Must watch: Woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of NYC

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Eyewitness News ABC7NY

Eyewitness News ABC7NY

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(Video credit : Dan Ladue) A New York City woman's impassioned plea to a group of looters to stop what they were doing is resonating with people across the country.
Desiree Barnes said she approached the group Saturday night in the East Village after they began looting the stores below her apartment.
That is when a man on the street noticed her message and started filming.
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Lisa Donnell
Lisa Donnell Hace 49 minutos
If a book store was one of their loot targets (I know it would never be) they should grab a dictionary and look up the definitions of protest, looting and rioting.
SonicsJoe2013 Hace un hora
This is no different than the black guy from 1992 in Los Angeles after his business got destroyed
Fernando Mendoza
Fernando Mendoza Hace 2 horas
All this b.s. got me wanting yo vote for the first time.
yeet my bois
yeet my bois Hace 2 horas
She is the only person that sees that other ppl live here in these cities not just these idiot protesters and Kearns
death2pc Hace 8 horas
ALL are liberals - democrats, 100% of them.
Pat Maloney
Pat Maloney Hace 11 horas
A good man better marry this woman.
ksbans1 Hace 13 horas
I cant believe that ABC allowed this video to be posted. Maybe the bosses are not aware of it yet.
Gordon Thomas BAILEY
Gordon Thomas BAILEY Hace 14 horas
God oh God why could I an old white guy not ever find such a woman as this for a life partner? She is beautiful outside and inside with a vast amount of common sense.
T_Rossi80 Hace 15 horas
These young, white, liberal rioters embarrass the hell out of me. They don't have the slightest idea of why they're out there, and they lack all common sense. The indoctrination by our schools and universities has set this country back decades. 🇺🇸 MAGA
K Cooper
K Cooper Hace 19 horas
A huge THANK YOU to this woman who is a HERO! This woman is a true inspiration to me and a lot of people who LOVE this country! This is a very very powerful message she gave that ALL of these rioters and looters NEED to not only hear but understand! God Bless her heart! Praying that this crap stops soon and we can all move on in life with a positive attitude and energy! ❤️🇺🇸
Q S Hace un día
Trump 2020🇺🇸✊
Michael H
Michael H Hace un día
I see no color in this woman......I see an American. God bless her
J Hop
J Hop Hace un día
Such a strong and beautifully spoken woman. Well done sis for standing your ground. Really well done. From Australia [-o-]
chris parchinski
chris parchinski Hace un día
Let’s pop it
chris parchinski
chris parchinski Hace un día
She tic off
Umble Yoself
Umble Yoself Hace un día
The moral of the this.... consider how you vote in November... everybody whose committing such acts are young people who were Sanders' supporters....the Left wants American citizens to bite, devour and destroy one another. They say they hate capitalism but will stand in line to pay a thousand for latest iphone.... gleefully by their own free will. I am afraid of the left and liberal policy. They want the country destroyed. Here lies proof. The leaders will not tell people to stop and consider their ways. Hillary provoked people to be uncivil with her statement. After the election she said Trump is president and we have to accept her loss, then weeks later she spoke of a resistance...What!😲😮😔 Dr. King never stood for violent protest, vandalism and looting. This is not about Floyd's death it is something else this the excuse for mayhem in America. All planned.
Jim Hopper
Jim Hopper Hace un día
She should run for office 👍
Soldier Hace un día
All those TERRORIST ANTIFA Worthless P.O.S need to be ARRESTED and Imprisoned !! They could care less about the Black Community !
Miguel Alfonso Cuacho
Miguel Alfonso Cuacho Hace 2 días
Make America great again. For blod og nasjon!!
Miguel Alfonso Cuacho
Miguel Alfonso Cuacho Hace 2 días
Its really messy. Sure Duterte will be angry if this happens in the Philippines.
Haydee Kohse
Haydee Kohse Hace 2 días
Hopefully she ask them to vote for the right party and not the slave owners that are the demorats.
Dawn Hace 2 días
That's racist. All neighborhoods and businesses should be respected equally. A neighborhood of immigrants and African-Americans should be treated no better or worse than any other neighborhood.
treverfox Hace 2 días
terranark Hace 2 días
gta 4 liberty city on a nutshell
John Smith
John Smith Hace 2 días
If she was white, she'd get accused of a racist rant and, likely, be beaten up.
JM Barr
JM Barr Hace 2 días
If I knew who this courageous woman is, I would give money to support her. God bless this articulate, critical thinker who stands up for what’s right.
M Chaney
M Chaney Hace 3 días
its not a speech if there is no audience lol. its just a crazy person screaming.
Joseph Hutchinson
Joseph Hutchinson Hace 2 días
M Chaney there are a few people watching.
pnut beurre
pnut beurre Hace 3 días
Blak gna blak
Jeff Harris
Jeff Harris Hace 3 días
Amen girl
Minoudy Watusi
Minoudy Watusi Hace 3 días
Funny that a white is writing "Black Lives Matter". A WHITE. Help yourself, man.
shanustheanus Hace 3 días
Anyone who disliked this video because they disagree with this woman are beyond help and should be removed from society
CENTER MASS Hace 4 días
BLM the bs of 2020. Covid 19 more bs of 2020. What the fk is next?
Octavia Kearney
Octavia Kearney Hace 4 días
She is speaking the truth she is amazing it’s okay to protest but the right way not to damage what people have worked so hard for
John Metzger
John Metzger Hace 4 días
Their registered to vote alright... Biden supporters. Ready to burn down the next neighborhood.
Darla Ratliff
Darla Ratliff Hace 4 días
Good for her! Standing up
Elaine Primo
Elaine Primo Hace 4 días
Are they going to vote for the same thing???
Desley Hace 4 días
Amen! 💖 We ALL need to come together as ONE and stand up for what's right and quit letting people get away with criminal acts against innocent people and neighborhoods/businesses.
D04 G
D04 G Hace 4 días
She is a proud black women who cares for her country. She knows she isn’t oppressed.
Joseph Upton
Joseph Upton Hace 4 días
In a land of liars speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.
Chihiro Sen
Chihiro Sen Hace 4 días
I want to give this lady the biggest hug she's ever had in her life
Ezequiel Echeverria
Ezequiel Echeverria Hace 5 días
The place was bad ; they just make it worst. At least there still reasonable people to stop the mess.
Robert Dill
Robert Dill Hace 5 días
Tell it like it is, good job young woman!
sinor chingon
sinor chingon Hace 5 días
Did she say they "made a melee"? What does that mean because I thought melee was a when you use a handheld weapon
Orion Atlas
Orion Atlas Hace 5 días
I stand with my fellow veterans! I stand with this woman!
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen Hace 5 días
Crazy lives matter, looters and antifa are Satan and monsters so they are hungry needing blood to drink that.
edcar61 Hace 5 días
Amen sister.
William West
William West Hace 5 días
Lots of liberal socialists out there destroying and looting. Yes, it seriously hurts these neighborhoods which are struggling.
gor nilang
gor nilang Hace 5 días
I agree with her. Channeling emotions to bring systemic change is non-violence.
Black Rocket
Black Rocket Hace 5 días
BLM is an organization against freedom.
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Hace 5 días
Maurice Norfleet
Maurice Norfleet Hace 5 días
Maurice Norfleet
Maurice Norfleet Hace 5 días
What have you done for me lately 😕 😪 🙃 hate
Maurice Norfleet
Maurice Norfleet Hace 5 días
Welcome to real world 🌎 💯 😎 😌 reflection
Robby Patterson
Robby Patterson Hace 5 días
Get these racist BLM and Antifa cowards out of your city...they don't even live there...George Soros is busing them in
Richardo Anthony
Richardo Anthony Hace 5 días
Identity politics. Only she can give this speech.
christian lopes
christian lopes Hace 5 días
My Sister!!
olivia sng
olivia sng Hace 5 días
Send her to jail
Nick M
Nick M Hace 6 días
The last true unifying protest was the march on Wall Street. Since then the media has been working very hard the keep us all divided and against each other. Wake up kids. This women is 💯 correct.
NAI ANI Hace 6 días
But before these idiots can vote I hope they do a little research. Otherwise there will be more leaders like idiot AOC. Go home, and better not vote. These rioters should not be allowed to vote, as they clearly hate the country and its people.
Rolling Pirate
Rolling Pirate Hace 6 días
All of this behind high leaders that wants African American people erase. Why and what for? Please stop it. No more murder no more killing kids, it's time to look at the mess that happen in the world.
Lucida Rose
Lucida Rose Hace 6 días
Thank you .
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Hace 6 días
I called this woman a queen not because of the color of her skin but because of the courage to stand up for others that can't stand up by themselves I would gladly kneel before this lady I don't even know this lady and I will defend her with my life because she has a heart of gold and that's hard to find I thank her I couldn't thank her enough God bless wow all's I can say is wow the more she speaks the more I love her wow
Christina B.
Christina B. Hace 6 días
Ive seen this women in other video telling off looter its not the first time, if genuine she is amazing, if she is acting sad.
Felix Bofil
Felix Bofil Hace 6 días
Speaking truth ! 💥💥💥💥🙏🙏🙏🙏
rezzman1 Hace 6 días
These BLM/Antifa are using the black people to destroy property.
C H Hace 6 días
She is awesome and totally right! Notice how no one wanted to step up to her!
Sarah W
Sarah W Hace 6 días
She is brave, and I salute her service to this nation. And she's right about registering to vote, that's how the Irish in the late 1800s turned their situation around. Use your voice in the voting booths to get people in office who will actually help you
Ricky Hursey
Ricky Hursey Hace 6 días
Wears the black protesters, all I see are far leftist DEMOCRATIC morons.
Derek Tomlinson
Derek Tomlinson Hace 6 días
These so called protesters obviously think that black lives do not matter as they destroy the communities of the hard pressed black and mixed race communities.
Eco 1234
Eco 1234 Hace 6 días
When she is encouraging people to vote, I wonder who for. For the people who want to use force to stop these rioters, or for the people who enable and make excuses for them?
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