Moneybagg Yo - Dior feat. Gunna (Official Music Video)

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"43VA Heartless" out now:
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Music video by Moneybagg Yo performing Dior. © 2019 N-Less Entertainment, LLC, distributed by Interscope Records


Lani Siga
Lani Siga Hace 9 horas
Moneybagg and Gunna a whole other species 🤯
skunkshowBoiTo Hace 9 horas
Track on repeat in my head forreal 😈🥶💯🚨 diamonds , all I see is dollar signs $
ALI 13
ALI 13 Hace 11 horas
newhallville New Haven CT.
newhallville New Haven CT. Hace un día
"She wana be with me every other week..heavy schedule.. Jus won't allow it.."
JTV Beats & Artists
JTV Beats & Artists Hace un día
Houdini's remix was better.
Travis Butler is Makaveli the Don
Travis Butler is Makaveli the Don Hace un día
Facebook just blocked me again for another 30 days but this time they about to with the devils they did it for their self see I already had gave people's a copy of one of my books as they share it around with the devils don't forget about the cops that took me 2 a crazy house also they already know what's going on 2 years ago and they ain't about nothing so my Brother Tupac and Brother Nipsey Hussle say it's time They Don't Care About Us also ESwomen taking my post down that I commented on my video's and other also they about to go with the Devil's you know I put in a lot of work and I don't give a fuk the one from my past no more everyone I grew up with f*** if they not with us now,,,,,,,, like I said the devil cops used to come get me when I was a little boy as they told me to be the best rapper I had to be the best as they put me and my brothers on the Block as we all was in Big Brother program as I wanted them to have but anyway before I became the Candy Man in elementary sixth grade I didn't have to work the blocks no more I would just be the Candyman in school as I give the females free candy the teaches used to let me share with the class as I will re-up with all my mamas around Suffolk and on the switch I had to give a couple thousands dollars to my candy lady mama's so they can re-up with no problem but the devil's didn't want me around my candy ladies mamas no more as the devil's wanted to and had did wrong to my good people's the devils switch them or killed them or put them in jail but like I said when I was younger I had a speech problem so I would say I will be the best scrapper so that's what it as I spoke it again I'm a Scrapper I'm different than a rapper I scrap y'all m************ devil niggars up with ease these devil niggars haven't walked in "MY SHOES" what Uncle murder said & but anyway I'm "HAPPY TO BE HERE" to bring back and accomplish what's mine in this new time I got the "BANK NOW" oh yeah guess who want to Vibe with me could it be again see our team got it together I was there to get them out as he had hurted their feelings he tried hard so we just let it be as he married my,,,,,,,,, but like I said I will be back you know to get some "MO" oh yeah sister Brandon you know I was always there for you and mama and the family you played Cinderella and all you know Mama Whitney Houston always there for us and bro had hurted my feelings when he had turned against me with the devils as he was also laughing with them as they was in my face it was before and around 1999 just say the dinner and the dinners the basketball player his wife that's on my channel Basketball Wives don't forget,,, oh yeah the first post that's good people as I was everyone even my big boy Suge Knight you will see him a few times in the video as I was also every tall one as I was also Lil Boosie as they was walking with me y'all will also tell as the scene come in as I have the Jersey on with the number four I got was dressed just like Brother Lil Boosie also and much more everyone supposed to be with me we supposed to been had money but the devils always wanting the Richer to stay richer as the poor stay poor as they use the higher up as they use my plan to make celebrities with them as they taken my money just like the police as make more dirty cops more crews of them to run but now I'M HERE and what did I say I'm the undercover KING that has return with my Undercover felonies that the devils had gave us as we take over the streets for the good so the cops that mean FBI IBA whatever the f*** y'all devils call y'all self oh whatever we don't give a fuk set down and shut the f****** don't say nothing if y'all have anything in mind do y'all self a favor and laid the fuk down or my families from heaven will be here and y'all definitely don't want that but check out Brothers from Virginia in this video as the mission just begun All of these jealous motherfuking I grew up in every families the devils had sent me to as I traveled from celebrities all way back home when I was young y'all didn't know who I was huh y'all still don't know we just have to show all of y'all devils oh yeah something I wanted to put in Brother V don't your wife look good she can have things also if she with us she's also one of my star's from early days as I had put her in the video you her husband I want y'all to get under married everyone got to get unmarried but check this out this also for Big Brother Jay Z and Sis you know everyone oh yeah y'all look at me dancing also look how I moving my hands real fast. :// the thing is I want all sisters to fuc with me the devils n***** Ain't about s*** they too sweet "RED DOWN" oh yeah I have sisters I used to walk to their class in Nansemond River high school as they knew I was doing poems as they liked them as they were living in pughsville by the apartments and some my sister's over there by Suffolk station Apartments and all but anyway y'all know who I be also look at the charm on the necklace as it's a name what does it say also look at all my chain and charms do y'all see that big H the brass knuckles Plus C ME and all yeah so all y'all females I'll be ready after the mission completed so y'all can
Christian Davila
Christian Davila Hace 2 días
Yeno Mase
Yeno Mase Hace 2 días
This is nun but 🔥🔥🔥
Swamp legend
Swamp legend Hace 2 días
I'm getting too old to be listening to bullshit like this. Still fuck with gunna tho
Hace 2 días
Slap 🔥🔥💯
admiree. shelle
admiree. shelle Hace 3 días
KingMatiC Beats
KingMatiC Beats Hace 3 días
If you read this, I wish you a great life. Trust yourself and follow your dreams. You are better than you think.
John Bills
John Bills Hace 20 horas
They may not want it without u you never ask them
Q Baked
Q Baked Hace 3 días
QuanCuando rondo Knigge perfect picture
Rodrigo Arteaga
Rodrigo Arteaga Hace 3 días
Gunna say he eat a whole dick ????
Band Up
Band Up Hace 3 días
Who is the girl at 0:48 ? Need her instagram 😩
Total_Package_1 Hace 3 días
I love love love money bag yo 🤗
Tyleata Turnipseed
Tyleata Turnipseed Hace 3 días
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez Hace 3 días
Galaxy_Scythe Hace 4 días
Who else likes this beat?
Palaa Hace 4 días
"I don't got a boring bitch" 🔥🤧
AsSmallAsAGiant Hace 4 días
Put yo Gotti on the remix. This beat is made for him
youngsm06 Hace 19 horas
AsSmallAsAGiant fr tho
Dabby Kaden
Dabby Kaden Hace 6 días
Fuck gunna nigga
Armvn M
Armvn M Hace 6 días
this shit hard as fuck when you riding onna freeway at night.
Joshtavious Branch
Joshtavious Branch Hace 6 días
williest1 Hace 6 días
this is fire!
JamieCATALAN Hace 6 días
On fye bih !
Tisha Steen
Tisha Steen Hace 6 días
August 26 1984 silky way city ellis Hopkins
Tisha Steen
Tisha Steen Hace 6 días
Shamar money bagg yo max Charlie kabir beamon wvg Newark 07112 Harlem wvg owwskb
Bisa Williams
Bisa Williams Hace 7 días
mike mikey
mike mikey Hace 7 días
How gunna builds the beat.. dayyumm
carelle gnonlnfoun
carelle gnonlnfoun Hace 7 días
2:45 really hit harddd🔥🔥
Tyrone Lucambe
Tyrone Lucambe Hace 7 días
Listen to Lil Uzi Vert - Right with Me then listen to this again.
Captain Getz Bucketz YT
Captain Getz Bucketz YT Hace 7 días
Was i the only one ducking dancing
Miguel Martin
Miguel Martin Hace 8 días
Gunna Money bagg Yo💰💰
Dracelus Hunter
Dracelus Hunter Hace 8 días
oj lott
oj lott Hace 8 días
This the shit u just hop in the ride and hit the highway smoking
Javion Carr
Javion Carr Hace 9 días
I hope gonna don't end up gay cause of what he said 0:19 my night u one of my favorite rappers but u said gotta eat the whole dick
Badboyxx99 X
Badboyxx99 X Hace 9 días
Moneybagg moneybagg. 🔥🔥☄☄🔥🔥
Ed E.
Ed E. Hace 9 días
The edits in this video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yon Pierson
Yon Pierson Hace 10 días
No offense but isnt the production just as important yet the dj never gets any cred on youtube...
Angel Star 11900
Angel Star 11900 Hace 10 días
I got fire on my channel, go checc it out before I blow 😇🔥
Galloway _nextup
Galloway _nextup Hace 10 días
Orlando Brown
Orlando Brown Hace 10 días
This that one🔥🔥
Spaceout Hace 11 días
When the buss down just flys on your wrist 😎💰
José Pedro Martinez
José Pedro Martinez Hace 11 días
you got me with the bass drums
Got Ghost
Got Ghost Hace 11 días
It now raining bullets
JR Turner
JR Turner Hace 11 días
Gunna 🔥 🔥
The real one
The real one Hace 12 días
Nice can't wait for the english version!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Hace 12 días
Scott Hace 12 días
It should be illegal for a song to be this hot
Rahri GT GMMG Hace 12 días
Search Rahri GT RIGHT NOW!!
Alexxa Rodriguez
Alexxa Rodriguez Hace 12 días
Lexie Vuitton
Lexie Vuitton Hace 12 días
jamel sinclaire
jamel sinclaire Hace 13 días
1st lil baby now gunna🐍drip or drown
Dinz Hace 13 días
Cant stop replaying it
King Dube
King Dube Hace 13 días
Extended war clipsssss ‼️‼️‼️
K. Berry
K. Berry Hace 13 días
Ronnell Rogers jr
Ronnell Rogers jr Hace 13 días
NINETY NINE Hace 11 días
hey 🙏🏼 we go by ninety nine were gonna be the next rap duo to blow up no cap 🚀 we just dropped the official music video to our single “Money Counter” 💰🖨 and we’d appreciate if you could give it a listen it’s on all streaming services as well as our youtube page! Thanks
seemykids99 Hace 13 días
How in the Blue Fuck is this garbage in my 'Recommended'? What, ESwomen, in the history of my searches leads you to believe I give two squirts for this mush mouthed bullshit? Time for an algorithm update.
BUJU CAPP! Hace 13 días
U so broke come buy her a sandwich😣
SickJose Hace 14 días
‘She got big titties no milk’ 🔥🔥
Brother Bop
Brother Bop Hace 14 días
this 1 grew on me after i listened to it twice
Ricky Smith
Ricky Smith Hace 14 días
That channel jacket toooooo tough 🤮🔥🔥
Francisco Rivera
Francisco Rivera Hace 14 días
Se me antojo un pinche polar pop alv
SweatyTryhardSoccerSkin Hace 14 días
TheTruthWillAlwaysBeTrue Hace 14 días
There is another Moneybagg...
R. Porter
R. Porter Hace 14 días
“All they seen was some Double C’s, black male, Chanel hoodie” 🔥🔥🔥
toelau vaimaona
toelau vaimaona Hace 14 días
Real Big Drip 💦 Watch Out Don't Slip 💃
Memphis One Blood M.O.B.
Memphis One Blood M.O.B. Hace 14 días
Congratulations 💰 I see you
Zoe Banks
Zoe Banks Hace 15 días
Song 🔥🔥🔥🔥 i already won I cant not lose 🙏🎶🔥
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