My Pregnancy Scare

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When Aliyah was 15 years old, she moved in with her mother after her father passed away. It was so difficult for her to deal with her loss, and to make things even more stressful, Aliyah had to go to a brand new school after her move.
On her first day, she was so scared to start her new high school and meet new people. She was really shy. But one day, she met a boy named Aaron. Aaron knew Aliyah's mom through his job, so they immediately had a connection. They became really good friends, and they eventually started dating. They got really close, and Aliyah ended up falling deeply in love with him. He was her first boyfriend and real relationship.
One day, when Aaron and Aliyah were home alone, after watching anime, playing video games and hanging out, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They went to her room, and one thing led to another.
A few weeks later, Aliyah was with her best friend when she started to feel a pain in her stomach. When she went to the bathroom, she realized that she was experiencing a pregnancy symptom. She immediately got really nervous, so she called Aaron and he brought her a pregnancy test. Aliyah took the test a few times, and she became even more nervous and confused when the results were both positive and negative. She didn't know if she was pregnant.
Aliyah went to the doctor with her mom to get an official test. After waiting nervously, Aliyah finally got the results - she was not pregnant. Even though she had mixed emotions at first, Aliyah decided that everything ultimately worked out for the best. She did not feel ready to have a baby and become a mother at the time. When she looks back, she probably says to herself, "My pregnancy scare was a moment I'll never forget."

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Obi-wan Kenobi
Obi-wan Kenobi Hace 43 minutos
I got to say he had the high ground
Smol Squirell
Smol Squirell Hace 22 horas
Story booth: actually good true stories. My story animated: I wAs A pOrN sTaR iN tHe WoMb AnD a DoG fILmEd iT
Stacy 0101
Stacy 0101 Hace un día
I actually luke this story time animation channel. Good on you all.
Izabella Hace un día
Good thing I’m a virgin...
• Chocolate Audrey •
• Chocolate Audrey • Hace 2 días
refrigerator Hace 3 días
CEO of being pregnant but not pregnant
MonkaS Hace 3 días
Wait wait wait. I gotta know. Are they still together???
Shutting down sorry
Shutting down sorry Hace 3 días
This is why don't be pretty until you're 20
Nayeli Franco
Nayeli Franco Hace 5 días
If you find this comment I just wanted to say that you are beautiful! I hope you have a nice day
Lily Pyle
Lily Pyle Hace 6 días
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Hace 6 días
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Hace 6 días
"we did stupid teenager things" Me: chores is teenager things I do!
PUREPULI Hace 7 días
Having sex is not joke... Wait until your 18.
Maddy Oliver
Maddy Oliver Hace 8 días
I think it super cute and sweet of her bf to bring her a care package 💖
The Fortnite Llama
The Fortnite Llama Hace 9 días
Story booth:real stories Other channels: I aDdEd MaLe PiLls To My MoMs FoOd
Michael Santacrose
Michael Santacrose Hace 9 días
The stupid teenager thing was that he forgot a condom
Lili Reinhart and Anime
Lili Reinhart and Anime Hace 9 días
0:52 I need a boyfriend like that
Self-Diagnosed Stupidity
Self-Diagnosed Stupidity Hace 9 días
nessa Hace 9 días
dad:*dies* daughter:*tries to get pregnant*
L2dopee Rose
L2dopee Rose Hace 9 días
Archie and Betty anyone
Honeybunny /ハニーバニー
Honeybunny /ハニーバニー Hace 10 días
1994: Makes ESRB and smoking weed is illegal 2020: Parents ignore ESRB and 4-year olds smoke weed Me: **NANI?!**
muffin gang ayye
muffin gang ayye Hace 10 días
“Stupid quote on quote teenager things” girl I haven’t even gotten my first kiss yet lmao 1:01
Nut Master69
Nut Master69 Hace 10 días
So is she still with her boyfriend? Just wondering
Gabi Xoxo
Gabi Xoxo Hace 10 días
Must be rlly scary going through this.
Lulu Television
Lulu Television Hace 11 días
The doctor looks like me! Yay 😁
GachaLuv YT
GachaLuv YT Hace 11 días
Me: *reads title* Yeah I know how this is gonna go Me: *watches video* Me: *surprised pikachu face*
Kaan Caglayan
Kaan Caglayan Hace 11 días
you ugly noob your bad at fortneit ich bein der aller bëschte forteight spielr
Minze- Eis
Minze- Eis Hace 11 días
School: teaches you health and pregnancy Girl:almost gets pregnant School: Am I A Joke To You
Semira Animates
Semira Animates Hace 12 días
Uh oh they had a “sleepover”
LaQueena Sterns
LaQueena Sterns Hace 12 días
My friends always make fun of me when I say that I’m saving myself for marriage but at least I don’t have to deal with this lol.
mylife asanna
mylife asanna Hace 13 días
I skaberchlyn I
I skaberchlyn I Hace 13 días
“wE dId sTupId tEeNagER tHinGs” *EXCUSE ME MA’AM-*
Jula Moon
Jula Moon Hace 13 días
Storybooth: My Pregnancy Scare. Other "true story" channels: My Best Friend Got Pregnant From Watching the Neighbors' Dog And Now Her Dad Is Gay!!!
Live your dream Sksksksk
Live your dream Sksksksk Hace 13 días
Feel bad
Hayden Harris
Hayden Harris Hace 14 días
She’s a dumb fucking twat. “I’m 15 but my dad died so I think a baby will make me happy” stupid ass child
elcoslick Hace 15 días
Story booth: a pregnancy scare Other story channels: My dad got my brother pregnant and My mom made toast out of a pregnancy test
RoAsTeD ToAsT Hace 15 días
Friends Allied
Friends Allied Hace 15 días
I bet that guy looks like archie andrews from riverdale in real life
Natasha Casasola
Natasha Casasola Hace 17 días
This bitch crazy ngl 💀
4step_yt Animates
4step_yt Animates Hace 17 días
Storybooth: *GOOD STORY* Every other story sharing channel: *IM ALLERGIC TO AIR AAAAAAAAAA*
Geeky Hacker
Geeky Hacker Hace 17 días
This is why you ask him to wear a condom before you make out
huneyyy Hace 17 días
but she plays video games and watches anime
Gravity Falls in Detective Ladybug's Universe
Gravity Falls in Detective Ladybug's Universe Hace 17 días
Oh wow Steven universe fans, back to back
Hey 3dgy
Hey 3dgy Hace 17 días
goddamit Jeager
Kamil Aliev
Kamil Aliev Hace 17 días
Ah . Classic
Olivia Summer
Olivia Summer Hace 18 días
Of course she wasn’t pregnant, she was just having a period.
gamergirlnothing Hace 18 días
if that that was my mom she would send me back to the country i was born
Freezing__ Weekdays
Freezing__ Weekdays Hace 18 días
Dang supportive boyfriend much
Clara and Heidi Thompson Makeup
Clara and Heidi Thompson Makeup Hace 18 días
pregnancy test can’t come out positive if your not but they can come out negative if you are so this doesn’t make sense
モカgacha mocha
モカgacha mocha Hace 18 días
The only thing that really interested me was they being the otaku couple like cmon they watched anime and played video games. I love the relationship between them
Wølfy Wəəb
Wølfy Wəəb Hace 18 días
*'I couldn't find any other joy then spending time with my boyfriend and best friend'* Her mom: I a joke to you?_
Scribble Sconez
Scribble Sconez Hace 18 días
“And of course, one thing lead to another...” *_*screams in Portuguese*_*
Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez Hace 19 días
So you were "scared" and "shy" so having unprotected sex was the solution for you?... great logic sweetie. Also you weren't ready for a baby but you were ready to have sex at 15...
ItzShiacツ Hace 19 días
Install a firewall next time
Yourbigidiotgaynoob Hace 20 días
Nah the spotting is for periods
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee Hace 20 días
Hey Just Wanna Ask.. How Can I Send A Story?
JJ T Hace 21 un día
She sounds like 15 like if u agree
Eleanor Wilson
Eleanor Wilson Hace 21 un día
Storybooth: pregnancy scare My story animated: I got pregnant from 4 men (they actually posted this video I'm not making that up)
Aidan Dalisay
Aidan Dalisay Hace 21 un día
i will say that man is a smart man and a good one
tracy norman
tracy norman Hace 21 un día
Samantha Curcio
Samantha Curcio Hace 21 un día
why is no one talking about how chill her mom is with all of this
Amelie Skye Kelly
Amelie Skye Kelly Hace 7 horas
My mom would beat the baby out of me 😂
samantha martinez
samantha martinez Hace 7 días
Samantha Curcio RIGHT , my mom would BEAT MY ASS and make my bf miserable
Toxic_ Dream's
Toxic_ Dream's Hace 22 días
*i love how kind the mother was*
Melody Laubscher
Melody Laubscher Hace 22 días
"tEnagE tHingS"
NaaaYYY Watching
NaaaYYY Watching Hace 22 días
What kind of anime? H................................
KarenPlayz Animations
KarenPlayz Animations Hace 22 días
Everyone: Dangg she got pregnant that's bad... Me: THEY WATCH ANIME?!! *Let me meet them now!*
shakingmyhead Hace 22 días
why do you build me up buttercup....
Alexa Lozano
Alexa Lozano Hace 22 días
I would never do that to myself
Mori Chan
Mori Chan Hace 23 días
sunshine galaxy
sunshine galaxy Hace 23 días
I watched your ig
Hell Hound
Hell Hound Hace 23 días
“My first official relationship” What do you call an unofficial relationship.... friends? I wouldn’t know what that feels like......
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