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Classic Muppets, new unscripted mayhem. #MuppetsNow, an Original Series, is streaming July 31 only on #DisneyPlus
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Miriam Green
Miriam Green Hace 9 horas
Bring back steve witmier as Kermit !!! He took over for Jim Hrndom for 27 yrs. Who's with me?
RED S7VN Hace 23 horas
BRING BACK THE REAL MUPPET SHIW!!!! This show is completely 100% horrible. They need to go back to the original Muppet Show format. There's a reason why the original format was so successful.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Hace un día
Sounds nothing like Kermit...
Resonate Hace un día
Kermit sounds terrible. Hire someone else
A Mistake
A Mistake Hace un día
I don't like this kermits voice. It dosent sound like kermit to me
CastledCard Hace un día
I’m just saying but Vinny Vinesauce sounds more like Kermit lol
EdgeShadow Marco
EdgeShadow Marco Hace 2 días
At least they have a Lawyer now. Joe from Legal💼⚖
Commander sadiqi
Commander sadiqi Hace 2 días
Aisha bulushi
Aisha bulushi Hace 2 días
When Disney + does not even work in your country 👁👄👁
RyGuyBoi Hace 2 días
What even is this voice
Cawoom Hace 2 días
They couldn’t afford Kermit so they got this... thing
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira Hace 3 días
「SoftliiTears」 Hace 4 días
Kermit is played by a different voice actor. Jim Henson, (the guy who voiced Kermit before) passed.
Cody Vondell
Cody Vondell Hace 4 días
where have you been the past 30 years? lol
Mark Nugent
Mark Nugent Hace 4 días
I love Joe from Legal.
Will F
Will F Hace 4 días
Why won’t they just bring back the muppet show? Do the same thing inviting guest stars like Mark Wahlberg and Seth Rogan. That’s a new show that would last more than one season!
Dominic Ervin
Dominic Ervin Hace 4 días
They messed up such an iconic voice
Vance Cole
Vance Cole Hace 4 días
Kermit sound like his name just John the Frog now.
Ruff Swami
Ruff Swami Hace 5 días
When did Kermit hit puberty
RassilonTDavros Hace 5 días
The new Kermit voice is... odd-sounding. Granted, Whitmire never sounded exactly like Henson in the first place. I’ll have to see how he matures in the role.
Maggy Rarefication
Maggy Rarefication Hace 5 días
Rupaul yes yes yes
TheKhaledGamer Hace 5 días
Kermit sounds weird
Gillian Day
Gillian Day Hace 5 días
i'm sure beaker's fine. he's the guinea-pig.
SKETCH Hace 5 días
To everyone commenting about the new voice: Yes change isn't ways comfortable, but sometimes needed. We can claim to know all the facts about why they decided to depart ways with Whitmire, but remember there are always two sides to a story. I'm sure people thought the same about Whitmire when he took over the iconic character, but over time we got used to it and grew to love it. Most of us love his impersonation because we grew up with it, rather than Jim's voice. I think Matt is doing a great job so far, and will find his way and improve over time. If you take the time to do some research, his tone is actually much closer to Jim's, and with time I'm sure he'll sound even better! Give him some credit, it's got to be frustrating trying to give life to such an iconic character. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
Johnny Kershaw
Johnny Kershaw Hace 5 días
Johnny Kershaw
Johnny Kershaw Hace 5 días
It’s Fantastic To Be Back! From @JohnnyKershaw
Pang, Kornelis Andrew Wibowo
Pang, Kornelis Andrew Wibowo Hace 6 días
Kermit : *starts speaking that sounds nothing like Kermit My son : daddy i'm scared.. Me : Me too, son.
Elijah Blocker
Elijah Blocker Hace 6 días
Is it just me or is that riley ried in the top right
Borper Mates
Borper Mates Hace 7 días
I think Kermit has a frog in his throat
Nate EatsCake
Nate EatsCake Hace 7 días
This is basically a revival the muppets series on ABC
Zuber Network
Zuber Network Hace 7 días
Kermit from are u super cereal sounds more accurate to the kermit voice
Joshua Tong
Joshua Tong Hace 7 días
Dont hate on matt vogel although i dont really like his kermit voice im getting used to it and its fine for me. Matt is a hard working puppeteer and we should acknowledge that.
Cody Vondell
Cody Vondell Hace 4 días
D Of
D Of Hace 7 días
I cant unsee Amy schumer as ms. Piggy
MalachiCo0 Hace 7 días
"woah we're the muppets and we're using modern technology, please laugh"
Thomas Hace 7 días
I liked the last show they did, not sure why they didn’t stick with that show.... this new show seems like a jumbled mess... also the new voice actor for Kermit is really bad, very sad they were able to remain consistent for years and now he seems like a completely different character
Snow lion 97
Snow lion 97 Hace 7 días
Where is Fozzie bear
Thegamerkid 24
Thegamerkid 24 Hace 7 días
the only reason i came here is because i thought the girl in the zoom call was Riley Reid
BaronvonPiano Hace 7 días
After watching some of the first episode, I think the Muppets would do great with a Quibi series
Hattie Ramshaw
Hattie Ramshaw Hace 8 días
I want to know why Kermit voice is WAY LOWER THAT BEFORE
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
It's back to the way Jim Henson used to do it!
Matthew Carrillo
Matthew Carrillo Hace 7 días
New voice actor 😭
Paper Bag Party
Paper Bag Party Hace 8 días
Woo hoo The Muppets are back!
Jamie Holcombe
Jamie Holcombe Hace 8 días
Everyone else's comments:Kermit voice My comment:I like joe he's funny
Jamie Holcombe
Jamie Holcombe Hace 2 días
@I only speak English he's on the video he's joe from legal
SwackishFresh Hace 8 días
Disney fix the show and Kermit’s voice
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
There's no reason to, spammybot! >:(
Warriorsorb Hace 8 días
About to watch this. Pleeeeease don't cancel this one
goblin of moss and mud
goblin of moss and mud Hace 8 días
Im not gonna get my hopes up too much, but at least my boy deadly is back
Alex Lp
Alex Lp Hace 8 días
Do you have it on your app in germany? Because i dont have it on my app...
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson Hace 8 días
If this is as good as it looks, I will be the happiest person in America!
Ezequiel Coronel
Ezequiel Coronel Hace 8 días
I know its hard to do kermit's voice but i still cant get use to this new one
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
Get used to it anyway, jerkface!
Gelty Drake
Gelty Drake Hace 8 días
There's people on the streets that does a better Kermit.
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
Maston Dane
Maston Dane Hace 8 días
What's with Kermits voice, it sounds off...
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
No, it doesn't! It's closer to Jim Henson!
Garfield '
Garfield ' Hace 8 días
New voice actor =(
Chris Hace 9 días
Eh.....this voice just isn't doing it for me. Doesn't even come close to capturing Kermit. They need to use their big Disney bucks to get the other guy back.
Charlie Maloney
Charlie Maloney Hace 3 días
@Philip Kippel like what?
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
@Matgo Styles Exactly! He did a lot of bad things behind the scenes!
Matgo Styles
Matgo Styles Hace 6 días
He was fired - it wasn't a money thing.
D Of
D Of Hace 7 días
Jordan Peterson?
Magen vazquez
Magen vazquez Hace 9 días
This new voicer for kermit sounds so weird???
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
No it doesn't. It's closer to Jim Henson!
Jordan Coleman cubero
Jordan Coleman cubero Hace 9 días
What happened to Kermit voice?
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
It's back to the way Jim Henson used to do it!
Kate Wood
Kate Wood Hace 9 días
what did they do to his voice i saw they added this to disney plus i go to watch it kermits voice stopped me
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
Shame on you for feeling that way!
Le Docteur
Le Docteur Hace 9 días
Here I am still wondering what's the point of Disney+ is Disney doesn't release shows like that worldwide and keep that only in the US
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 9 días
The show is in all english speaking countries I believe because I just watched it in the U.K.
SMJ Videos
SMJ Videos Hace 9 días
I hate current kermit
Minesman 11
Minesman 11 Hace 10 días
How about you do a cooking challenge between Gordon Ramsay and Swedish Chef.
That....already happened
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Ivanhoe Sanchez Hace 10 días
MovieScribbles Hace 10 días
TBH this looks cringe and Kermit does not sound like the original Kermit. This looks very bad and cringy
Web studios
Web studios Hace 10 días
No it doesn’t and it’s a new actor, he’s still warming up to Kermit’s voice
The paper Bag
The paper Bag Hace 10 días
It’s tomorrow and i am going to be at my house at 12:00 watching it
Perroscratchris 1
Perroscratchris 1 Hace 10 días
cloverfield911 Hace 10 días
Kermit sounds NOTHING like Kermit!!
PinkPixel Productions
PinkPixel Productions Hace 10 días
I think Kermit sounds fine..
;-; pioio
;-; pioio Hace 10 días
I' ll see, my Favorite muppet is Beaker
Calvin Woodruff
Calvin Woodruff Hace 11 días
If this is bad, I’m never forgiving Disney.
MovieScribbles Hace 8 días
Calvin Woodruff agreed
Ian Rosales
Ian Rosales Hace 12 días
Jacob Losiak
Jacob Losiak Hace 12 días
That’s so so really a shame from Mickey Hitler! 😤😡🤬
Jacob Losiak
Jacob Losiak Hace 12 días
I know that Kermit was on Sesame Street before, he’s like a grandfather of Sesame Street.
Kermet was one of the stars of the sesame street! He was the news man
Jacob Losiak
Jacob Losiak Hace 12 días
Kermit the frog will really miss his Sesame Street friends very much. 😢🥺
Alec Horowitz
Alec Horowitz Hace 12 días
I already love Joe
Jack Svendsgaard
Jack Svendsgaard Hace 12 días
Seems like a fun show. It may take me a while to get to Kermit's new voice though. It doesn't really "sound" like Kermit. (Yes I'm aware they recast him a while ago)
Philip Kippel
Philip Kippel Hace 6 días
It DOES sound like Kermit! It's closer to Jim Henson!
Louie S
Louie S Hace 12 días
I have a question...will Walter ever gonna meet his brother again?
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