My Fiance Did The Eye Tracker Challeng.. *Bad Idea*

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Jatie Vlogs

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Who thinks Josh should have to do it now..? Like and comment to get Josh to do it!
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my gilrfriend did the eye tracker challengemy fiance did the eye tracker challengeeye tracker challengeeye tracking challenge

layla acree
layla acree Hace 5 días
Wholy socks suck
Ava Goodreau
Ava Goodreau Hace 6 días
3:14 Katie I don’t even like girls 😂😂 omfg I’m dead
It’sTessaMarie Hace 6 días
Katie literally exposed her self
Mia Lambert
Mia Lambert Hace 6 días
Hahah I agree
Austin Hace 8 días
Hey Jatie Fam!!!
Maren’s World
Maren’s World Hace 14 días
Josh : every time it go’s right to the nipple Me:haha 😂😜🤣
Hattie Muirhead
Hattie Muirhead Hace 14 días
Ive Just Watched The Naken Challenge Lol x
Amy Alfred
Amy Alfred Hace 15 días
Hi you're the best
poobers1 Hace 16 días
I really don't like katie
Grace Ellul
Grace Ellul Hace 18 días
Josh needs to do this challenge now !!
Mia West
Mia West Hace 21 un día
That thumbnail is not her ex...🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s not in the creepy way! I obviously didn’t like spy on on him or anything but I just watched the video where josh looks like her crush to get her reaction... he has black/dark hair, lol! No hate!! I don’t mean it in a bad way at all! I just noticed it and thought it was kinda weird.. love you Josh and Katie!🤟🏻👑❤️
alexis sandino
alexis sandino Hace 22 días
Katie watching Riverdale 😂 Archie Andrews ❤️
Chloe Griest
Chloe Griest Hace 24 días
Thomas Maalouf
Thomas Maalouf Hace 27 días
It sas mi berthday the 1st june
Rayan Tabbaa
Rayan Tabbaa Hace 28 días
haha lolo😂
Luna Doggy
Luna Doggy Hace 28 días
If they put harry styles up there, that would have ruined the whole thing, every girl looses when harry comes up
Abigail Pommier
Abigail Pommier Hace 29 días
Just sayin who would just want to do a quick check 😶
Zach Leist
Zach Leist Hace 29 días
All i have to say is:❤ yall! You guys are really the perfect couple ever!❤❤❤
Lovejoy Ngani
Lovejoy Ngani Hace un mes
When are yall getting married
Jomantha Frieslaar
Jomantha Frieslaar Hace un mes
I Love you two sooooooooooooooooo much ❤️
Bob Name
Bob Name Hace un mes
Yall should do the spin the weel challenge
Aziza Thompson
Aziza Thompson Hace un mes
Josh:Look at the screen, Close your eyes and keep em shut😂😂
Elizabeth Chin
Elizabeth Chin Hace un mes
Marie Ann Collado
Marie Ann Collado Hace un mes
That picture of guy after archi is Gerald Anderson from the Philippines HAHAHA
Deykita Aguilar
Deykita Aguilar Hace un mes
U guys done adding challeng to the dictionary😂😂 Just joking for ppl who cant take jokes
Liv Marie
Liv Marie Hace un mes
Anyone else realize at 1:39 they both put their hands up at the same time lmao
Dummy B
Dummy B Hace un mes
KATIE should compare Josh and her Ex for a prank.
mixed videos
mixed videos Hace un mes
Id suggest you give her a hall pass cause shes very thirsty hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Gianna Kauffman
Gianna Kauffman Hace un mes
Tell your boyfriend that you need to talk about something really important and serious, which you certainly cannot do without his advice as it is a tough decision. Sit silently for a while and when he agrees to help you out, ask him something minor like which colour dress should you wear or even your lipstick shade. Lol!
Savvy Doot
Savvy Doot Hace un mes
i don't have a bf but i'm cheating on him with this video
Amaria Dorce
Amaria Dorce Hace un mes
Just Nat
Just Nat Hace un mes
Katie you should do the chocking prank
Mille Lind Nielsen
Mille Lind Nielsen Hace un mes
Prank idea you should pretend that you are cooking good and you spill boiling Water on yourself and pass out ps im a Big fan 😂😘😁❤️
Jennifer Willey
Jennifer Willey Hace un mes
Yeah he should try a pregnancy simulator
Valkyrie Cain
Valkyrie Cain Hace un mes
Anyone else notice Katie's pants are the same colour as their couch?
Allegra Kuc
Allegra Kuc Hace un mes
For all y’all wondering and looking for this comment like I was her ex it at 10:26 have a awesome day/life luv vlog there the best reply to this comment a nice message to share your kindness to the world pls help this get to the top 😘
Hanna Pratt
Hanna Pratt Hace un mes
Zach Efron is my bae don’t even think about him😂
Lindsey Maiorani
Lindsey Maiorani Hace un mes
Watched the one with Josh first, so now I'm excited to see this one.
Emma Blossom
Emma Blossom Hace un mes
Zoey’s Life
Zoey’s Life Hace un mes
Does anybody notice how the Jatie fit leggings are so fire 🔥 that they match the couch!!!
Marvin Castro
Marvin Castro Hace un mes
It got more than 50,000 so where is the video
Adilio Folagar
Adilio Folagar Hace un mes
I hetaJosh and Katy together
Ellie May x
Ellie May x Hace un mes
Brian Redmon was your ex??
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie Hace un mes
Do the vid
Makayla Pitt
Makayla Pitt Hace un mes
Not gonna lie I would fail 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jaiden Fynn
Jaiden Fynn Hace un mes
Katie please do one video for Josh the video has 75k
Emma Tomlin
Emma Tomlin Hace un mes
You never did it on josh
Sophiemaire Hace un mes
Josh should do it x
bob ross
bob ross Hace un mes
did anyone else notice that the word " Challenge " in the thumbnail was missing the "e" at the end.... no... just me... ok
Shelton_ Jillian
Shelton_ Jillian Hace un mes
I haven’t seen a josh version of this
Caden Simmons
Caden Simmons Hace un mes
Do it on him
Sophie Pappas
Sophie Pappas Hace un mes
I love how when it got to Justin Trudeau they were like who is the old guy and josh is full on wearing a Toronto raptors jersey.
Nylah_playzgacha 1
Nylah_playzgacha 1 Hace un mes
Do it to josh I wanna see were he be looking
Sienna Cheers
Sienna Cheers Hace un mes
What app did they use?
Ella Ratliff 2
Ella Ratliff 2 Hace un mes
the video has 75k thumbs ups sooo i guess katie gets to do this with josh now yayyy!!
Chloe Perez
Chloe Perez Hace un mes
Legit where her eyes went mine went first !!!😂😂😂😂
Chloe Perez
Chloe Perez Hace un mes
Did anyone notice in their intro when she grabbed the unicorn floaty in the back round a man was scratching another mans back nope only me ?😂
Rebecca Andersen
Rebecca Andersen Hace un mes
Time to do the vid for josh
alwa 123
alwa 123 Hace un mes
Isn’t that Brian Redmon in the miniature?
Jessica Cazarez
Jessica Cazarez Hace un mes
boi [;
anne 7
anne 7 Hace un mes
Just saw this couple and this vid is so funny HAHAHAHDHS omg gurl same, my eyes r just going straight to their abs like srsly
Rahnie Bear
Rahnie Bear Hace un mes
I love you guys so much ! 😁 🥰😍
Emily BEATON Hace un mes
Katie is right your eyes go to the bigger picture
Rebekah LeMesurier
Rebekah LeMesurier Hace un mes
Me: A Conservative Canadian Also me: Sees Justin Truedau, a liberal Me again: gags This is just my point of view it’s not for hate please don’t hate on me
Rebekah LeMesurier
Rebekah LeMesurier Hace un mes
Oh where I live we don’t do much research on the US in school. Plus social ended last semester
Hannah Zakman
Hannah Zakman Hace un mes
Rebekah LeMesurier it is we have conservatives and liberals in the us. My dad was a senate chairman
Rebekah LeMesurier
Rebekah LeMesurier Hace un mes
I thought the political system in the US was democratic and republican
Hannah Zakman
Hannah Zakman Hace un mes
Rebekah LeMesurier nope
Rebekah LeMesurier
Rebekah LeMesurier Hace un mes
Jay Playz are you Canadian?
Laetitia Zamor
Laetitia Zamor Hace un mes
Everyone should also subscribe to their friends della vlogs they are close to 450k
Jesse Bjork
Jesse Bjork Hace un mes
She was getting annoying that whole video 😂
Cactus _
Cactus _ Hace un mes
Can we take the time to notice that Katie’s leggings are the same color as the couch.
Mya Rhine
Mya Rhine Hace un mes
Omg you guys watch riverdale i love that show i didnt think that you new them a d katie said archiekins
Uwem MacBeth
Uwem MacBeth Hace un mes
Yaassss do it with josh next
Olivia Girl
Olivia Girl Hace un mes
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