Milo Ventimiglia Got Tatted Up for a Fergie Video

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Hace 3 meses

James asks Milo Ventimiglia about appearing in Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" video in 2006 covered in tattoos, complete with a clip, and Kate Beckinsale tells James about the time she was in a George Michael video and how she got caught in a pickle with George at dinner after.
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Nareema Khan
Nareema Khan Hace un mes
Nicole Emerson
Nicole Emerson Hace un mes
Two of my fave peoples and I'm trying to not cream myself......... and no I'm not talking about the host.
MWJ Hace un mes
MMaya Hace un mes
it's Jess :))))) still sexy af
Jessica Kenawell
Jessica Kenawell Hace un mes
I watched that video countless times because of him
pjesh Hace un mes
Jessie B
Jessie B Hace 2 meses
Kate is checking him out. LOL
L. T C.
L. T C. Hace 2 meses
Is it bad that I thought Kate was Millie Bobby Brown.
lexi Hace 2 meses
That video was during Heroes
Quita Trice
Quita Trice Hace 2 meses
Kate is awesome sauce and Milo is a dream
Rachel Winberry
Rachel Winberry Hace 2 meses
I totally knew he was in that video
Goody Goody
Goody Goody Hace 2 meses
3:49 his mouth ;)
Brooke Hudson
Brooke Hudson Hace 2 meses
Um we ALL knew Milo was in that music video.
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis Hace 2 meses
Exactly. How are they just finding out about this??🤔
Shanell Phoenix
Shanell Phoenix Hace 2 meses
Milo was also in Priyanka Chopra music video ...
Arielle Edwards
Arielle Edwards Hace 2 meses
Milo just gets sexier the older he gets! 👅
Arax K. S.
Arax K. S. Hace 2 meses
Kate's face on 0:55 is every woman's face when looking at Milo
Ara Permana Putra
Ara Permana Putra Hace 2 meses
Peter Petrelli
Lkn Btto
Lkn Btto Hace 2 meses
Kate Beckinsale face at 0:57 😋
Marion Tia
Marion Tia Hace 2 meses
Ok. Not into 'this is us' but just started watching 'gilmore' & thought he looked familiar & hot, like hot. Hes rkn now but was hot back then.
Tru Comment
Tru Comment Hace 2 meses
I would have no problem making out with Fergie
Kameron Goodwin
Kameron Goodwin Hace 2 meses
Kate Beckinsale is so fine to me
D. Foxx
D. Foxx Hace 2 meses
Damn, Kate and Milo are super attractive
Jhie Valentine
Jhie Valentine Hace 2 meses
These two have chemistry, can totally ship o(>_
S Na
S Na Hace 2 meses
Milo looks completely annoyed.
J L S D Hace 2 meses
Kate’s accent is so soothing 😌😌
Orit BC
Orit BC Hace 2 meses
Milo is my dream man!!
kinder joy
kinder joy Hace 3 meses
those tattoos on the shoulders are called 'bunga terung' from sarawak.
abinpkp Hace 3 meses
OOF that lip bite by kate at 0:56
Rosa Hace 3 meses
So, did Milo give Kate a real kiss during their skit? 🤔 He's all about keeping it real and believable. 😉
Erica Lauren Horn
Erica Lauren Horn Hace 3 meses
Alvin Buj
Alvin Buj Hace 3 meses
wow.. that tattoo on his chest.. tribal tattoo from my community.. bravo..
bernie-beltran munoz
bernie-beltran munoz Hace 3 meses
My baby daddy Milo !
Alicia cyriac
Alicia cyriac Hace 3 meses
I know everyone says that he is so nice but he seems so scary intimidating like I would make him mad easily
Gillian Broadway
Gillian Broadway Hace 3 meses
Fatma Atma
Fatma Atma Hace 3 meses
He was adorable in gilmore girls i still stan rory and jesse lolzz
ar ch
ar ch Hace 3 meses
Listen I want people happy...and one thing that would make ME happy is if Milo and Kate had a fling. Just saying..the amount of electricity these two would generate...we would have credit on our electrical bills😂😂 Pete is a fling and don't know Milo's girl but dammit do it for the world guys😁😁😁
Jenn Hoff
Jenn Hoff Hace 3 meses
Wow, Kate must be a smoker. She's starting to get that smoker's voice. Anyway, that was a fun interview!
Melissa Da Costa
Melissa Da Costa Hace 3 meses
It's Jess from Gilmore Girls 😊😊😊😊😊🙌🏾
Nancy Aguilar
Nancy Aguilar Hace 3 meses
And in this moment Kate leaves Pete for Milo lol.
Eigenwelt Dasein
Eigenwelt Dasein Hace 4 días
I’m Tired
I’m Tired Hace 3 meses
Maybe two of the most gorgeous people in Hollywood 😍
Hannah Hace 3 meses
Angelina Correia
Angelina Correia Hace 3 meses
It was him?
Maral Jakarsizian
Maral Jakarsizian Hace 3 meses
I've known Milo 1st from fergie's music video anyways ❤❤❤❤😁😁😁😁
Mia G
Mia G Hace 3 meses
Kate ~ "James".... 🤣🤣🤣
Sofia Farina
Sofia Farina Hace 3 meses
(look at kate biting her lip looking at milo) 0:56 pete davidsonhas left the chat
splashpont Hace 3 meses
Thankfully, the tatts washed off. They would look so bad in a few years.
Mara Clara
Mara Clara Hace 3 meses
Recently obessed with milo now finding out all this random stuff about him
itsjaybabes Hace 3 meses
Omg I forgot about this
Linda Del Rio
Linda Del Rio Hace 3 meses
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen Hace 3 meses
He is so fine
loveforeignaccents Hace 3 meses
She could pass for a youthful, healthy, nourished Victoria Beckham. And Milo is just the exuberance of manly sexiness!!
Nina Nedeva
Nina Nedeva Hace 3 meses
Everyone's discussing Milo's not so interesting story of that video with Fergie, while no one enjoyed the memory Kate shared of George?
stephanie parido
stephanie parido Hace 3 meses'
Devon Hace 3 meses
How is he still so perfect
LaLa xo
LaLa xo Hace 3 meses
How did you not know this James that's where we fell in love with him
Grace Jonie
Grace Jonie Hace 3 meses
Tattoo bungai terong 👍
Leo Ventimiglia
Leo Ventimiglia Hace 3 meses
He’s my brother
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli Hace 3 meses
What an attractive man
beep boop
beep boop Hace 3 meses
how did i never notice that was him oh my god
wadha A
wadha A Hace 3 meses
Kate seems to like milo.
89Judy89 Hace 3 meses
I'll never forget Milo in that video ❤️
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis Hace 2 meses
Who could?😍
Genia Burce
Genia Burce Hace 3 meses
I'm not even gonna lie,, I have seen almost everything Milo has ever played in. I really like him as an actor and I've just followed his career. I love what he brings to his characters. So to watch him in All his lesser known movies, all the way back into the spotlight with This is us is beautiful, he deserves it.
xtph Hace 3 meses
Of course he would remember, he's just being a gentleman about it
Gigi Hace 3 meses
that lady looks like an older version of millie bobby brown.
Mind chatter art
Mind chatter art Hace 2 meses
Have u seen this is us? Rebeccaz mom looks like an older version of millie..
Vicky Roditis
Vicky Roditis Hace 2 meses
Gigi Yes she does, I just realised that
Hannah P
Hannah P Hace 3 meses
Milo tattoo is borneo tribe tattoos
Flutterby 84
Flutterby 84 Hace 3 meses
James didn’t know? That surprises me.
AmandaMarie Hace 3 meses
056 my goodness kate looks like she wants to eat him right up! #takeiteassss
Fernando Alfonzo
Fernando Alfonzo Hace 3 meses
Fergie, you lucky bastard
J Connor
J Connor Hace 3 meses
i remember that video 😂
phel balaja
phel balaja Hace 3 meses
Wow he got my race tattoo!
LadyBizarre Hace 3 meses
I first seen Milo in that music video
Arvid Josefsson
Arvid Josefsson Hace 3 meses
thats cool man
nicekingandqueen Hace 3 meses
The Story of Kate was sooo much more interesting... That could have been me! Lmao! Michael and her should have been stayed together forever
Missa Hace 3 meses
I think I’m going to go watch more Kate Beckinsale interviews.
Julie Marie
Julie Marie Hace 3 meses
The one with Stephen Colbert is worth giving a watch.
Missa Hace 3 meses
I was just thinking about that video. How happy I was that Jess was working with Fergie. Now everyone impressed with Jack >.
CreativeNicoleDaily Hace 3 meses
I love her voice 😍😍
keisha 21
keisha 21 Hace 3 meses
hahaha Milo didn't get the memo that Fergie is not married to Duhamel 😂
Leah Lilly
Leah Lilly Hace 3 meses
Boriquagurla777 Sorry.....I don’t know Fergie’s relationship timeline....
Boriquagurla777 Hace 3 meses
Still she wasn’t married at the time, they got married in 2010 I believe.
Leah Lilly
Leah Lilly Hace 3 meses
keisha 21 I think he was talking about “at the time” that’s what he said to her. 😜
joo sibat
joo sibat Hace 3 meses
that is Dayak Design tattoo.. particularly name bungai terong. he tatted dayak iban motive on his shoulder.
KayBee Hace 3 meses
He was in a Priyanka Chopra music video too! Can't remember the name right now.
Shekiba Hace 3 meses
It was for her song, I Can't Make You Love Me🙌😁
Maly Yang
Maly Yang Hace 3 meses
I have to go watch that video
cagladam Hace 3 meses
I was obsessed with him back then😍 He was so hot in the mv with all those tattoos.❤❤❤ big girls don't cry😎
alinebsilva silva
alinebsilva silva Hace 3 meses
Podia colocar legenda em português seria otimo
Juls Hace 3 meses
I saw Milo in one of the Rocky films. He played his son, I watched the Gilmore Girls, and there was Milo. Then I watched him in Heros, ( save the the world). Now in US. He’s just everything 🥰😍
Anna 5678
Anna 5678 Hace 3 meses
He doesn't seems aged. Hmmph.. 😏
laxmcglax Hace 3 meses
I was watching this and thinking, “well James, you kissed Matt Smith while filming doctor who.”
james evarts
james evarts Hace 3 meses
justjess1986 Hace 3 meses
Girl u ahould have just said he met u in a bathroom George. He would have laughed and thought u we're funny bc he didn't take all of that to heart it seemed bc he mocked all of his scandals
justjess1986 Hace 3 meses
Hmmmm. She seriously sounds like a beautiful women that may have been born with a penis?
Casheba Neil
Casheba Neil Hace 3 meses
justjess1986 Ha Probly true, Milo so Hot 🔥 and Sexy
justjess1986 Hace 3 meses
Why didn't she just get her husband to do it then? I don't think she knew him yet?
justjess1986 Hace 3 meses
Thirteen years. We r getting old. How do men look better as they age. Soooo unfair. He has a killer bod now.
Imbra Kim
Imbra Kim Hace 3 meses
Thanks, English my fourth foreign language, but I guess it was too difficult for you to deduct what I was saying from the way I phrased it. My apologies. @Holly G
Holly G
Holly G Hace 3 meses
@Imbra Kim but you said 'since he was on' which would be from 2007 when it finished. Saying it has been nearly two decades since he started on gilmore girls would be the correct sentencing to use
Imbra Kim
Imbra Kim Hace 3 meses
@Holly G Gilmore Girls went on air in 2000, Milo joined the cast in 2001. It makes it 18 years. I think I'm not too far saying it's been 2 decades but thanks for the very unnecessary clarification anyway.
Holly G
Holly G Hace 3 meses
@Imbra Kim two decades? Not really. It's not even two decades from when it started and he joined season 2 and was in some episodes until 2007 so more like 12 years (before the reboot)
Imbra Kim
Imbra Kim Hace 3 meses
It's been two decades since he was on Gilmore Girls.... Unbelievable.
Atlantis _Buba16
Atlantis _Buba16 Hace 3 meses
Redion Feruku
Redion Feruku Hace 3 meses
MNC Hace 3 meses
How the fuck you didn't knew that James,i'm a big Fergie fan,that was good video i liked the car much much more than Milo thought,
Maria M
Maria M Hace 3 meses
I just listeneded to "Big Girls Don't Cry" on ESwomen yesterday. Wtf
CutieMoli Hace 3 meses
Oh my God that's the guy from Heroes! That show made my teenage days so much better! I wonder what's he up too nowadays...
CutieMoli Hace 2 meses
@Sakura Christine Ito I still haven't heard of this show anywhere but in this comment section. Not even my TV-Show addict friends told me about it but maybe they talked about it in French so I didn't draw a link...
Sakura Christine Ito
Sakura Christine Ito Hace 2 meses
"I wonder what's he up to nowadays" Oh wow did you start living in a cave after Heroes ended and just came out???? Hellooo This is Us like it's so like very famous and everywhere
thepoiuyt98 Hace 3 meses
You need to watch This is Us
Bartholomew Allen
Bartholomew Allen Hace 3 meses
he had the best power
Emma Hace 3 meses
yes! had a crush on him as a kid. well, seems like I still do
just1desi Hace 3 meses
James is so extra. He gets disturbingly invasive about anything sexual with men.
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit Hace 3 meses
Milo is handsome.
lackofwords Hace 3 meses
@1:15 James scolded by Kate 👋😳😂
Lara Lee
Lara Lee Hace 2 meses
I meant what did she say at 1:15 lol but I get it now, she said 'dirty bugger'
Rosa Hace 2 meses
@Lara Lee Rewind it a few times. She says: "James!"
Lara Lee
Lara Lee Hace 2 meses
What exactly did she say? I cant understand haha
Rosa Hace 3 meses
That was hilarious of her. Lol
timutimu Hace 3 meses
Damn he is hot, wow that was superficial. He also seems very nice, lets have a beer together Milo!
Rawl Sawh
Rawl Sawh Hace 3 meses
it's weird how Milo is getting more attention than Kate, I understand but it's just weird
splashpont Hace 3 meses
Some folks prefer the lads.
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1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content Hace 3 meses
I didn't remember that. Now I see
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