Musical Genre Challenge with Miley Cyrus

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Hace 2 años

Miley Cyrus sings "Bodak Yellow" as a pop song in the latest rendition of Musical Genre Challenge.
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Musical Genre Challenge with Miley Cyrus
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stu uluave
stu uluave Hace 20 horas
Reminds me of song runaway train
Ga Perm
Ga Perm Hace un día
Why does Miley look so similar to my classmate (no joke im serious)
It's Kayla
It's Kayla Hace un día
Is that a Elvis shirt she has on?😂
Felipe Kohn
Felipe Kohn Hace 3 días
Miley is so cute and talented
Neil Naidoo
Neil Naidoo Hace 3 días
Jimmy messed up the bodak yellow song.... sometimes he needs to know when to let a real artist perform.
Natalie dwiggins
Natalie dwiggins Hace 4 días
as if Fallon didn't practice any of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, fucking no. what a fake.
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner Hace 4 días
Miley was awesome with Ignition
Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim Hace 4 días
Yo ignition country still was fire for no reason
Oh Vai Muje Maro
Oh Vai Muje Maro Hace 4 días
Miley looks like Railey raid
Martin Allen
Martin Allen Hace 5 días
Please release Bodak Yellow.
Red Crystal
Red Crystal Hace 5 días
4:13 😱😚
Landry Hace 5 días
They had a few songs that you could see scrolling by that seemed specific to her like Joline. I know they plan this bit to an extent, but maybe it's more of an actual surprise than we thought. She only did 2 songs, and did great!
just me with my foot in my mouth
just me with my foot in my mouth Hace 7 días
He sounded like Dracula singing Santeria
Cipum Comine
Cipum Comine Hace 7 días
She was right at home with that first one.💯🤣😂
2011yourlife Hace 7 días
To the person that reads this, I ask the Lord to bless them and their family, to cure them of every sickness and pain, to fill their emptiness with love joy and peace, to rebuke the enemy from their lives. " ASK JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART AND SAVE YOU, AND TO FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR SINS, FOR WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO THE LORD. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!
sean7891233 Hace 7 días
Gotta love the hillbillies!
Sheypan Hace 8 días
Jimmy stfu man
Oliver Hace 8 días
Why is everyone sleeping on Santeria??
trifeloco Hace 8 días
Ah yes cotton eye Joe. I miss the 90s 😭😭😭😭 (except for the Macarena God no)
Paulina Anleu
Paulina Anleu Hace 9 días
i really felt that they don't get along with each other😂😂😂 Jimmy and Miley😂😂😂 but's funny
d a r k - w a v e s
d a r k - w a v e s Hace 9 días
I know this might be crazy... But what if...m *Miley Cyrus was actually Hannah Montana* 😳
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss Hace 9 días
Miley Cyrus’s solo Bodak Yellow really nice
Hannah Oakley
Hannah Oakley Hace 9 días
Jimmy’s there just interrupting Miley like wth
Madhuri Ravi
Madhuri Ravi Hace 10 días
Damn she's such a PERFORMER through and through
Ryan Aubertin
Ryan Aubertin Hace 11 días
How does Jimmy Fallon even have a show? He's all phony, nothing authentic about him. He's also an attention vampire - backup singing for Miley Cyrus? She doesn't try to backup host your talk show, leave the singing to the singers, bitch.
its antooniioo
its antooniioo Hace 11 días
Hanaahh montana DIOS
larry R
larry R Hace 13 días
I find her so sexy and I love her voice.
Drums Are Cool
Drums Are Cool Hace 14 días
Wow she has hot pipes.
Akira Hace 14 días
Miley just made 2 hits lol
greenh Hace 16 días
Who came back here drunk to watch Bodak yellow because we don't have a full version and this is all we have??
shar 10
shar 10 Hace 16 días
The cotton eye joe reminded me of Nick singing in his car 😂😂😂😂
Denisse Arroyo
Denisse Arroyo Hace 17 días
Bam bam bam she is so funny 😂
Vaishali Khamkar
Vaishali Khamkar Hace 18 días
That *hee-haw* sounded so like Billy Ray Cyrus
Carter Santiago
Carter Santiago Hace 18 días
Miley has an amazing voice
Ella Khavasova
Ella Khavasova Hace 18 días
Any body in 2020
Sienna Ericsson
Sienna Ericsson Hace 18 días
for all the people that want a full version of miley’s bodak yellow - we could’ve at least had a full minute to put on soundcloud if jimmy hadn’t kept interrupting 😭
Joshua Manglona
Joshua Manglona Hace 19 días
the worst!
luka zaqariadze
luka zaqariadze Hace 19 días
Mr. Hitler
Mr. Hitler Hace 21 un día
Is he a singer?
Zainab Shahzad
Zainab Shahzad Hace 21 un día
"Bodak Yellow"..Miley you rock that, so good
Zainab Shahzad
Zainab Shahzad Hace 21 un día
like if she nailed it
Carol Berwind
Carol Berwind Hace 22 días
Can she keep her tongue in her mouth...ill watch. Yuck
delta kris
delta kris Hace 22 días
Bluegrass Ignition slaps lol
Premnaath Varadharajan
Premnaath Varadharajan Hace 22 días
miley is so talented..
Kimpoy Fajardo
Kimpoy Fajardo Hace 23 días
Miley Is such a Musical genus. I love youu miley ❤
delaney Hace 23 días
me at 3am still confused but y can jimmy actually sing?
Sajeel Anjum
Sajeel Anjum Hace 23 días
Jimmy boy, you’re not always gonna get all the spotlight
Victoria McKee
Victoria McKee Hace 25 días
Am I the only one who skips all of Jimmy's parts?
Petal Stone
Petal Stone Hace 22 días
Noisette Hace 25 días
Can I also Fallon for interrupting her
The Butterlocks
The Butterlocks Hace 25 días
The ignition remix bluegrass cover remind me of Miley Stewart... is that just me?
Oyin and FJ fun kids
Oyin and FJ fun kids Hace 26 días
She still has that Hannah Montana l👀k
Isaac Ramos
Isaac Ramos Hace 26 días
4:38 Miley moving her hand in front of jimmy so he can out of the way on jimmy 4:41 can I get a little lighting on me because there were both on jimmy and her 4:46 Miley trying to sing hahahahha And the lighting was just on Miley wow just wow Well guess what jimmy you just RUINED THE ENTIRE PREFORM FOR MILEY CYRUS AND ON LIVE TV now every thing is about you jimmy it’s about everybody!
Petal Stone
Petal Stone Hace 22 días
Your such a dickhead
coco cloudyx
coco cloudyx Hace 26 días
2:05 miley sounds like Apple Jack from My little pony I-
Petal Stone
Petal Stone Hace 22 días
God childhood
Donna Smith
Donna Smith Hace 27 días
Sophie Salamone sav love you and your family and friends and
Rachna Ranga
Rachna Ranga Hace 28 días
Can i get lightening on me???😂 Miley is great AF▫️
Anika-banika kee-kee
Anika-banika kee-kee Hace 28 días
ik jimmy is just tryna be funny, but its kind of annoying and rude to try to sing over her like that
Eden Stringer
Eden Stringer Hace 28 días
I like this version of Santeria tbh
ContiiiLife Yaoi !!!
ContiiiLife Yaoi !!! Hace 29 días
When he started singing with Miley I lost my shit
Zaria Makayla
Zaria Makayla Hace 29 días
Can talk about how she killed Bodak yellow... or WAT
Cheryl Topaz
Cheryl Topaz Hace un mes
5:10 I was really shook.. omg
Petal Stone
Petal Stone Hace 22 días
She can't even sing
amyicy kintina kofa
amyicy kintina kofa Hace un mes
how she never turn n go SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU KILLING THE SONG WITH YOUR RANDOM SHIT roots restart the song please and re did it ill never know
꾸끼gguukie Hace un mes
Let's appreciate the band too 👏😆
Jay Sun
Jay Sun Hace un mes
No one: Jimmy: I dOnT pRaCtIcE SaNteRiA 🎵
Keuri Rodriguez
Keuri Rodriguez Hace un mes
My god i love that bodak yellow version
Tristan Palacio
Tristan Palacio Hace un mes
I'm just a teenager but, am I the only one notices that Miley's T-shirts it reminds me Elvis Presley's face???
Harjan Hace un mes
I like to instrumental
Harjan Hace un mes
Bodak yellow like a java song
Harjan Hace un mes
I like miley long curly hair brown And undercut blonde
Al Hace un mes
That ending 🤣
Shanow Hace un mes
*Boaunce boaunce boaunce boaunce boaunce*
Gee Lahrie
Gee Lahrie Hace un mes
Miley's pants are f*cking AWESOME!! I would like em even more without the stars but definitely not a deal breaker.
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