would be such a fiasco invasion.
MasterRydus136 Hace un día
@mako88sb i think the name of the documentary is called "D-Day 360 (2014). It tells about the complete invasion, even explains why the soldiers were throwing up. It´s 58 minutes long. You should all check it out. It´s a good documentary.
mako88sb Hace un día
A contributing factor was the chemical the uniforms were impregnated with to help ward off the effects of gas weapons, if the enemy decided to use them. It mentioned in the one book I read that it gave off an unpleasant odour that many found a bit nauseating. Okay in regular situations but on a small craft in rough seas plus as you mentioned a large meal and for many who were going into combat for the first time, its no wonder they were puking.
blank face
blank face Hace 4 días
'Military is a harsh place to be' and all I could think about was Vanessa Guillen and Krysta Martinez. Rip girls
Ma Po
Ma Po Hace 4 días
Please Black Hawk down 13 Hours Hurt Locker
issiah rushing
issiah rushing Hace 4 días
Yooooo have highly experienced military guys like this dude breakdown and react to the modern warfare campaign mission where they storm the house and clear the room, and the interrogation mission. Also have them react to some Call of duty black ops one campaign.
D R Hace 4 días
The landing crafts should have landed at an angle to block the exit of the soldiers
Shon Seibert
Shon Seibert Hace 4 días
This is inaccurate because it was the British navy who landed most of the American forces onto the beaches........
Shon Seibert
Shon Seibert Hace un día
@THADZ facts of the 4,126 landing craft boats used at D day 805 were American, 3,261 were British n Canadian........👍🏻
mako88sb Hace un día
There were no British LCA’s in working condition when the movie was made so they used the Higgins boats that were also used at Omaha and they were manned by Americans.
THADZ Hace 2 días
You know a Wise man once said: "That's pretty *unrealistic* "
Drjones_1968 Hace 3 días
It was jocko who landed the American Forces.
Don Culf
Don Culf Hace 4 días
When jocko gets married the brides father has to ask jocko to give his daughter away
Phillip Wood
Phillip Wood Hace 4 días
Jocko eats a bar of soap for his shower
Tatay Digong
Tatay Digong Hace 5 días
During a shootout Jocko killed 15 enemies, then he pick up his gun.
Saint Michael’s Arch Angel
Saint Michael’s Arch Angel Hace 2 días
He killed them by sneezing in their general direction
Marco R
Marco R Hace 5 días
F presses Jocko to pay respects.
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