My Wife Won $8 Million Dollars (and ran away)

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Hace 8 meses

Hi there, my name’s Jim and l had been happily married to my wife Tracy for about six years when one day we got the best news of our life!! No, she wasn’t pregnant…she’d won $8,000,000 in the lotto!! Now if that’s not a dream come true, then I don’t know what is! Straight away we started planning how to spend the cash once we got it. We could finally move out of our shoe box apartment and buy a mansion, and I could get a Porsche or a Ferrari and…OK, before I get carried away, let me throw a spanner in the works. That day ended up being the worst day of my life!! You won’t believe what happened next!
After jumping around our lounge and crying with happiness, Tracy decided she better go claim the money before it was too late. I wanted to go with her and thought about calling my boss to say I would never come back, until the lotto money came in, we needed every penny we could get. That’s why my wife and I arranged to meet at a fancy restaurant down the road from my office at lunchtime to celebrate.
That whole morning, I was on such a high. Once I handed this project in, I’d never have to work another day in my life, I thought to myself! When lunchtime finally came, and I pretty much skipped to the restaurant my wife had planned to meet. I felt like the happiest guy in the world and ordered a 400$ bottle of champagne while waiting for Tracy to arrive so we could pop the cork together! Well, I waited…and I waited, and after thirty minutes of her still not showing, I gave her a call. That’s strange, she didn’t even pick up! She was probably stuck in traffic. I was just about to leave, when my phone lit up. It was a message from Tracy.
“Jim, I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore. Things just aren’t the same, and it’s clear we want different things. All the best to you, Tracy! P.s I already moved all my stuff out the apartment, so you don’t need to worry about seeing me again.”
The sneaky little rat!!!! I couldn’t believe it! She had won the lotto and now she was dumping me?! What…so she didn’t have to share the cash with me? Was she that selfish?!
I was so angry I almost smashed the champagne bottle. But instead I decided I’d sit there and enjoy every last drop of it.
The more I drank, the more tipsy I became, and that’s when I came up with a plan.
Tracy could think again if she thought she was going to get away with this. Revenge was sweet, and I had the perfect recipe!
I called up every single local newspaper I could think of and told them what happened. They immediately wanted to do an interview and I also forwarded them the text that Tracy had sent me.
The next morning, I popped out to the shop and grinned. The shelves were packed with newspapers and they all had the same headline: “Selfish Wife Wins Lotto And Leaves Husband”. Everything I’d told them was there; every last detail. Tracy had been named and shamed, and now everyone knew what kind of despicable person she was!
But that’s not all! I decided to up my game a bit and sue her for trying to take all the money, instead of sharing it with me. The best part was that the judge decided she didn’t just have to give me half of her $8,000,000 lotto win, but she also had to pay for my lawyers, which cost her another $70,000, which means that I’m officially richer than her now! Can you believe it? Talk about jackpot!!
I guess, I can’t complain. I might have lost my wife, but at least I got $4,000,000 out of it. And yes, I did buy a Porsche… and a luxury apartment… and eh… also a 200,000 dollar watch, but I’m sure that its value will increase. So I see it more as an investment. Because I predict that this watch will be worth at least twice as much in 10 years as it is now.
Anyway, let me know in the comments if you have ever been betrayed as badly as I have. And please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel!

Kiro Longino
Kiro Longino Hace 5 horas
I mean it’s her money
Axel Ornelas
Axel Ornelas Hace un día
What a rude woman
afrin islam
afrin islam Hace un día
Never celebrate too early!
RedSkull Crusher
RedSkull Crusher Hace 3 días
Bro why do people buy expensive stuff that they don’t need like there freaking dumb help out the poor people
Saguiaran L.d.s
Saguiaran L.d.s Hace 5 días
I think your wrong
Free peoples Communist
Free peoples Communist Hace 6 días
Me: This just in, selfish wife wins eight million dollars in the lottery and leaves husband, not giving him a penny. My friend David: I feel sorry for the husband.
Devin Bolden
Devin Bolden Hace 7 días
I was but me her got back together and I forgave her I would be nice
sugarArt Hace 9 días
Jonathan Xu
Jonathan Xu Hace 9 días
My brother took half of my lotto money :(
Kai Gordon
Kai Gordon Hace 9 días
It's her money and she doesn't have to share with you
Lennox Grant
Lennox Grant Hace 10 días
It was her money in the first place
madi Hace 12 días
um wtf is wrong with this guy no wonder she left him
Dayjanae Whyte
Dayjanae Whyte Hace 12 días
u why is won it would not have a penny u are lucky u love money
Sarah Naik
Sarah Naik Hace 13 días
What a selfish wife.
Abbi R
Abbi R Hace 14 días
Wow he's smart! i would've bought robux!
Balr Hace 14 días
He has every right to that money. He wanted to share it if he won with the person he was with. She won and decided to deceive her partner without hesitation. It’s just as bad as cheating on him. The husband rightfully got his revenge for the unloyal and deceit portrayed by her partner in a life changing moment. Well done
Gadalean Raluca
Gadalean Raluca Hace 15 días
Or more
Gadalean Raluca
Gadalean Raluca Hace 15 días
A baby is 8 million dollars
hardi animations :3
hardi animations :3 Hace 16 días
Talk about a selfish man
Jerry Dertouzos
Jerry Dertouzos Hace 16 días
robina Kauser
robina Kauser Hace 17 días
Oh and by the way pls don't judge me I'm only 11
robina Kauser
robina Kauser Hace 17 días
Well in ten years I don't think u will have as much money as u have now and also think about other ppl that r in the world that don't have ANYTHING so I hope u donated at least a quarter of your money to charity and if not that much then the most that u could give is 1 thousand and I wd say if i had 4 mil and couldn't even give that much to charity I wd call myself selfish and greedy
Nuris Rodriguez
Nuris Rodriguez Hace 17 días
Unsubscribe to this channel
Olesia Voronina
Olesia Voronina Hace 18 días
This man is such a dick to be honest
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez Hace 20 días
that’s what would happens when you want money all to your self
#I Heart Legos
#I Heart Legos Hace 20 días
She should've been forced to give you all of it.
Free Forall
Free Forall Hace 24 días
your a fully the ugliest person ever 😂😂😂😂
Lance StCyr
Lance StCyr Hace 25 días
We need every penny we can get spends 400$ for champagne
John Thomas
John Thomas Hace 27 días
I have been betrayed before one day my Minecraft gf killed me and took all my diamonds I got revenge to I put tnt all over her house and blow it up
Aiden Like Nuggets
Aiden Like Nuggets Hace 27 días
3:53 *This channel*
Ana Liza Claridad
Ana Liza Claridad Hace 28 días
Bitje Nader vaker
Raihan Khan
Raihan Khan Hace 28 días
That’s just so rude that’s ur wife’s money and u wanted to quit ur job and do nothing really she should of sued you it’s not her fault that ur broke
Yashira And Miguel
Yashira And Miguel Hace un mes
Um what🤪
gwen adorable
gwen adorable Hace un mes
Uno is dumb
nasrin sedaghatkhah
nasrin sedaghatkhah Hace un mes
Now that is what I call the uni reverse card.
De'Andre Whitley
De'Andre Whitley Hace un mes
This man already thinkin bout cars and not even realizing that his wife finna leave
zecqz 利格ツツツI don't make sense I make dallasツ
zecqz 利格ツツツI don't make sense I make dallasツ Hace un mes
My dream is 8.1 lol
Anton Apuolong
Anton Apuolong Hace un mes
That was really a savage! But I couldn't deny, you are really a smart guy! I wish you all the best man. God bless. Your story was great btw.
fatima alshebli
fatima alshebli Hace un mes
Fabiola Diaz
Fabiola Diaz Hace un mes
He be acting like its his money and anyways its her money anyways and also now he has more money than her its like like she got the money not him and wow im so mad
Savage Michael gameplays
Savage Michael gameplays Hace un mes
Hey idiot girls spend our money like them and we don’t feel angry and also be like our money is hers too so if they use our money than why their isn’t ours and where he earns more money than her
Im a chad
Im a chad Hace un mes
マルアニシュ Hace un mes
2020 : My Wife won 8 Million Dollars and ran away 2030 : My Dog won 8 Million Dollars and ran away
Mark Crawford
Mark Crawford Hace 28 días
Change wins to receives in will.
Kayden Hace un mes
I dont understand why he wouldn't say "Uno Swap Card" Tracey:NANI
CHUA JO VAN Hace un mes
Fuck whoever who made this video
Tam Dang
Tam Dang Hace un mes
3:22 MLG glasses
Simple Art Diaz
Simple Art Diaz Hace un mes
Bruh just invest 1 mill can get you paying more than your job idiot or half of that not a house maybe a bigger and cleaner but not a mansion remember that’s your wife’s money how would you feel about what she was thinking you might have been alcoholic you even bought a bottle from pure luck now sure she left but half my dude HALF not 90% now where she gonna live
WA8663P Pawalite
WA8663P Pawalite Hace un mes
Abena Hace un mes
Gachawolf Wolf
Gachawolf Wolf Hace un mes
Hehehe lol she got what she deserved
Mantis89 Hace un mes
Mark Crawford
Mark Crawford Hace 28 días
If they weren't married you'd be right.
Luke Etienne
Luke Etienne Hace un mes
all she chars abowt is money
Hunter P
Hunter P Hace un mes
Yeah I got betrayed. My best friend tuned out to be a person that makes slaves out of friends luckily I’m not one of his many people he makes them do almost everything for him now I’m currently fighting him constantly normally my group which I’m leader of will attack and the others will watch we don’t want to get in trouble so we made it look like we are playing a made up game but my group wins in the last month he has only won 3 times the three keys to forming a affective group in fight is calibration manipulation and speed
Zim Bong
Zim Bong Hace 2 meses
Winning 10000000 000 000 would be my dream .😎😎😎
Hilal Yuusuf
Hilal Yuusuf Hace 2 meses
You should have let her have her money why did you do that you're so selfish you're also selfish too
David Salguero
David Salguero Hace 2 meses
Cause your a gold digger
Erkhes Nadmid
Erkhes Nadmid Hace 2 meses
charity tho.....
Suna Tasci
Suna Tasci Hace 2 meses
Your Rund
DzM_ -ShadeZ
DzM_ -ShadeZ Hace 2 meses
I don’t think it was the girls fault, she didn’t deserve what happened to her
Rachel Does Gacha
Rachel Does Gacha Hace 2 meses
Who makes these videos 😂
Ricky a
Ricky a Hace 2 meses
Ricky Yes. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Matic Gričar
Matic Gričar Hace 2 meses
200k for watch !!!
viktoras beniusis2003
viktoras beniusis2003 Hace 2 meses
You are stupid why she need to buy you the car
Bic h
Bic h Hace 2 meses
Wtf😂😂😂the guy loves more his money than his own wife
turtles Hace 2 meses
You are such a dummy she should have it
MarcoD gaming
MarcoD gaming Hace 2 meses
Ho would be sow dumb to truste som on in 8M dollars😂
Patricia Esparza
Patricia Esparza Hace 2 meses
Money sucks 😑😒
SlackersJournal Hace 2 meses
Could someone point me to an article about this? A quick google search only brings me here again.
Penny Gill
Penny Gill Hace 2 meses
3:21 thug life moment
ISABEL A. L. X Hace 2 meses
She love her wife because he wants his own Ferrari and want to take over her wife's 💰 .
0ver7 Souls
0ver7 Souls Hace 2 meses
LilTrXsh Hace 2 meses
You probably didn't deserve it tho
Mark Crawford
Mark Crawford Hace 2 meses
Yes he does.
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