Mum Delivers Baby In The Bathtub Without Any Help | I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

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Hace 3 meses

A 22-year-old woman living in Yorkshire went to take a bath to relieve the abdominal pain she was feeling. What she didn't expect is that she was going to give birth to her third son.
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Iris Love
Iris Love Hace 18 horas
0:03 "hey Its Me Steve! and this is my dog blue. (blues clues) lmao
Pam Thompson
Pam Thompson Hace un día
Could they not have gotten a bit younger of a baby?! To see her pull the baby out, hold it out and above her, no bloody mess, no “cottage cheesy” stuff... baby was clean and smiled at her! Paaaaaleeezzzzzz!!
Chloe Hughes
Chloe Hughes Hace un día
How didn't the kids not wake up
Theresa P.
Theresa P. Hace 2 días
wow........... i will never have kids
Cerys May xx
Cerys May xx Hace 3 días
How can you not know your pregnant
Addison BROWN
Addison BROWN Hace 5 días
2008, man that’s the year I was born
Karen Hua
Karen Hua Hace 6 días
Why will you put a camera in your bathroom
Daniella R Suarez
Daniella R Suarez Hace 7 días
Everything of that video was a fake how believes me.
Daniella R Suarez
Daniella R Suarez Hace 7 días
It's a fake every bit of that video was a fake the baby was a fake giving birth in the bathtub was a fake and the baby boy was to big to be a new born baby and did you see he didn't even cry when he came out and when you give birth to a baby a baby's eyes isn't that big when a baby is born.
Daniella R Suarez
Daniella R Suarez Hace 7 días
I don't think that baby is a new born baby because didn't you see the size of that baby that baby looked like he was 2 or 3 years old.
Danblox YT
Danblox YT Hace 7 días
Now that is what I call fun in the tub
Daniella R Suarez
Daniella R Suarez Hace 7 días
When you give birth in the bathtub with water wouldn't there be blood everywhere when you push the baby out.
Neo_PhantomYT Hace un día
Daniella R Suarez yea there’s blood. But not a ton.
Karine Rondeau Lavaute
Karine Rondeau Lavaute Hace 7 días
What is a period ( please answer me )🧐🧐
Jada Walters
Jada Walters Hace 7 días
Does that mean their birthdays are on the same day?
Jada Walters
Jada Walters Hace 7 días
Who was the one videoing this?
Duckman TyceNice
Duckman TyceNice Hace 8 días
Blair Hall
Blair Hall Hace 8 días
I didn’t think she smoked she doesn’t look like a smoker
Blair Hall
Blair Hall Hace 8 días
Why was the baby not covered in blood when it came out
Alexander Luu
Alexander Luu Hace 8 días
I’ve never understood how does giving birth in water help sorry I don’t really know much
lissy lopez
lissy lopez Hace 8 días
giving birth is so hard, even with the help of all of the medical professionals & no matter how much support you have. imagine giving birth all alone. man, shout out to her
Jen Haddad
Jen Haddad Hace 9 días
The people who are talking and them look completely diffferent!!!
chris torres
chris torres Hace 10 días
qtKeyz Hace 10 días
He ain't drown?
baddy baby
baddy baby Hace 11 días
It's her birthday gift
baddy baby
baddy baby Hace 11 días
It's her birthday gift
Nevaeh Sharpe
Nevaeh Sharpe Hace 12 días
fiance: whos baby´s that then? claire: yours silly
Soz abdullrahman
Soz abdullrahman Hace un día
Nevaeh Sharpe
Nevaeh Sharpe Hace 12 días
her eyes are beautiful
Dora the explorer
Dora the explorer Hace 12 días
How can you be a full nine months pregnant and not realise you must be stupid to not realise 😂
Amys Adventures
Amys Adventures Hace 13 días
The pain had to start on her B-Day! WHY
科目特啊好运过 Hace 13 días
*why can't she get out of the bath and call her husband*
Beatrix Primiano
Beatrix Primiano Hace 13 días
Lady: We have towels but... Also Lady: Wraps baby in foil*
Linda Haywood
Linda Haywood Hace 13 días
It’z Ana Playz
It’z Ana Playz Hace 13 días
When the women gave birth to her baby then.. Why the baby was clean?! Maybe the blood was in the bathtub but like it was spreading and um. .. the baby is clean?
Porsha Lerpiniere
Porsha Lerpiniere Hace 14 días
I live in Yorkshire
Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective
Jenna Redfield Twin Cities Collective Hace 14 días
She’s a nurse and she smokes??
Minnie Marie
Minnie Marie Hace 15 días
ESwomen hey want to watch a girl have her baby?
Mark Yusupov
Mark Yusupov Hace 15 días
How did they get footage of the birth
wolfie pack
wolfie pack Hace 15 días
I didn't know I was pregnant which is scary plus dangerous
bianca tizon
bianca tizon Hace 16 días
Wow She is a very very good actor soooooo You did it i give it an A+
Kae_linn ,
Kae_linn , Hace 16 días
What kind of newborn baby is that big
HeyItsKayla Hace 16 días
Wow. The two kids didn’t wake up and the ppl filming didn’t bother to help
Miss Nadesh Music TV
Miss Nadesh Music TV Hace 16 días
This videos has been wandering me
Alice Clark
Alice Clark Hace 18 días
My mom smoked when She was pregnant with me and I’m sooo healthy
Aimee Jenna
Aimee Jenna Hace 18 días
Holy moly. I would be freaking out if I was in labor in the bath tub. Seems dangerous. My daughter was born on my birthday too
FSGPlayz Hace 18 días
Tionne Taylor
Tionne Taylor Hace 20 días
Where wr Were You Born In Water Businesses
Sofie Lou
Sofie Lou Hace 20 días
Yes it’s all true her husband is my mums friend
Tara Hawkins
Tara Hawkins Hace 22 días
The daddy ask who baby it was 😂
The Phantom Bellhop
The Phantom Bellhop Hace 22 días
I didn't know this lady was Frosty the Snowman "Happy birthday!"
Ashlegh Scott
Ashlegh Scott Hace 22 días
I am pregnant right now and I am having identical twin girls🤰🏼
xjust. charliex
xjust. charliex Hace 22 días
Who says happy birthday after giving birth? Lmaooooo
Daph Hace 23 días
Its like getting a suprize puppy as a gift but way cuter
Deeqa Hafsa
Deeqa Hafsa Hace 23 días
Just imagine the baby says happy birthday back to her
Lyric Burley
Lyric Burley Hace 23 días
Her and her son have the same birthday
NICOLE YU Hace 24 días
How'd that baby survive being born in the bathtub. UNDERwater
Ava Taveras
Ava Taveras Hace 25 días
Wait how did the kid boy not cry when he popped out!?!
Nielotzky Forever
Nielotzky Forever Hace 27 días
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens Hace 29 días
I would hate to share a birthday with my parents
Breanna Covill
Breanna Covill Hace un mes
Good gob new mom😀😂😇👶
Caveman5258 Hace un mes
The baby is so adorable! Congratulations to the mother!!!❤️
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar Hace un mes
Well they are filming
XXx_Jesseca_xXX :3
XXx_Jesseca_xXX :3 Hace un mes
What's sad is that this was posted on my birthday lmao
Nugget Hace un mes
*conversations between the 2 older brothers* Brother 1: what the hell is that sound? Brother 2: I don’t know,you think mom is ok Brother 1: I don’t know,last times I heard her scream like this is when I woke up and saw her and dad on the pull-out couch under a blanket Brother 2: what do you think they were doing? Brother 1: they were probably stretching. Brother 2: definitely stretching,well I’m going to sleep. Brother 1: me too, night bro!
Annie Aitken
Annie Aitken Hace un mes
So her birthday is the same as her child's. Nice.
Nikki Brooks
Nikki Brooks Hace un mes
At least baby came out clean
بسام اللامي
بسام اللامي Hace un mes
thanks god
Skytiger1385 Mew
Skytiger1385 Mew Hace un mes
Who (edit)Is recording this ??? Anyone ever wonder
Za'Irah Fernandez
Za'Irah Fernandez Hace un mes
2008 is when I was born and March 20 is my birthday
Im_XXX Nothing_LX
Im_XXX Nothing_LX Hace un mes
I was kind of afraid the baby might drown since she was in a bath tub filled with water.
Screamboi Hace un mes
Who wrapped the baby in tinfoil lmao
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