Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - Official Roster Reveal Trailer

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Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Hace 20 horas

The full Kombat Pack Roster has finally been revealed! Earthrealm just got a whole lot more dangerous.
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Damien Hace 17 horas
xCCAKAxCPAKAx Hace 17 horas
Come with me if you want to live
Sean Smylie
Sean Smylie Hace 17 horas
Could’ve used anybody but y’all picked Joker 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ben Michel
Ben Michel Hace 17 horas
Thank You... Thank You..... Thank You
Omega Raver
Omega Raver Hace 17 horas
Nightwolf and sindel, time for some scene recreation
Destroyah 78
Destroyah 78 Hace 17 horas
xCCAKAxCPAKAx Hace 17 horas
I'll be back
The Legendary Neil
The Legendary Neil Hace 17 horas
Nice to see characters that were free before added to this pack 🙃 🙃🙃🙃... Spawn and Terminator looks cool, Joker being a character is dumb, shouldve went with Pennywise or something
darqcide2020 Hace 17 horas
V for Vendetta hopefully added in the next pack!!!!!
MisterMazoku Hace 17 horas
Guess I'm not interested until March!
ay mighty
ay mighty Hace 17 horas
😡😠😠bro im fuckin pissed jokers on here! JOKER!? AND he looks dumb smfh. Could've brought back a classic character💯 shit tekken got negan! And i dont even fuck with the walking dead. i think they did better putting him as a guest. Wtf was yall thinking💯?
Visiron’s PP
Visiron’s PP Hace 17 horas
WAIT! Why is Sindel being pushed back...? Awe I was so excited for her
Mystical Wrath92
Mystical Wrath92 Hace 17 horas
You mean to tell me that I have to wait THE REST OF THE YEAR JUST TO PLAY SPAWN...guess it's time to play something else
Jokester Hace 17 horas
March......fucking.......March??!! So you release a game then have your consumers wait a year to play with most playable character, trading mk11 in tomorrow and will just rent it again when spawn comes out, what a waste of time.
Tank Mkx
Tank Mkx Hace 17 horas
Why joker jesus
Sonic BOOM Srbija
Sonic BOOM Srbija Hace 17 horas
Yeah jocker had fight whit Hanzo (Scorpion) Kano and Sonya but but nvm
ed h
ed h Hace 17 horas
Againnnnn with joker
Evan Sanchez
Evan Sanchez Hace 17 horas
Boycott jokers baby face
Luis Robles
Luis Robles Hace 17 horas
Doomslayer :(
Sharkman9475 Hace 17 horas
The release dates are frustrating. Especially considering I was personally hoping Spawn would be playable within the next few months. Guess I'll just wait until they're all out to start playing again.
Covenant Lazarus
Covenant Lazarus Hace 17 horas
Anyone not talking or commenting about Arnold being in this game, is a fucking bitch ass cuck that needs beheaded ISIS style. The Terminator is the only reason to give a fuck about this awesome video. Faggots.
7thsygn Hace 17 horas
skidmoda Hace 17 horas
Fantastic line up. I wasn't asking for Joker was hoping the Ash rumor was true but cross promotion I get it.
Doom Guy
Doom Guy Hace 17 horas
MK fighters fear me
Zevac Hace 17 horas
I wanted a sickass Endo skeleton t-800 not PTSD from Terminator Genesis
Kaven Haul
Kaven Haul Hace 17 horas
Joker looks dumb. and OF COURSE Spawn is the last MOFO to get released..... stupid
DaJevb Hace 17 horas
There will only be one Kombat pack right?
Kevon King
Kevon King Hace 17 horas
Why you you put joker in the game everything was right until you put that trash in the game
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas Hace 17 horas
I have to wait till march to play as Spawn?.. fucking hell bruh..
The Taco Channel
The Taco Channel Hace 17 horas
Dude terminator is the best looking out of all of them
Artorias cookie
Artorias cookie Hace 17 horas
*arnold expression* WE GOT THE TERMINATOr
MK1MonsterOck1989 Hace 17 horas
Now All We Need is Sweet Tooth From Twisted Metal For MK11!
bimmyvandal Hace 17 horas
And all the MK11 Facebook groups were suddenly silent. Man, Arnold looks real, tho.
huachalo Hace 17 horas
terminator looks cool af, that joker has a strange face tho, he looks like a disney villian
Kevin Kraft
Kevin Kraft Hace 17 horas
I hoped for Ash Williams from "Evil Dead"! :(
Sahin Düzgün
Sahin Düzgün Hace 17 horas
Terminators punch lines during Fatalities: Hasta la vista, baby! You are terminated! to the Hand!
The Green Monster//Mimic
The Green Monster//Mimic Hace 17 horas
Coleco 84
Coleco 84 Hace 17 horas
Where is Ash?
corsegerspwnd Hace 17 horas
cutting legacy characters out of the base game and sell it as dlc is the fucking scummiest shit you can do. Glad i got this game second hand for 15. about the real price one should pay with all this f2p shit included with it
Sebas Sainz
Sebas Sainz Hace 17 horas
Mk 12 will be sooner than kombat pack 2.
Bottle Of Bleach
Bottle Of Bleach Hace 17 horas
Ash will be apart of the 2nd Kombat Pack
Val Halla
Val Halla Hace 17 horas
Why is joker so cute?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Panagiotis Vavetsis
Panagiotis Vavetsis Hace 17 horas
Man, I don't know. BUT I LIKE THIS JOKER.
Gérann Gerber Channel
Gérann Gerber Channel Hace 17 horas
I hope we can see the T-800 in skeleton form, and I hope this time that Netherrealm release more than just 2 Kombat Packs!!
EbZ's Roach Expert/SIR BUSHIT
EbZ's Roach Expert/SIR BUSHIT Hace 17 horas
Daniel Nilsson
Daniel Nilsson Hace 17 horas
Fuck the joker, he has never been fun fighting with in any game..
Marlon Eric
Marlon Eric Hace 17 horas
Yeah, fuck them dates.
Diontay Paplia
Diontay Paplia Hace 17 horas
Injustice 2 design of the joker was better.
ChrisR Hace 17 horas
Man these all look great but why must we wait till next year to play two characters. Terminator looks badass though
Zevac Hace 17 horas
I thought maybe netherrealm would finally get joker's face right, but for the third time, it looks weird once again
GamOholic spartan
GamOholic spartan Hace 17 horas
Fucking January
Enders Gone
Enders Gone Hace 17 horas
I'll be back... when terminator is released.
The Clint Commander
The Clint Commander Hace 17 horas
I'm seriously glad I haven't bought this game. I LOVED MKX, but a year for the only DLC character anybody gave a shit about is insane. Maybe once all of the DLC characters are out, I may buy the game and play it. Until then, I can do without. Also... no Ash? Seriously? Spawn and Ash were on EVERYBODY'S wish list (aside from a few). I don't recall seeing anybody ask for Terminator, and especially not The Joker (who looks terrible, btw).
Brosheb Crisp
Brosheb Crisp Hace 17 horas
Am I the only one that’s hyped for joker?
Dandre McDoe
Dandre McDoe Hace 17 horas
We seriously have to wait that long? I really hate that shit it's a cheap way to keep interest as the game gets older. There is no other reason.
Sangeeth S
Sangeeth S Hace 17 horas
If y'all think joker looks like child this game has an option called character customization......jeez mk fans never get satisfied with anything cool
Nopioff Hace 17 horas
Shang Tsung: Looks Amazing Nightwolf: Looks krazy Sindel: Looks very nice Joker: looks Ok/Acceptable Spawn: Looks Amazing Terminator: Looks Badass
Tibogaming1000 Hace 17 horas
They could've put Ghost Rider instead of Spawn
Z. Hunt
Z. Hunt Hace 17 horas
What's with the fucking dates? March 17th for Spawn? Wtf?
JP Games
JP Games Hace 17 horas
Cadê o Pennywise e o Michael myers ?
Stephen O'Connor
Stephen O'Connor Hace 17 horas
ques1134 Hace 17 horas
The joker don’t look like any joker I seen and he’s my favorite villain! Couldn’t get the joker from the arkham Batman series I guess
Error 115
Error 115 Hace 17 horas
Terminator looks so cool
Jfaiola Hace 17 horas
Kinda wish the thumbnail didn't give it away lol
Wariat Bad boy
Wariat Bad boy Hace 17 horas
Spawn all behind him
Jonsso Gaming
Jonsso Gaming Hace 17 horas
The trailer could have looked better, but I’m happy with the character’s we’re getting. Looking forward to finally seeing a DC character in an MK game.
Marzmon 15
Marzmon 15 Hace 17 horas
Terroriser has to play mortal kombat now
WILDCRD Hace 17 horas
No not ash the joker
Angel Keys
Angel Keys Hace 17 horas
Why does Sindel look so young
Andrew Hace 17 horas
I hope the dates change or we fans make that request, Spawn is far away. :c
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