Mum Breaks Her Own Water And Delivers Baby All By Herself | I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

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tlc uk

Hace un mes

This mum had to break her own water in order to deliver her baby. After giving birth, she was able to get help from her kids!
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Shaquila Ball
Shaquila Ball Hace 6 días
Awwwww pretty girllll
It’z Ana Playz
It’z Ana Playz Hace 9 días
When I grow up I shouldn’t be pregnant
Gabriella Rodriguez
Gabriella Rodriguez Hace 14 días
What is happening she okay 👌
Tereanna Cave
Tereanna Cave Hace 16 días
emily evans
emily evans Hace 17 días
Wow the baby really takes after her parents
emily evans
emily evans Hace 17 días
Wow the baby really takes after her payments
Anna Krüger
Anna Krüger Hace 22 días
How could she break her own water?
Madison Clark
Madison Clark Hace 23 días
Can u imagine? I mean they have to set up the nursery. By more clothes because she’s a girl. I mean YAY HAPPY!! But wow!
Emily Pearce
Emily Pearce Hace 25 días
Wait who was filming and why didn’t they help her ...?🤨🤨
Darn how many kids! Stop at four
Susanne Bemis
Susanne Bemis Hace un mes
smart resourceful boys!
Taiwo suga Adeyemi
Taiwo suga Adeyemi Hace un mes
is all this real or what
Marisa Micale
Marisa Micale Hace un mes
Pinky Mehra
Pinky Mehra Hace un mes
Pinky Mehra
Pinky Mehra Hace un mes
Sagittarius101 Hace un mes
oki3 then
Sagittarius101 Hace un mes
Myella Jago
Myella Jago Hace un mes
The suns were so good
M Sandra Lume
M Sandra Lume Hace un mes
Beautiful baby girl and sons.
x3sirix3 Hace un mes
At the beginning I seriously thought they just gain or lost weight. But these are actors. Lol
Rylee Hadder
Rylee Hadder Hace un mes
How did her stomach not grow i mean i'm only 11 but that doesn't mean i don't know things like that people under estimate pre-teens a lot😡😓
Kaila _girl307
Kaila _girl307 Hace un mes
She’s beautiful
Sureshpramr Sureshp mar
Sureshpramr Sureshp mar Hace un mes
Umer Abdullah
Umer Abdullah Hace un mes
Isnt the story teller and the people in video different??
Kendra Sin
Kendra Sin Hace 9 días
Yes it's an actor reenacting the story as the person who actually experienced it tells the story.
Jennifer Bloomfield
Jennifer Bloomfield Hace un mes
I get that people have contraception but it is never 100%. At the end of the day it takes 2 to tango. If they were doing the tango there is always a chance you can get pregnant surely. The only way it wouldn't is if you were doing a tango solo. But then that wouldn't be a Tango that would just be a independent dance that has the characteristics of a Tango. I guess sometimes if you are really active sometimes it is hard to notice. But surely you would put on weight and gain a bump. A baby bump doesn't look anything like a fat bump. I don't get how you won't notice. Or if you saw some signs surely people would go to the doctors to have a check up. I was watching something about people who didn't know they were pregnant until the baby just fell out. It just leaves me confused. But surely at the end of the day people know whether they have been doing the Tango or not, which if so surely there should always be a part of people that might think well it could happen. I guess this is the problem with contraception, people become too reliant on it and think it is 100% or that there is a chance but that it will never happen to them. It's almost like the opposite to the people who want lots of kids, but they can't really cope with that amount, and it isn't really about the kids in the first place. It is just about the Tango and people like to Tango. Some people don't mind the consequences even if it means having lots of kids and some they take contraception so they can have it whenever they want, thinking they won't ever get pregnant. But when they do they don't understand. But it's like well have you been doing the Tango, do you have any dates. It may have happened when she forgot the injection, but if she knew she hadn't taken it, if she was unsure why not check with someone. To me none of it makes any sense unless she was secretly trying to hide the baby. I don't understand!
Chidiebere Uchime
Chidiebere Uchime Hace un mes
The husband looks handsome.
Pepsi Vlogs
Pepsi Vlogs Hace un mes
Good job but did they not know? Was her stomach big?
Kendra Sin
Kendra Sin Hace 9 días
Literally explains at the end how she didn't know
Lamborghini LoverGirl17
Lamborghini LoverGirl17 Hace un mes
See this is why I take a needle birth control that goes into my arm or could have it in my ass if I wanted, because I won't have to get another one for six months, literally I just got a new one yesterday put into me and now I won't have to get one till middle of August or the first of september
Goldy Rani
Goldy Rani Hace un mes
Abi Hace un mes
When I had the birth control shot every 3 months, I had it in my arm, not my side. Ouch 1:03
Kendra Sin
Kendra Sin Hace 9 días
My mum used to get it in her butt cheek.
Fedra Anastas
Fedra Anastas Hace un mes
Here i am 8 weeks pregnant scarying myself even tho i know im pregnant wtf
Honor Fullbrook
Honor Fullbrook Hace un mes
What a load of rubbish
Anika Wind
Anika Wind Hace un mes
Guys the baby that was born is my cousin🙂she’s 11 now just a few weeks older then me and plays basketball with me🙂
sofi. sowavy
sofi. sowavy Hace un mes
These are so hard to believe but I didn't find out I was pregnant into almost 6 months so ig it could happen 😂
3-Emily-3 Hace un mes
𝟚 𝕪𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕤 𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕣... "𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗮 𝗮𝗰𝗰𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗻𝘁!"
yesenia yeasenia
yesenia yeasenia Hace un mes
Quien habla español aqui
daisy mendes
daisy mendes Hace un mes
Bringing forth not in human hands...its God that works. Wat is to be...will be! God bless this happy that they hv got a baby girl..aftr hvn two boys! Gift of Life is from God...we are just a medium!!
Matthew Sanchez
Matthew Sanchez Hace un mes
How did she even have a baby by her self
Alexandra Glowa
Alexandra Glowa Hace un mes
How do you 'break your own water' ?
Daphie Dapha
Daphie Dapha Hace un mes
Daphie Dapha
Daphie Dapha Hace un mes
Aspen G
Aspen G Hace un mes
Can y get p
Comfort Quarshie
Comfort Quarshie Hace un mes
Cute belly ❤️
David Taiwo
David Taiwo Hace un mes
Karen Whitley
Karen Whitley Hace un mes
Waiiit I’m not a docter or anything but.. how did she get pregnant like.. out of nowhere like. It’s just stupid Because there’s no way someone can get pregnant without a mans -._-.
Diana Sohil
Diana Sohil Hace un mes
Baby 4 on the way
When You Can't think of a name
When You Can't think of a name Hace un mes
One question. I thought women get big tummies when expecting. How do they not notice they're pregnant?
When You Can't think of a name
When You Can't think of a name Hace 9 días
@Kendra Sin woah I didnt know that thanks
Kendra Sin
Kendra Sin Hace 9 días
A lot of women don't. Both of my pregnancies I have had a huge belly but I've known a lot of people who didn't look pregnant all the way through.
Josie Hughes
Josie Hughes Hace un mes
1:20, is where you can tell this is tlc UK the way they said schedule!!! :) LoL
farah oussama
farah oussama Hace un mes
I just wana understand how could she cut the cord and let it like that the placenta could go up she can die bcs of that??
Our Vids
Our Vids Hace un mes
Just a few points of information: 1. She didn't need to break the waters. Sometimes babies are born in the waters with the sac intact and it acts like a water balloon cussion between the mom and the baby making it more comfortable than just a hard head, but usually they just burst at some point as baby comes out. 2. The umbilical cord doesn't need to be cut and it's recommended to leave it attached for about 10 mins because baby will still be getting some oxygen from it and it contains the baby's blood which is being pumped back into its body away from the area where nutrients are exchanged. 3. Cutting without tying can cause baby to bleed to death and non-sterile scissors can give the baby an infection, in short she could have left it attached. Some people leave the placenta attached for weeks untill it falls off on its own, so...
Sahid Sindha
Sahid Sindha Hace un mes
Beckaboo3397 Hace un mes
My blood ran cold when she cut the cord without clamping/tying it with anything!!! 😨
Sage Bowman
Sage Bowman Hace 18 días
Yeah! And it was still pulsating!!
Payal Tirthwal
Payal Tirthwal Hace un mes
Brave mom😘😘
Deechey Pee
Deechey Pee Hace un mes
Thank god 🙏
alana hallo -roblox-
alana hallo -roblox- Hace un mes
wait what type of phone are those were on the IPhone 11s now
megalopolis2015 Hace un mes
Wonderful family. The mom sought to save the baby's life she knew nothing about minutes before without a thought about her own life. Her sons are sweeties. She seems like an excellent mother.
W Booker
W Booker Hace un mes
It was so sweet when the little guy said can we have a little sister or brother, PLEASE. 😁
Viktoria Brown
Viktoria Brown Hace un mes
Okay well she did do one round of shots late. How about other shot that followed after the first three months of her undetected pregnancy? Don't you have to do a pregnancy test just in case like blood work before doing next round of shots especially when doctors know that her previous round was late on schedule? Also yes you might notice the gain wait or nausea and all but does the baby never moves at all? How?! I love this show and it's all exciting but how?! How do they never notice baby kicks and movements? Especially when she previously had pregnancies and she knows how it feels.
Sara Webster
Sara Webster Hace un mes
You can tell this is fake because she don’t have a pregnant belly
Jess x
Jess x Hace un mes
No dumbass it's actors retelling the story
Ashley Henson
Ashley Henson Hace un mes
You are stupid people. 😡😡😡😡😡
TheAsianGachaTuber Hace un mes
The sound when she was in the bathroom.. My mom was here...
Cassie Linn
Cassie Linn Hace un mes
If you are late on the. Shot you need to get a blood test to see if your pregnant
Laci Davis
Laci Davis Hace un mes
Post hemorrhagic shock she had
k lothian
k lothian Hace un mes
okay but how come there are never placentas in these stories?
Jennifer Barnwell
Jennifer Barnwell Hace un mes
Jamie must already been pregnant before she took the birth control injections didn't know she was pregnant
Giebbie Serah
Giebbie Serah Hace un mes
I took that shot with her...
cat 2006
cat 2006 Hace un mes
Very hard to understand, How can they not notice. My baby was not even 6 pounds and i was exploding....
Kendra Sin
Kendra Sin Hace 9 días
It explains at the end how she didn't know.
Colleen Ward
Colleen Ward Hace un mes
my waters broke Friday ....only my boyfriend knew.....I went to meet him went shopping. ...I delivered my baby myself Sunday evening .at home .....removed after birth i collapsed....with baby in parents called emergency services. .to cut amblibical cord ...we were taken to clinic ...checked out baby n myself ....the next day we were home with healthy happy baby boy ....
robbie davis
robbie davis Hace un mes
Why did she do this? Ever hear of a hospital? What is good or positive about this?
Jailene Ramos
Jailene Ramos Hace un mes
robbie davis some women don’t get no symptoms at all of pregnancy Some woman have a rare disorder that they can’t get their periods
robbie davis
robbie davis Hace un mes
How is that? No period for 9 months wasn't a clue? Bigger boobs? Clothes don't fit?
Jailene Ramos
Jailene Ramos Hace un mes
robbie davis she didn’t know she was pregnant and at the moment u can’t walk
ann garvock
ann garvock Hace un mes
Bollocks , you would know instinctively if you are pregnant, and hur belly would be bigger than that
Dania Magsi
Dania Magsi Hace un mes
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