MY CRUSH GOES THROUGH MY PHONE! (bad idea) | MyLifeAsEva & Brent Rivera

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LIKE this video if you want me to go thru Eva's phone!!
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MrBrent98 Hace un mes
so Eva goes thru my phone and I kinda regret it... but hit that like button if u think I should go thru EVA'S PHONE!!😏😂
navneet ghotra
navneet ghotra Hace 3 días
Carey Dingsdale
Carey Dingsdale Hace 5 días
MrBrent98 loved this video so much
Lylah Sotelo
Lylah Sotelo Hace 9 días
PiNKfl4M1ng0S PhSyco-CiNema
PiNKfl4M1ng0S PhSyco-CiNema Hace 12 días
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez Hace 12 días
Cassie Ziegler
Cassie Ziegler Hace un hora
Why is Eva so offended of the pictures with Brent and those girls there not dating so she shouldn't be all mad of who they are and why there in his photo album
Hola Moengangongo
Hola Moengangongo Hace un hora
Mr Brent 98 you should go through evas phone
Maya Qandil
Maya Qandil Hace 7 horas
My name is Maya
Itz_meh Rashie 28
Itz_meh Rashie 28 Hace 7 horas
Uhh Brent Eva has a long face and doesn't fit you
nucikoTV 26
nucikoTV 26 Hace 7 horas
You gays are wery quit togeder ooooooo
Ceyda Cilasın
Ceyda Cilasın Hace 9 horas
Eva ya yazık bunlar ne
Tao Nguyen
Tao Nguyen Hace 13 horas
You should
Řøýăłťý ŁƏŇŇÝ
Řøýăłťý ŁƏŇŇÝ Hace 14 horas
Brent:its not you its me"😂
Darla’s Barbie & LOL toys Review
Darla’s Barbie & LOL toys Review Hace 17 horas
Is Ava jealous or something
chris Revange
chris Revange Hace 18 horas
ZeroTick Pulse
ZeroTick Pulse Hace 18 horas
why do you put makeup on? you gay fucking prick
Abigail Millwood
Abigail Millwood Hace 19 horas
Brent you need to go threw Eva’s phone
Brianna Bravo
Brianna Bravo Hace 20 horas
Fox What’s up
Fox What’s up Hace 22 horas
Do it!!!!
Yash Patel
Yash Patel Hace 22 horas
Jana Al
Jana Al Hace un día
I really like watching your videos Brent. Watching your videos cheer my up when I’m sad especially as my cousin/ BFF is going away to the uae after an amazing summer together and watching your videos makes me happy thank you for making these videos
kiTTy MIAU Hace un día
Brent your crush??not Girlfriend I wanna see next video with word Girlfriend. I ship Breva so that have to come true.
Yana Zam
Yana Zam Hace un día
Go to eva's phone pls
Alex & the Krew
Alex & the Krew Hace un día
5:58 they should have kissed!!!!!
kiah atkinson
kiah atkinson Hace un día
On the intro Ava jumped when Brent said boom
Devika G A
Devika G A Hace un día
Brent you uploaded the video my mom goes through my phone on April 14th and now u uploaded my crush goes through my phone on July 14th(independence day for France) 🇫🇷 Wow!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱
Alexandre Filion
Alexandre Filion Hace un día
1:52 have a phone call
Jo Brownlow
Jo Brownlow Hace un día
He has…
Susan Otter
Susan Otter Hace un día
You guys should date
Danishishere imran
Danishishere imran Hace un día
Eva poppy head haa
Adrian Ibarra
Adrian Ibarra Hace un día
H WORLDVlogs Hace un día
1:52 look at the text...
JUJO Singer
JUJO Singer Hace un día
You should go by eva’s phone
vVv Lxzy_Nikki vVv
vVv Lxzy_Nikki vVv Hace un día
Mom: let me check your phone Me: *deletes face book, insta,snapchat,deletes whole social media*
Zachariah Veith
Zachariah Veith Hace un día
How does she know he has no rash on his butt 🤔
laert lame
laert lame Hace un día
go go go
Unicorn STR Cat 10
Unicorn STR Cat 10 Hace un día
5:58 I Was like =_= srsly u have a gf 😂😂😂😂 i thought that u were the one who dont have a gf 😂😂 bc all the vines u dont have anyone with u
James J
James J Hace un día
next do dare video
lily pop unicorn rainbow
lily pop unicorn rainbow Hace 2 días
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Psiron Grant
Psiron Grant Hace 2 días
Oof she like you💕💕
Psiron Grant
Psiron Grant Hace 2 días
Can you kiss her Now 😂😂
kitty lover
kitty lover Hace 2 días
My crush goes through my phone Oh laa laa 😉😘
Tito Jay
Tito Jay Hace 2 días
Bexi and Breva double date
AJLA NONI Hace 2 días
DHJ McCarthy
DHJ McCarthy Hace 2 días
Go through her phone plz
I don’t Know my name
I don’t Know my name Hace 2 días
This when I wonder how does she know if his butt is fine😏😯
Ida Delpeche
Ida Delpeche Hace 2 días
you 2 are so cute together!!!!! I ship you and Eva!!!!! tell her you like her!!!! #breva
Sloane Hardy
Sloane Hardy Hace 2 días
i sucribed
Isra Mohammed
Isra Mohammed Hace 2 días
Kashelle Francis
Kashelle Francis Hace 2 días
Go through ava phone
Jack Padden
Jack Padden Hace 2 días
U just know that he had a threesome with the 2 girls
maria james
maria james Hace 2 días
Sue Wardrobe
Sue Wardrobe Hace 2 días
Do it
leticia perez
leticia perez Hace 2 días
Yes go through Eva's phone!! 😂😂
krishamae McNulty
krishamae McNulty Hace 2 días
Go through her phone
PEBBLES _YT Hace 2 días
MAKE BREVA OFFICIAL OR I WILL... I will... Hmmm jUsT MaKe iT oFFiCiAl My little heart needs it
Woolly Llama
Woolly Llama Hace 2 días
Shes your crush and your hers ? And you both have nicknames? Hhmmm !!!BREVA!!!
Bright Rainbow
Bright Rainbow Hace 2 días
Bossboy Ultimate
Bossboy Ultimate Hace 2 días
Don't brake up please:'(
Dar Dar’s cringed
Dar Dar’s cringed Hace 2 días
It’s been a month plz go threw Eva’s phone 📱
Callie Catsadimas
Callie Catsadimas Hace 2 días
"Your butt's fine" LOL 😂😂😂
Alondra Corrales
Alondra Corrales Hace 20 horas
Callie Catsadimas 😏😏
it's me Alonso y Rulhand
it's me Alonso y Rulhand Hace 2 días
it's me Alonso y Rulhand
it's me Alonso y Rulhand Hace 2 días
I know you're going to be a season in Hulu but I kind of want to watch it but I kind of don't it just came up like I have Hulu and I want to watch it the same time I don't cuz it's going to be a lot of things happening imma keep it simple
julia cross
julia cross Hace 2 días
Jani Pana
Jani Pana Hace 2 días
Im new in your chanel and please can someone tell me if Eva is Brent's girlfriend in real life?🧐😂😂
Bemnet Ross
Bemnet Ross Hace 2 días
Isabella Sanz Fino
Isabella Sanz Fino Hace 2 días
can you pls do eva’s phone now!!!
Leahtheunicorngirllol Mah Roblox name Leah
Leahtheunicorngirllol Mah Roblox name Leah Hace 3 días
Starlight Roblox
Starlight Roblox Hace 3 días
Eva: is that what you really think of me Brent: you have a nickname for me- Idiot Eva: No, baby 10 seconds later Brent changes her contact to Eva BabyGirl Me: Awwww, I ship Breva
lhuile81 Hace 3 días
Do it
Linda Nieman
Linda Nieman Hace 3 días
ask ava to be your girlfriend
Lee Marsh
Lee Marsh Hace 3 días
Do you go out cuz u act like you do xx
David Greeley
David Greeley Hace 3 días
Eva: Hand it over buddy Like if u laughed at this too Comment if u didn't laugh at this
Zasuo Hace 3 días
The Thumbnail tho the phone and the apps doesn’t fit hahaha
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