Mrbeast vs Morgz ( He MAD! ) #DramaAlert YouTubers Arrested for Storming Area 51!

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diamond creepers
diamond creepers Hace 2 días
2008 is in the past why did i watch it
bruh bro
bruh bro Hace 2 días
Chandler may not win challenges but he eliminated morgz for sure
kAyLie Hace 3 días
i hate morgz f
This is my profile pic now. No hate please.
This is my profile pic now. No hate please. Hace 4 días
I hate people who does "like if you agree".... Like if you agree
Esteban Soto
Esteban Soto Hace 3 días
This is my profile pic now. No hate please.
This is my profile pic now. No hate please. Hace 3 días
@LuckyLucario shh
LuckyLucario Hace 3 días
*so you hate yourself*
feanboy Hace 6 días
Ties and govert are from the netherlands just like me but im not that dumb
feanboy Hace 6 días
Mrbeast is better then morgz
Jerrisson Meus
Jerrisson Meus Hace 6 días
Subscribe to tyb thebeas
Mommy Daddy
Mommy Daddy Hace 7 días
Lowkey proud of morgz for sticking up for himself
J Phillips
J Phillips Hace 7 días
What is keeping you from growing up dude? Is it the small penis? I bet it’s the small penis...
Exotrap Hace 8 días
8:00 me in class when the teacher ask me a question
Mr hobo
Mr hobo Hace 9 días
If you like mr beast your mr beast like button 👍 If you comment your morgz
hitomi sarugaki
hitomi sarugaki Hace 9 días
Damn, I got a lot of respect for Keem after what he did. He followed through with his promise AND THEN some. Good on you mate, have a sub.
Antivirus theglitch
Antivirus theglitch Hace 9 días
Im A gNoMe
SuperStonyQMUSIC Hace 10 días
Its a shame that tbis talentless kid gets a shoutout and im over here working my ass off for 3 years making music and it goes nowhere
Shanise Burney-Farr
Shanise Burney-Farr Hace 10 días
Even if Morgz is right, everyone loves Mr. Beast so ❤🤑
G2Esports Sapaka
G2Esports Sapaka Hace 11 días
Morgz or whatever your dumbass name is.. yeet yourself from a bridge or something high where there’s 0% chance of surviving, and no im not really a fan of MrBeast.. but i hate that guy Morgz ugh 😑
J call
J call Hace 11 días
Your a loser for saying stupid shit like that 🤦🏾‍♂️
Mr. Speedster
Mr. Speedster Hace 11 días
Tfue can’t get everything, he certainly get back in faze
Ok go 7
Ok go 7 Hace 12 días
Fuck morgz fuck morgz fuck morgz fuck morgz fuck morgz fuck morgz fuck morgz fuck morgz
Ymonger29 Hace 13 días
Damn the Morgz to Chandler like ratio is so surprising
Ethan Ctrl
Ethan Ctrl Hace 13 días
fuck morgs
LJM Gaming
LJM Gaming Hace 13 días
Morgz idiot
Tyler Oiler
Tyler Oiler Hace 13 días
Bruh how does this channel still have subs
Little Bill
Little Bill Hace 14 días
Me: *gets popcorn* Also me: this is gonna be good Alien: *comes in my room* My mom: *yeeeee*
ACOG Batteries
ACOG Batteries Hace 14 días
Keemstar is that dude that hits up his bestfriends girl the day they break up. Starzypants, you're the worst type of human. Stop.
Arcade Matt
Arcade Matt Hace 14 días
This is how many times Morgz copied a video 👇
RISK_Savage Playz
RISK_Savage Playz Hace 2 horas
Bruh Ur Verified and ur doing this?
Spider Man
Spider Man Hace 6 días
What not that much way more
Rhys Lawrence 123
Rhys Lawrence 123 Hace 10 días
Matt 3657
NesTheGinge EatsGranola
NesTheGinge EatsGranola Hace 11 días
Put yourself down you are pathetic
D e s p a c i t o m a n
D e s p a c i t o m a n Hace 12 días
You have 1.2 mill and beg for likes
Arth Thekkepat
Arth Thekkepat Hace 14 días
Morgan is to stupid to write that it was probably his “mum”
Logan Penzkover
Logan Penzkover Hace 15 días
Keemstar gae 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Big woolly communist Fuker
Big woolly communist Fuker Hace 16 días
How tf you gonna make a vid on Morgan 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂
h1mb Hace 18 días
imagine your livelihood being reporting gossip
GG Hace 19 días
I just noticed that he is following morgz
TheOmegaGamer 123
TheOmegaGamer 123 Hace 20 días
ladybug wut
ladybug wut Hace 20 días
Hey he did it. Its an internship so hell work for you for free. Why not? You owe him a spot
Coastri Hace 20 días
Coolmaker400 Noodle god
Coolmaker400 Noodle god Hace 20 días
U little cringe worthy bitch fuck off u none and the only reason why I’m being mean to your little sorry ass bec u was mean to Ricky berwick
HowdyImyourneighberhoodcowboy Hace 20 días
I’ve delayed watching this ESwomen channel for 4 years and i wonder why I did, this content is actually pretty great.
Hayes Rodgers
Hayes Rodgers Hace 21 un día
Morgz videos are just so fake and his viewers are just 5-8
Majed ALRasheed
Majed ALRasheed Hace 21 un día
Jake Paul Go: Gotta fight'em all
Justine Javier
Justine Javier Hace 21 un día
I'll be true mrbeast was boring like for pewdiepie
Nicole S
Nicole S Hace 22 días
This is my first Keem video and I just want to say that I have subbed cause you made a guy plant a cherry tree.
Baby Wipes
Baby Wipes Hace 22 días
So far the best intern ive seen
Baby Wipes
Baby Wipes Hace 22 días
The inter soooo uhhhhh thats cool
Daniel Hepplestone
Daniel Hepplestone Hace 22 días
Wow, this guy is irritating. How do these pedos get subs??
PUNANI_SLAYER420 Hace 22 días
Morgz isn't wrong though🤷🏿‍♂️
Eduardo Osuna
Eduardo Osuna Hace 22 días
You’re kinda an ass for not letting him be your intern.
Brain Tumor
Brain Tumor Hace 22 días
Not suppose to give my opinion but
Chayse Value
Chayse Value Hace 23 días
I’ll sub if we can see more of the intern 😂
TR1ST Hace 23 días
Jace Pierceall
Jace Pierceall Hace 23 días
Give the fucker an internship
God •••
God ••• Hace 23 días
Hoes mad
Ava Kiesling
Ava Kiesling Hace 23 días
Morgan is kinda dramatic and loud I went deaf because of him.
Rogue Hace 23 días
Paddy PAA
Paddy PAA Hace 23 días
U sick monster! Why talk about personal stuff
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace 24 días
Faze banks is retarded money does create happiness, it all depends on how much you have, but if it doesn't why does he live in a million dollar mansion with nice cars, clothes, etc. if that doesn't affect you happiness at all
Hunter Gilbert
Hunter Gilbert Hace 24 días
Hey at least Mr. Beast doesn’t post clickbait shit @morgz
Fai’s roblox Life
Fai’s roblox Life Hace 25 días
If u hate morgz like 👇🏻
RISK_Savage Playz
RISK_Savage Playz Hace 2 horas
Hate morgz but hate like begger EVEN MORE
RISK_Savage Playz
RISK_Savage Playz Hace 2 horas
Zee Nel
Zee Nel Hace un día
i hate u
Max TwT
Max TwT Hace 2 días
@Zedrich Hilado D:
Zedrich Hilado
Zedrich Hilado Hace 2 días
@Max TwT wooshing people is gay
Somebody Differentiated
Somebody Differentiated Hace 25 días
Honestly, Morgz response to MrBeast was just fucking stupid. I have 3 valid points for my argument: 1: Morgz kept changing the topic to make it look like he was in the right, although he was in the wrong two times before the right. 2: If something is inspired by something else, it shouldn't be exactly the same. MrBeast made a good point saying that it was inspired off of "I Spent 24 hours in a VR Headset." MrBeast got INSPIRED, so he took a different approach on the idea, making it "Last to leave VR Headsets wins $10,000." All that Morgz did extra was add in the bit where he WASN'T copying MrBeast. 3: The reason why MrBeast copied your videos, MORGAN, is because YOU were the one who started this whole mess with copying, but now you're either playing the victim card or changing the topic. I made my point clear, discuss it in the replies.
Clxrk Gaming
Clxrk Gaming Hace 26 días
That’s why u use the naruto run before raiding Area 51
Regina Hace 26 días
The like is for the intern. =)
KaptainBasketball Hace 26 días
Tom Duncan
Tom Duncan Hace 27 días
Why was this not in my sub box?!?!
ilias noice
ilias noice Hace 27 días
Emmelie !!!
Emmelie !!! Hace 27 días
Is er een ook een Nederlander die denkt: Jep die komen van bij ons...
John Doe
John Doe Hace 23 días
Nee, het zijn geen Nederlanders maar Duitsers
Jacob hu
Jacob hu Hace 27 días
I laugh my ass off when i hear ”Lets get roooooigghht into teh neeeeeeeews!”
Jediwhoever 1
Jediwhoever 1 Hace 27 días
Morgz is a greedy copycat who doesn’t care about anything but money to fill the bottomless hole in his heart
YTリュ時 Hace 27 días
Like if MrBeast is better
dont look
dont look Hace 28 días
I am trying to raid morgz cause im still on mrbeast side
Redtag Gamer
Redtag Gamer Hace 28 días
Morgz is literally a shitty copycat of Mr beast, and only wishes he could be half as funny as Mr beast and his crew.
TheHedgehogPlays Hace 28 días
Banks: happiness is being happy
Moonlit Lotus
Moonlit Lotus Hace 28 días
Whole Tfue thing is kinda old news heard about this way before you covered it but thanks for news
Why am i still getting HATE? #DramaAlert
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