Miley Cyrus - “Mother’s Daughter” Official Live Performance at Tinderbox Festival

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Hace 9 meses

Miley Cyrus - “Mother’s Daughter” Official Live Performance at Tinderbox Festival in Denmark.
Creative Director: Alexandre Moors
Video Screens Director: Mark Ritchie
Production : Brian Welsh / Good Company

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Hanie love
Hanie love Hace un día
This performance give me a powerful energy to do concert for my ghost in my room...
william gutierrez
william gutierrez Hace un día
Never @taylorswift , miley is very talent.
Bryan Pates
Bryan Pates Hace un día
She looks like coraline
Caicos Girl
Caicos Girl Hace un día
Ay, mane. Miley a damn rockstar. I said what I said! 🔥
Saanchi Sinha
Saanchi Sinha Hace 2 días
My inspiration
Diamond J
Diamond J Hace 4 días
oh my god! wht a voice!
Wendy V.
Wendy V. Hace 4 días
She is either losing her voice or the instruments were too loud
Why not?
Why not? Hace 3 días
I prefer this version because of the loud instrumentals 🤣
澤飛爾 Hace 5 días
My annual song of the year 2019
Daness74 W.
Daness74 W. Hace 7 días
Born to perform - I'll see!! ☝️😘
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 Hace 7 días
That unhelpful statement.........your like your mother.
Malina Valentina
Malina Valentina Hace 7 días
i am so in love with her right now
Sheila Diosquez
Sheila Diosquez Hace 7 días
La jefa
Señorita Gunner
Señorita Gunner Hace 11 días
I'm a witch Hallelujah
John Antone
John Antone Hace 11 días
Watching her go from to this, makes me so thankful I could watch her growth for the past 15 years
Sir Roché
Sir Roché Hace 11 días
so much better,,what a 180,,love it, wont mind some new country songs ;)
Diet Pepsi 2002
Diet Pepsi 2002 Hace 13 días
No matter how much you try to copy SHAKIRA, you can't be her.
similone Hace 11 días
Lmfao, you're delusional. No one is copying Shakira here. Hilarious.
NZia Naushin
NZia Naushin Hace 13 días
5 times better than music video 😍
Facundo Bustos
Facundo Bustos Hace 15 días
It's so sad. She's one of the best performers. She has presence. She did this song outstanding but, if you pay attention to We Can't Stop or Can't Be a disaster. How can she forget about taking care of the songs that made her who she is now. Is so annoying. Probably, this is going to happen to Mother's Daughter when the next album drops...
Brittany Brazil
Brittany Brazil Hace 18 días
It's my song! I got Scott Brooks lol and LeBron what! Nfl ninet nation but I enjoy the raider coach so much more lol... Bases loaded for A's wtf does it want I'm not my fuckin mother
Guadalupe Robles
Guadalupe Robles Hace 20 días
Aquí está el comentario en español que tanto buscabas jeje like los hablamos español y amamos a miley
• s a l t y • a z u c a r •
• s a l t y • a z u c a r • Hace 20 días
The vibes in this video is amazing!
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno Hace 21 un día
She is bad ass 👏👏
Kelly Lou
Kelly Lou Hace 21 un día
One head move like this and I'd had a headache for a month..
Stacy Roland
Stacy Roland Hace 21 un día
Lip singing - hate that, love this song
Андрей Ласточкин
Андрей Ласточкин Hace 23 días
В клипе голос лучше, тут как у какой то алкоголички
Bastiaan ten Doornkaat
Bastiaan ten Doornkaat Hace 23 días
Actually it's kind of sad to see how money can make alot of wrongs right!!! When they wouldn't be famous and succesful they'l probably wouldn't be as close and proud together! Nothing to do with Miley or Trish i just want to say how money changes alot of things and can close your eyes and heart for certain things.
Marie Häkkinen
Marie Häkkinen Hace 23 días
So much power! Wow i love it! And a great voice. Very strong Miley. 😍
Huyền Nguyễn
Huyền Nguyễn Hace 24 días
You can use your freedom to do whatever you want, Miley. But don't hurt yourself and the people that love you.
Cardin Cardanian
Cardin Cardanian Hace 25 días
So much power
Gail Day
Gail Day Hace 26 días
Love you Miley ❤️ As do my daughter's and grandaughter s😀 so empowering 👍❤️🍀
Hector Plangesis
Hector Plangesis Hace 27 días
Miley rocks !!!
19Jetta Hace 27 días
I am waaaay older than Miley but I totally identify with the message of this song...
ASAP simmer
ASAP simmer Hace 28 días
Real life
ASAP simmer
ASAP simmer Hace 28 días
ASAP simmer
ASAP simmer Hace 28 días
melissa utsler
melissa utsler Hace 29 días
Hello Milely. IAM so sorry I was homeless when u and I became close friends because now it hurts like HELL!!!!!!!
saiko Hace 29 días
I love this miley SO MUCH.
Tj Vasquez
Tj Vasquez Hace un mes
Keep up the good work Miley!!! Love you 😍
sid dangi
sid dangi Hace un mes
No unnecessary seduction .only real talent.👍😍
Emma Holmes
Emma Holmes Hace un mes
Fucking babe 🔥🔥🔥
DantesVEVO Hace un mes
BTbleSsed Hace un mes
She really brought her mom out 💖😭 that’s so cuteeee!!!!
Savannah Ray
Savannah Ray Hace un mes
she is a motherfucking queen
Randy Rounds
Randy Rounds Hace un mes
She's a witch for sure get ready to open the gates of hell for her & make sure you save a seat for her for when Satan performs burning in hell of Eternal flames 🔥😈
Mrinal Madhu
Mrinal Madhu Hace un mes
2:18 best moment Thank me later🤗🙂😉
Marcus Bolander
Marcus Bolander Hace un mes
FRANSIA Hace un mes
Lucía Cortez
Lucía Cortez Hace un mes
stage presence
the boss's bitch
the boss's bitch Hace un mes
her mom is such a cutie. 💞
Caro barboza
Caro barboza Hace un mes
Me encanta 💖
Luu Ss
Luu Ss Hace un mes
L1LR3DF0X Hace un mes
Why miley sound like shes been smoking for 50 years, look like she drank too much, got into a fight and took a shower with her clothes on...? Go home miley
Sha Ron
Sha Ron Hace un mes
Krystina Saragos
Krystina Saragos Hace un mes
I loved Miley even when everyone was hating on her. Love her long ass legs and her hair like this looks awesome.
Bri vargas
Bri vargas Hace un mes
I love her ❤️
Сергей Подорога
Сергей Подорога Hace un mes
?безголосое существо
Арина Васильева
Арина Васильева Hace un mes
Спела как боженька
Julianna Burnett
Julianna Burnett Hace un mes
I love Miley so damn much
Dorothy Mckenzie
Dorothy Mckenzie Hace un mes
Emina Vojinovic
Emina Vojinovic Hace un mes
Sooooo much energy .. wtf 😲😳😳 BRAVO Miley
Randy Rounds
Randy Rounds Hace un mes
She's on meth
Jim Bartz
Jim Bartz Hace un mes
just sing the dam song...……… no need for the theatrics
MrFisher Fisher
MrFisher Fisher Hace un mes
Play Back= shit!
Antonio Sić
Antonio Sić Hace un mes
You can hear it's live, she's sometimes out of breath.
sam Hace un mes
Bubble Rubble
Bubble Rubble Hace un mes
My fav song!
Ottavia minore
Ottavia minore Hace un mes
She's got such a powerful voice, she'd be an amazing hard rock or heavy metal singer
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Hace un mes
Boy, that Miley is full of energy.
Ana Karen Alejo
Ana Karen Alejo Hace un mes
L e g e n d
pelin gülşen
pelin gülşen Hace un mes
Johny Cosco
Johny Cosco Hace un mes
why is sound so bad?
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