Monologue: Live Free or Die Hard | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including President Trump's underwhelming Tulsa rally and Joe Biden's strong lead in the polls.
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catkasimir Hace 22 horas
Trump is right about less testing. The PCR test produces a lot of false results, positive ones and negative ones. I think the best way to go about this is the clinical one and ask: Does a patient have symptoms or not? The asymptomatic spreading of the virus is a myth. Even WHO had to concede, that tracing the contacts of asymptomatic patients did not yield any meaningful results.
Linnea West
Linnea West Hace un día
melvin jones
melvin jones Hace un día
Trump is correct; the election will be rigged, but in his favor. I have a joke:...'Mail-in ballots'
robotron17 Hace 6 días
Did you know that Maher had a production company called "Kid Love Productions"? Look it up.
Lynda Mackrous
Lynda Mackrous Hace 6 días
Tgeur were the communists registering
E M S Hace 15 días
OKay. I have to give it to you, those audience shots are pretty damn funny on their own.
akafilms1 Hace 15 días
These shows have a short shelf life. 3 week ago is an eternity
GoldenSparrow66 Hace 18 días
Thanks Bill, you make us Pakistanis proud.🌹🌷🥰🤓
NoNeedForNames Hace 19 días
He leaves out the fact that it was the most viewed event on cable television in HISTORY. PPl are tired of being bullied for supporting trump, but they still do.
Natalia A. C.
Natalia A. C. Hace 20 días
How can you like Bill Maher after this:
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw Hace 25 días
Send it😁
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw Hace 25 días
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw Hace 25 días
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw Hace 25 días
David Cepin
David Cepin Hace 26 días
Bill is good. Even Ghandi is cracking up.
Michael Youngstrom
Michael Youngstrom Hace 27 días
I don't understand why some people are voting for this POS again especially RELIGIOUS PEOPLE! Good God help us all. SOMEONE ELSE BUT TRUMP 2020!
Richard McMasky
Richard McMasky Hace 25 días
BIDEN 2020!
george christopoulos
george christopoulos Hace 28 días
Little Billy, your crowds are looking great too. You must be getting used to doing stand up, alone. Rambling about nothing. Go to sleep....
Marty Hace 29 días
Bill, please please please STOP the silly canned laughter and the vintage shots of people laughing!! You have to adapt to the new normal-try watching Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert for pointers...You look ridiculous pretending to deliver your monologue to a live audience.
Teddy Hace 29 días
0:53 those were Japanese women, not Koreans (as in K for K-Pop).
tbone21158 Hace un mes
Trump should have an MTV special "Unplugged Bullshit!".
Warren Strachan
Warren Strachan Hace un mes
.......acoustic racism...... hahahahaha
Vivek Anand J
Vivek Anand J Hace un mes
That was Gandhi laughing there! 😂😂🤣🤣
Shwn Drws
Shwn Drws Hace un mes
Commander and Chief taken down by ARMY. #wtf2020
Michael Pitzel
Michael Pitzel Hace un mes
Deceitful from the get go, insulting wrong, stupid, full of $hit, and, let us not ignore it, not funny. Only hypnotized morons would call this entertainment. AKA Democrats, never Trumpers, leftist ideologues, globalists, Neanderthals, people with room temperature IQs, anybody who thinks that the $hit covered idiots marching out of the two-story-outhouse of the Democrat Party and pointing at anyone who disagrees with them or the day's talking points and saying in perfect progressive projection that "they stink". Do you people also go into bathrooms just to sniff ?
The Barbarian Infidel
The Barbarian Infidel Hace 27 días
you watched
YourMajesty Hace un mes
Wow libs are creepy. Fake laugh, fake audience. All fake
atxfinest20 Hace un mes
So he got an audience now. So now the show will seem good again even though without an audience. It showed how weak and bad the show is lol
Arghast Hace un mes
2:16 Fewer*
Viki Perry
Viki Perry Hace un mes
WHAT IF❓ majority of Landlords are Repub. & /IF Renters/Of-Color are Dems❓ BET U Trump WON'T help Renters OR Lanlds. Hell eliminate DEMS VOTER TURNOUT by: 1. OF-COLOR VICT 🇺🇸MS with HIGHEST COVID DEATHS 2. UNACCEPTABLE DELAY of UNEMPLOYMENT $$ 3. HOMELESS Pandemic from COVID EVICTIONS 4. ST🛑PING FUNDS 4 US P📫STAL cuz LIE ABOUT Mail-In Voting FRAUD. 5. SUICIDE--most W/OUT HEALTH INS &/or if tRump KILLS ACAObamaCare. HAS THIS BEEN HIS CRUEL PLAN ALL YEAR?
Corey Mondello
Corey Mondello Hace un mes
Trump walking with his tie off after the disaster of his “come back” tour, would be lambasted by FOX had a Democrat taken their tie off like that!
Lord Master
Lord Master Hace un mes
Really corny caned laughter
Drivel Hace un mes
Warren for vice president in 2020. Look into Vitamin K2.
Global Warmhugs
Global Warmhugs Hace un mes
Average age of newly infected in Florida is 33.
NatureLovingGuy PeopleNotSoMuch
NatureLovingGuy PeopleNotSoMuch Hace un mes
Die-hard cultists is more like it. They are willing to die hard for their cult leader. For some, they are getting their wish. 😷🖕 Mr. Drumpf.
K Burns
K Burns Hace un mes
What's the point of testing and recording as many cases as possible? It seems to me that the point is ramping up the fear. Besides that, I genuinely don't understand why we would bother with this. Surely what should concern us is ICU numbers and deaths, and counting deaths more accurately (deaths of Covid, not deaths with Covid, etc.). If we're going to use case numbers for anything, it should be to calm the population down by pointing out that, see, so many people are getting this and not even realizing or are getting through it just fine, but we all know that's not what the media or government officials are doing with these numbers.
KK B Hace un mes
That Gandhi laughing clip got me 😂
saad liaquat
saad liaquat Hace un mes
The Truth:
Mike O
Mike O Hace un mes
the only guy who actually needs a laugh track !
Tracey Wu
Tracey Wu Hace un mes
Juls B
Juls B Hace un mes
Well Bill do you still feel the same now that everything is shutting down again????
Arjan Cheng
Arjan Cheng Hace un mes
Bill tell it so. Thank you.
AGE WELL Hace un mes
Bill Maher is using the goddamn laugh track wayyyy too much
American Sun
American Sun Hace un mes
The mask have really helped Biden. It's easier for him to focus when not able to sniff pre-teen girls. #bidendidmetoo
oceanbnd Hace un mes
Bill has to have a fake audience for fake laughs, cause he SUCKS as a comedian!! Take this 🖕 and twist on it Maher!!!
Steve Hardman
Steve Hardman Hace un mes
Bill, you have become Trumpian in your whiny bitch attitude about coronavirus!
BuddyCBuddy Hace un mes
This house n isn't funny
MatchstalkMan Hace un mes
Because trump was expecting such high numbers to attend, his campaign team organised a stage that overlooks the car park with the plan that trump and pence would speak to the yuge crowd outside before going in to address the 19,000 inside... en route, word reached trump that 25 people were watching the stage. Twenty five people. By the time trump and pence arrived, they changed their mind about addressing the 25 people outside and stage hands were already dismantling it. Then trump waited for the hall to fill up, went out early because they thought there was a hold up outside and spoke to less than one third of the projected crowd indoors. Classic! I laughed so much.
Jansci Hace un mes
Same old Trump jokes 4 years later no wonder you did a laugh track segment....
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
The canned laughter is helpful to let me know what's funny.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
Arses in seats. I saw what you did there
Julia Nam
Julia Nam Hace un mes
He is not funny at all
alley way321
alley way321 Hace un mes
Biden had a "rally" recently where he spoke to roughly twenty attendees. Trump's 6,000 is darn good considering the current corona fear-mongering.
Johnpaul Kane
Johnpaul Kane Hace un mes
7 million watched on TV fact
Lynda Patten
Lynda Patten Hace un mes
The false laughter ruins it: please stop
T Burns
T Burns Hace un mes
The lying Jackass will not accept defeat and be called a loser. He has something up his sleeve besides a KFC drum stick
Show Me Golden
Show Me Golden Hace un mes
Best monologue in a long time!!
Frederick Peltz
Frederick Peltz Hace un mes
The laugh track is a distraction. I do not need to be told when something is funny. Not much was!
Richard Owen
Richard Owen Hace un mes
Personally i'm still amazed people watched the Apprentice. 🤪💩
7charlierox Hace un mes
full diaper lol
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan Hace un mes
John Oliver audience
Billy beer Beer
Billy beer Beer Hace un mes
Boot licking lol oh my Your funny! So tell me what did Hilary and joe have for lunch
Mike Milligan
Mike Milligan Hace un mes
Who is the laugh track for? Bill or us? It's so cringe.
Billy beer Beer
Billy beer Beer Hace un mes
Billy You sure are angry a little pimple. One of these days your ass is going to get pop and I don’t mean in a way you’re a custom to
Ray Slagle
Ray Slagle Hace un mes
Lincoln once said a house divided cannot stand we have a 2 party system which is divided, ? Is this how democracy falls...
Linda Matus
Linda Matus Hace un mes
Ya know what’s sad? Bill Maher. You and your KID LOVE PRODUCTIONS
James Finley
James Finley Hace un mes
He's the manchurian president bot programmed by Vladimir putin to kill as many Americans as possible before we figure out wtf is going on ! I'm thinking even mitch McConnell is starting to get suspicious.
Ciao Jeff Italia
Ciao Jeff Italia Hace un mes
Get rid of Trump. These jokes are getting old. Let's start laughing about the decline of our country instead. Oh wait we don't think it's funny to laugh at Liberals. It's not politically correct.
Rotated Triskellion
Rotated Triskellion Hace un mes
We lost the attitude to laugh since COVID-19 😞
J. Clint Lewey
J. Clint Lewey Hace un mes
I don't understand why he chose Tulsa. Why didn't he at least choose Oklahoma City or Dallas? Tulsa is like the most out of date looking small to mid-sized town in the country. He might as well had started out in Amarillo Texas for God's sake.
Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :
Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : Hace un mes
Bill, are you for or against Covid-19? You wanted everything to reopen last week!
Wolfgang Baber
Wolfgang Baber Hace un mes
That rally was a disaster everybody looked like they smelt
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