Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Epic Rap Battles of History: Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud get down & dirty in this new ERB! Download this song here: ►
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Beat Produced by Tone Jonez
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Mother Teresa: Cara Francis
IG: @fantasygrandma
Sigmund Freud:
Nice Peter

Written by Zach Sherwin, Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, OurVeryOwn Discord Writer’s Room, Cara Francis, Robyn Lynne Norris, Rich Baker and Chris Turner
Producer: Atul Singh
Director of Photography: Jon Na
Gaffer: Andy Chinn
Department Make Up Head: Ashlyn McIntyre
Make Up and Hair: Brittany White
DIT / Playback: Josh Best
Costume Designer and Property Master: Morgan Christensen
Production Assistant: Andy Sandoval
Video Editors: Ross Fearnley, Josh Best, Nice Peter
VFX and Compositing: Josh Best and Javi Sanchez Blanco
Directed by Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD
IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd
Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini
Edited in Adobe Premier and After Effects
Recorded and mixed in Protools
KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!

mother teresa vs sigmund freudepic rap battles of historyerbnew erb

Elliot Kim
Elliot Kim Hace 14 minutos
Chris Farley vs Jim Carrey
Aaron Warner
Aaron Warner Hace 17 minutos
Mother Theresa wins Hans down.
Michael Roche
Michael Roche Hace 18 minutos
John Pemberton vs Pablo Escobar in a battle of Coke vs Cocaine.
ZeusCuracanoProd Hace 21 un minuto
Sebastian Piñera vs Nicolás Maduro
Metunamon EM
Metunamon EM Hace 26 minutos
I need Spartacus vs Sportacus pls! 😂
MarioMc _Gaming
MarioMc _Gaming Hace 32 minutos
Also, The Richard Dawkins vs Matt lee anderson was my friends idea..
MarioMc _Gaming
MarioMc _Gaming Hace 33 minutos
John Fitzgerald Kennedy vs Herbert Clark Hoover
DeRaJoLo Hace 41 un minuto
dr. dre vs stephen sondheim
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott Hace 47 minutos
Ron Swanson vs. Dwight Schrute
_Defoult Hace 52 minutos
Disney vs Miyazaki, please
bruh lol
bruh lol Hace un hora If you wanna see more like erb, I've found the best channel for YOU!!
bruh lol
bruh lol Hace un hora
Nicepeter and epiclloyd please try this channel they are trying hard for your attention.
Jacob Nugent
Jacob Nugent Hace un hora
I think they found this beat behind a New Orleans bench covered in vomit.
Dr.Awesome Sauce
Dr.Awesome Sauce Hace un hora
V for Vendetta Vs Rorschach from Watchmen
Nicolas Kuschnir
Nicolas Kuschnir Hace un hora
Bistmark vs Angela Merkel
Sean Tonnemacher
Sean Tonnemacher Hace un hora
Thanos vs Joker
Infinite Films
Infinite Films Hace un hora
Marvel Vs. DC (so much can be done with this)
Michal Nowak
Michal Nowak Hace un hora
do demi lovato vs heroin or xxxtentacion vs bullet
juan cruz
juan cruz Hace un hora
Jared Leto joker vs Joaquin joker vs ledger joker!!!!
Сэр Вортон
Сэр Вортон Hace 2 horas
Obi Wan vs Mickey Mouse
Infinite Films
Infinite Films Hace 2 horas
Pennywise Vs the Joker
Infinite Films
Infinite Films Hace 2 horas
Classic Vampires (Dracula, Nosferatu etc.) Vs. Teen Vampires (Twilight, Vampire Diaries etc.) Throw in some 80s The Lost Boys cameos and end with Blade, the Daywalker, coming in to finish them off after hunting them down. Maybe even throw in some Buffy, too. This would be awesome.
In Nomine Patris Et Filii Et Spiritus Sancti
In Nomine Patris Et Filii Et Spiritus Sancti Hace 2 horas
Constantine the Great VS Mehmed the Conqueror
BRUGAR Hace 2 horas
Mother no one wants to sleep with, that's the final nail in Teresa's coffin
dumboanimeposter1616 Hace 2 horas
man i don't care about religion but Mother Teresa wins just for not being Sigmund Freud.
1HeatWalk Hace 2 horas
Presidential candidate Andrew Yang VS Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump
Phil Crownz
Phil Crownz Hace 3 horas
The addam family vs.The munsters
TATERplaysGAMES Hace 3 horas
Judge Dress vs Judge Judy
ZaESims123 Hace 3 horas
What about Gilgamesh versus someone with a very humble personality (can’t think of a good one yet. May be back when I think of one.).
Pranava C Jayanti
Pranava C Jayanti Hace 3 horas
Bernie Sanders vs Martin Shkreli
Matthew Jordan
Matthew Jordan Hace 3 horas
Pennywise Vs Joker
FOR_IAM_ SQUIBBLY Hace 3 horas
Jay-z(the roc) vs Dwayne(the rock)johnson
Jupiterninja95 Hace 3 horas
Alexander Hamilton vs Lin Manuel Miranda
Jupiterninja95 Hace 3 horas
Alexander Hamilton vs Lin Manuel Miranda
Awesomeness Hace 3 horas
Ellen Ripley vs Sarah Conner.
Yung Rondo
Yung Rondo Hace 3 horas
Pennywise vs Joker
Liekki Hace 3 horas
Suggestion: Koba vs Caesar (Planet of the Apes)
WTFViewer Hace 4 horas
Shooter's Best: Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Sylvester Stallone vs. Chuck Norris feat. Keanu Reeves for the win (as John Wick).
Adrian Lotz Lundberg
Adrian Lotz Lundberg Hace 4 horas
Charles Foster Kane vs. William Randolph Hearst, Tycoon Battle!
Agame365 Hace 4 horas
Vince McMahon v.s. Tony Khan v.s. Eric Bischoff
Alex Heimer
Alex Heimer Hace 4 horas
Keanu Reeves vs. Ricardo Milos The Battle of Internet's boyfriends.
Alexandra McCain
Alexandra McCain Hace 4 horas
Keanu Reeves VS Zack Garfilinakis
Severe Sincere
Severe Sincere Hace 4 horas
I don't know why, but I want a Batman vs Darth Vader, I could imagine them going at each other's capes.
Pineoster Hace 5 horas
Conan o'brian vs jimmy fallon
SlvrCoyote 134
SlvrCoyote 134 Hace 5 horas
Ant. C.Vianna
Ant. C.Vianna Hace 5 horas
mary antoinette vs Jackie Kennedy
Daniel Clifton
Daniel Clifton Hace 5 horas
The terminator vs the joker because of mk11 pls
El Nieto
El Nieto Hace 5 horas
Jason Voorhees vs Michael M. (silent killers) and the singers would be Jason's mom vs Michael's sister.
Nikola Petrović
Nikola Petrović Hace 5 horas
Teresa was no saint.
CPCGamer Hace 5 horas
Who's next? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson vs Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane.
Michaela Yen
Michaela Yen Hace 5 horas
Thought... Mel Brooks vs. Mel Gibson
Jay Hace 5 horas
Pennywise vs Joker
Sergio Rivera
Sergio Rivera Hace 6 horas
Willy Wonka vs. Charlie Wonka? (idk charlie's last name)
Gen Doom
Gen Doom Hace 6 horas
Homelander Vs Captain America!
stallman30 Hace 6 horas
Steve urkel vs Sheldon Cooper
Bob NL
Bob NL Hace 6 horas
Brothers Grimm vs....idk....Grim Reaper?
Tomatenmark Hace 6 horas
What about John Williams vs Hans Zimmer?
Sergio Rivera
Sergio Rivera Hace 6 horas
all the Jokers against each other.
xArcangel32x Hace 6 horas
How is she gonna say he's off the beat with her awful ass flow XD
Zesleiter Hace 6 horas
Peterson vs Žižek
King Leopold II
King Leopold II Hace 6 horas
Danny Devito vs Keanu Reeves vs Tom Hanks vs Hugh Jackman Nicest celebrities
Alton Hawk II
Alton Hawk II Hace 6 horas
I would really like to see Gary Gygax Vs Parker Brothers.
Michaela Yen
Michaela Yen Hace 6 horas
Oh man I should have known you would not weak-sauce raps against Mother Teresa! Brilliant.
Pipa Obala
Pipa Obala Hace 7 horas
Danny DeVito vs Charlie Day.
hamur aga
hamur aga Hace 7 horas
King arthur vs caesar lucius hiberius
DukeOfTennessee117 Hace 7 horas
Peter Griffin vs hank hill
Vivek Mittal
Vivek Mittal Hace 7 horas
Mother teresa killed it.
pro factsx
pro factsx Hace 7 horas
Dr house vs Dr strange
Mark Haiko
Mark Haiko Hace 7 horas
Anakin Skywalker vs Sand
Piotr Klejnowski
Piotr Klejnowski Hace 8 horas
Mother Teresa!
Phaiu Hace 8 horas
Dora The Explorer vs Indiana Jones
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