Miley Cyrus - The Backyard Sessions - "Jolene"

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Hace 7 años

The "Backyard Sessions" took place earlier this summer when Miley brought her band together to perform some of her favorite songs. The last in the series is "Jolene". Checkout the NEW for more!
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I'm begging of you please don't take my man
Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Please don't take him just because you can
Your beauty is beyond compare
With flaming locks of auburn hair
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your skin is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you, Jolene...
Jolene is a Dolly Parton cover
Featuring: Jamie Arentzen(Guitar), Jaco Curaco(Guitar), Paul Hager (Sound Engineer), Filmed and edited by: Kevin & Rebecca Joelson
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Surya Boddeda
Surya Boddeda Hace un hora
Her voice is something else.. because evrey time when I listened to this song I feel awe..
Aristidis Paspalas
Aristidis Paspalas Hace 2 horas
this woman yes..the one on the..ball NO people don't like hybrids anymore...we love pure artists
Uri Umi
Uri Umi Hace 5 horas
When she said "Jolene" I felt it
brainwash Hace 6 horas
A hug for you 👼 sent by god for you.
E H Hace 8 horas
Even sounds good at 0.75x speed
Doreen Hodgkinson
Doreen Hodgkinson Hace 8 horas
I must admit I love the voice of Miley Cyrus
Chester Shandor
Chester Shandor Hace 9 horas
Her voice with other songs 👍
stephen earles
stephen earles Hace 9 horas
who remembers when miley songs wear good to listen to
Andre gaming Ahay
Andre gaming Ahay Hace 10 horas
my Indonesia lagu coli coli yg dari Indonesia mana like dong
Boss 302
Boss 302 Hace 11 horas
She’s just jerkin everybody’s chain. And laughing about it
T A K U T K N O C K Hace 12 horas
Coly Coly Coly
Mark Savage
Mark Savage Hace 12 horas
I buy her breakfast anytime .
PillBoxUK Hace 12 horas
who is this twonker?
Hedgehog's Right of Passage
Hedgehog's Right of Passage Hace 12 horas
."..And everybody knows that the Plague is coming Everybody knows that it's moving fast..." Leonard Cohen 1988.... "Everybody knows that the dice are loaded Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed Everybody knows that the war is over Everybody knows the good guys lost Everybody knows the fight was fixed The poor stay poor, the rich get rich That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows that the boat is leaking Everybody knows that the captain lied Everybody got this broken feeling Like their father or their dog just died Everybody talking to their pockets Everybody wants a box of chocolates And a long stem rose Everybody knows Everybody knows that you love me baby Everybody knows that you really do Everybody knows that you've been faithful Ah give or take a night or two Everybody knows you've been discreet But there were so many people you just had to meet Without your clothes And everybody knows Everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Everybody knows And everybody knows that it's now or never Everybody knows that it's me or you And everybody knows that you live forever Ah when you've done a line or two Everybody knows the deal is rotten Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton For your ribbons and bows And everybody knows And everybody knows that the Plague is coming Everybody knows that it's moving fast Everybody knows that the naked man and woman Are just a shining artifact of the past Everybody knows the scene is dead But there's gonna be a meter on your bed That will disclose What everybody knows And everybody knows that you're in trouble Everybody knows what you've been through From the bloody cross on top of Calvary To the beach of Malibu Everybody knows it's coming apart Take one last look at this Sacred Heart Before it blows And everybody knows Everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Everybody knows Oh everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows
Andrew Warner
Andrew Warner Hace 12 horas
Nice job Miley. Damn...
Wildman Hace 13 horas
Great Voice...Love her cover....
Gord1812 Hace 16 horas
Alyssa Leland
Alyssa Leland Hace 17 horas
who else misses when she wasn't a crackhead?
Riley Humphrey
Riley Humphrey Hace 17 horas
Why did Miley change? She was actual good, like a better Taylor swift, a new Dolly, and she blew it
Oleg S
Oleg S Hace 17 horas
Mega ✌️✌️✌️✌️👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Lisa Garonzik
Lisa Garonzik Hace 17 horas
Lisa Garonzik
Lisa Garonzik Hace 17 horas
I love this song
Mass Vocals
Mass Vocals Hace 17 horas
she bear foot that why power of south went though her bring tears to me
Mass Vocals
Mass Vocals Hace 17 horas
Miley did great no wicked job singing this . the south is in your heart girl , yes mam .apple
Static Reaper
Static Reaper Hace 17 horas
Oyu Erdene
Oyu Erdene Hace 19 horas
luv u miley ♥️
Robert E.O. Speedwagon
Robert E.O. Speedwagon Hace 19 horas
This is trash, how dare this slut disrespect such a masterpiece
Blue Orangeade
Blue Orangeade Hace 9 horas
Robert E.O. Speedwagon shut the fuck up
Lindsay Parker
Lindsay Parker Hace 21 un hora
But "Vaccine" instead ...
Dai Bennett
Dai Bennett Hace 22 horas
She’s good for sure
Pittinio Hace 23 horas
Hanna Montana ist Joline, süß
Mohammed Kamran Ali
Mohammed Kamran Ali Hace 23 horas
I didn't see oh what is this watch this song find out
N S Hace 23 horas
Is this a JOJO's reference!?!?!?
*Fernande Ream
*Fernande Ream Hace un día
Miley can sing girl has mad talent. We don't give her enough credit Her voice is MADE for country but I don’t think it’s her heart.
Raphael14 Vasquez
Raphael14 Vasquez Hace un día
the song was been recorded in a studio; the video... is a video.
Button Top
Button Top Hace un día
This is the same person who swung naked on a wrecking ball
João Pereira
João Pereira Hace un día
This is it
João Pereira
João Pereira Hace un día
Im Itália
Yansah Aldi
Yansah Aldi Hace un día
Coli coli coli coliiii
SteveThePoop Hace un día
Yo is that a jojo referance
Michelle Weller
Michelle Weller Hace un día
Take Him lol
Cam Balam
Cam Balam Hace un día
Miley has a pug face.
nick Deagle
nick Deagle Hace un día
well performed
Catherine Clark
Catherine Clark Hace un día
I love this atmosphere for Miley, and this song is perfect for her vocal skills!
Okcibal Art
Okcibal Art Hace un día
Mau Dong Di Coliin
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic
Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic Hace un día
I LOVE MILEY CYRUS ♡ she is my favorite female singer along with Shakira
Aaron e Stefano
Aaron e Stefano Hace un día
Earphones on... secretly whispering the lyrics whilst singing like im an angel so my family don't hear me. i'm the best Amen 🙏😅 x
stuka97 Hace un día
The thing that strikes me the most of this rendition is Mileys ownership she channels Dolly Parton.
Lito Hace un día
This song was made for her. Miley please release a country album
The Rabbit
The Rabbit Hace un día
Love Dolly but every remake sounds better than the original 😳
randomness5435 Hace un día
I irrationally hate the keyboard player
K. Hildegraff
K. Hildegraff Hace un día
Miley & Dolly singing Jolene:
ManFred TheLast
ManFred TheLast Hace un día
I feel like when I first heard Lady Gaga singing metal... These ladies are in the wrong genre...
Lily Bee
Lily Bee Hace un día
I am sad that she’s not the same Miley 😭😢🥺😩😫😖😣😔😟😕🙁🥺😞😒
Ray Lockamy
Ray Lockamy Hace un día
Cornighter Films
Cornighter Films Hace un día
Sounds like Marshal vs Machine from HIMYM
Ashish Kumar Singh
Ashish Kumar Singh Hace un día
Just heard the white stripes version and now this sounds like a joke
Abigail Foster
Abigail Foster Hace un día
Get it girl!!
Chrissy Jones
Chrissy Jones Hace un día
i cant say how much i love miley cyrus
one of a kind
one of a kind Hace un día
you know. when you play this song backwards it won't make any sence anymore... Just saying.
Bobby K
Bobby K Hace un día
Do it w/out the effects turned on. YT, thanks alot (sarcastic) for suggesting this crap.
jeanmario chenel
jeanmario chenel Hace un día
Chante très bien aussi bien Dolly Parton
jeanmario chenel
jeanmario chenel Hace un día
Très belle voix
deva hendrawan
deva hendrawan Hace un día
Coli coli coli
fara fara
fara fara Hace un día
u know why I love her 😍
Fara Fara
Fara Fara Hace un día
You know why I love Miley ❤️
tco1256 Hace un día
you can sing this song, but you cant express this song. this is emotional song and this singer cant do emotions
No Body
No Body Hace un día
Miley’s webbed feet are magical
Rose Onet Connect
Rose Onet Connect Hace un día
Who else just randomly listening old songs of Miley Cyrus ?
Annie Siby
Annie Siby Hace 20 horas
Jeanne Xiena
Jeanne Xiena Hace un día
in short hannah montana songs
Catherine Clark
Catherine Clark Hace un día
Earlier I watched the Last Song
Janet8925 Hace un día
Beautiful! I love how your just outside and the band is out there. Its a beautiful video. Your voice is so nice! Love listening to you. And singing this gave me goosies!! ❤❤❤❤❤
The Bacons
The Bacons Hace un día
I always had empathy for Miley but never thought she had a very good voice (not usually my style). This cover of an awesome song totally changed my mind on that.
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