My Brother couldn’t Say what my Crush did

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My Story Animated

My Story Animated

Hace 2 meses

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Chan Dan
Chan Dan Hace 2 meses
Love you guys
If this is real how did the girl tell u the story when she didn’t have a phone
Gabby R
Gabby R Hace 8 días
I ate my dog
Gabby R
Gabby R Hace 8 días
Who does 'guys' mean
Suura Siman
Suura Siman Hace 12 días
Me to
xXMoonLightXx :3
xXMoonLightXx :3 Hace 16 días
Jean Olvera
Jean Olvera Hace 49 minutos
Love you guys alot
Vr_ Zv2
Vr_ Zv2 Hace 35 minutos
Luv ya too😗
Asthetic Demon :P
Asthetic Demon :P Hace 2 horas
Brothers always say: NO BOYS TiLL U OLDER! I hate older brothers 🙄🙄🙄🙄
m i l k y w a y s
m i l k y w a y s Hace 6 horas
At 12 pm at night?
Reign Artemis
Reign Artemis Hace 9 horas
I thought When Jack pulled out the knife I thought he was going to kill MindyLOL
Efren Gonzaga
Efren Gonzaga Hace 10 horas
Guys follow my plans if a stranger are stalking you 1find some items 2make some traps 3set up this traps 4relax and be sure you have a swollen with you
Efren Gonzaga
Efren Gonzaga Hace 10 horas
Sorry swollen is wrong spelling it's suppose to be weopoen
Katelyn Wong
Katelyn Wong Hace 12 horas
If you say a youtuber’s name four times,you will get pinned
Dioni D'Almeida
Dioni D'Almeida Hace 15 horas
I just imagine the girl saying sorry to Jack when she attacked XD
Killer Robot
Killer Robot Hace 17 horas
When i see the tittle i was like. OwO Bad stuff warning
Irma Esquivel
Irma Esquivel Hace 19 horas
I love this story
DELTA COLLIN Hace 21 un hora
Ummm in one of Theodd1sout's videos he found a tree that said j+m soo......... Wat
DELTA COLLIN Hace 21 un hora
Is it just me or did they say 12:00pm at night??? It would be 12:00am at night it wouldn't be dark at 12:00 pm
Alauna Joseph
Alauna Joseph Hace 22 horas
Mindy Your oldest brother EJ is Really cute!
xXgachaXx Video
xXgachaXx Video Hace un día
Me to Love you guys
christine joy cerna
christine joy cerna Hace un día
caravan times said : 100000000000000000000000
sheilah marsden
sheilah marsden Hace un día
her brother: *shuts curtain* no boys till ur eighteen! haha thats just like my brother wait thats just like all my brothers they are all pretty protective over me lol
Jeremiah Lougheed
Jeremiah Lougheed Hace un día
Brother: no boys until you are 18! Me: ok bye
Lol Bee2
Lol Bee2 Hace un día
How on earth did u have enough fuel
Puppy lover🥰😍☺️
Puppy lover🥰😍☺️ Hace un día
Reagan Smith
Reagan Smith Hace un día
Come on quarantine you have to leave
Afia Yusrah
Afia Yusrah Hace 2 días
I don't like boys actully
zero chan
zero chan Hace 2 días
“He took a knife out of his pocket” Me: WOAH IS HE GONNA KILL YOU OR SOMETHING!? “And he carved our names on the tree” Me: Oh
Eddie & Fun
Eddie & Fun Hace 2 días
Joselyn Jurasevich
Joselyn Jurasevich Hace 2 días
aRe wE sTiLl oN eArTh??? Are you suffocating from no oxygen or floating around nonstop trying to withstand extreme and deadly temperatures? Yeah, you’re on earth bud. Sorry to burst your bubble.
Silvia Hernandez
Silvia Hernandez Hace 2 días
*me seeing her five cute brothers* *but notices that She is the only sister like me*
Tracie Livermore
Tracie Livermore Hace 2 días
Anna Tate
Anna Tate Hace 3 días
4:11 i thought he was going to kill her lol
•Fire.Blue.Wolfie •
•Fire.Blue.Wolfie • Hace 3 días
I wish I had i brothers
•Fire.Blue.Wolfie •
•Fire.Blue.Wolfie • Hace 3 días
Becky Woycik-Hart
Becky Woycik-Hart Hace 3 días
omg i fille soooooooooooooo bad
Madison Dilts
Madison Dilts Hace 3 días
I actually have 5 younger brothers
Ami Ayne
Ami Ayne Hace 3 días
😂😂😂 who sleeps like that??
Noa Kraiem
Noa Kraiem Hace 3 días
3:40 wtf 12pm is not at night..
jamasey dasilva
jamasey dasilva Hace 4 días
Yellow with cheese Calloway jr
Yellow with cheese Calloway jr Hace 4 días
Why the farther look like Ben tens dad
Taki Viligia
Taki Viligia Hace 4 días
Brother: no boys and till your 18 Me:whaaaa -_-
Adeline Vanden Bosch
Adeline Vanden Bosch Hace 4 días
Title not total
Adeline Vanden Bosch
Adeline Vanden Bosch Hace 4 días
The story and the total are wrong
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales Hace 4 días
Hey story time we send the story to yahoo or g mail
Ingrid Rivera
Ingrid Rivera Hace 4 días
How did you call the police
Ingrid Rivera
Ingrid Rivera Hace 4 días
If your family never let you have a phone
Ingrid Rivera
Ingrid Rivera Hace 4 días
I wanna know something
doody GUY
doody GUY Hace 4 días
y did jack push his dad
Calvin Inyallie
Calvin Inyallie Hace 4 días
Man I wish I had brothers they look so supportive
Abdirahman Ali
Abdirahman Ali Hace 4 días
Nerko Vukovic
Nerko Vukovic Hace 5 días
Wow first time I saw your crush I wanted to punch him
Maleia Johnson
Maleia Johnson Hace 5 días
When jack took out the knife I thought it was bout to be a whole different story the family sticked together and beat the mess out of the kidnappers
Luminous W
Luminous W Hace 5 días
like why did they say it was 12 pm if it was 12 am in the midnight?
Flare of light :3
Flare of light :3 Hace 5 días
This design was actually one of my favorite designs throughout the video and the thumbnail! This is one of my favorite videos! Please do more of this design! Not only that, but the story was super good and I loved the characters!😍
Elizabeth Ulrich
Elizabeth Ulrich Hace 5 días
“At twelve pm at night” -bruh😂😑
xXLe bubble TeaXx
xXLe bubble TeaXx Hace 5 días
How did they call the police when she said “ we do not have any phones”
Joselyn Jurasevich
Joselyn Jurasevich Hace 2 días
xXLe bubble TeaXx I’m guessing they used a landline phone, even if they animated a cellphone. Either that or they bought one after they left their parents.
aubrey fletcher
aubrey fletcher Hace 5 días
Where did he get a knife from?
alanyew81 Hace 6 días
I’m so sorry about this
Joy Richey
Joy Richey Hace 6 días
Who else thought that when Jack was taking out the knife to carve ( J - M) He was gonna murder her
Csaba Koszoru
Csaba Koszoru Hace 6 días
the animation is so poor its hilarious
Ikwe Oghenevwaire
Ikwe Oghenevwaire Hace 6 días
Bayron Menedez
Bayron Menedez Hace 6 días
alternative title: my brother could not say what my crush did to him for 5 years
Vanda Haddox
Vanda Haddox Hace 7 días
Jack basically murdered that tree 4:11 😅
ak the god will
ak the god will Hace 7 días
:me wtf
Angelica Diaconu
Angelica Diaconu Hace 7 días
How did you phone the police earlier if you Said you DIDN’T have a mobile phone📲
Asian Dod
Asian Dod Hace 7 días
I feel so bad for Jack, what a waste of potential. I doubt he's even related to them, his parents probably adopted him to reel in girls.
Asian Dod
Asian Dod Hace 7 días
I appreciate that your father values education, but you're not meant to memorise books.
Aadika Thiruvaipati
Aadika Thiruvaipati Hace 7 días
Mindy:our parents didn't let us have mobile phones. Me:How are you going to watch this video girl?
Cool Beans
Cool Beans Hace 7 días
When Jack took out a knife I got scared how could he have one in his pocket
Alexandra Cassolis
Alexandra Cassolis Hace 7 días
The story doesn’t make much sense because at first they said she has four brothers... and then at the end they said she had five brothers... CONFUSED
Mario the Devil
Mario the Devil Hace 7 días
I like EJ's jacket. Also great story.
April Davis
April Davis Hace 7 días
I like how the car has eyes.
likeduh1 Hace 7 días
12 PM tonight??? 😳
Noam Gilad
Noam Gilad Hace 7 días
In the night it is 12:00am not pm
Ilsse Flores
Ilsse Flores Hace 7 días
I mean his name starts with the j
Ryuji Takasu
Ryuji Takasu Hace 7 días
If you couldnt phone for help how did you call the cops
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