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sanne Hace 23 horas
emma i love you and your doing great❤️
Avery Anderson
Avery Anderson Hace un día
hope u are okay now!
Claire Hart
Claire Hart Hace un día
“go....put your a blender....and press...blender.....PFHFHFGG....yuh know” -emma 2020
Simone Chèrie
Simone Chèrie Hace un día
No Emma 😢 Never harm ur hair for ppl again 🙅🏽‍♀️
Kylah Gordon
Kylah Gordon Hace un día
I was chill with that video. I love watching videos and just chillin with her. She reminds me of myself bc if I was a ESwomend I’d make this type of content. It’s not try hard it’s just chill and it makes me laugh. Anyone who watched the last video and decided to hate on her and make her cry, you obviously haven’t watched many of her videos bc if you did you would’ve thought that it was like most of her videos
Ximena Bustos
Ximena Bustos Hace un día
This broke my heart...😞
Golden_Potato Hace un día
She is actually genuinely HURT because some People are bulling her cause she didn’t dye her HAIR like WTF
i hate myself\:
i hate myself\: Hace 2 días
Y’all are so freakin dramatic. Y’all hated on her for not dying her hair, like it was still a fun video, she did stuff in it.
a d d I e l e y
a d d I e l e y Hace 2 días
I feel bad
Kay Mills
Kay Mills Hace 2 días
I'll be your personal hair stylist so u don't eva gotta torture yourself like this AGAIN you poor thing! F all the haters btw! Their all just jealous! ❤💯😘
Kim E
Kim E Hace 2 días
Where did you get your shirt from? Sooo cute!!!!
Crazy Blue
Crazy Blue Hace 3 días
Like honestly, she’s still a kid. I don’t know why people were talking trash about her, they are clearly “the trash”. 😒 ily emma❤️
Lolita Rossi
Lolita Rossi Hace 3 días
I actually dyed my hair blue because of your last video 😂
Noura A
Noura A Hace 3 días
Jan 12. Is my birthday 🎂
futurenostalgia Hace 4 días
Some people when that extreme they made videos about it saying " I dyed my hair blue because Emma Chamberlian didn't " Like fudge off.. Love you sm Emma :)))
Kylie Murray
Kylie Murray Hace 4 días
she should dye her hair blue in the front (like two pieces)
Holly Sanders
Holly Sanders Hace 4 días
this was such an f u to everyone who hated on her lmao
Kate Burnett
Kate Burnett Hace 4 días
I feel so bad for her. Y’all threw shade at her and now she feels pressured to die her hair.
Randi Raye
Randi Raye Hace 4 días
Literally any video you post I get excited about. I freaking love you Emma you’re my fav ESwomenr and will forever me my fav youtuber ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Savannah Staples
Savannah Staples Hace 5 días
EMMA! Don’t let ppl get to you! You are unique and you can be whoever you want and people don’t get to tell you who you should be! I love you ❤️. Also yes I know I’m rly late
Lexy K
Lexy K Hace 5 días
I wish she wouldn't have dyed it. She obviously didn't want to. You guys are lifeless for pressuring an 18 year old to do something she KNEW wasn't a good idea. I know what a break down looks like and she obviously cried over the situation. She wasn't kidding when she said it hurt her feelings. I want every "hater" to know... you're a pointless human. That is all. Have a blessed one. PS: A hit dog will holler and I'll just leave it at that.
Leah Walker
Leah Walker Hace 5 días
Y’all really bullied her into dying her hair...
Ella P
Ella P Hace 5 días
haters aside your hair looks really cool... 💀
Habiba Omar
Habiba Omar Hace 6 días
some people man they stab you right in the feels we feel you emma stay strong
Pax Peace
Pax Peace Hace 6 días
hella funny she has the BAY AREA CHARM
Nilou Artemis
Nilou Artemis Hace 6 días
What is the point of even getting mad over that video LMAO? I watched it and was like ahaha I knew it wouldn’t work, and that was it???
sarahswiftkelly Hace 7 días
This made me emotional because I could tell how upset she was. I can’t believe people would take the time to hurt a young girl’s self esteem by commenting mean things. Shame on all of you.
Jenya Roskin
Jenya Roskin Hace 7 días
honestly people never shut up. actually made her dye her hair so yall could stop crying wtf
Gemma Diaz
Gemma Diaz Hace 7 días
People really got mad at her for not dying her hair?! Wtf is wrong with people there are more important problems you should be mad about! Emma im sorry please don’t ever feel pressured to do ANYTHING you don’t wanna do❣️
Shea Cox
Shea Cox Hace 7 días
Okay but I liked the video so like what 😂
Rihanna Martinez
Rihanna Martinez Hace 7 días
Aww poor Emma, she doesn’t even want to and she is only doing this because so she doesn’t disappoint her fans... Emma you don’t have too, those aren’t fans if they don’t care how you feel 😩
syd rose
syd rose Hace 7 días
“it just hurt my feelings i guess.” I CRIED AT THAT PART
TheKagawaLife Hace 8 días
This is my first time seeing your videos, and...I am so sorry. Don’t worry, they’re just internet trolls trying to get a rise. Ignore them. You’ll grow, I know you will! Also, congrats for being #6 on trending!
Mariana Garcia
Mariana Garcia Hace 8 días
emma i swear we are the same bitch!💀💯 been here since day 1 n will always support you 🥺
Mvnkhjnn Sn
Mvnkhjnn Sn Hace 8 días
Emma when I get sad I always watch ur videos because u make me happy and warm inside
Antonio-says-u-stupid U-stupid
Antonio-says-u-stupid U-stupid Hace 9 días
I love u Emma just don’t dye ur hair again please
Love you🤍
Sydney Robson
Sydney Robson Hace 9 días
You’re awesome. And brave. Don’t blender yourself lol, the world needs you 😘
Jayden Anderson
Jayden Anderson Hace 9 días
January 12 is my birthday
Trinity Poole
Trinity Poole Hace 9 días
you guys rlly just broke her like that look at her she looks like she’s gonna burst into tears
Lara Behrendt
Lara Behrendt Hace 9 días
You need to remember you’re posting videos for the whole world to see. The whole world isn’t going to be sunshine and flowers. You need to be ready for hate comments. That’s how social media is.
Mia Lown
Mia Lown Hace 9 días
The blue looks nice and the haters gonna hate so yeah
NJFB2188 Hace 10 días
You’re so young. Do you know what you’re doing at 30?
NJFB2188 Hace 10 días
Do you have better video ideas. I have an idea. Can you find a a Harvard, Yale, Uni of Chicago, or Penn State, Cornell type of Frosh-Soph student and shadow them for a day, maybe a subscriber. That would be an awesome video idea. Don’t go down the path of Tana. You’re getting to close to that nonsense. Otherwise, what is your career? Influencer? Influencing what or who? God, most Americans wish they could hang out all day and not have actual jobs at a punch in/out clock.
chizuru takano
chizuru takano Hace 5 días
that's boring. and no SHE WOULD NEVER BE LIKE THAT LMAO
Tea Sis
Tea Sis Hace 10 días
People saying the n word, cheating, striping, ...... Emma getting the worse hate for not dying her hair
Nathaly Quinones
Nathaly Quinones Hace 10 días
What is the reason for the hate? What do they get from this? She’s obviously been crying she’s just vibing and ppl hate her for it??
TheMiikuchan Hace 10 días
She called the video "DYING MY HAIR....*fail" not "TRYING to dye my hair *fail" etc. etc. she did that on purpose and yall ignoring that because she made another video about it where she looks miserable. Not saying she should have gotten as much hate as she did. but people were right to call it out and tell her its not okay, because its not no matter how much you cry about it
TheMiikuchan Hace 8 días
@Nella & Dany if you have no idea about marketing why you tryna talk. Once you start using your brain maybe then it will click
Nella & Dany
Nella & Dany Hace 9 días
TheMiikuchan please shut up
Kym Mahundi
Kym Mahundi Hace 11 días
ilyy dont let people bully u into things
Morgen Hartshorn
Morgen Hartshorn Hace 11 días
Emma sounds super stressed, like I fall asleep like that when I’m very sad
Morgen Hartshorn
Morgen Hartshorn Hace 11 días
Plz do what you like Emma, don’t feel pressed by jerks in the comments
Lamiz Choudhary
Lamiz Choudhary Hace 11 días
We love you
Jasmine Maddison
Jasmine Maddison Hace 12 días
This whole video really upset me, how can people be so cruel😕
Jane Margolis
Jane Margolis Hace 12 días
im so sorry emma... i am ashamed that ppl hate on you for unimportant shit like dying hair wtf
Meara Licht
Meara Licht Hace 12 días
I felt it was a good idea not to dye it in the last video. I usually get half way thru doing something and give up because it’ll turn out badly.
gustavo chatard
gustavo chatard Hace 12 días
done ιм мα∂ wнy? done. ι ѕaw eтнan dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor eммa,adls,
gustavo chatard
gustavo chatard Hace 12 días
done ι aм мα∂ wнy? done. ι ѕaw eтнan dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor eммa
Lil'HomeSlice Hace 12 días
Wow can handle a big paycheck but can't handle any self esteem
chizuru takano
chizuru takano Hace 5 días
it's not about the money... are you dumb
A. T.
A. T. Hace 13 días
the “fail” was because she failed to dye her hair.. people mad cause they interpreted it their own wrong way.
YoshiPerner666 Hace 13 días
Wow..... My brain hurts.
Andi Reeves
Andi Reeves Hace 13 días
“I will die regretting...that..” lmfaoooo
Staci Rice
Staci Rice Hace 13 días
I love you Emma! You make me laugh!!!!
sunny xorry
sunny xorry Hace 13 días
If she didn't want to dye her hair she didn't have too some yall just salty as hell and it's not pretty or cute. It PETTY
Nishi Patel
Nishi Patel Hace 13 días
Literally love u so much emma please don’t ever change.
Samantha Hughey
Samantha Hughey Hace 13 días
I love you emma stay strong
Marissa Scanlan
Marissa Scanlan Hace 13 días
I thought the video was pretty funny tbh😂❤️🥺
Olivia Mnayarji
Olivia Mnayarji Hace 13 días
you are so brave i would never want to dye my hair. i honestly loved that last video even though you didn’t dye your hair it was still a funny video.
Felicity Wheeler
Felicity Wheeler Hace 13 días
pleaaaaaaaase dye your whole hair blue - it would look soooo stunning!
Amelia Jade
Amelia Jade Hace 14 días
your hair looks so cool and you would look amAZING with your whole head that color ILY💗💗💗💗
Kristian John
Kristian John Hace 14 días
why tf would you bully someone over not dying thier hair
David Pierce
David Pierce Hace 14 días
The reason I love you is because you're not afraid to be vulnerable. You are a strong and powerful woman. Also, adorable.
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