Most Haunted Hotel in Florida | Biltmore Presidential Suite

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Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

Hace un mes

Sam and Colby stay overnight with Corey Scherer and Jake Webber in Florida's most haunted hotel the Biltmore in the presidential suite. They talk to mediums and historians to get to the bottom of why this hotel is so haunted with the paranormal.
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Check out everyone who helped in the video:
Witch: @gabyherstik
Medium: Hector Espinosa
Historian: Dr. Paul George
Edited by: @HHillierSmith & @Benjamin_Cook

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Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby Hace un mes
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Tammy Lynn Roska
Tammy Lynn Roska Hace 20 días
Rate my baby 1-10 in you next vid
Cady Corona
Cady Corona Hace un mes
👻 I love you guys so much ❤. Love the videos.
kiri keener
kiri keener Hace un mes
Is anyone else’s text not going through?
Editor 1012
Editor 1012 Hace un mes
Sam and Colby there was a vortex in the elevator how could y’all not notice that
lil Peaches
lil Peaches Hace un mes
I do text but no one texts back 😢
Kelly Gardona
Kelly Gardona Hace un hora
missed that opening music of you guys. you were always using that on your explore vids. kinda miss you sneaking to abandon places hahaha
Jaida Tyson
Jaida Tyson Hace un hora
anyone else hear "zz zz" the second time sam did?
Amesha Kodikara
Amesha Kodikara Hace 4 horas
It takes alot of energy for a demon to hear and change to a different realm there's 3 types hell earth heaven so if u wanna talk to demon u have offer a bit of blood while doing the oujia board hope u see this
Jacy Oyola
Jacy Oyola Hace 6 horas
32:18 Where the vent is on the upper left side... why is the camera doing that?
Deesha KUMAR
Deesha KUMAR Hace 9 horas
M I ok
Maxi Magallon
Maxi Magallon Hace 9 horas
25:15 sam is literally cute with that smile omyghod AHAHAHA
JackDigger MJ1212
JackDigger MJ1212 Hace 13 horas
My mom lived in a apartment in new york that did not have a 13th floor it went to 12 to 14 and my mom lived on the 12th and she heard foot steps on the top of her ceiling at night till this day she does not know what that was.
Marcus Failla
Marcus Failla Hace 13 horas
The blood on the piano is probably from fatty Walsh when he got murdered
Spuros Tsant
Spuros Tsant Hace 14 horas
Jawaun Williams
Jawaun Williams Hace 16 horas
I love you guys videos
Madalyn Nguyen
Madalyn Nguyen Hace 17 horas
Plot twist it the hotel fking with them
Mikayla T
Mikayla T Hace 17 horas
sam and colby have to make a movie for real
bark reee
bark reee Hace 18 horas
my birthay is in november 27 no wayy
Striped Rose
Striped Rose Hace 18 horas
Omg, literally no joke but i think it was a year or two ago, i was in my bunk bed and i just finished watching one of your videos, and just as i was about to fall asleep i couldn't for some reason. usually if i cant go to sleep it means there was a light on, but nothing was on i tried again. at the time my blinds were open and for a split second as my eyes were closing i saw something or, someone walk past, i even drew a picture, but it was a man, as tall as my window wearing a trench coat or something long over him, with a top hat on his head. I looked so real but i couldn't hear any foot steps so i quickly lent towards my window where i saw it walk past and nothing was there, it was like a shadow. i didn't know what i saw until you explained what you saw and what happened to Corey's brother, im 15 rn. And ive never played with any Quiji boards but what im trying ask is, can you get haunted by a video by accident.
Chissokuu Hace 18 horas
24:02 is that just me or is it just sam thats behind corey's back???
Jins Shoulders
Jins Shoulders Hace 19 horas
bro i just realized me and sam have the same birthday
Ark Survivor
Ark Survivor Hace 20 horas
guys watch the event behind colby, 32:18, 32:21
Presley King
Presley King Hace 22 horas
Me in corey have the same birthday
Refused Plays
Refused Plays Hace 23 horas
Did anybody else get a head space ad
AngeThe Bird
AngeThe Bird Hace un día
Sam: we have had a few troubles this past year because we- Ad: explore the world of anime- 😂😂 that was a funny coincidence 😂
I’m actually Nothing
I’m actually Nothing Hace un día
32:20 I saw something behind jake and Colby I swear
celestine638 Hace un día
Don't play with the wd
Mitraa_ Mathi
Mitraa_ Mathi Hace un día
no one gonna talk about the receptionist tho 👀 he is fine fine 🤤
Adrian Espinal
Adrian Espinal Hace un día
Why am I so scared watching this
Madon Stone
Madon Stone Hace un día
did he say jan 2 bc thats my bday too🤯
Evie Waite
Evie Waite Hace un día
When Colby said he’s a Capricorn I got excited coz I am aswellll😂
Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman Hace un día
I’m a Scorpio
Zoey Tisdale
Zoey Tisdale Hace un día
Is 13 an unlucky number because I was born on a 13 on Friday. People always that’s bad but I don’t know what can someone explain it to me.
Tennis Cat
Tennis Cat Hace un día
BRO when Corey kept saying THAT name over and over, I started PANICKING, you are NOT supposed to say his name all and he KEPT SAYING ITTT OOOOHH NOOOOOO
kiwi killer
kiwi killer Hace un día
32:19 look at the gray thing on the wall by Colby
Tennis Cat
Tennis Cat Hace un día
This like some “Beyond Two Souls” shit
Daryl Mansonjr
Daryl Mansonjr Hace un día
Am i the only one who thinks the witch is hot?
Mikkel Preisler
Mikkel Preisler Hace un día
Avalyn Budy
Avalyn Budy Hace un día
I love how that Jakes just chilling on the side while everyone is freaked out😂
Alice Harper
Alice Harper Hace un día
OMG this was updated on my birthday 🎂 Feb 16
{machida} }
{machida} } Hace un día
me: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH COREY IN T POSE SHACKING demon: i have finally taken control of corey me: GET THE HOLY WATER BROTHER
Joson Volg
Joson Volg Hace un día
There is someone out in the balcony
praise Hace un día
When You Smoke 10LBS Of Indica
Lilif3r19 Yuki
Lilif3r19 Yuki Hace 2 días
Okay, so I was expecting to watch you guys find away for Corey to either be cleansed or come to terms with his situation, and when I heard Colby say his birthday I did not expect him to have the same birthday as me. So hearing that he is actually two years older than me is a shock because I am the type of person that doesn't really look up people's information like DOB unless I am truly curious in a spiritual sense.
Bbybottol Hace 2 días
Am I the only one who saw something wrapped around Corey when he was in the little window thing upstairs....
Isaac Benton
Isaac Benton Hace 2 días
They try to have a regular conversation Corey: WTF IS THAT!!!!
{machida} }
{machida} } Hace 2 días
corey the shadow man just wants to tell u he loves u and wants to be ur boyfriend and i want to be at marriage
NJ Meyer
NJ Meyer Hace 2 días
I ship Shorey
scrappy williams
scrappy williams Hace 2 días
13:10 yes jake but my question is why would the president want to stay at a haunted hotel.
Sophie F
Sophie F Hace 2 días
Sam has a relationship with demons
Benj Serato
Benj Serato Hace 2 días
Did u guys see the black thing in the video at 2:45
Gabfuego100! Lol
Gabfuego100! Lol Hace 2 días
Yo I saw the shadow man 3 days ago and I got super scared bro it was like 3-4am I just woke up and I just saw a shadow inside my room wearing a top hat like Corey said it was so scary bro I fucking swear
spinel the loser
spinel the loser Hace 2 días
Coronavirus virus be like:let's infect some teenager ghost hunters
Lelia Almakmal
Lelia Almakmal Hace 2 días
Pin this if you love your fans!💞😚
Fox Lover
Fox Lover Hace 2 días
I have the same problems
Fox Lover
Fox Lover Hace 2 días
Ummm well
Lia's Corner
Lia's Corner Hace 2 días
Why do i have the same birthday as Sam?😂
Jackie Billington
Jackie Billington Hace 2 días
God I have a creepy doll that my grandma gave me but she is a witch so sometimes I feel like paranormal things around me I’m quite scared to even go to bed
Jessie the Jinx
Jessie the Jinx Hace 2 días
I feel like the video was more of a flex than a creepy video
SomeGurl _FollowsYou0
SomeGurl _FollowsYou0 Hace 2 días
the guy at the bar telling Colby: there is something missing in you life Me: Love...he is..missing..Love🖤❤
alisha woods
alisha woods Hace 2 días
Jake acts just like my 12 year old daughter she’s lazy funny and is a very chill person also always Hungary lol she also does thing like jake does she had done almost everything jake does
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole Hace 2 días
Same birthday as Corey 🙌🙌
Hannah Bellar
Hannah Bellar Hace 2 días
You see how the tv was on when they entered the room
FIZZY co. Hace 2 días
there is a pretty cool scientific explanation for oiji boards but some could also be real
Harley Vazquez
Harley Vazquez Hace 2 días
You should stay in the Arlington hotel in hot springs it's sooo scary and pls make a video like if they should with Cory and jake
Oscar Nissen
Oscar Nissen Hace 2 días
I’m born on the day befor the historyen
Mad Maddie
Mad Maddie Hace 2 días
omg im acctully scared cause no joke my family is seeing to shadow man to like my aunt and uncle would come home saying like we keep see this shadow....and no joke i see it when i go to sleep at night so korey your not the only one
Debi Moody
Debi Moody Hace 2 días
Colby:I'm a Capricorn Me:SAME OMG YESSSS
LarissaInAction Hace 2 días
ok what the f... why would you show a moving picture of Zozo. Now i cant sleep. Thanks
Hajah Boakai
Hajah Boakai Hace 2 días
I have a evil Bier it's June 6 and when I was 6 everything was going worng and I'm using my mom email I'm Not
Byron Kemp
Byron Kemp Hace 2 días
Me being me I would say Oi ya bolo square up
springlock_failure Hace 2 días
Nosies:zo,zo momo screaming Me:it's the phone form when you plug it in it started freaking out
Jaxon Lewis
Jaxon Lewis Hace 2 días
Nobody 24:09
Blackstar 12
Blackstar 12 Hace 2 días
At 31:30 u can hear a whisper “zzzah”
Evelyn Fernandez
Evelyn Fernandez Hace 2 días
Corey's story when he dies he had a relationship with a ghost
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