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Made The Cut

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G. H. G.
G. H. G. Hace 4 horas
Confirms that baseball is boring
Mal-2 KSC
Mal-2 KSC Hace 8 horas
Throwing the glove was very clever... the first time. Now it's coached. Letting foul pop-ups drop with a runner on third and less than two outs is also coached. It was probably also shouted around before the at-bat.
CuberBois82 McGee
CuberBois82 McGee Hace 9 horas
Me: oh that was pretty smart Made the cut: 1,000,000,000,000,000 IQ play omg so smart
Kevin McArthur
Kevin McArthur Hace 19 horas
50 mediocre clips of the Cubs....
Michael Hace un día
1:43 has been done by little leaguers for years
reddshirtt Hace un día
Infante to Escobar at 6:55 brain bending
samnelso Hace un día
I don't understand the rules of baseball well. Why didn't he catch the foul ball at 2:46?
Izzy’s Crazy Life
Izzy’s Crazy Life Hace 13 horas
samnelso if you touch a ball in fair territory, or in the air, it’s fair, even if it was going foul. he did that so the ball would be foul and the runners wouldn’t be able to advance/ score :)
Mew Hace un día
4:53 literally everyone in my league does that
Shiby23 Hace 2 días
"An Infield Fly is a fair fly ball (not a line drive or bunt) that, in the judgment of the umpire, can be caught by an infielder, pitcher, or catcher with ordinary effort and when there are runners on first and second or first, second, and third and less than two outs." I guess i didn't know the rule because i was pissed with a few of those calls. gotta have runners on 1st AND 2nd+
adamv242 Hace 2 días
This is exactly the kind of baseball we HAVEN'T seen from the Tigers this year.
LOLIFOX Hace 2 días
4:15 oof
DJ Lawrence
DJ Lawrence Hace 3 días
6:05 that is the most genius play I've ever seen. ichiro acts like its just a line out so the runner at first goes back to the bag to tag up, if ichiro would've just turned around and ran for the ball, the runner would've already been rounding second probably and could've scored easily. Absolutely genius
Mike W
Mike W Hace 3 días
These are all sick but 6:54 is killer.
Judy Chen
Judy Chen Hace 3 días
4:08 4:09
Musashi Hueston
Musashi Hueston Hace 4 días
We all miss you Jose
Joseph Derby
Joseph Derby Hace 4 días
can someone explain why the out fielders letting it drop foul is a smart play
Mason Gregory
Mason Gregory Hace 4 días
Joseph Derby so the runner doesn’t tag up
M Hace 4 días
I skip all of the glove throwing clips.
thinkpad20 Hace un día
M they only last about 3 seconds, seems like more trouble than it’s worth
Martin Janas
Martin Janas Hace 5 días
Dont understand shit
Landon Hilario
Landon Hilario Hace 6 días
4:08 WhAt
dveisalive Hace 6 días
6:56 Is just very sick! I need to throw up! That is unreal 🤢
asantesamuel13 Hace 6 días
So apparently there is no in-field fly rule in MLB, letting it drop only to get a double play isn’t that smart, that’s what everyone would do in that case. I don’t know why that rule isn’t in effect in the MLB because of scenarios like that where the runners are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
John Hace 7 días
In the first clip - why was that throw to third so smart? Why not just throw to first and get the batter out? It looks like the hit was fielded off a short hop, so after making the play at second why not just throw straight to first?
Chris K
Chris K Hace 7 días
Smart FUN!!!
Madison L
Madison L Hace 8 días
RIP Jose Fernandez the best of the Marlins 3:50
Hurricane Hubbs
Hurricane Hubbs Hace 8 días
What was abnormal about the Andrus one?
Jo Ka
Jo Ka Hace 8 días
At 3:14 , I din't think that it was legal to touch a runner without the ball. Am I mistaken?
keith332 Hace 8 días
He didn't touch him it was a fake out
Rögnvaldr _
Rögnvaldr _ Hace 8 días
It took me 2 minutes to understand what happens here
となりの河童 Hace 9 días
永遠のツバキ厨 Hace 9 días
xiii-Dex Hace 10 días
5:03 should have thrown to first. The batter wasn't running particularly hard. You could potentially get the force at first and tag the runner coming back to the bag (or get him in a rundown if he panicked). Worst case, the batter beats the throw to first, but the first baseman can still easily toss it over to 2B for the force.
The Irishpanic
The Irishpanic Hace 10 días
Baseball is such a beautiful sport
Perry Hace 10 días
Dustin Pedroia was a smart player
reelkena Hace 11 días
That Vizquel play...
HeavyProfessor Hace 11 días
Some just due to stupid base running
Fishiest Fish
Fishiest Fish Hace 11 días
Love how Rizzo is the main feature of most of these clips.
Idolize Kyro
Idolize Kyro Hace 11 días
what happened at 0:52?
Smarter Every 8 Minutes
Smarter Every 8 Minutes Hace 12 días
Phillip Bob John
Phillip Bob John Hace 13 días
2:17 faking tags shouldn’t be allowed. Baez pulled off recently on Gamel. Very unprofessional move and I would be more than happen to see a 99MPH break the players nose.
Stephen Beaudion
Stephen Beaudion Hace 13 días
5:03 I thought that's considered an infield fly? Nevermind. Just looked it up now. Good rule.
wild fire
wild fire Hace 13 días
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will to fight
will to fight Hace 14 días
Smart???? Wtf?? Not exactly
AmeagleWard Hace 14 días
First play should be an infield fly..I mean the Braves got one called against them for a hit into shallow left field against the Dodgers that cost them the NLDS but I guess that's life.
who cares
who cares Hace 14 días
as someone who is new to baseball why did they make it a foul ball when they could’ve gotten them out
who cares
who cares Hace 2 días
Owen Roesch thankyou
Owen Roesch
Owen Roesch Hace 14 días
The runners on third would have been able to tag and score
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner Hace 15 días
7:56 what happened here
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner Hace 15 días
2:49 why was that a smart play
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner Hace 10 días
Yeah but it was Foul ball. Would it have been a foul ball if he had caught it?
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner Hace 10 días
Dingerz_ Kyle4 oh i see
Dingerz_ Kyle4
Dingerz_ Kyle4 Hace 12 días
Gabriel Waggoner if he caught it, the runner would have tagged from 3rd to home, causing the other team to be winning in extras
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner Hace 15 días
Why did toss his glove? Couldn’t he have just have thrown it just as easily
Maxcrss Hace 13 días
The ball was stuck in his glove.
Gabriel Waggoner
Gabriel Waggoner Hace 15 días
0:26 dude looks tiny
L4WNY Hace 15 días
Thanks for uploading these. I'm loving baseball. Wish we had more of it in 🇬🇧
Jill Koerber
Jill Koerber Hace 16 días
Makes me realize I do not miss those ugly Brewers uniforms
OmarD23 Hace 16 días
Can someone please explain the play from 6:05?
QUploads T
QUploads T Hace 16 días
5:05 7:43 9:32 No infield fly rule?
Zmt 3456
Zmt 3456 Hace 16 días
No infield fly rule when 1. Theres only one runner 2. The balls bunted
Courtland Lunn
Courtland Lunn Hace 16 días
How do you include multiple clips of players throwing their gloves to get the out but you don’t include Tulowitzki’s unassisted triple play?
땐땐바우 Hace 16 días
옛날엔 고의 낙구 허용되었나??
P fields
P fields Hace 16 días
With the absence of a infield fly ball rule, fuckary occurs...
metalore Hace 17 días
6:21 He caught the ball. Shouldn't the play be over?
metalore Hace 17 días
3:27 awesome decision making
Jason Playz
Jason Playz Hace 17 días
Rip JF16
ArnoTrek Hace 17 días
2:10 The 2B is distracting him by getting in front of him like, 'good job, you made it buddy. You're safe!'
Simba Moyoni
Simba Moyoni Hace 17 días
If these kind of plays happened all the time, I might actually watch baseball
dada lee
dada lee Hace 17 días
0:48 Stupid man can’t go major league for sure.
Colton Armstrong
Colton Armstrong Hace 17 días
5:10 no infield fly?
0준 5
0준 5 Hace 18 días
0:49 ?????????????????????
Steven Rogers
Steven Rogers Hace 18 días
A lot of these seem like the infield fly rule should have applied, but I guess that's a judgment call
isak_dinesen14 Hace 12 días
Steven Rogers Correct, plus infield fly only applies when there’s a force at third base with less than 2 outs. So the one where Elvis Andrus lets it drop to force out Trout and let Pujols run the bases would have needed a runner at second for it to be called. Plus you’re not technically obligated to catch the ball at any time, you just can’t let it fall out of your glove on purpose.
Water Bottle
Water Bottle Hace 18 días
I dont even play or watch mlb this is my first time watchi g a actual match
J S Hace 18 días
An improper use of the word "wherewithal" ruined this video for me.
Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu
Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu Hace 18 días
This is that shit game girl play in school in uk, can’t turn over quick enough on tv, really try cricket not this moronic dross
James Thomas
James Thomas Hace 19 días
@2:46-2:58 I feel like I'm going to regret asking this question, but can someone explain why letting the ball drop was a smarter play than going for the catch?
isak_dinesen14 Hace 12 días
extra innings, go-ahead runner on third, you catch the ball, the runner can tag up and score and you’d only be 3 outs from losing. get the batter out a different way, like with a strikeout, popup, etc
hayley McDonald
hayley McDonald Hace 19 días
Or at least i think thats why
hayley McDonald
hayley McDonald Hace 19 días
Ik it has something to do with the fact that if he wouldve caught it, it risked letting the player at 3rd run home but since he didn't catch it, the player had to go back to the base,
Matt_g.05 G_Ar
Matt_g.05 G_Ar Hace 19 días
Did this guy just put any video w smart play I. It😂
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson Hace 19 días
0:48 A foul ball is really smart?
Codey Snow
Codey Snow Hace 19 días
9:20 where the hell was the third baseman at? Getting a foot long and cotton candy?
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