Miss Kitty Vs. Ceaser, Sky, Tati & More | Black Ink Crew | #AloneTogether

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Being the Brand Ambassador of Black Ink is way harder than you think.
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Miss Kitty FightKitty vs SkyKitty and Sky DramaKitty and Donna Drama

MiaaaBiaaaTingz Hace un hora
Tried to spray my girl den dipped I’m done bye-😭😭😭😭
Natasha Okpala
Natasha Okpala Hace 2 horas
Kitty do the most
Floyd PattersonII
Floyd PattersonII Hace 4 horas
Such stunningly beautiful women but with inner qualities that cancel all the beauty out. Everything you wouldnt want in a woman....................after the cigarette. A set full of Cardi B's
Jenny Jones
Jenny Jones Hace 4 horas
The females in that shop have Always been Jealous of Kitty's Beauty and Eloquence! Period!
paige daviess
paige daviess Hace 6 horas
Sky needa get tf out. Straight up. She crazy as hell
Camiya Marshall
Camiya Marshall Hace 8 horas
kitty get into it with everybody😭🤦🏾‍♀️
Barbara Lora
Barbara Lora Hace 10 horas
I dont really keep up with Black Ink, but I always side with just & righteousness. If Kitty ain’t do nothing and they feel pressed just because, then im with Kitty, period. What happen 💅🏼
Mistique Entourage
Mistique Entourage Hace 10 horas
There was no reason for Kitty to treat London like that. You cannot stop a person from talking about what they want to talk about. And you can't go around threatening to put hands on people because they do want to march to the beat of your drum. And you can't kick her out of a restaurant, house or state that doesn't belong to you. You dont have to listen to what she is saying you could Tune her out and who ever else wants to listen will listen. If the trip was going to be solely about celebrating your mother it should have been a family and close friends affair. However it was said that it was a trip to celebrate your mother and it was also a business trip. Even the scene with the promotion party that London threw which was an excellent idea was disgusting because Kitty and Tatti behaved so disgusting and full of envy. London has probably moved on to higher heights now that she is gone from black ink.
Mistique Entourage
Mistique Entourage Hace 11 horas
How do you go into someones home and try to fight them? Smh disrespectful.
Donald Williams
Donald Williams Hace 12 horas
This is why I drink warter🤣🤣
oscar swanigan
oscar swanigan Hace 15 horas
The best part was kitty, and dutchess, did you see how kitty was wrestling with the security? too funny!!
Angel Thank GOD For Angel's
Angel Thank GOD For Angel's Hace 16 horas
"Its not my fault, y'all shape like a pack of Newports"...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Man when I tell you these confessionals be taking me straight to the door 🚪🚪🚪🚪
Jeongin is baby_Straykids
Jeongin is baby_Straykids Hace 18 horas
*Sky- ima finish this drink* *Kitty- don't leave* *Sky- Don't tell me what to do* *the glass hits the table* *Walter- *jumps up and walks away* *Me- *dies of laughter while rewinding that part🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣*
Pgimmie Gimmiebaby
Pgimmie Gimmiebaby Hace un día
What u heard Y’all raggedy 🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Allyson Wroblewski
Allyson Wroblewski Hace un día
"This is why I drink waterrrr" omg favorite part
JVX Hace un día
theres no way that was really pepper spray and noone in the room reacted to it.
Camarea Raps
Camarea Raps Hace un día
Young bae swear she didn’t want no negativity and wanted to squash the beef, but hit her with her coat💀. She could of just left like she said she was going to, she didn’t have to cause more drama🤦🏽‍♀️.
MAnKa RichHo'mmie
MAnKa RichHo'mmie Hace un día
TOO Much DraMa 🏃 LoVe The ShoW 👌
isabella onneng
isabella onneng Hace un día
anyone realise in all the fights kitty is always there and that shows she is the trouble maker
Anthony Holloway,
Anthony Holloway, Hace un día
she never said yall were raggedy she said the shop was raggedy and it was 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ronnie Love
Ronnie Love Hace un día
Duchess ran real quick. She ain’t that bitch she claiming to be so much.
Mesepa Stephen
Mesepa Stephen Hace un día
Kitty got balls 😂👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
This is why I drink water lol
Siana Snow
Siana Snow Hace 2 días
I love kitty
I hope kitty gets ran over by a truck
Mocha Coffee
Mocha Coffee Hace 2 días
Tati is the Walmart version of DaniLeigh
jasmin dina
jasmin dina Hace 2 días
so did ya all make up 🤣sky iss sooooo over
Haley Boles
Haley Boles Hace 2 días
they so lame if it doesn’t matter , then why does it matter ??
Bobby Fitzgerald
Bobby Fitzgerald Hace 2 días
Damn this bitch fought the whole cast
Amijah Hace 2 días
They need to get Tati off the show, she is just so annoying...🌱
The cutest Journey
The cutest Journey Hace 2 días
And kitty didn’t have to call them raggedy
S o what
S o what Hace un día
You look raggedy too.
Demarez McClarty
Demarez McClarty Hace 3 días
Kitty u pretty
Demarez McClarty
Demarez McClarty Hace 3 días
Hey Kitty
Hodaya Judah Yisrael
Hodaya Judah Yisrael Hace 3 días
Come on Ms. Kitty all these people can't be wrong, you're the common denominator, you're the problem.
Ken Doll
Ken Doll Hace 3 días
Kit is so ugly, I'm glad she got those teeth fixed
Imperfect Mess
Imperfect Mess Hace 3 días
I see they issue with her. She full of herself and the first thing she said to them was that they raggedy. I wouldn’t like someone who called me that neither 😂😂. She think she all that and that’s the problem.
Cren Cottrell
Cren Cottrell Hace 3 días
The more I see past clips of Teddy, the more I realize what a useless jerk and a bully he was (Ceasar aka bloated, chocolate pigeon was a jerk and bully too but at least he was productive)
not that serious
not that serious Hace 3 días
When duchesses ran in that room when kitty got that glass 😭🤣
Ken Doll
Ken Doll Hace 3 días
I mean don't step in nobody face if you don't expect to get your ass handled!!! and she did !! Tiffany hopped on that ass
not that serious
not that serious Hace 3 días
It seems all them hate kitty because she is so pretty and walks in and demands all eyes on her when she shows up and that's why the girls don't like her .
CA$hleyWELOVEYOU Hace 3 días
Kit always saying she gonna get somebody after they already got her LMAO kitty you cannot fight stoppitttttt New show 😂
the queens D&A
the queens D&A Hace 2 días
BYEEEEE she can fight that yo opinion
CA$hleyWELOVEYOU Hace 3 días
Yeah I'm sorry... Dutchess so lucky security was in her home cause I got a good feeling kit woulda rocked her. Neither of them can fight but against the two and this level of rage Dutchess wouldn't of been able to hang lol
ShamikaLewis Hace 3 días
The kitty and Tati situation with Ryan ... When she said she was there , she wasn't there when kitty went to see him cuz kitty had a whole different outfit on then the one they showed with the picture of Tati , kit and Ryan
Mikeyia Brown
Mikeyia Brown Hace 3 días
ugh i love kit 😂
Atziri Gonzalez
Atziri Gonzalez Hace 3 días
Young bae came in there to start drama. It had nothing to do with her and she got in it cause she was irrelevant. This is why I don’t like her plus she can’t even fight that’s why she always has to throw something or jump someone💀.
Trin Trin
Trin Trin Hace 3 días
Kitty is so pretty 😍😍
black kat
black kat Hace 3 días
Bae said " bitch " so smooth.
kissing friend
kissing friend Hace 4 días
Diamond Trades
Diamond Trades Hace 4 días
‘’ When I see her ..I swore on everything I love .im beating DAT ASS ’’ I felt dat 🙈
aqueleoutro Hace 4 días
Ceaser has SUCH a complex about BEING THE BOSS. Dutchess was the smart to gtfo
Alliyiah Williams
Alliyiah Williams Hace 4 días
Dutchess was scared 🤣🤣
LiyahWRLD Hace 4 días
Ya coming at everybody for coming at kitty Buh yet kitty was disrespectful when she first met everybody tf.... kitty literally act like she better then everybody what u expect niggas to do
Sagittarius bee queen channel
Sagittarius bee queen channel Hace 4 días
Y everyone hate kitty.... Gyal mus be bless...
London McFolley
London McFolley Hace 4 días
2:41 its not my fault yall shaped like a pack of newports!!
ThatLadyDray Hace 4 días
Pretty sure Kit was the only one who came with a professional mindset already, everyone else just wanted to be paid for work, there's a difference.
Kenya Princess
Kenya Princess Hace 4 días
This is why I drink water!!!
Destiney Lee
Destiney Lee Hace 4 días
“Cats smell like pee to me and they suck out baby’s breath” 😂😂
Sumayah McIntosh
Sumayah McIntosh Hace 4 días
It said 2 names and more, I watched her and every other female on the show and then some😂😂
Aariona Kirby
Aariona Kirby Hace 4 días
Crystal is going to get jaw surgery again.
AG TheSAVAGE Hace 4 días
I know this has NOTHING to do with the concept of the video but 10:48 :As a person who loves interior design, I love Dutchess’ house decor.
Erika Smith
Erika Smith Hace 4 días
sanchez myers
sanchez myers Hace 5 días
Damm I wish I saw them in Memphis 🥰
Glo Simiyu
Glo Simiyu Hace 5 días
Sky b lookin transgender in the pink wig n the fur coat
Maya Farah
Maya Farah Hace 3 días
Hahaha 😂
Sunday Sanders
Sunday Sanders Hace 5 días
I love kit 😂
Chanel Jay
Chanel Jay Hace 5 días
Sky just aggy
dbcxbzv zvcxnx
dbcxbzv zvcxnx Hace 5 días
"This is why I drink waterrrrrrr" bruv I cannotttt
BritannicaIs MyName
BritannicaIs MyName Hace 5 días
Kitty is the epitome of hate on the pretty girl smh she literally did NOTHING to deserve how they turned on her
Stephanie Bracey
Stephanie Bracey Hace 5 días
When do they do tattoo's 🤔.... 🍻😬 And fighting is all this show is about
raejean hightower
raejean hightower Hace 5 días
Damn Kitty getting into it with everybody 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shea Holland
Shea Holland Hace 6 días
Yeah they had kitty fucked up smh
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