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Made The Cut

Hace 5 meses

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Abel Feltes
Abel Feltes Hace 5 días
A few of these, I don't get what's exceptional about them.
b miller
b miller Hace 7 días
Isn’t a 1,000,000 IQ high ?
Audra Horwith
Audra Horwith Hace 7 días
King Savage97 there was one out so if he caught the ball the runner would have tagged up
Audra Horwith
Audra Horwith Hace 7 días
King Savage97 there was one out and he
a guy from nz
a guy from nz Hace 10 días
Some of these are just dick moves tbh
John Smith
John Smith Hace 12 días
Million IQ plays eh? 😂 Most of these goons can’t even add two numbers together
stepaushi Hace 14 días
Can someone explain why he threw the glove?
stepaushi Hace 12 días
@Justin Oh! Thanks.
Justin Hace 12 días
Ball was stuck in the glove so the pitcher tried once to get it out then gave up and just threw the glove.
세상의 모든 특이폼 SEMOT
세상의 모든 특이폼 SEMOT Hace 16 días
0:35 눈치 까고 자기 글러브 벗은 1루수도 개 쩌네 ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ
peachferrari Hace 16 días
Well, some of these are really good but many are quite routine. Especially throwing the glove when the ball is stuck in it, which has become somewhat common. It's just reaction to the situation, like tagging the base with the glove if your feet aren't in position to step on it.
Speednote10 Hace 20 días
9:05 Why is the runner going back to 1st? (baseball noob here)
Speednote10 Hace 17 días
@eljefereal Got it, thank you sir.
eljefereal Hace 17 días
If you aren't at the base you started on when the ball is caught, you have to retreat back to it before attempting to advance. This is also what they call 'tagging up'.
Bury tha Wizard
Bury tha Wizard Hace 22 días
This is a low I.Q. Channel bc you cut off half of the plays and the reason they were high IQ plays.
Monsterwolf217 Hace 22 días
Commentator: WhAt A sMaRt MoVe!!! Me: What? But why? What did he do?... Oh, wait... I don't even know how to play this game... oh
OG Kennedy
OG Kennedy Hace 24 días
The Phillies are the smartest team in the league
Rodrigo Telles
Rodrigo Telles Hace 24 días
Boring as F...
Stelios Wolfgang
Stelios Wolfgang Hace 25 días
3:39 If you listen closely you can the Dark Souls "You died" sound effect.
Kelly Hryniuk
Kelly Hryniuk Hace 25 días
Man I love baseball ⚾️
75 19
75 19 Hace 26 días
0:52 Very Nice
1,000 subs With no vids
1,000 subs With no vids Hace 29 días
I’ve heard that Lester’s first name is Mo
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Hace un mes
High IQ plays = 1/2 of them happen because of players with low IQ
DN 13
DN 13 Hace un mes
6:56 That's a good/smart play.
Fabian Sotelo
Fabian Sotelo Hace un mes
Who here remembers Jose Fernandez
Vocoliloid Hace un mes
can someone explain why ball stuck in the glove please?
Michael Baumann
Michael Baumann Hace un mes
Love the Mullholland clip. I watched him pitch for my Twins ~20 years later.
chidogg93 Hace un mes
can some explain what happened at 7:56 pls?
Ibsael Polanco
Ibsael Polanco Hace un mes
6:53 that was clean as shit my god
Jeremi Anderson
Jeremi Anderson Hace un mes
That last play for one out was pretty heads up!
clicking on rocks
clicking on rocks Hace un mes
I sat in a bar with a girl from Ireland explaining baseball to her for 2 hours while watching a game. She asked why I knew so much about the game and I had no explanation for her other than I could have kept going another two hours.
Joaquim Fèlix Martínez Artigot
Joaquim Fèlix Martínez Artigot Hace un mes
whats so smart on the play at 4:43?
Austin Glasgow
Austin Glasgow Hace un mes
The glove throwing ones arent smart. It means they forgot they had to throw to first you mf dummies 😂😂😂
Solid Steel343
Solid Steel343 Hace un mes
U stupid?
Blake Ritchie
Blake Ritchie Hace un mes
Did you watch this with the audio turned off? On each of those the ball was jammed in the glove webbing and the only way to make the out was throw the glove.
Ethan Tan
Ethan Tan Hace un mes
who else have no idea whats going on
DJ Tommy C.
DJ Tommy C. Hace un mes
Ok. 3:00. Why did he bounce it?
DJ Tommy C.
DJ Tommy C. Hace un mes
0:53 took me a second to get the situation. Brilliant.
Yogi Hace un mes
Its not IQ 1,000,000 to watch this Video with not knowing how Baseball works. Even though Im watching it. I would say, its a Elfmeter. xD
Dan White
Dan White Hace un mes
Pretty sure some of those would be called an infield fly. Unless they changed the rule
PatientMental Hace un mes
The infield fly rule really needs to be changed
Dante Barnum
Dante Barnum Hace un mes
0:40 : That's the smartest play in history 2:33 : *Am I a joke to you*
The-Rabbit /Easy cooking
The-Rabbit /Easy cooking Hace un mes
man... i gotta get back into this, i regret it so much that i took a job as a chef and had to cancel on my team because of time issues....
shaun rinker
shaun rinker Hace un mes
Dude throwing the glove is just natural reaction. Only idiots think that's smart
Austin Butler
Austin Butler Hace un mes
3:38 what was so great about this play? I don’t understand
Michael S
Michael S Hace un mes
There is way too much joe buck in this fucking video.
stev stevhoov
stev stevhoov Hace un mes
the phillips one shoulda been called the infield fly rule
Darkness Rises
Darkness Rises Hace un mes
A lot of those were infield flies🤷‍♂️
Sam Evanson
Sam Evanson Hace un mes
Baseball newbie and a Brit...please help. 2:50 why is that so genius?
Beth Judkins
Beth Judkins Hace un mes
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Gavin F.
Gavin F. Hace un mes
"Good stop by Mulholland. Runs most of the.. the throw... what?" That's awesome
Piero Sanchez
Piero Sanchez Hace un mes
Elvis Andrus killing it
AzianDragonz Hace un mes
Can someone explain the play at 1:33 to me? How is that a double play?
MrInsane InTheBrain
MrInsane InTheBrain Hace un mes
6:55- Diamond no ace:Second season- episode 25- 18:45
Victor Fierro
Victor Fierro Hace un mes
Molina is a Catching Genius. Change my mind
King Savage97
King Savage97 Hace un mes
0:47 am I missing something? What was so smart about that play?
TheBlazikenBro BOI
TheBlazikenBro BOI Hace un mes
If he caught it the guy on third would run home
L H Hace un mes
5:09 is not a smart play at all. if he catch it, there is 1 out and the runner goes back to the first base. Now he dropped the ball, the runner out but Pujols is on the first base. no difference between the two conditions and the latter would be even counted as an error. I will call this a stupid play.
Swole Senzu
Swole Senzu Hace un mes
i dont get 0:36
Hollie Xuen
Hollie Xuen Hace un mes
I never understood why the infield fly rule was a thing in high school..... now I understand
vicarious014 Hace un mes
2:50 Why is it smart not to catch the ball and get the out?
Does It Matter
Does It Matter Hace un mes
It was 3-3 with a man on third and only one out, so if he caught the ball, then the guy on third could tag up and easily make it home putting it at a 4-3 loss. By not catching the ball, he forces the guy on third to stay on third for the play, conceding the easy flyball out for a tie game instead of a loss
MarriG TheRebel
MarriG TheRebel Hace un mes
Can someone explaining “doubling up”?
MarriG TheRebel
MarriG TheRebel Hace un mes
Gabriel Santana-Viera oh shit i just caught on he faked the catch so runner stayed at second and then they caught the out and tagged first for the the double
Gabriel Santana-Viera
Gabriel Santana-Viera Hace un mes
You mean at 2:08 ? Its a double play.
Joanne Hace un mes
4:20 I thought the one who got first at the base was save, he already touched the base why can he still be able to get tagged out if he steps off?
gheraioznvvv123456 Hace un mes
It wasn't a batted ball play, but a pickoff throw. Once you acquire first base you have to stay on it like the other bases.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace un mes
Thank God we don't have to watch that classless bunch of Yankee fans in the World Series.
aaron garrett
aaron garrett Hace un mes
Good video, but could be great if there was more explanation on some of them. Some are so short, you don’t know why it’s a great play. Most are obvious, but some aren’t.
Charles Levalley
Charles Levalley Hace un mes
Yankees choke again, announcers all at the bars now crying in their beer
Loxu Hace un mes
0:40 if I was on second I’d just book it to third. What are they gonna do? Throw a glove all the way to 3rd base?
George Gaston
George Gaston Hace un mes
thank you joe buck for explaining why being at 3rd base is better than being at 2nd
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace un mes
league, the Braves would have won.
Nik Hace un mes
i dont understand a single thing thats going on
Dalton Robert Pepple
Dalton Robert Pepple Hace un mes
0:48 2:47 6:31 wut?
Jason Hace un mes
I wish I knew what I was watching
Derek N
Derek N Hace un mes
At 2:15 the fake tag play. Pretty certain that play is illegal. While the runner is standing on the base the fielder can't keep a tag on him without the ball.
Suraj Prasad
Suraj Prasad Hace un mes
Track🎶🎵 in the end ??
Joshua Siden
Joshua Siden Hace un mes
6:58 NUT
Dom Dukes
Dom Dukes Hace un mes
I didn’t know Liam Hemsworth played in MLB but there he is as 1:30 sliding into 3rd.
Donovan Lewis
Donovan Lewis Hace un mes
Naw the fake throw from first pisses me off come on yo. Gawwwdam
DAN CHASE Hace un mes
today i learned that it’s quite common for pitchers to throw their glove to first base.
Keep On Learning
Keep On Learning Hace un mes
yea fast ball can get stuck in there and takes a second to get it out
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