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Today I'm revealing a medical secret that has haunted me for most of my life. We go inside the operating room and I share something I never thought I would be talking about. Don't ever feel embarrassed for what you can't control. Embrace your flaws.
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Monteen McCord
Monteen McCord Hace un hora
Holy cow! I have it too. I'm lucky in that I can usually sit still, try to relax and then I feel the food move down. But if the swallow was too big, I have to go outside and regurgitate everything in my stomach. I take Protonix and that seems to help. You're's a VERY scary feeling; you are paralyzed with fear waiting for the food to move down. You didn't mention it also hurts like a motherfucker! I hope you feel better!
Shellie Fleming
Shellie Fleming Hace 4 horas
Bless your heart! My mom has the same issue. She has a steroidal spray she carries with her all the time.
Summer Lynn
Summer Lynn Hace 8 horas
I never knew this was such a thing, but I've had some issues as well swallowing!
thg Hace 10 horas
i'm humbled to know someone else has an issue with this
nix pix
nix pix Hace 16 horas
My dad and I both have this issue. He has had problems with it for as long as I can remember. As he's gotten older it's gotten worse. The shrinking was so slow that he didn't realize that it was happening, he just slowly ate less and less. He nearly starved to death before my brother figured out something was wrong. He has now had this procedure twice and feels more normal than he has in years. I've had a few scares, but nothing that required a trip to the hospital, thank God! I have noticed though that mine is getting worse as I get older too. As Jeffree was talking about eating slower and all that I was like "same girl". Thank you Jeffree and Madison for sharing.
Maddie Plays roblox
Maddie Plays roblox Hace 17 horas
16:18 who else heard that bad word
Emma Choplin
Emma Choplin Hace 18 horas
My favorite makeup look
Ashley Marcin
Ashley Marcin Hace un día
Jeffree! You’re gorgeous 😍 I think this is my favorite eye look ever!
Carolina G
Carolina G Hace un día
This is huge, how Jeffreestar can share and make us feel part of his life, the way he talks, the way he explains things, is very nice, professional, smoothing kind, that i really appreciate.
Jenny Byrd
Jenny Byrd Hace un día
Just got out of the hospital for the 10th time this year another 10 day stay for an infection in my intestines I cant seem to get rid of. I've been dealing with this for almost 2 years and it has slowly ruined my life. I can only work a couple days a week because I'm still so weak. Every couple months the infection comes back I get super sick and someone takes me to the hospital and they usually keep me for at least 10 days. The last time was the worst because the infection wasn't responding to antibiotics and the infection started to spread I remember hardly anything of the first 4 days except not being able to stay awake and my fever spiking to 105. Finally they got the infection under control but it came back like it always does. I have been in the hospital so much that sometimes I refuse to go until I get so bad that I cant walk because I'm just so fucking tired of being in hospitals. Jeffree I know you wont see this but watching your videos really brightens my day especially when I'm sitting in the hospital. I'm so sorry you are going through this I bet its terrifying. Thank you for always being one of the only channels on youtube that inspires me and makes me smile. Oh and btw you are absolutely STUNNING!
Lexis Coelho
Lexis Coelho Hace un día
My Dad had this procedure and seeing him come out of it and waking up was so weird but kinda funny. He legit fell asleep trying to drink a cup of water and eat saltine crackers that they gave him. I felt like I was babysitting because he kept wanting to fall asleep.
Jennifer Hlad
Jennifer Hlad Hace un día
Omg I have the same problem. Dysphagia is very real and I swear, when I was given a breathing tube during an appendectomy, it fucked me up!!!!! The hospital said they used a standard sized breathing tube on me and I’m 5’0”!!! Thank you for posting this! I cannot swallow anything, even liquids!!!! I’ve lost 60lbs since last December!!!! Choking on everything is scary!!!! I even chew my food correctly and Still I cannot swallow!!!!! Love you for posting this!!!!!!!!!!
Briana Hawk
Briana Hawk Hace un día
My five year old brother came up and saw I was watching this and said ,” Oh my grinch. What did she just put his head?!”
Jason Slack
Jason Slack Hace un día
This footage is incredible! I recently had spinal surgery and watching you go under provides me some comfort
TAEMYEON Hace un día
what did he say at 18:33 ??? get ready what?
Dezrae Solina
Dezrae Solina Hace un día
Holy shit, I'm watching/going through all your videos right now and for you to mention OC was awesome. I'm so sorry for your experience during that, I couldn't imagine going through that. One of my worst fears is suffocation. But I grew up in OC and nobody I've met talks about it. Not to mention you posted this video 2 days after my birthday! I think its amazing I stumbled upon one of your videos I haven't seen. You're such a good person. Love you Jeffree
Sandra Nieto
Sandra Nieto Hace un día
" She doesn't want to get married, but she thirsty" 😂 relatable.
Kim Ramen
Kim Ramen Hace un día
We have the same condition about our mouth but mine is that my jaw is moved backward
𝔈𝔠𝔨𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔰𝔶 Hace un día
Why does he look like lil peep coming out of anesthesia
𝔈𝔠𝔨𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔰𝔶 Hace un día
I’m so squeamish uuuhhhhggg 🤢😭 feeling like I’m gonna pass out myself watching this
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Hace un día
Oh my fucking God. I am at 4:08 and paused the Video. You are literally describing me!
Krishp142 Hace un día
Idk what it is about the eyeshadow look but it looks so pretty😱
Period Tv
Period Tv Hace 2 días
I had Esophageal Atresia ( Un finished growth of the throat ) - Birth defect 12 years later ( Had surgery a Boston children's hospital ) I'm 14 now I swallow much better . Can eat now!!
Zach Brazzell
Zach Brazzell Hace 2 días
Girl don't tease me with music! I live for Love to my Cobain! I miss hearing new music from you!
WhyRiku Hace 2 días
I finally found out that I’m not the only one with this problem. I’ve had for years and my parents literally thought nothing of it and I was terrified if eating because I would choke almost every time. At least now I know that there is actually a scientific term for it. Hallelujah 😂
Kyladio 93
Kyladio 93 Hace 2 días
Wow... Your eyes... Too much ❤️❤️❤️ fucking flawless
Meredith Foulkes
Meredith Foulkes Hace 2 días
What a brave video to make. My husband suffers from swallowing difficulties resulting from cancer treatment. You've given me hope that there is help for him. Thank you. ❤❤
A K Hace 2 días
I have eosinophillic esophagitis too ☹ not many people know what it is and I never knew of someone who also has it so this video was interesting to me. Hope you feel better I never knew you could do this procedure
michael capili
michael capili Hace 2 días
Love you so much Jeffrey star
Kimberly Coffey
Kimberly Coffey Hace 2 días
I'm late to the Jeffrey party. Recently coming over from Shane's channel. I love these more personal videos of you!
Cristy Hace 2 días
I love the makleup
Shaye 155
Shaye 155 Hace 2 días
Ok so I have had brain surgery and spinal fusion surgery, sooo, it was extremely interesting to see that footage and made me wonder if I looked like that once I was under 🤨
Emily Hace 6 horas
Do you have ehlers-danlos/chiari malformarion??
John Oliver
John Oliver Hace 2 días
yes thats why nathans here LMAO
T. B.
T. B. Hace 2 días
I think he had the right idea with the herbal solution. Maybe a liquid diet would be good?
Joi Hill
Joi Hill Hace 2 días
Ok I have the same problem and my food gets stuck like almost every day but I have never had to go to the emergency room eventually my food will just go down but it hurts so bad
persephone p
persephone p Hace 3 días
Lazy Panda
Lazy Panda Hace 3 días
You can tell your fans anything we will not be mean or laugh at you❤️
Roxanne Sykes
Roxanne Sykes Hace 3 días
Kinda sounds like me though never had anything done for. Not diagnosed. Spelling if this condition
Courtney Cowley
Courtney Cowley Hace 3 días
My daughter was just diagnosed with EoE. I just came back to this video to see if that’s what you said you had. Have you had another procedure done again?
Teena Bell
Teena Bell Hace 3 días
I can't even brush my teeth without gagging.....😑
A. Anderson
A. Anderson Hace 3 días
I was definitely scared for you watching this, I thank God youre alright and I thank the doctors that took good care of you, but this was definitely scary!
Heighton 720
Heighton 720 Hace 4 días
Still waiting on that teeth story lol
Ace Hace 4 días
The best part is him after the anesthesia
Fujitsu Vietnam
Fujitsu Vietnam Hace 4 días
I laugh at this part XD 17:06
lady grinch
lady grinch Hace 4 días
Omg it reminds me of when they put me under for my surgery it was TERRIFYING 😱
Grey Vale
Grey Vale Hace 5 días
Honestly... I thought I was alone. I've had problems swallowing and I can just feel a massive lump stuck... I'm sick every day because of it, I repeatedly have heartburn every single day and I've never been to the doctor (other than being in the hospital to get it removed) because I don't know what to do about it...
Cassie Hall
Cassie Hall Hace 5 días
I just came back to this video after some time right? I just want to thank Jeffree bcuz this video truly did raise my suspicions about my problem. and after multiple tests and procedures, I got diagnosed with achalasia. there are a lot of painful symptoms including the food getting stuck like he said, it happens to me every time I eat.. I have had multiple egd's and also egd's with botox. I have been under 6 times since May. It's awful, there is no cure for mine like he says. I My doctors have not even figured out a procedure that works. So just thank you so much.
xXKiller_BlossomXx asf
xXKiller_BlossomXx asf Hace 5 días
Nobody: Jeffree: I can shove an eleven inch down my throat Me: BITCH ME TOO THA FUCK XD
Hello Bish
Hello Bish Hace 5 días
When Jeffree was about to go under and he still spoke “aaaaaah” I actually thought he was joking😟😱
Kira Chan
Kira Chan Hace 5 días
going under.........that must have been trippy as hell man
Unity Kitten
Unity Kitten Hace 5 días
What did he say at 18:32
Frida Cepeda
Frida Cepeda Hace 5 días
I was terrified for you like I was literally CRYING
Frida Cepeda
Frida Cepeda Hace 5 días
Yo is it me or I was crying because I was Terrified for jeefree
Tina Kyriazis
Tina Kyriazis Hace 5 días
i can now say ive seen the inside of jeffree star's esophagus.
rollonfloorlaughing0 Hace 5 días
I have the same issue! Had my surgery about 6 months ago
Anna L
Anna L Hace 6 días
missyyalex5959 Hace 6 días
I have this it sucks
azarath vilar
azarath vilar Hace 6 días
Thank god i don't have these problem but i have heartburn
Kimithy Woolson
Kimithy Woolson Hace 6 días
U two are so funny but in all seriousness I hope you both well
Wallynette Lopez
Wallynette Lopez Hace 6 días
Absolutely Jeffre, you have to this again. For your own health. This episode was very helpfull. I have never heard of that condition. God will always be with you. So take the chance. Keep healthy. Love ya! 🤗😎😍
Haydenlikes horses
Haydenlikes horses Hace 7 días
Lets take the magical school bus down jefrees throat
Stacy Fitzwater
Stacy Fitzwater Hace 7 días
Love this! As a nurse, I want to see more!!! I have the same issue- it sucks to swallow liquid sometimes 🙄🤷‍♀️
Allison Stanley
Allison Stanley Hace 7 días
“I know you’re all in your religion and hate me, but I need your pancakes”
SpoonfulofSuga Hace 7 días
I get food stuck as well. I have also almost choked to death a few times. I don't have this disorder, I just eat too fast.
Akio Kuro
Akio Kuro Hace 6 días
Stephanie Crystal
Stephanie Crystal Hace 7 días
Jeffree looks so good 💜💜💜
Łïttłë múffïñ
Łïttłë múffïñ Hace 8 días
Same as me sis
Tyler Wardwell
Tyler Wardwell Hace 8 días
I have eosinophilic esophigitis omg omg i have the same desease as jeffry star
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown Hace 8 días
Gacha Puddie
Gacha Puddie Hace 8 días
why does he pull a look without eyebrows?
Lacey Craig
Lacey Craig Hace 8 días
I'm definitely interested in the surgery as well,I hope you are doing well love you Jeffrey and I will definitely be visiting the doctor about my condion also, my prayers are with you!!
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