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When an NYC cop (Adam Sandler) finally takes his wife (Jennifer Aniston) on a long promised European trip, a chance meeting on the flight gets them invited to an intimate family gathering on the Super Yacht of elderly billionaire Malcolm Quince. When Quince is murdered, they become the prime suspects in a modern day whodunit. MURDER MYSTERY reunites Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston along with an ensemble cast of global talent.
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Murder Mystery | Trailer | Netflix

Adam SandlerJennifer AnistonTaylor SwiftLuke Evans

antred11 Hace 20 horas
Normally I can't STAND Adam Sandler comedies, but seeing as this has Jennifer Aniston in it as well, it might actually be good. 🤔
Carmen Trance
Carmen Trance Hace un día
I told you not to watch the movie.
minnox dnb
minnox dnb Hace un día
too flat jokes and boring overall
no one
no one Hace un día
Adam in different Character makes agood movie
Er boro
Er boro Hace un día
All is good but in the final scene how did she manage to get start the Ferrari without keys
Er boro
Er boro Hace un día
This is the sequel to Dracula....he got killed by trying to fook Jennifer Aniston...
Shenron TV
Shenron TV Hace 2 días
I want to watch this movie cause the hero looks like Freddie Mercury. 😉
Its Alex
Its Alex Hace 3 días
I watched this yesterday
zachavelli Harris
zachavelli Harris Hace 3 días
Her nipples are always hard
Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones Hace 4 días
The cast was great,. Adem Sandler and Jennifer Aniston were the only bad thing about this movie . They play the same characters that they always do. I was really hoping this would be a good movie. I really like both of them. Sorry but they both sucked.
Adarsh Singh
Adarsh Singh Hace 5 días
Any F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan here
Fortnite DefaultSkin
Fortnite DefaultSkin Hace 5 días
I didn't saw David Williams any where in the trailer?!
Camila Briones Hidalgo
Camila Briones Hidalgo Hace 6 días
Muy fome -10
tiya elsibai
tiya elsibai Hace 6 días
Icey Sunflower
Icey Sunflower Hace 7 días
I watched it it was amazing omg 🥺❤️
enrique garcia
enrique garcia Hace 7 días
Its a shame of movie.. Non sense and no creativity.. Just because its Adam S. and Jennifer A. but the movie its a shit!
Vee IsForVanish
Vee IsForVanish Hace 3 días
Yes. Am watching it now and can barely stand more than 15 minutes lol.
Anna Sz.
Anna Sz. Hace 8 días
Oh, Sandler looks like Freddie Mercury! Even more than Malik.
The Strongest Weapon In The Universe
The Strongest Weapon In The Universe Hace 8 días
adam sandler making a comeback?
David Foster
David Foster Hace 9 días
He is back this movie look so good he last 5 movie suck ass I can't wait to see this one
Pamela Rahn
Pamela Rahn Hace 9 días
se me pareció la trama un poco a este juego de mesa llamado Clue jajajajajaa
VitalSpecialist Hace 9 días
By far one of the funniest movies I have seen in years!
tommy d
tommy d Hace 9 días
Happy Gilmore's chin retired in the 90's
Mick Power
Mick Power Hace 10 días
One hour & fourty minutes of my life I will never get back.
Erik Killmonger
Erik Killmonger Hace 11 días
Adam has become Freddy Mercury
Bia Super Game
Bia Super Game Hace 11 días
Tradução mistério no mediterrâneo
Ana Jakoš
Ana Jakoš Hace 13 días
Right away totally obvious who's the killer, but still it was enjoyable
brian na
brian na Hace 13 días
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift Hace 13 días
Adam Sandler needs to be more active he has made great legendary comedies he should collide with people like Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, he should be in Rush Hour 4
amour laii
amour laii Hace 14 días
that was such a good movie , laughed the whole time lol
glamdolly20 Hace 16 días
What's with all the rave comments for this turkey of a movie - it couldn't possibly be NETFLIX publicity folk could it??!! The last Sandler - Aniston movie 'Just Go With It' deservedly got lousy reviews and returns - but at least it could afford to hire a big name in a supporting role (Nicole Kidman). This follow-up just has that dough-faced British actress no one can ever recall the name of, who never snagged a starring role in her life. This is clearly another turkey!
glamdolly20 Hace 16 días
You'd think Aniston and Sandler would stay well away from each other, after the appallingly unfunny pile of shit that was 'Just Go With It' (did anyone actually see that at a cinema - it had straight-to-video written all over it). The trailer for this equally fraudulently labelled 'Comedy' shows its every bit as unfunny - and Aniston and Sandler look every day of their 8 years older. (Why do women have fillers by the way, when by now everyone knows fillers make you look much older?!!) The minute I saw British actress whatshername (God, what IS her name? Plump faced, unremarkable brunette who has never achieved a starring role in her life... Nope, sorry, it'll come to me... But probably not), I knew this was a turkey with no budget left for supporting cast after they paid Aniston & Sandler's inflated fees. Thanks for the trailer - trailers are made up of all the best, most amusing and action-packed parts of the movie. So this tells me it really would be the longest 90 minutes of my life and about as pleasurable as anal sex with Donald Trump on a bed of rusty nails, while undergoing root canal surgery without anaesthetic. With Justin Bieber playing on repeat and a rabid komodo dragon chewing my bunions. That's a NO from me!
glamdolly20 Hace 6 días
@Ahmad Moussaoui Yes, I agree re Friends. Not sure any of their movies could be classed as classics though.
Ahmad Moussaoui
Ahmad Moussaoui Hace 6 días
@glamdolly20 Ok I just read ur last paragraph and um, I'd say in wealthy, i dint care abt money either btw. And jennifer aniston and adam sandler have many classics, FRIENDS for example.
glamdolly20 Hace 6 días
@Ahmad Moussaoui Fair enough - it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things. I don't feel those movies will pass the ultimate test - the test of time - and become classics that people still watch in 30 years time. I guess we'll see!
Ahmad Moussaoui
Ahmad Moussaoui Hace 6 días
@glamdolly20 Ya know, im not gonna read all that. Ummm yea ur right ig😂😂😂imo i like both movies they're in
glamdolly20 Hace 6 días
@Ahmad Moussaoui When you are as wealthy as the likes of Aniston and Sandler, you want to achieve a reputation for being very talented, and you want to get great movie roles, followed by prestigious awards and recognition. What you don't crave is more money. Money really isn't that important to the super-rich, because when you have as much as they do, getting more makes very little difference to your life. It's obvious you are not wealthy, because you have unrealistic expectations of money. It really isn't that important to people who have it. What Aniston and Sandler want far more than cash is to create a body of great work that gives them a future legacy. Will they ever achieve legacies to match those of Hollywood greats like Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, whose fantastic movies still hold up today? Looking at turkeys like this movie and the dire 'Just Go With It', I'd say that's highly doubtful.
SagnolTheGangster Hace 17 días
What a nice comedy! Really underrated though, loved both jennifer and adam
RealHipHop TV
RealHipHop TV Hace 17 días
The script is so cringe, get better writers please
RealHipHop TV
RealHipHop TV Hace 17 días
Jesse Davies
Jesse Davies Hace 17 días
the Africa American officer at the first start is like a Stephen rogan off piapple express lol see what I did there trying to play it safe from being a racist scam lol
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Alvarez Hace 18 días
one of the worst movie ever seen from adam sandler 👎
KapilDev Neupane
KapilDev Neupane Hace 18 días
Is this after they get married in Just Go With It? 😂
яυвι cat
яυвι cat Hace 18 días
roblox game¿¿ xd
Tahir Ahmed
Tahir Ahmed Hace 19 días
When Aniston in a movie how can it be possible it will be not win hearts and make you laugh and amazing actress and and actor both are ..Great Sandler great job...wonderful story .
Abby Koos
Abby Koos Hace 19 días
Awesome movie😂😂 I enjoyed it!!
PishoOfficalFear Hace 19 días
I already saw this on neflix
joyful & bubbly
joyful & bubbly Hace 20 días
Just finished watching this movie. I didn't know it would make me laugh so much 😂😂😂 Also, I loved Jennifer's and Adam's characters! They were hilarious af XD
IDSD ME! Hace 20 días
M the only one.who is watching this trailer just bckz of look what you made me do 😅😅😂✌️
Utolsó Mohikán
Utolsó Mohikán Hace 20 días
Hey, this is a parody! 😁 Watch a classic Agatha Cristie movie and you will laugh even harder watching Murder Mistery. 😎
Singh Hace 20 días
Rip off of 36 China town Old Indian movie Or just a Co incident
mima Hace 21 un día
The French guy playing the french inspector is actually great actor!! If you like romantic comedies you have to watch my favorite french movie "Fly me to the moon" /' Un plan parfaid ' with this actor! You won't regret, I promise. Greetings from Serbia!
thepilot2006 Hace 21 un día
You know what... *I’m going to play murder mystery on roblox*
Dawna Hace 21 un día
Great movie, very funny and loved the storyline based on the game (Clue). then in the end (murder on the orient express) wonder if they're going to make one based on that. I'd watch it.
Playtime Hace 22 días
fking hot aunty.
Zararmax D
Zararmax D Hace 22 días
The butler DID do it.
Anushka Singh
Anushka Singh Hace 22 días
Look what you made me do suited this soooooooo good
Виталий Hace 23 días
Убийца должен был быть морис или как его там, повар, слишком много на него было отсылок в фильме с самого начала... Окцентрировали внимание вначале что на яхте собственный повар, затем акцентрировали внимание какие они голодные и пусть он готовит мол побыстрее по времени, потом когда он забрал в номер криветки он нахваливал его, и когда уже был детектив местный отпровлял их в отель опять же они упоминали повора мол хорошо отдахнем если там так же готовят как морис... А в завершении интересное когда китаянку убили и её просила показать убийцу что она показала, когти, что похоже на креветку или на тигровую криветки, показала что кто то есть типо ложкой что может символизировать повара... Так что я в сомнении
Anika Berc
Anika Berc Hace 23 días
Rachel green, Dracula and Gaston WHAT A SHOW😆
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Hace 24 días
Netflix promoting Roblox?
Nagy Bálint
Nagy Bálint Hace 24 días
Adam Sandler Best :DD 2019 movie yeaaa
Ohema Nyang
Ohema Nyang Hace 24 días
This was actually funny!!
Mr. Caballer x
Mr. Caballer x Hace 25 días
Oh, Look What You Made Me Do😏
LiangHuBBB Hace 25 días
movie was ok, had a few laughs good cast though
Simón Hoyos
Simón Hoyos Hace 26 días
There´s something I really liked about this movie, and how it turns stereotypes upside down. Women drive and take a protagonic role saving the day. Indians are funny and cool Latinos are smart.
TeloGodok Hace 26 días
Its Minecaft minigame XD
DemonX Symmhail
DemonX Symmhail Hace 26 días
Look what you made me do is one of those songs that sounds disgusting for a while but it can grow on you and can fit in with some situation
J S Hace 27 días
10/10, impressed, didn’t think I would laugh this much!
AminFromYoutube Hace 27 días
Best entertaining movie I recently watched hahaha
Piixcee Hace 27 días
why is no one talking about LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!! In the backgroundddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Queeen Tayyyyyyyyyyyyy
Fofo 99
Fofo 99 Hace 27 días
Just watched this movie and it was a great movie and a great story and funny aswell I suggest watching itttt😍
V3SSEL Hace 27 días
Should've used Jacksfilms version of look what you made me do It's actually good ;)
Z A M I 7
Z A M I 7 Hace 28 días
Adam Sandler, still got his old vibe 😂
GamingTagAuto [Gta Gamers]
GamingTagAuto [Gta Gamers] Hace 28 días
Murder mystery 2 in nutshell
chris cox
chris cox Hace 28 días
Honestly this movie is absolutely rubbish. Dont waste your time or money. About as entertaining as holmes and watson.
GAMING Controlled
GAMING Controlled Hace 28 días
The butler did it
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