MISSING '73 Ford Mustang Mach 1... FOUND 40-YEARS LATER!

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Adventures with Purpose

Adventures with Purpose

Hace 2 meses

Recovered 1973 Ford Mustang Fastback Sunk 40-Years Underwater in River.
Scuba diving salvage lift bags successful in floating car... 🚘💦
🏆EPISODE SPONSORED BY... bit.ly/OThreeDrysuits
How many of these cars in the river are stolen or auto insurance fraud?
In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we recover a '73 Ford Mustang Fastback after getting a call from a get-a-way driver from 20-years ago who said we are guaranteed to find a few vehicles in the river at the Tualatin Boat Ramp.
It appears he wasn't the only one to be involved in dumping cars underwater at this location here in Oregon.
Super stoked to have found a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 Fastback.
Crazy... RIGHT?
It took us 2-days to recover the Mustang.
A lot of you are going to be a bit upset at how destroyed the Mustang Mach 1 became after we tried removing it from the river.
In our defense, there was an extra 8000 pounds of mud inside the car, along with the Mustang being underwater in the river for over 40-years.
It really did become a rustang!
True crime for sure, be it stolen or auto insurance fraud.
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Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus Hace 2 meses
Nice work, gentlemen. Don't feel bad about the Mustang coming apart, that was 35-ish years underwater, looked just like the Camaro from Foss Lake. The modular style aftermarket wheels and Goodyear Eagle GT tires put this into the mid '80s. The engine is a 351 Cleveland (with headers, and the previous video showed a Holley 4 barrel carburetor, this was someone's hot rod) , the transmission is an FMX automatic, and the rear end is a 9 inch. '71-'73, hard to tell exact year, not much left to go by.
Vivian Walston
Vivian Walston Hace 10 horas
joe moroney
joe moroney Hace 10 días
Faze Sweatkid
Faze Sweatkid Hace 10 días
Adventures with Purpose Poor mustang
Faze Sweatkid
Faze Sweatkid Hace 10 días
Poor mustang
mp shot at twice
mp shot at twice Hace 12 días
@leal918 Click on the 3 dots to the right to edit
Wayne Green
Wayne Green Hace 7 horas
Fb market place: rebuilt Ford 9 inch ear end .....$2500
Yardhead Hace 9 horas
No music needed! I love the regular sounds!!!!
HistoryHunter Hace 14 horas
Thays it. I'm gonna go check these cars we've tried to dig out of the creek bank... that hammer looked like a renaissance hammer.
Kimberly Poole
Kimberly Poole Hace 17 horas
I live in North Carolina. Do you ever come south??? Where I grew up there is a river called the Catawba River. It runs the county line between Iredell & Catawba counties...The Lookout Dam heads the river...Right down from the dam on the Catawba side there is a Volkswagen Beetle in the water near the bank. When the water goes down from drought or lack of rain, you can see the top of the Volkswagen. It has become almost an unban legend. But I've saw the top of it before, years ago...I don't know the back story on the Volkswagen beetle. Its been in the river for at least 40 years or more...I'm not asking ya'll to pull it up since its not my car but I think it is interesting & when the river goes down I always go to see if I can see the top of the Beetle. Take care, I enjoy your videos.
Buford Shull
Buford Shull Hace 17 horas
Should have left it where it was after all these years.
Kristen Kisinger
Kristen Kisinger Hace un día
I love classic cars but this was painful to watch.
vladimir opfer
vladimir opfer Hace 2 días
Hi si Alle Barani ???
Eric Myers
Eric Myers Hace 2 días
Saw that coming. Lol. Motor mounts are rubber and won’t last too long under water. Love the videos
tommy roman
tommy roman Hace 2 días
I know he got the suit on. but his head is wet and its snowing outside, how is he not freezing?!
Davin Crowe
Davin Crowe Hace 3 días
So sad to see such a Historical car in this shape 😭
Ryker Hayward
Ryker Hayward Hace 3 días
Never been a big fan of Fords but that was hard to watch. These old classic muscle cars are getting harder and harder to find. RIP
evonne anderson
evonne anderson Hace 3 días
who cares about your sellings we want to see want your bring up
James Eger
James Eger Hace 4 días
This was painful to watch. Hope it was not mine. Same exact look.
^Gecko^ Hace 4 días
It was so hard to get that thing out, I have to ask; how the hell did it get IN?
Robert Gildea
Robert Gildea Hace 4 días
Gas monkey garage would grab it and restore it
Greg Reitan
Greg Reitan Hace 4 días
What's the point?
deborah DeborahR
deborah DeborahR Hace 5 días
Car looks good...all it needs is a set of tires and some minor detailing. This is why I preferred playing with guys, instead of girls. Girls have to much drama. Guys get along and actually have fun, without the petty bullshit. I love how you guys have a good time and joke around. Stay safe!
Allys Wright
Allys Wright Hace 5 días
The car was falling apart by itself....why didn't they just come with a dumpster and load it up with all the parts
Butlerbob Hace 5 días
I'm watching a damn commercial broadcast, and I HATE commercials everywhere, on TV, Radio, on the road, and they all get it right, even commercials in the video itself, well sorry to you guys but I'm definitely NOT going to subscribe! !!
Jack Jacke
Jack Jacke Hace 5 días
That's ford for ya! Always fallin apart....
Bobpourri Hace 6 días
Why the flatbed? Keys still in it....fire it up and drive it home.
Captain Axan
Captain Axan Hace 6 días
They should restore that Mustang and make it run again and then sell it and give it to you since you found it
Cody Vezina
Cody Vezina Hace 5 días
Captain Axan there is nothing to restore😂😂😂
Mhathung Lotha
Mhathung Lotha Hace 7 días
Good job
harry Bobb
harry Bobb Hace 7 días
Would you sell the mustang to me for me to restore
Dane Wunderlich
Dane Wunderlich Hace 7 días
clean the motor and make it a table.
Karen Gerrell
Karen Gerrell Hace 8 días
Damn they act like that water isn’t even cold lol!! That’s crazy
Maxx Excaliber
Maxx Excaliber Hace 8 días
Just a little bit of bonding and some paint and it'll be as good as new.😂😂😂
william enright
william enright Hace 9 días
You guys sux to many advertising and to much nonsense truly a waste of time watching this.
ThatDigOl'Bi©k Hace 9 días
19:15. No problem!
Faze Sweatkid
Faze Sweatkid Hace 10 días
Nooooooooooooooooo not a mustang
sintruder Hace 10 días
What a waste of time. The chemicals in the drive-train, and fuel in the tank were long gone.
Candle Flame
Candle Flame Hace 8 días
Still good to get it out of the water regardless.
Genius King
Genius King Hace 10 días
Aww Poor baby😧😢
cletrac 12c
cletrac 12c Hace 11 días
Should have used a 2" water pump and hose and flush all the mud out when they got up to the ramp! I would'nt hire these clowns to tow a scooter!!!!!!!
BloodTheif Hace 10 días
Definitely agree. Pulled cars out of the ice more then once. Always got as much mud out as possible, easier on tools and allows more of the car to come up.
Robert Lyman
Robert Lyman Hace 12 días
And what's the point?
Micky Mee
Micky Mee Hace 12 días
Shackle's work better and are cheaper.
Kim Kae
Kim Kae Hace 12 días
Should have left that POS right where it laid......
Brenton Shepherd
Brenton Shepherd Hace 12 días
I would like to have an update on why the car was there and about the licence plate that was found? Has anyone heard anything?
spike TV r
spike TV r Hace 13 días
Американские мудаки стекла в реке разбили.
Restore it
MMC Hace 15 días
I bet it used to be someone's pride and joy. so sad to see it in such a condition, but a curiosity that it was in the river...
Porter Productions
Porter Productions Hace 15 días
Nice job. Makes you wonder how the Mustang got there in the 1st place and who was behind it. Do you have any info on this Mustang? Enjoyed this video.
talon55130 Hace 15 días
It would have been better to just leave it in the river.
ANDREW C Hace 16 días
You guys should get a pump and just wash the mud out with river water.
Ol Bear
Ol Bear Hace 16 días
AuraLiveWax Hace 16 días
that might buff right out lol
AuraLiveWax Hace 16 días
HEY you got cream cheese on your nose! And you guys are fking handsome inside and out! STAY SAFE OUT THERE AND KEEP DOING WHAT PURPOSE GOD GAVE YOU Thank you so much for everything you do!
Alex Fro
Alex Fro Hace 17 días
The Mach 1 could still have value as art
Lawrence Eich
Lawrence Eich Hace 17 días
Mach1 someone will fix it!
noob killer
noob killer Hace 17 días
Fords always break down that comes with every purchase everything will break down eventually, anyway awesome job at getting that car out guys keep doing what you guys do best and do your part on fixing this world one car at a time
Savyo Josephs
Savyo Josephs Hace 17 días
nice work
EST plays
EST plays Hace 17 días
Driveable car lol
rokguitarstar Hace 18 días
They said it had a Washington plate, wonder if it was stolen?
KING_OF_JEEPS Hace 18 días
Doesn’t matter if stuff gets broken on it, whole thing is ruined cause of the water
littleblazer355 Hace 18 días
Rest in pieces little buddy. My heart is broken
Ginny Atkinson
Ginny Atkinson Hace 18 días
Good work
Janet Doten
Janet Doten Hace 19 días
Not only what you do is cool, the fact it's snowing is beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Blake Brandt
Blake Brandt Hace 19 días
Let's just break this glass and shovel it in the river..
Luis Rockabillero
Luis Rockabillero Hace 19 días
Dr. Stegosaurus
Dr. Stegosaurus Hace 20 días
That poor car just got crushed line a tin can in the removal process lmao So sad to see, but it couldn't really be helped.
alex albon
alex albon Hace 20 días
You should do a collaboration with DALLMYD
Alea Destiny
Alea Destiny Hace 20 días
Silly little ford... theres no crowds down there.. though it might have been going for a school of fish 🤔
hector luis
hector luis Hace 20 días
Demonios como tiran los vidrios al agua ,que incapacidad ,sin tomar en cuentas las personas que pasaran después por ay ,de verdad que no tienen inteligencia
Falcon Hoof
Falcon Hoof Hace 20 días
Good as new
remko spittel
remko spittel Hace 20 días
how did it end up there... ???
Ltgrider Hace 21 un día
Poooor poor car... :(
Steven Weller
Steven Weller Hace 21 un día
When I seen him use his nose to make a a cell call to the tow company I had to laugh my ass off because I do the same thing because gloves don't work
Steven Weller
Steven Weller Hace 21 un día
Ps I thought I was the only one that does this. People would make comments like just remove your gloves. Thanks guys love what you do.
Carolina Western
Carolina Western Hace 21 un día
Have to really be careful with some of those recovered junkers or where you buy parts. A buddy of mine bought parts of a front right clip for a 69 mercury. When he went to title & register it at the DMV, they inspected it's serial numbers & VIN and some parts came back as stolen. 1 week later the state police came and seized the whole damn car! After he'd begun body work and rebuilt the brakes & suspension. Now he's locked in civil battle and trying to get it back.
phuquehoful Hace 21 un día
all end up log jamming on the corner bend.. after heavy currents.. wish i was on that coast to help
Aaron Snegon
Aaron Snegon Hace 22 días
Give it a month tell some idiot list as a barn find.
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