Minecraft Death Swap 3...

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Minecraft Death Swap 3... My friend and I switch locations every few minutes. We have to trap each other to win. Who will win? 🎯Download FRAG PRO Shooter for free: bit.ly/2MkJvgL
Get $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest 🎉 + 500 coins 💰 + 50 diamonds 💎
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Patreon (Plugin): www.patreon.com/DreamWasTaken
Dream: @Dream
This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and trap each other. The first person to die loses. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!
200,000 likes and we'll do this again!

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Joshua Cha
Joshua Cha Hace un hora
No offence but who thinks Dream is like the King of Minecraft
Zombear 26
Zombear 26 Hace un hora
U had ender pearl u should have used it u could have glitches through the blocks
Tavi Hace 2 horas
Watching you play hurts. Easily could have killed him in his own trap by breaking the walls then either the top block or bottom block as you tp
Paoul jarred Andrada
Paoul jarred Andrada Hace 2 horas
Actually there is 82 characters now with tank bot and dunkan
Jaybee Jericho
Jaybee Jericho Hace 3 horas
1:09 a jojo fan
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace 3 horas
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Hace 3 horas
Why didn’t you just place blocks at the end when the arrows were shooting you
Jpcoolness9852 Hace 4 horas
When George opened the dispenser he could’ve just taken out the arrows
nameused YT
nameused YT Hace 4 horas
1:07 jojo reference
Illuminate Hace 5 horas
Black lives matter ✊🏽’’,’,’,’,’’,k,k,k,k,k,k,k,
Caden Hace 6 horas
You had a flippin pearl at last trap •-•
FlamingWaffle Hace 6 horas
The lava cock saga
Raven Gaming
Raven Gaming Hace 7 horas
is there a download for the death swap thing??
uniDUCK XD Hace 7 horas
lol george reaction is soooo bad to dreams last trap he could’ve placed blocks around him
Johnattincan Hace 7 horas
5:02 George is a cannibal confirmed
CFour- Hace 8 horas
In the 9:00 minute its the music that youtubers who do scary videos put ib there videos
TamatoaSid Hace 8 horas
. never gonna give never gonna give give u up
Ethan Tafua
Ethan Tafua Hace 8 horas
Laksh Gugnani
Laksh Gugnani Hace 9 horas
i love death swap can u do more of this stuff
roroplayzz gamezz
roroplayzz gamezz Hace 9 horas
ehm george, gravel spawns in great amounts on mountains, i've death trapped myself like that before so i should know XD
Thunder Danny
Thunder Danny Hace 9 horas
George you need to look at TikToks about you 😂 so many people simp for you gogy 😂 check out my TikTok if you want @dannyisfound (inspired by your name)
Vlad GG
Vlad GG Hace 10 horas
i love your video
DURAŚ Hace 10 horas
Part 4 ?
Neo Vin
Neo Vin Hace 10 horas
Les go dream
nooby noob
nooby noob Hace 10 horas
george- i use innovation also george- builds a fall trap
Finn Hace 11 horas
George is in a constant state of confusion
Leaking_boat YT
Leaking_boat YT Hace 12 horas
When George said you are not going to survive this one I looked at the time on the video and thought, "I hate to break it to you but.."
Flyingturret208: The Cannon
Flyingturret208: The Cannon Hace 12 horas
My word, the game from NCIS came to life... what the fuuuu-
Marcus Lam
Marcus Lam Hace 13 horas
Why doesn’t George realise that he can break the block below him when the countdown starts so dream falls into his own trap
Marcus Lam
Marcus Lam Hace 13 horas
Dream’s brain at the start when making traps: . George’s brain when making traps: 🧠 George’s brain when escaping traps, especially Dream’s “cave trap”: 🧠 🧠 🧠 Dream’s brain when escaping traps: 🧠🧠 🧠🧠 🧠🧠 🧠 🧠
esqimo Hace 13 horas
George when he lives: YEESSSS YESSSSS Dream when he lives: I have lived
The Fool
The Fool Hace 13 horas
Crys in the lava trap ... Hes just bad at Minecraft ... Waterbucket is all u need ... Such a loser ... IQ 10 noob and at the end died like the loser he is
Raid Thunderstorm
Raid Thunderstorm Hace 13 horas
Did anyone see while george explaining the 2 vs 2 mode in frag the names in the right is ZA WARUDO and DIO. (oh no is this a jojo reference?)
Raid Thunderstorm
Raid Thunderstorm Hace 13 horas
Timestamp 1:07
Thanos Steak
Thanos Steak Hace 14 horas
I love dreams trap it’s so epic
KeremYudo Hace 14 horas
Only people who didn't skip to the end can like this
David Moreno
David Moreno Hace 15 horas
why dont u make a cross shaped sky scraper full of dirt and make the bottom lava so when he carries water either way he goes splat
TechTalk Hace 15 horas
George now hates bow spammers
Someone you hate
Someone you hate Hace 16 horas
George:survives YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!
Mudra MS
Mudra MS Hace 16 horas
George could have just placed a block in front of the dispensers-
Anarchist Banana
Anarchist Banana Hace 18 horas
They should use slabs to prevent mlg water
Contrae Hace 18 horas
your dum you could of used a ender pearl
Ben Hamo
Ben Hamo Hace 18 horas
George got nearly two mil in a span of 8 months
Lucas Hou
Lucas Hou Hace 19 horas
What's stop him from placing blocks to block the arrows at the end
Izzy Hace 19 horas
George could've used the ender pearl in his hotbar to escape the obsidian trap there at the end. Rip.
Mr. FF INFERNO Official
Mr. FF INFERNO Official Hace 19 horas
Bro I have played this game 1 year ago
AshFrey Gaming
AshFrey Gaming Hace 20 horas
Logan Adam
Logan Adam Hace 21 un hora
13:40 - noobs = Why do u light the animals on fire before u kill them. that is just mean! - pro = It cooks the food when u kill the animal.
Hello Nothing to see here
Hello Nothing to see here Hace 22 horas
16:35 George’s block placements matched the song
adancastro 15
adancastro 15 Hace 22 horas
Use your ender Pearl
Kavakado K
Kavakado K Hace 22 horas
Savannah Swinton
Savannah Swinton Hace 22 horas
B a dッ
B a dッ Hace 23 horas
in the last trap where george died he could just out blocks on there where the arrows were coming
Gabi Hace 23 horas
Dream: You can't camp in my own trap! George: Watch me
George Wassouf
George Wassouf Hace 23 horas
Dream: builds a lava tower George: chuckles” I’m in danger
Unnamed Hace un día
george shouldve put gravel to block the arrows
Unnamed Hace un día
george couldve just pearled out of the lava
EDITHA Doringo
EDITHA Doringo Hace un día
Dream win
Schkjit Hace un día
Got emotional as George was slowly dying
Connor Florian
Connor Florian Hace un día
They could just make a crafting table tower and there is zero chance of survival
DJ Colaivalu
DJ Colaivalu Hace un día
you guys sould do like 30 min or 1 hour of getting stuff to build the best trap and see if u guys survive each others traps
Marie0320 Hace un día
At 29:40 when I heard the sad music,I knew it was over
Microsoft Cortana
Microsoft Cortana Hace un día
Malcolm Alger
Malcolm Alger Hace un día
You can’t say that a Mobile game is the best shooter of the year just saying
Jackson Fox
Jackson Fox Hace un día
23:12 what music did you put in here? It's so epic!
Slickshot Gaming
Slickshot Gaming Hace un día
A good trap would be a really high drop but at the bottom there's water but here's the trick the water would have blue stainded glass so they think they are safe but then die if they don't die I don't know what to do...
Red_Ghost PL
Red_Ghost PL Hace un día
22:26 put water above you or on your head level and dig down ...
invxrse Hace un día
It got me mad lowkey when he didnt use his e pearl to get out of the lava trap
Comrade Frog
Comrade Frog Hace un día
Smh he could've ender pearled 29:41
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace un día
1:10 looks like my dad is a username
Контер иванович
Контер иванович Hace un día
(John Kramer want to know your dislacation)
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