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colleen griffin
colleen griffin Hace 9 horas
Oh wow honey, that must be soooo difficult to live with. I hope you can have a better quality life with this procedure.
Maci Montooth
Maci Montooth Hace 12 horas
Tou are stupid
Lucas Rawls
Lucas Rawls Hace 20 horas
Mask king, are you gay
Arianna Alvarez Garcia
Arianna Alvarez Garcia Hace un día
Why is his NASAL cannula in his mouth lol Somebody fix it!
doggo Hace 3 días
What procedure did Jeffery get done in this video? it isn’t the balloon one is it if not then which is it?
Mrsiam Farhan
Mrsiam Farhan Hace 3 días
I know how it feels wakeing up from Anastasia When I woke up I was like jshdidjfhr
Samantha Willard
Samantha Willard Hace 4 días
One Sunny Day
One Sunny Day Hace 4 días
The stress swallowing thing. I have had this since childhood. I remember being a very young child in a traumatic lifestyle & I would lie in bed just drowning in saliva because I could not swallow. Hope you find relief 😊
doggo Hace un día
Did anything help you?
jessica bella signora
jessica bella signora Hace 5 días
I admit it so hard to see you like that ☹ but your positive energy is awesome
HalfCasket Hace 6 días
the footage lit rally gave me a panic attack, HI how are ya 🥴🥴
Heather Hace 6 días
Fuuuuuuck that nurse that clearly didn’t give a fuck and pulled his IV! 😡
Guinevere Talle
Guinevere Talle Hace 6 días
You God is like Beethoven ....beautiful
melissa murphy
melissa murphy Hace 7 días
they use a drug called Versaid. It is a conscious sedation drug. Puts you out but you are still alert enough to respond if they need you to move, swallow, etc.
melissa murphy
melissa murphy Hace 7 días
My daughter in law has the same condition. I also am showing early signs of it after having gastric bypass surgery, I have been dilated twice in the last year.
doggo Hace 3 días
Does dilation help if you have dysphagia or GERD?
Deanna Thomas
Deanna Thomas Hace 7 días
Omg I think I’ve had this but not severely !! I thought it was just me!! I get like a choking sensation like you’ve described but couldn’t breath and felt the food like sit in my chest!!
Lindsay Donophan
Lindsay Donophan Hace 7 días
Sorry you had to go through this but no I never heard of this but thank you for enlightening me girl
Jami Stokes
Jami Stokes Hace 8 días
I hope you don't mind but I would love to dupe your Louis Vuitton tattoo on your fingers online it's sickening
Jami Stokes
Jami Stokes Hace 8 días
No Matter What Jeffrey you have stayed true to yourself and that's what I love about you girl
Chaos Makeup&skincare
Chaos Makeup&skincare Hace 8 días
Been watching your videos for a while and I ALWAYS LOVE jeffree's videos, I love his personality and the sense of humour, I've seen procedures similar to this but not exactly this, I have a lot of respect for him talking about this becuz I know for many ppl this is very scary terrifying and many are scared of going under anesthesia and I love love the scene where they both are awake post_op😁😁😍😍😍
Crafty Angells
Crafty Angells Hace 8 días
I have been wondering why I can't even get water down sometimes and I feel like I won't be able to breath and it will explode! I have heartburn too and acid comes up. That developed over the last couple of years though.
doggo Hace un día
Did u do anything to fix it?
Goldie Nugget
Goldie Nugget Hace 8 días
It hurt me when he didnt say High how are ya
Deborah Montgomery
Deborah Montgomery Hace 8 días
Dear Jeffree, Please don't let another 5 years pass before making follow up care a priority. You matter too much. With or without a medical condition, you matter, & the planet is better because you're here. Also, thank you for sharing this.
Kristi Terrio
Kristi Terrio Hace 8 días
Your EYES look amazing! 💕
Erin Shand
Erin Shand Hace 9 días
Dat eye shadow be on fleek❤❤❤❤❤❤ yass kween 😄😃😀
Tiffany Leight
Tiffany Leight Hace 9 días
Im sorry about what happened I feel so bad about you but you are beautiful and I love you you’re our queen bee 🐝 🥰
Tiffany Leight
Tiffany Leight Hace 9 días
Lilli Mclean
Lilli Mclean Hace 9 días
I dont have a gag reflex either so...
Abigail Shaw
Abigail Shaw Hace 9 días
My lil cousin was just diagnosed with this
Mollymoo Whittingham
Mollymoo Whittingham Hace 9 días
Hi how r yaaaahhhh
Ruby Hace 10 días
No one: Jeffree: crapper barrel
R. Leigh Coleman
R. Leigh Coleman Hace 10 días
You both are so brave....the recovery clip was hilarious. Thanks!
Crystalann Heck
Crystalann Heck Hace 11 días
I have EoE but it’s really bad and believe me when I tell u that shit sucks. If I eat anything with dairy, Mama is throwing up every organ in her body.
SeNiia Hace 11 días
coming out of anesthesia is BEST part xD!!!!! because the stuff that people be saying is hilarious lmaoo!!! this was too funny you made my day jeffree
Shalon Pangburn
Shalon Pangburn Hace 11 días
I have the same issue and it can seriously be the scariest thing ever!! I’ve never known anyone else with this issue so it was interesting to see your journey.
Sam Bunn
Sam Bunn Hace 12 días
I cant realy brev
unicorns are real
unicorns are real Hace 13 días
how can he still look good on anasthesia this is not fair
Olivia Richards
Olivia Richards Hace 13 días
Jeffree u are in good hands if something goes wrong
KaWaIi GaChA -_-
KaWaIi GaChA -_- Hace 13 días
Now 11 million people can say they’ve seen the inside of Jeffree stars throat....
sister squad
sister squad Hace 13 días
Its fine its okay we still love you lots!
Izzy moran
Izzy moran Hace 14 días
Who’s watching this is quarantine rn
Arianna Cohen
Arianna Cohen Hace 14 días
I don't care you got SURGERY!!! I still love you
Kenzy Elsherif
Kenzy Elsherif Hace 14 días
BLESS you and your dogs and family.May god take away all your pains
Alyce Simpson
Alyce Simpson Hace 15 días
I have this!!!!
Kathy Jo Steger
Kathy Jo Steger Hace 15 días
Meeting Jeffree someday in person is on my bucket list! You are amazing! Let's make this happen?
Kathy Jo Steger
Kathy Jo Steger Hace 15 días
I thought you 2 were hilarious coming out of anesthesia! I have had twilight anesthesia once for foot surgery and once for eye surgery! How did you 2 feel the next day? I was in the best mood for 3 days after and no drugs after either procedure other than Tylenol and ibuprofen
Kelley Harris
Kelley Harris Hace 15 días
So sorry that you've had to endure this condition. I am so happy that you're able to rectify the condition and hopefully never deal with it again. You are such a beautiful soul, I'm happy I found your channel and look forward to many, many, many more videos!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
in Grid
in Grid Hace 15 días
if you have heartburn problems, you definitely shouldn't be drinking red bull :/
Stephanie Van Hees
Stephanie Van Hees Hace 16 días
I love that when you share your so real honest, no matter what the subject your always keeping it rock!!!!
Kayden Playz
Kayden Playz Hace 16 días
Jonathan_Lomke Hace 16 días
I have EOE I feel your pain
Debra Matherly
Debra Matherly Hace 16 días
Oh my gosh! I just noticed he has no eyebrows. He is still beautiful.
Michaela Jurčová
Michaela Jurčová Hace 16 días
Lord Anubis
Lord Anubis Hace 17 días
Being put under is so scary, I've had to do it at least four times. I start to panic whenever I start feeling it.
cheez hoez
cheez hoez Hace 17 días
Im 11 and i had the type of problem and I didn't know what it was called
Keirin Mccormack
Keirin Mccormack Hace 18 días
I love the hair I wish I had your hair👍
Janelle Sattler
Janelle Sattler Hace 18 días
I literally have the same condition 😕
Jessica wilson
Jessica wilson Hace 18 días
I don't eat mac and cheese because it irritates my stomach and it makes me have diarrhea
Angie Rodriguez
Angie Rodriguez Hace 18 días
I'm getting this surgery next week😭
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Hace 19 días
When you said you have esophagitis, I almost cried for you 😭 I Felt bad for you 😭
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Hace 16 días
Jonathan_Lomke that so sad (ಥ﹏ಥ)
Jonathan_Lomke Hace 16 días
I have EOE no joke
Ice cream Sunday 111
Ice cream Sunday 111 Hace 19 días
This is so wierd take it down it shows then wrong things
Sylvie Mpanzu
Sylvie Mpanzu Hace 19 días
Bro shut up
Piper Rubenstein
Piper Rubenstein Hace 19 días
He is so strong and brave
Radu Nicola
Radu Nicola Hace 21 un día
JustJada Hace 22 días
Whats your doctors name I might wanna go to him if i get the surgery
J Costa
J Costa Hace 22 días
My sister has the same issue! You were hilarious!! God bless to both of you🙏💚
Sarah Sweeney
Sarah Sweeney Hace 23 días
Holy shit!!! I have never known another person to have the same condition that I have!! Jeffree Star!! I have this and it is HORRIBLE!! I can honestly say I know exactly what you are going through!!! I never did have the surgery but now I know what it looks like!!
SomeRandomAsianGurl YEET
SomeRandomAsianGurl YEET Hace 24 días
Meh I’ve seen way to much dr pimple popper to be queasy at this
イースター アラ
イースター アラ Hace 26 días
Omg for some reason this makes me have a panic attack.i mean i feel like i was the one experience it😂
The Angry Yumm
The Angry Yumm Hace 26 días
I have this and developed it after having a sever allergic reaction. I was intubate and in the hospital for a week, caused serious problems, and now my esophagus titens up sometimes even when just drinking. It's really weird to be mostly fine then you can't swallow even water.
doggo Hace un día
Anything you did to fix that problem?
SparkelEye Studios
SparkelEye Studios Hace 27 días
When the doctor footage of the tube down his throat came on, I literally screamed, “I JUST LOOKED DOWN A CELEBRITY’S THROAT!!! BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!” Good thing I was home alone...
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