MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Joker Gameplay Trailer MK11 (2020) HD

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MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Joker Gameplay Trailer MK11 (2020) HD
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Elsa Mandzhieva
Elsa Mandzhieva Hace 7 horas
Awesome mix of Batman origin`s Joker and Injustice 2 Joker.
Nick Armstrong
Nick Armstrong Hace 3 días
They need to put Deathstroke in this game, get it because his name is DEATHstroke
ToastyLin GamePlay
ToastyLin GamePlay Hace 4 días
I like the joker!
Sharkticon Gaming
Sharkticon Gaming Hace 6 días
“I’ll save the Day” 00:46 and Shoots the opponent in the face 00:47
lol Hace 7 días
Nintendo: We got joker Netherrealm: We got the the joker everyone knows
brian barreto
brian barreto Hace 7 días
Que falta de imaginación
incubator thatboy
incubator thatboy Hace 7 días
His moves are Phenominal. But the design is a%$. They should have gone for something close to Injustice 2 Joker.
xRecLes_Hxpnotic Hace 7 días
Clarence Fuller
Clarence Fuller Hace 10 días
I need that joker trailer song
D.O.A Hace 11 días
Hopefully they made him older !!!
Aldiggy2000 Hace 12 días
a taste of dc vs mk 11 .. tastyyyy. This makes me hunger for DC vs MK 2 .. but M rated, gloves come off
brick man
brick man Hace 12 días
So anyways i start blasting 1:56
Kashi Kagë
Kashi Kagë Hace 12 días
Von Wayne Vlogs
Von Wayne Vlogs Hace 12 días
can anyone help me? i just bought the mk11 game yesterday and it automatically updated the game, almost 40gig of it. but when it comes to the 180MB final update for the version 1.14, it would not download and would send an error message. as you all know, if the updates are not complete, you cannot go online. no rewards, no everything if not online. what should i do? i hope someone out there knows the solution to this problem. i tried deleting and reinstalling, tried rebuilding data too, tried pause and play on the download tab, nothing works. need help!
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Hace 12 días
It would be funny if this joker was in smash Bros
InedibleHail418 Hace 12 días
I have the joker
Louie Man Gaming
Louie Man Gaming Hace 12 días
Do you think there will be like a legendary pack of MK11 for the Nintendo Switch?
JOSHUA GRAIZ Hace 14 días
cheaters joker
Mariovo5 Hace 14 días
totally different soundtrack!
shaquille peterson
shaquille peterson Hace 14 días
The joker looks like ellen
Black Dragon
Black Dragon Hace 15 días
I see Joker talking with a guy who Love Mileena. J: "So you are in love with that toothed girl?" Guy: "Yes and I will marry her!" J: "And I thought that I am Insane one here."
Torch Head
Torch Head Hace 15 días
I like to see a hawaiian shirt skin like from The Killing Joke and a Dr. Maniac skin for Goosebumps fans
Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique
Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique Hace 15 días
Meanwhile in Netherrealm's Characters Department... Ash Williams: I can't believe they ditched me out again for a Guy Fawkes wannabe with makeup. I've been requested 2 games ago and what's my consolation prize? Being stuck in a cat-and-mouse game where I can't speak! Can you believe it, buddy? Doom Slayer: *looks in his direction, agreeing.* The door opens, revealing a stranger with a spider-themed attire and mask, with a somber attitude with it. Both guys look to the female, and give her a seat. ???: I swear, if I don't the get the recognition me or my universe deserves, someone is going to feed my little friends! Ash, looking kind of credulous and confused for the stranger's words, goes to her place and speaks. Ash: hey miss, you must be new in this business. Who are you? The stranger looks at him, almost weary for something that happened to her, helped by the sensation of dread she was emanating. Stranger: I am Taylor. Taylor Hebert.
DarkSonicDSTH Hace 15 días
guys joker released in my b-day ;-;
AgusDasher72 Hace 16 días
Skrillex soundtrack. Name: What?
Zefer Hace 17 días
Know who I want for MK11? Talon from Middle-Earth:som/sow Why? Warner Brothers owns the rights to those games and the possibilities with him are endless
J3SS3_G 267
J3SS3_G 267 Hace 17 días
So your are telling me you guys where gonna put in all the jokers from all of the movies but you guys didn't even bother putting in the joker from gotham. How disrespectful. Nah jk lol
Shanique Bynum
Shanique Bynum Hace 18 días
What’s the background music in this trailer
Aqua of Light
Aqua of Light Hace 18 días
I want to know where I can find the song that plays in this trailer :(
MultiMuchacho Hace 18 días
Or you could just play injustice two
seiboko Hace 18 días
Name of the song?
Dcdi Wizaya ID
Dcdi Wizaya ID Hace 18 días
Make film Joker but strong and brutal same mortal kombat
Ouiwki 11
Ouiwki 11 Hace 19 días
This is mind meaning
Shanique Bynum
Shanique Bynum Hace 19 días
Joker. - those blades, those teeth Baraka. - realizing the ways I can kill you Joker - the bucks I’ll make selling them in Gotham
Shanique Bynum
Shanique Bynum Hace 18 días
Here’s my idea for a brutally Joker starts stabbing the opponent where they turn around where joker stabs their cheeks he then starts beating the opponent to death with his Kane
alex95 karaiskos
alex95 karaiskos Hace 20 días
Great job ! Now we just need sharkman kotal kahn , flash kabal and deadshot erron black
Lil Space Snake
Lil Space Snake Hace 20 días
Хочу МК 11, только чтобы отпиздить джокера, как же он меня заебал
Mortaman Hace 13 días
XiT4eR project
XiT4eR project Hace 20 días
Как тебе такое, injustice?
Mortaman Hace 13 días
injustise 3 18+
zeno striker
zeno striker Hace 21 un día
The Batman who laughs is in this to!
Manassés Leal
Manassés Leal Hace 21 un día
that phrase speaks of the doll joker, wanted to know!
АЩЬФ ЛШТФУМ Hace 21 un día
nexves Hace 21 un día
1:57 When GTA tryhards get a oppressor MK2
baterdene B
baterdene B Hace 22 días
intergalactic24 Hace 22 días
The joker? Again? He's already in injustice 2, why mk11? Get a new face!!! What happened to ash from evil dead??
TheOne In
TheOne In Hace 22 días
All I want is this trailers music :(
Azyeon's Content/Streams
Azyeon's Content/Streams Hace 23 días
I can't seem to find the button combos where Joker utilizes hostages or the boxing gloves (not the grab). Can someone help? I'm a PC player.
Orlando Juarez
Orlando Juarez Hace 23 días
I think mark hamil is in it.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace 13 días
Vitalik Igorovich
Vitalik Igorovich Hace 23 días
1:38 this is crazy man work;)
Kacperiusz09. Z
Kacperiusz09. Z Hace 23 días
Who's like Joker
Galy Aispuro
Galy Aispuro Hace 17 días
Yousuf Safdar
Yousuf Safdar Hace 23 días
Anyone knows the music in the background?
itachi uchiha
itachi uchiha Hace 23 días
Ami no me engañan el es jonhy cage con maquillaje del el joker akzlak okno pero buenisimo que este el joker en mk11 PD: por la chucha weon soy el unico que habla español aqui?? :v
El Critic9
El Critic9 Hace 24 días
Entonces de ahi salia el archivo del friendship :v
28Connor Dunlap
28Connor Dunlap Hace 24 días
00:1 ewwwwwwwww
Elves de castro Ferreira
Elves de castro Ferreira Hace 24 días
Mortal Kombat a cada dia perde seu rumo só quem jogou os Nintendo sabe o que digo.
Valentin Gautier
Valentin Gautier Hace 24 días
Joker need more intro and outros
mjlv123 Hace 25 días
They did the joker really well
Diego Huancas
Diego Huancas Hace 25 días
The fatal blood is very incredible
Karna Don
Karna Don Hace 25 días
This Joker is garbage...
Chris Dillard
Chris Dillard Hace 25 días
Should’ve made the fatal Blow a fatality
Strahinja Todorovic
Strahinja Todorovic Hace 25 días
Someone pls tell me the name of the backround song
Black Dragon
Black Dragon Hace 15 días
P1X3L D3L74
P1X3L D3L74 Hace 25 días
Hope one of his intro dialogues is 'We live in a Society'
Denpowerdrill Hace 25 días
What is this song!
Denpowerdrill Hace 25 días
What is this soundtrack?
Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars Hace 25 días
Well what to say, cool Persian, and blows cool
Lauenyy Lindosa
Lauenyy Lindosa Hace 25 días
yesterday I played with the joker, very cool !!👍👍
Hadi Ihsan
Hadi Ihsan Hace 25 días
Soundtrack please??
Hyungmin Seo
Hyungmin Seo Hace 25 días
I want this trailer theme to be revealed 😩😩
CS GO FUN Channel
CS GO FUN Channel Hace 25 días
Покажите бруталити
Iciee Hace 25 días
Bro when he brought that suicide bomber hostage
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith Hace 26 días
Now that was a killing joke
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith Hace 26 días
when the the next dlc characters come out, put it aka pennywise in it.
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