My Girlfriend Visited My Island In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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I let my girlfriend into Hel in Animal Crossing New Horizons. I don't think she'll wanna come back
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Nikko Maes
Nikko Maes Hace 6 horas
Turn sound like Scooby Shaggy from Scooby Doo
Skadushfishh Hace 10 horas
“Now we’re going to eat that orange ass” _scared trump noises_
dottislame Hace 14 horas
Their talking is actually someone speaking but it’s sped up! That’s why it sounds like real talking :)
Grace Fuller
Grace Fuller Hace 22 horas
Am I the only person that thinks Toss Boy sounds like Mator from the Cars movie?
Sam Toombs
Sam Toombs Hace un día
Jack gave Blathers the perfect voice
The Boi
The Boi Hace un día
we need a petition for schools to have access to Nintendo switches and animal crossing to teach kids management and taxes and (I cannot stress this enough) *CAPITALISM*
vari shah
vari shah Hace un día
FLOOR GANG Hace un día
I already miss the hat
ignas kacevicius
ignas kacevicius Hace un día
53:28 jack talking to shari about his fish: Shari - looking down and crying inside.
Vicki Hansen
Vicki Hansen Hace un día
"Sooner or later you're just gonna wanna eat a different ass, y'know?" JackSepticEye 2020
Heidi Grayson
Heidi Grayson Hace un día
What is this conversation 🤣🤣 32:28
Lindy Jachimek
Lindy Jachimek Hace 2 días
•Levii Neko•
•Levii Neko• Hace 2 días
I’m in a 4M loan jack, _no complaining_
Chloe Swain
Chloe Swain Hace 2 días
how is no one screaming at 33:57
Wooosh_If_Gay Hace un día
Maya Michelle Murata
Maya Michelle Murata Hace 2 días
Cherry sakuranbo
AmuletRebel Hace 2 días
I was today years old when I learned that there is indeed a language in Animal Crossing. It's called Animalese ease and they just pronounce every letter in a word really fast.
Brian Yu
Brian Yu Hace 2 días
Aw shit, now he's got asses and testicles
Darkened Shroud
Darkened Shroud Hace 2 días
“Just like my sooul Tom”
BouTube Hace 2 días
Watching this Reminds me of kindergarten 2 oh how fun that was to watch
Daniel Asara
Daniel Asara Hace 2 días
avdol hair
non gay woodie main
non gay woodie main Hace 2 días
My name is evelynn-
Carnage Artistry
Carnage Artistry Hace 3 días
Anyone else think Tom nook sounds like vampire bill from trueblood? Lol!!
Lavender gold88
Lavender gold88 Hace 3 días
There is a way that you can literally walk on the ocean, if you do it right!
The Kraken Voice
The Kraken Voice Hace 3 días
Everyone is ahead my by years. *this is what i get for getting the game late*
Jill Wallace
Jill Wallace Hace 3 días
a car
A Bi Fucking Sexual
A Bi Fucking Sexual Hace 3 días
21:41 lmaoooo I also put full-fledged clown
jo o
jo o Hace 4 días
3:48 he sounds like missy from big mouth
Antonia Gergely
Antonia Gergely Hace 4 días
13:07 dwight schrute has entered the island
Savanna Hace 4 días
does anyone know what sean uses for his voice effects?
BlackoMangle Hace 4 días
41:50 Best Alastair impression again 49:29 me lmao 24/7
Sjaahn Washingtnon
Sjaahn Washingtnon Hace 4 días
The second I heard the bell: DING DING DING TOP OF MORNING IRELAND! Damn I love mincraft
Ethan Edgewood
Ethan Edgewood Hace 4 días
Toss boy is just human mator from cars
Sean Presnell
Sean Presnell Hace 4 días
the Easter bunny that brings eggs all over the map and comes to your world is your dad
Elora Dickinson
Elora Dickinson Hace 4 días
throwback to when tom nook was just the owner of a store 😂🥺
Connor Hace 4 días
I think you gave Blathers a Mrs Jiggly Tits voice-
Beast egg Roll
Beast egg Roll Hace 4 días
32:28 look there chats 😂😂😂
STAY Kids Hace 4 días
34:17 Where am I? Who am I? I am not... me Any Stray Kids fans out here.... ♥️
Hunter dog
Hunter dog Hace 5 días
29:19 Mine speakers are crying
Fleecy Hace 5 días
12:10 what I wouldnt do for this but asmr
Steam Hamz
Steam Hamz Hace 5 días
42:45 when u snort to much cocain
Pines' Hazel Gaming
Pines' Hazel Gaming Hace 5 días
51:45 I can't unsee that style after Haikyuu!!....
Alyssa Lewis
Alyssa Lewis Hace 5 días
Why do you hate Sheri so much🥺😭
Alyssa Lewis
Alyssa Lewis Hace un día
Wooosh_If_Gay Hace un día
Because she's shari
Adam Jordan
Adam Jordan Hace 5 días
Single hockey stick hell!!!!!!!!!!
Urzaknight Hace 5 días
Jackie Boy. Your GF is awesome she got you a bell!
Bon Bon
Bon Bon Hace 5 días
Jacks hair looks so bad but the worst part is my hair looks so much like his.
Jayne Cox
Jayne Cox Hace 6 días
Jon Burgess
Jon Burgess Hace 6 días
Jack: *figures out how to take face paint off during his second playthrough* Me: *Figures it out after two months of playing*
Darkest Hace 6 días
That is the top of morning bell of hell
Sydnie Perrin
Sydnie Perrin Hace 6 días
i just did some random math, one nook mile is worth 9.96 bells.
Thermitemain Hace 6 días
I wanna hear jack say “They called him; the Doom Slayer” with that voice changer
Sam P
Sam P Hace 6 días
Blathers: he’s a bad guy 3:23 Tom:give me fees or I break your little knees
Kylie Nicholle
Kylie Nicholle Hace 6 días
Toss runs like he's about to tell mom what Shari did
i promise I’m not bent
i promise I’m not bent Hace 7 días
I like how evelin has a standard character and sean is just wearing someone’s face
CircaXv8 Hace 7 días
when sean said ocarina i was like "wait what" because i named my island that haha
Dev Ongo
Dev Ongo Hace 7 días
You're a goofy goober yeah
curly38 nibba
curly38 nibba Hace 7 días
that's only 980 doll hairs Billy bob
Shady Cat
Shady Cat Hace 7 días
I love the titles on passports! I myself am a Future Egg. My brother gave himself the title of Animal Animal. Titles are awesome.
Maryann Hace 7 días
Jack saying their "talking" sounds like English actually makes sense because it's the same thing for Sims even tho they're obviously not speaking English, it still sounds like it in a way
Miss Misery
Miss Misery Hace 7 días
Gaaaah you two are so cute
Caleb Eadie
Caleb Eadie Hace 7 días
Toss boy looked away cus he saw my sad thots.
MoNims. Hace 7 días
You missed the best opritonity on 14:25 selling fruits and "weeds" and what could the other stuff possibly be hmmmm
Kaitlynn Mizelle
Kaitlynn Mizelle Hace 7 días
That one moment when you watch jack play for 2 hours strait
Daddies little Boy
Daddies little Boy Hace 7 días
His blathers voice sounds like miss jiggly tits from kindergarten
EMILY AGUAYO Hace 7 días
46:13 The look on Jacks face tho 😂
It’s Henka You Psycho
It’s Henka You Psycho Hace 7 días
I love how people can either think Tom Nook is God or Sataan
Lydia Hammen
Lydia Hammen Hace 7 días
Jack: opens his eyes Also jack: THATS CUTE
Hudson Keyte
Hudson Keyte Hace 7 días
The owl sounds like it
Echoes Cartoons
Echoes Cartoons Hace 7 días
It is funny to think that i did not want to watch Jack's Animal crossing play throw because it will spoil the game for me, now I started the game on Tuesday and now i'm here :)
Aonnalin House
Aonnalin House Hace 7 días
":O they look like Crocs! I want them" Omg Jacksepticeye is Kirishima, I'm glad I put my good Crocs on for this
TheCreeperGuy Hace 7 días
"If all you're eating is tiny asses, sooner or later you're just gonna wanna eat a different ass." ~Jacksepticeye (Toss Boy) 2020
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